I Refuse (G)

By : Jane Jinn

Archived on: Sunday, October 28, 2001

Qui-Gon defies the Council

"I refuse," said Qui-Gon Jinn simply, glad for his many years of practise in keeping his face impassive. He did not want the Council to see his absolute and utter astonishment.

"The Council has decided--" Mace Windu began.

"With all due respect, my masters, I think this is completely outside the Council's jurisdiction."

Oppo Rancisis leaned forward slightly in his hoverchair and said, "You must trust our judgement, Qui-Gon Jinn."

Qui-Gon let his eyes flick over the furry, white Jedi Master and said nothing.

"It is dangerous," he went on. "I know it from personal experience, having been to Obsolom and seen the thorny thickets there myself."

"I will deal with any danger when and if it arises," Qui-Gon stated simply. "But my decision stands."

"Much pain I sense ahead for you, if abide by our decision, you do not," Yoda told him. "Spare you that, we would."

Qui-Gon frowned. "The future is always in motion, Master Yoda, you've said that often enough yourself. The pain you describe will not necessarily happen."

There was silence in the circular chamber as the Councilmembers looked at each other and sighed mentally or physically. Qui-Gon Jinn was gaining a reputation as a maverick and this latest altercation was not helping matters any.

"The Code clearly states-" Adi Gallia began.

Qui-Gon interrupted her smoothly but forcefully. "There is nothing at all in the Code either for or against. It is left to the invidual Jedi to make his or her own decisions in this matter."

"-that Jedi should listen to wisdom as stated by the Council," she finished in an equally unperturbed tone of voice.

"I have listened to your wisdom, my masters, and now, if I understand the rest of the Code correctly, it is up to me to act according to this wisdom, or not. It is my choice."

Master Yoda nodded. "Force you to accept our decision, we cannot. But take the consequences of your actions while on Obsolom, you must."

"I am ready to take those consequences, whether they are painful or not. I refuse to accept your decision."

There was another silence as it became obvious to the Council that they were not going to prevail, and finally Master Windu waved a hand in defeat and dismissal. Bowing only his head, Qui-Gon turned and strode out to where his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, was waiting for him in an antechamber.

"Well, master?" the younger man asked curiously.

"Obi-Wan, you know I always listen to what the Force is telling me."

"Yes, master, I know. And sometimes it coincides with what the Council is telling you."

"Sometimes it does," Qui-Gon agreed, allowing himself a small smile. "In this case, however, I truly believe the Council is overstepping its boundaries. If the Force really wants me to cut my hair, the Force will arrange for me to get caught by it in one of those thorny thickets on Obsolom and make me shear it off with my own light saber. But until then, I refuse!"

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