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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "Hidden Agendas"

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Author: Jeff 42  (signed)
Date posted: 6/18/2001 2:37:03 PM
Jeff 42's Comments:

Wow. I didn't know what to expect when I started reading this story, but it turned out to be excellent. It was very well-written, and Anakin's declaration was simply chilling. Wonderful job.

Author: Bob
Date posted: 6/18/2001 9:39:34 PM
Bob's Comments:

Sheesh, this guy is good. I thought I was reading the storyscript for Georges next movie! Definately should persue writing for a living. Jeff keeps the readers interest and weaves a good tale. I was impressed.

Author: Jeff 42  (signed)
Date posted: 6/19/2001 11:34:11 AM
Jeff 42's Comments:

Jeff? I didn't write that story...

Author: Jane Jinn
Date posted: 6/21/2001 12:32:33 AM
Jane Jinn's Comments:

Wow, that was compelling! Very fascinating. Good character development, good story development, and an ending that was neither happy nor sad, but simply sobering. Great job!

Author: Belle Bayard  (signed)
Date posted: 6/22/2001 3:51:30 AM
Belle Bayard's Comments:

Well done, especially in characterization (even if I don't agree with Obi-Wan's obsession with Amidala... heh...).

Author: tessa
Date posted: 7/1/2001 1:59:12 PM
tessa's Comments:

Wow that was an awesome story! This guys needs to write a book on this story. I loved it and it was bone-chilling too. keep up the good work

Author: a person
Date posted: 7/4/2001 7:09:05 PM
a person's Comments:

oh, my gosh. that was sooo good! Is there anymore?? i want to know what happens next! this story was extremely well-written and i seriously was wondering if this was what actually was going to happen. maybe obi-wan's love toward padme should have been brought down a level, though--it was a little much, but it would be fine either way. keep writing! wonderful job!

Author: Jedi Will
Date posted: 7/7/2001 10:26:46 PM
Jedi Will's Comments:

Well-crafted tale of the final days of the republic. Very believable, even the possible romantic feelings obi-wan could have towards amidala/padme. The deceit needeed by obi-wan to get amidala out of her palace makes perfect sense, and the fact that yoda kept the whole truth from him was just like how Obi-Wan later kept the truth from luke as to who his father truly was. Nice connection.
I hope we read more from this author!

Author: Jace Brutala
Date posted: 7/8/2001 7:19:24 AM
Jace Brutala's Comments:

Awesome story, please write another one like this, and publish it, you have got some real potential here.

Author: tiny_eretria
Date posted: 7/10/2001 5:22:13 AM
tiny_eretria's Comments:

Still one of the best stories of an adult Obi-Wan out there.
I know I'll probably gonna get my hide flamed now, but the slight hints of Obi-Wan having romantic feelings was a sheer delight, because it wasn't overdone.
The emotions of all characters featured are raw and palpable, the settings beautifully placed and the whole idea for the story should get Quiller her much deserved award soon. :o)
So what else is there to say? An amazing story. Touching, clear and straight, worming its way directly into heart and soul. Wonderful.

Author: Shin Tek
Date posted: 7/21/2001 8:02:29 PM
Shin Tek's Comments:

Loved it! Great story...Keep it up please!
Hope you come up with a sequel.

Author: Princess_LaLa
Date posted: 7/24/2001 2:43:30 PM
Princess_LaLa's Comments:

That was, by far, the best fan fic i have ever read.
I really felt what the characters were feeling.
The imagery, emotions, and understanding the characters are all major parts of a well written story,
and this one had lots of it. Keep up the good work.

Author: emily_ewok
Date posted: 7/25/2001 4:33:59 PM
emily_ewok's Comments:

Oh my gosh! That was amazing! It actually brought tears to my eyes! WOW!!!

Author: Mcily Nochi
Date posted: 7/25/2001 8:21:54 PM
Mcily Nochi's Comments:

Simply marvelous. Every moment a treasure.

Author: Johnny Skywalker
Date posted: 7/28/2001 10:26:19 PM
Johnny Skywalker's Comments:

wow! first fan fic that has held my interest the whole way through, and i wish it went on some more! what a great job, hope the boys up at LF make it as dramatic! thanks!

Author: Nikki
Date posted: 8/3/2001 12:08:51 PM
Nikki's Comments:

Great story. The characters were so well written. I absolutely loved it.

Author: jashicks
Date posted: 8/15/2001 6:04:56 AM
jashicks's Comments:

This was the first fan fic that I have ever read and will set the bar for future fan stories. Maybe someday LucasBooks will produce a book of fanfic ala Star Trek with stories of this calibre included.

