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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "Keep Falling Down"

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Author: Dawn_Amidala
Date posted: 10/11/2005 1:15:26 AM
Dawn_Amidala's Comments:

Holy cow! I loved this. I had tears streaming down my face by the end. And the way you tied it back to the last movie was great. One of the best ones I've read in a long time! Great job!

Author: NC_Ruhk
Date posted: 10/11/2005 2:23:53 AM
NC_Ruhk's Comments:

OMG... Darth Vader was actually Anakin Skywalker the whole time!?! Well that's just dandy! ;) I did love the story however though I am confused as to if the past was actually changed or if the Force just allowed him to relive part of his life?

Author: weiderudare
Date posted: 10/11/2005 8:19:58 AM
weiderudare's Comments:

A fantastic fanfiction. Majorly impressed. Love the way you showed that even if Anakin had not given in to Sidious at his office, the Jedi had still pushed him towards the Dark Side. Same with the newborn Luke causing the death of Padme... At the end, it was so sad, as he lost all that "only" to redeem himself.
Top class.

Author: VaderLVR64  (signed)
Date posted: 10/11/2005 4:27:46 PM
VaderLVR64's Comments:

I made the mistake of printing this up to read while I waited for my kids to get out of school. That was a mistake! Because by the time the bell rang, I was bawling like a baby and trying to hide my face!

A lovely and powerful work! WOW!

Author: Erela
Date posted: 10/11/2005 6:23:48 PM
Erela's Comments:

Wow. I've definitely played with this idea a lot, but never like this. This turned out wonderfully and I thoroughly enjoyed it (except for being worried that my roommate would walk in while I was verging on tears. ;-)) Very, very well written. I really look forward to more of your work. :-)


Author: kiki
Date posted: 10/12/2005 4:11:43 PM
kiki's Comments:

oh wow! great story. i was so unprepared for the twist at the end

Author: me_luv_darth_squishy
Date posted: 10/12/2005 7:48:58 PM
me_luv_darth_squishy's Comments:

That is a wonderful story and brought tears to my eyes! Great work.


Author: DrSnooks (Donna)
Date posted: 10/14/2005 2:55:10 AM
DrSnooks (Donna)'s Comments:

Wow, I loved this story and read through it twice. It is well done and imaginative. It explores the intensity of the emotions. Thank you.

Author: Star Traveler  (signed)
Date posted: 10/14/2005 6:08:11 PM
Star Traveler's Comments:

A masterpiece! I had actually been considering an alternative universe story of Anakin's fall, where he redeems himself and prevents the Empire from arising (and then gets to see his children born and Padme live). I must say, this is the best way for it to have occurred.

Author: BloodRaven
Date posted: 10/17/2005 1:24:36 PM
BloodRaven's Comments:

Oh this was so beautifully done and had me moved to tears! I loved how despite his decision to do things right Anakin still remains Anakin with the struggles...My only regret is that this isn't longer!!!

Author: Koon  (signed)
Date posted: 10/19/2005 2:19:29 PM
Koon's Comments:

I will never understand how anyone is moved to tears by a work of fiction(FICTION!!)...
Not to say it wasnt a very good fanfic, though..
My only problem with this one was the EXTREEM 'touchy feelyness' between Anikin and Obi-wan at the end...Im not that close to MY dad.
Other than that, I though it was very well done.

Author: luvlukeandmara
Date posted: 10/19/2005 6:42:12 PM
luvlukeandmara's Comments:

Whoa! this had me crying until the very end. the whole thing about luke being too strong in the force for padme was so clever! i loved it. more please :)

Author: FelsGoddess
Date posted: 10/21/2005 10:00:51 AM
FelsGoddess's Comments:

Whoa. That was amazing! I had tears in my eyes at the end!

Author: tribloYoda
Date posted: 10/24/2005 1:10:39 AM
tribloYoda's Comments:

This story (Keep Falling Down) perfectly fills in that void you undoubtedly feel after watching RoTS. RoTS's storyline, (while necessary) is disheartening as you watch an inevitable doom approaching with no chance of avoidance. It (Keep Falling Down) takes RoTS and changes it from story of sadness with no alternative to one of hope and a chance of redemption, all the while remaining within the confines of Lucas's original concept.

I must say that, in my humble opinion, this is the perfect story thread to weave Episode I-VI together into a seamless story with a victorious ending. A very good piece of storytelling agentj.

Author: Jag-X
Date posted: 10/28/2005 7:46:46 PM
Jag-X's Comments:

I thought it was a really good story. I love the "twist" at the ending. I did think the spelling of words like medcentre and lightsabre were a little off. All in all I gave it a ten

Author: just_another_padawan
Date posted: 11/1/2005 4:19:24 PM
just_another_padawan's Comments:

i was on the verge of tears the whole time...
i think that its good because you know whats going to happen in rots and you just want to scream out "dont do it!!!"...
i loved the twist at the end...
and i was scared the whole time my mom would come in and find me crying...
keep up the good work!!!

