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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "Tank Boma and the Rise of the New Sith"

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Author: hardway
Date posted: 4/29/2001 11:49:56 AM
hardway's Comments:

This is full of contradictions with Star Wars and mostly makes no sense. A poor interpretation of the Star Wars universe with little in the way of compelling storylines or creativity. Too bad I couldn't rate this lower than a 5.

Author: Brendon Wahlberg
Date posted: 9/18/2001 9:53:57 AM
Brendon Wahlberg's Comments:

This is the author's comment. It is too bad
that the only comment posted was such a negative
one. This story has been on the web for years
prior to being added to this archive, and it has
been very well received. A lot of work went into
making this trilogy fit with the EU, and the same
skillful effort went into writing it that went
into all of my other work. I encourage anyone
who reads the negative comment to try the story
anyway. Some may post genuine negative opinions,
but sometimes people just want to put someone's
work down for no good reason.

Author: Dark Piranha
Date posted: 9/27/2001 9:14:35 AM
Dark Piranha's Comments:

I just want to say that this is easily one of the best Star Wars fan fictions available. The story fits quite nicely into continuity (although as each new novel and comic comes out, it inevitably is going to create new contradictions, but that's not the fault of this story) and adds new "missing scene" wrinkles to events we are already very familiar with from the movies and novels.

The action and combat scenes are clever, exciting and clear to follow. The dialogue is dead-on in respect to characters we already know, and runs the full gamut from dramatic to humorous.

Brandon has long been known as one of the 'giants' of Star Wars fan fiction, and this sequence of stories, is one of his best. If you DON'T read this (and his other works, such as "Dark Emperor" and "Journal of the Whills") you are missing out on some of the best Star Wars stories around, and that includes "official" works.

That's all I have to say at this time. The defense rests....

Author: Rebadams7
Date posted: 8/26/2002 12:19:56 PM
Rebadams7's Comments:

This fiction may not meet some standards - HOWEVER It had the right feel for the GFFA and the characters and their "ordinary" parts of life
to quote threepio
Wonderful, WOnderful!

Author: jedilittlebee
Date posted: 3/17/2003 2:42:26 PM
jedilittlebee's Comments:

I don't know what the person who wrote the negative comment was thinking about- Maybe he was a Trekkie and got mixed up in the wrong universe. I found it very accurate and very well written. Having read most of the books helped with understanding Luke's brush with the darkside, who Exar Kun was, etc. Maybe that was part of the problem for the other reviewer- He or she was just a Star Wars illiterate.....hmmmmmmm Anyway, bravo- one of the best I've read in a while- and I read tons of SW fics!

Author: WeaponX
Date posted: 4/23/2003 10:23:34 PM
WeaponX's Comments:

I really enjoyed this story, I could hardly peel myself away from it. This was as fun to read as when I was a kid watching episodes 4-6.

Thanks :)

Author: DutchJedi
Date posted: 8/21/2004 6:02:13 AM
DutchJedi's Comments:

I've read this fic a few years back... and stumbled uppon it again while popping up random fics.. and it had me again. One of the better fics I've read in a while, you really gave some of the cannon char's of the OT a backstory.

rated it a 9

Author: RoguesRevenge
Date posted: 8/30/2006 9:55:54 AM
RoguesRevenge's Comments:

There are some contradictions, but with all the new stuff thats been coming out that cant be helped. Nevertheless it is a very well-written piece of work, and thats what really counts.
Any Fett works coming up? There arnt enough on this sight.

Author: Wulf
Date posted: 8/30/2008 10:54:34 AM
Wulf's Comments:

Before making a negative comment, stop and be sure there is a clear understanding of the subject matter. Having read Wahlbergs fiction long before the prequals came out, these stories fit the fiction perfectly. With the few tweaks needed to fit the new trilogy, these still stand out as fine examples of fiction.

Author: Tessie
Date posted: 11/22/2011 3:43:33 PM
Tessie's Comments:

Artiecls like this make life so much simpler.

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