Author: nom anor
Date posted: 8/19/2001 8:41:25 AM
nom anor's Comments:

Well-written, good story. Worth reading. Not quite a Timothy Zahn, but few are up to his caliber. My only complaint is that it is almost a danielle steele-type. Sappy. For Obi-Wan to have all of those feelings for Amidala, jsut doesn't seem to fit the rest of the saga. Maybe that's just me, though. If it was toned down a little, then I would give it four stars. As it is, only two stars.

Author: PeterTutham27
Date posted: 8/27/2001 7:50:43 AM
PeterTutham27's Comments:

Simply Stunning. At first I thought it would be
too long but when I finished, I realized that it
was just long enough. It had the character
development that Episode 1 lacked and the dark
chill that makes us realize just how horrible
Anakin's seduction was. GREAT!

Author: Michele
Date posted: 8/27/2001 1:25:45 PM
Michele's Comments:

Quiller, WOW. Quite the story, You have almost persuaded me.

Author: BW Harbinger
Date posted: 10/14/2001 1:03:24 PM
BW Harbinger's Comments:

Really, Quiller...

I had skimmed Part II of the trilogy yesterday afternoon (I'd hit the random fanfic link... and how lucky I was!). I read Night Watch, in it's entirety, last night and was so impressed that I had to read Hidden Agendas... and I'm just as blown away.

Why do I feel Episode II and Episode III will be dissapointing after reading this? ;-)

You have a real knack for weaving the OT and PT so closely. Everything fits so nicely and gives so much more meaning to events in the OT.

I can't believe how well you displayed the Obi/Ami relationship. It really, really works well and makes so much sense.

I'm going to flat-out read Part II word for word now... was just perusing through it before. But you've left me wanting more after this trilogy... and I'm still left with nagging questions.

I hope maybe you can follow up this trilogy with a sequel single book or two perhaps... but the sad and dark ending does work, coupled with the prologue.

Eesh... but my curiosity still lingers... hehe. But forever-thanks for the great trilogy, Quiller... I'm never going to forget this great weave.

Author: Au
Date posted: 10/14/2001 3:32:13 PM
Au's Comments:

Quiller... you're amazing. I just LOVED "Hidden agendas". When I finished reading it last night, I felt exactly the same than at the end of a Star Wars movie ( traduction : I WANT MORE! WHY A HECK IS IT SO SHORT???). Your understanding and interpretation of characters is simply perfect. The Flanneled One should have taken inspiration from your stories to create his Obi-Wan... Padme is so lucky! I'm totally jealous.
Congratulations, really. You have a gift. Hope to see (or should I say "to read") more Kenobi soon!!! You have found a fan!

Author: Azlon Tir
Date posted: 12/8/2001 12:08:49 AM
Azlon Tir's Comments:

I felt Obi Wan's pain at hearing Anakin declare himself Darth Vader. I could almost hear him scream. When Obi Wan commented on the red blade I got a chill. I loved this story. but.....the obsession with padme is a little too much, it made me want to smack Obi Wan. I dont know its just that after reading the Jedi Aprentice books it doesnt sound like Obi Wan.

Author: Republic Credit
Date posted: 12/15/2001 1:24:32 PM
Republic Credit's Comments:

I read all three of Quiller's Trilogy, and I honestly have to say it was the best. I recently got hooked onto Fan Fiction, and Quiller was the author of the first story I read, amazingly, through the "random TFN page" I thoroughly enjoyed this story, particularly because of the Obi-Wan/Padme relationship.

Author: BelindaKyle
Date posted: 12/17/2001 10:29:09 AM
BelindaKyle's Comments:

Quiller, you have done a magnificent job with characterization and action with this piece, and I wonder how similar it is to what the plot of the third movie will be... or the end of the second. However, I do believe that the Emperor will seem fairer and feel fouler, at least at first. I've read and enjoyed much of your fanfiction, and this one is the best so far! Thanks!

Author: Blanka Kenobi
Date posted: 1/12/2002 7:46:18 AM
Blanka Kenobi's Comments:

It was so well written. I also liked "Whispers of Betrayal" and "Night Watch", but this is the best fanfic, and the best story of Obi-Wan I've ever read. I want more from this author!

Author: astroanna
Date posted: 1/12/2002 1:03:04 PM
astroanna's Comments:

I actually read the entire trilogy, and I have to say, they are the best works of fan fiction I have read to date. Quiller, you really seem to have an amazing grasp of the characters in Star Wars and how they would act and react, especially Obi-Wan.

Author: jeeves
Date posted: 2/28/2002 11:18:10 AM
jeeves's Comments: about intense! i've read some of quiller's other fan fiction on her webpage ( .. this is the second one of hers that i've read involving a canon character (for the record was awesome too).. but man.. karen... you should get published!
God bless and i hope you write more..