Author: surfercouple
Date posted: 11/4/2005 11:56:20 AM
surfercouple's Comments:

Well done! Best fan fic I've read to date! I loved the story so much I hid in the bathroom so I could have peace and quiet to finish reading it, away from my hubby and son. This story really does fill the void felt after watching ROTS. So sad to watch Anakin make such terrible mistakes that doom him to a haunted shell locked in metal casing. After my son watched ROTS the other day, I asked him if he understand the message-- why it was that Anakin Skywaker turned into Darth Vader. Mind you, my son is only four and took the question very literally. He answered: "He put a mask on and then he was Darth Vader." Yes, but... I told him: "Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader because he made bad choices. He didn't turn to those he loved when he was in trouble. Bad choices lead to bad things happening. This is a story of why you need to make good choices, and trust in those you love when you get in trouble." How wonderful, then, to read this fan fic and see what would have happened if Anakin had made good choices! When my son is old enough, I am going to share this story with him.

Great work! Looking forward to more from you...

Author: Master Solo
Date posted: 11/5/2005 4:04:21 PM
Master Solo's Comments:

Will you rewrite the rest of the SW universe as sequels to this? I'd like to see you do it.

Author: fiction_fiend  (signed)
Date posted: 11/7/2005 8:06:21 PM
fiction_fiend's Comments:

Wow. Bravo agentj, you had me in tears by the end. I think George Lucas should let you make this into some kind of deleted scene feature or something, because that was just SO good. I can tell it was from the heart. Job well done :)

Author: Kaitu
Date posted: 11/8/2005 4:05:38 PM
Kaitu's Comments:

WOW!! My mind's eye was watching this "episode" as I was reading it! Wonderful work! You really captured the emotions of the characters. A must-read!! Congrats!

Author: Heidi
Date posted: 11/8/2005 4:06:01 PM
Heidi's Comments:

So gorgeous!!! I couldnt stop crying. The birth scene had me balling like a complete baby. I have never felt so much emotion in a fan-fiction before. This is the best piece I have read yet and you played Anakin to a tee. Reading this story I actually see everything happening like youd see in the movies. It was extremely well written.

Author: Master_Viking_May  (signed)
Date posted: 11/13/2005 2:30:06 PM
Master_Viking_May's Comments:

Excellent work. I'm still pondering on whether it really was AU or just speculation in Anakin's mind. Emotionally powerful.

Good work!

Author: gives_you_focus
Date posted: 11/14/2005 4:08:07 PM
gives_you_focus's Comments:

My god. THis is amazing. This story.....I'm spechless. It's just so good. I always thought by Anakin refusing to let Padme out of his life, he actually forced it to be that way. I guess the Force tried to teach him a lesson, and the second time......well, you just wrote it.

Again, this was an amazing story. My pleasure to read it.

Author: anipadme_relationship
Date posted: 12/20/2005 6:21:08 PM
anipadme_relationship's Comments:

It was brilliant! I loved the fact that they lived happily ever after. I, being a fan of the relationship thought it was great and I would have liked it if the movies ended lie that but they way they ended was fine.

The story was entertaining.

Author: Darth Aimetra
Date posted: 12/24/2005 3:43:37 PM
Darth Aimetra's Comments:

This story is SOOOOOOOOOOO well done!!!! I read this over and over, and still got the chills I got watching ROTS and reding this for the very first time!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Author: khaosfire
Date posted: 2/1/2006 6:32:33 PM
khaosfire's Comments:


You made me cry.


Damn it.

A very well written story, an interesting idea, and remarkably captivating. I believe it could have been better if the reality of the "Dark Vision" had been more concrete, but excellent work, in any case.

Author: 1-800-jedigirl
Date posted: 2/3/2006 4:21:10 PM
1-800-jedigirl's Comments:

this is a sweet story makes me think of the family man

Author: Master Vir
Date posted: 2/27/2006 11:16:50 AM
Master Vir's Comments:

An absoutely brilliant masterpiece of the Fan fiction section. "Keep Falling Down" Is by far the most moving and well written FanFic I have yet to read. This was an absolutely amazing story, it brought tears to my eyes before I was done.

Author: Kinh
Date posted: 3/19/2006 4:04:36 PM
Kinh's Comments:

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooow! This is like RotS changed to have a happy ending. Will there be sequels to this one

Author: Lady of the Dragons
Date posted: 4/15/2006 10:07:50 PM
Lady of the Dragons's Comments:

Wow! Oh, wow! I have this weird habit of reading stories out loud to myself, and i had to stop reading "Keep Falling Down" out loud because i was crying! I loved it! Every time i watch Revenge of the Sith, I cry when Anakin turns against the Jedi and destroys the Temple, when Obi-Wan and Anakin fight on Mustafar and Anakin quite literally falls to the Dark Side. Oh, this was good. Thanks for such a moving, provoking story. Adding Qui-Gon's ghost was really cool. Well done, well done.

Author: Jedi Cat Kenobi
Date posted: 5/13/2006 10:44:45 PM
Jedi Cat Kenobi's Comments:

Oh wow!!! This was amazing!!! I loved it!!!

Author: Loki Meridean
Date posted: 6/28/2006 11:53:43 PM
Loki Meridean's Comments:

omg! it was a beautiful story! i started crying in the middle of it. i had hoped it was going to be an alternate ending and Anakin never ever ever ever EVER became darth vader, but you surprised the crap outta me when it all turned out to be an i-just-died dream of Anakin's after the battle of endor! again, i love this to death

Author: Kadi-Ahn_Tanye
Date posted: 8/17/2006 11:27:17 AM
Kadi-Ahn_Tanye's Comments:

to let you know, agentj, I have never cried for a story.......until now. I didn't even cry for The Revenge of the Sith. Thankyou for writing such a good story.

Author: Hapless Tears
Date posted: 9/3/2006 9:47:58 PM
Hapless Tears's Comments:

Simply Amazing

Author: RAPR
Date posted: 9/18/2006 2:57:34 PM
RAPR's Comments:

wow what a great story and i love how in the end it's not technically au.loved the ending

Author: Jedi X-Man Serena Kenobi  (signed)
Date posted: 9/30/2006 12:44:10 PM
Jedi X-Man Serena Kenobi's Comments:

beautifully done, I loved it!

Author: QueenNaberrie
Date posted: 12/11/2006 9:23:30 PM
QueenNaberrie's Comments:

Oh WOW! This was great! I absolutely loved this!!!

Author: Padme Skywalker
Date posted: 12/14/2006 9:04:17 PM
Padme Skywalker's Comments:

I cried a the end of this fanfic I mean I was literally in tears. It was really really sweet and sappy.

Author: Caroline
Date posted: 1/4/2007 3:25:07 AM
Caroline's Comments:

Serious tears. Wow. Absolutely beautiful. Excause me while I finish crying.

Author: ratna
Date posted: 3/7/2007 5:09:51 AM
ratna's Comments:

Beautifully crafted bardo vision.

And I cried.

Author: nasbo
Date posted: 5/9/2007 2:56:04 PM
nasbo's Comments:

Wow... To be honest i was hoping to find out what happened next, the future for jedi Anakin!
However, the ending was perfect, and well tied to episode 6.

Author: Stargazer
Date posted: 6/5/2007 12:08:37 PM
Stargazer's Comments:

Beautiful and touching. It moved me in a way I can not explain.

Author: jedigirl
Date posted: 10/30/2007 12:08:34 AM
jedigirl's Comments:

ooooh that was sad... but happy all the same.(sniff)it gives you a new idea about what Ani would've done if he knew what he was going to do. and then... it just...(sniff). really good. complete opposite of oboanoa's 'Finding Peace', but i think i like this one better.:)sorry oboanoa.

Author: PadawanStarwalker
Date posted: 6/10/2008 12:03:47 PM
PadawanStarwalker's Comments:

I loved that! It made me cry and my mum was extremely freaked out. I loved it i loved it i loved it i loved it!
please please please write more!

Author: DLC
Date posted: 7/1/2008 3:22:44 AM
DLC's Comments:

Absolutely beautiful... I'm practically speechless and so choked up that I'm glad I'm using a keyboard to respond.

While the story was amazing in any case, wonderfully written and dead on characterizations, the fact that it was all the Force's way of purifying his soul just made the story that much more poignant... though also much more heartbreaking. You had me thinking that they'd all get that happily ever after, and then it turned out not to be real. So sad... yet perfect. I can't get over that marvelous ending twist. I love the idea that Anikan wasn't just punished for his sins as Vader, but he wasn't just forgiven either. For someone who fell as far as he did, it would have had to be a long journey back.

But I'm babbling. Again, wonderful. 10/10.

Author: LeiaOrganicSolo  (signed)
Date posted: 9/23/2008 6:08:11 PM
LeiaOrganicSolo's Comments:

Amazing! I had tears in my eyes in the end. Beautiful. I nice twist of how Darth Vader returned to Anakin. Love it!

Author: ShadowSpinner
Date posted: 11/17/2008 7:10:16 PM
ShadowSpinner's Comments:

Good story, this is the 2nd time i've read it. I love how you had Luke causing Padme's death. vs. her dying of a broken heart like in the movies. AT least that's always how I thought it happened. Alot more realisitc. nice job.

Author: Etain_Skirata  (signed)
Date posted: 10/24/2010 3:20:00 PM
Etain_Skirata's Comments:

I haven't had a chance or even a reason to respond to one of the sparsely few fanfics I've read so far. Being relatively new to TFN's offerings, I likewise haven't seen that many listings. Loved the middle, Anakin going back in time and fixing his mistakes is definitely an improvement over Ep. III.

Author: Noo
Date posted: 12/1/2015 5:08:55 PM
Noo's Comments:

That comment thing is a huge pain in the arse. I can't alatucly get around it myself even when I'm signed in as admin. Heres an upload that I've re-zipped (or .rar'd this time), see how you go with it.

Author: Kaya Saan
Date posted: 12/20/2016 10:30:41 PM
Kaya Saan's Comments:

It was a nice sweet story but I got lost in the story like at the end what happened?

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