Author: Mizhnari Windu
Date posted: 3/24/2002 11:50:18 AM
Mizhnari Windu's Comments:

Quiller, quiller, quiller. What else can I say? Neither my words or any of the other's can do this work justice. Man, you NEED to find a publisher because anyone who can blend talent and skill like you should be sharing this on a larger level with the world. I feel that a few milions should recompansate you for giving us an epic tale that rivals George's in my personal opinion. LoL Wouldn't it be funny if you were actually someone realted to the actually SW Universe. Anyway, I write my comments like this in hopes that you will read them and feel my graditude. Thanks and keep them coming.

Author: Spyre
Date posted: 5/6/2002 7:09:58 PM
Spyre's Comments:

This is wonderful. I always wanted Obi-Wan and Padme to have a closer relationship... if not romantic, which I think should be the case, but prolly'll never happen. Anywho, this is well-paced and the style is clear-cut. Nice.

Author: Christy
Date posted: 9/4/2002 4:13:31 PM
Christy's Comments:

Really Creepy and totally cool.Loved it all

Author: Barissa
Date posted: 10/2/2002 8:08:11 PM
Barissa's Comments:

Oh, my gosh. I am touched. Who are you? Friken George Lucas??????? Gooood Lordy!, speachless,the emotion, the.......distrust......Obi Wan feeling......Love? Oh my!!!!!!! *instert gigle here* Niggling? Very cute, very signature. I want more!!!!!!

Author: Obi&Yoda Ruels!!!
Date posted: 10/4/2002 9:26:11 AM
Obi&Yoda Ruels!!!'s Comments:

When I first saw this story I printed it before even reading. Wile the printer was working I read some parts from the middle and though: oh boy here comes a REALY boaring one! I started reading it aniway and gess what?- I was wrong! SSOO wrong! This story was GREAT! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!
All the caracters were so cool! Even though in some parts Padm' was kind of childish (and violent!!!!!) Oh well... gotta forgive a pregnant women!! I hope episode 3 will be just like that!!! (Of cours it won't be but hopping doesn't cause any harm now does it?)

Author: BarissaOffee
Date posted: 12/26/2002 5:02:33 PM
BarissaOffee's Comments:

Well, Q, As usual, when I need a good fanfic to read, I know where to go. :) Great job.


Author: Destiny
Date posted: 1/22/2003 2:24:05 AM
Destiny's Comments:

I thought your story was wonderful, Quiller! And I loved the interaction between Obi-Wan and Padme. I didn't think he was obsessing over her, and it wasn't like she was in love with him. Padme is going to need someone to be there for her anyway, and it's fitting that the same person who turned her world upside down be the person to help her pick up the pieces. I was captivated by this story from the very beginning, and I loved the dialogue - I could really see this happening. Good job! :p

Author: Jedi Dax Jentor
Date posted: 1/27/2003 1:13:01 PM
Jedi Dax Jentor's Comments:

Amazing. The characters and story are excellent and well thought out. I canít wait to read the next one.

Author: Barissa
Date posted: 3/2/2003 8:27:01 AM
Barissa's Comments:

Hey Q!!!! Just wanted to say hello to an old friend! Ha, good job, never fails to give me my 'Star Wars fanfic' fix!


Author: jedilittlebee
Date posted: 4/15/2003 3:35:54 PM
jedilittlebee's Comments:

This was a great story. I loved the suspense and intrique.

Author: sashask8ter
Date posted: 4/20/2003 5:30:44 PM
sashask8ter's Comments:

***The silence sez it all***
Excellent! You captured Padme's emotions perfectly!

Author: Night's Apprentice  (signed)
Date posted: 8/30/2003 1:24:13 PM
Night's Apprentice's Comments:

Wow! That was amazing! I will nolonger believe my friends when they say that I have writing talent! This dude has all the talent and a story to back it up!

Author: MutantJediBouer  (signed)
Date posted: 3/12/2004 10:50:01 PM
MutantJediBouer's Comments:

Quiller, another amazing story. I am a big fan and I love the way you write Obi-Wan fanfics. You can quite literally, paint a picture in someone's head with your words. I've read published books that can't do that as well as you can, it's a talent that few people can do quite well in my mind. Anyway, I agreeing with what a couple other's said already, you need to make a sequel! Your stories just demand it!
aka. Zax-Ryn Kenobi

Author: Panaka Naberrie
Date posted: 8/10/2004 7:52:57 PM
Panaka Naberrie's Comments:

I didn't like the way Obi-Wan kissed Padme. Not a very good moment. But, other wise great.

(Nothing would ever happen like that)

Author: Skyflier :P
Date posted: 4/11/2007 4:02:03 PM
Skyflier :P's Comments:

I loved it all! I always thought that Obi-Wan had a teeny-tiny crush on Padme... didnít ever think he'd do that though... besides, couldnít it be interpreted as a gesture of protection? Anyway, great story, loved it. Keep up the good work!

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