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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "Moving On"

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Author: AngelQueen
Date posted: 8/6/2001 4:57:14 PM
AngelQueen's Comments:

One word: WOW! That was awesome! I totally enjoyed it! I could definitely see this happening! Mara's reaction to finding out Luke was alive was so in character!!! And Luke and Mara's conversation at the end was just great!!! You've done a wonderful job here! Keep it up!

Author: Quiller
Date posted: 8/6/2001 9:24:50 PM
Quiller's Comments:

The opening paragraphs reeled me in and the pace never lagged. I couldn't stop reading, nor did I want to. Great!

Author: Lilasky
Date posted: 8/7/2001 10:18:36 AM
Lilasky's Comments:

This was excellent! You come through as a true Star Wars Fan. The pace was good, never slowing. The characters were true. I enjoyed this more than the New Jedi Order Series. Mara was perfect. You got her personality just right. I loved her inner thoughts. And of course, Luke was superbly done. Excellent tie-ins with his past etc.
Keep writing and thanks for sharing your story with us.

Author: Rogue Leader
Date posted: 8/9/2001 12:34:57 PM
Rogue Leader's Comments:

Haven't actually read this. However I took one look at the description and guessed the twist. My guess was confirmed by the first user comment. I recommend editing your description just a little so that what she is searching for is a bit more ambiguous. That being said, I'm not sure how I'd reword that either. It does really hook you in, but just gives too much away.

I do think it's a wonderful premise and should I get some free time, will definately take a gander at it. Keep on creating!

Author: Saria
Date posted: 8/9/2001 6:35:08 PM
Saria's Comments:

It was great, except for the fact that luke and mara had a kid in EOV2 rebirth was great

Author: Princess_LaLa
Date posted: 8/10/2001 1:59:44 PM
Princess_LaLa's Comments:

That was a great fic. It was unique, and i liked it a lot. It really makes you think.

Author: Zero
Date posted: 8/10/2001 3:34:34 PM
Zero's Comments:

This story was brilliantly written! The storyline
has the potential to be along the line of the
Star Wars Universe. However, there are glimpses of
the storyline that should be changed due to past
Star Wars novels that were written that cause
confusion between this story and the Star Wars
novels. However I throughly enjoyed this story
and I highly recommend for Star Wars fans alike
to read it!

Author: James T. Skywalker
Date posted: 8/12/2001 9:00:39 PM
James T. Skywalker's Comments:

I must agree with the others in saying that this story was quite excellent. I'm not really sure why Obi-Wan would return this late after telling Luke that he'd not be able to contact him again (and that was only eight years after his death - this is over thirty!). Otherwise, the story was very good, and the addition of some Edge of Victory stuff may be a good idea, but it was still very good!

Author: Padawan_Di-Lee  (signed)
Date posted: 8/13/2001 8:23:26 AM
Padawan_Di-Lee's Comments:

I love this story. You did an excellent job of capturing all of the characters and providing a wonderful ending that leaves the future open for new developments rather than the re-hash of the same general scenarios that we typically get in the EU. A nice bit of political reality in there too. I have absolutely no problem with your occasional stray from EU events. After all, that's part of what fanfic is for. ;)

Author: Jedi-2B  (signed)
Date posted: 8/16/2001 7:09:12 AM
Jedi-2B's Comments:

This was an excellent fanfic that kept me hooked from the beginning. I did guess who the 'Speaker' was right away, but that only made me more anxious to see Mara meet him.
The discontinuity from the NJO novels (no baby Skywalker, no mention of Mara's illness) didn't really bother me; that's what AU stories are all about. A slight disparity I noticed was that the intro says it's been just over a year since Luke's death, but the story refers to it being nearly two years.
A sequel would be nice, and certainly welcome, but I can see where letting the events to follow be up to the readers' imaginations is perfectly acceptable.

Author: Padawon So-Ver-Leet
Date posted: 8/17/2001 11:39:11 AM
Padawon So-Ver-Leet's Comments:

Absoluetly excellent detail. The writing style was great - I was hooked from the beginning. This is the enbodiment of what fanfic SHOULD be. Keep up the good work and may the Force be with you.

Author: Valin Horn
Date posted: 8/17/2001 8:46:58 PM
Valin Horn's Comments:

I really like this fanfic. Having Anakin play a big part in the future of the galaxy was a good idea, as I see him as the best all-around character of all the Solo kids. I figure the discontinuity from the NJO series would probably be because this story was written before the Skywalker's had their kid. What else to say? Um... Good work. I'd love to read a sequel of the re-formation of the New Republic or whatever its called when it re-forms. Maybe an alternate universe fic of the other vision Luke saw. This was a great fic, and I think it would give alot of other fanfic writers a good backplot to develop new stories of their own.

Author: LtKettch  (signed)
Date posted: 8/28/2001 1:46:17 AM
LtKettch's Comments:

While the story had style, moved quickly, and read well, it had some major problems. Predictability was the largest. Very early on you get the idea that the "speaker" is Luke Skywalker. The force-cocoon thing was interesting, but Jedi have always been able to suck in their presence in the force.
Mara and Luke were portrayed well. After that, I am afraid it just doesn't work. Character wise.

Kyp Durron as the leader of the Council?? The words that come out of his mouth... unbelieveable. Nothing but a miracle can change Kyp. And now, after Rebirth, we realise that he has stayed the same all along. Also, his calling Jaina a young Knight is like a college sophomore calling his high school sophmore girlfriend a baby. There's only about 7 years between them. He's not even old enough to be a kindly way older brother.
Is it just me or was Leia always collapsing? It seems to me that if at 18 she could watch her planet be destroyed and all those she loved with it, she wouldn't have a fit that required bedrest over her son disappearing from the Force.
I realise that it is AU and not real fiction, but really, for a piece of fiction that was this well written, it is sad to see that characterization and plot were sadly lacking.

The idea was good, but neither cohesive or coherent enough to make me wonder what will happen next.

Author: El
Date posted: 10/7/2001 1:26:10 AM
El's Comments:


Author: mara
Date posted: 10/27/2001 10:18:23 AM
mara's Comments:

This was the best fanfic I've ever read. I really loved the end but I thought that leia was a bit weak, she's supposed to be some sort of jedi so she must act like one. She loves Anakin but she should have been calm and think about it she went a bit over the top when she heard about the new republik's end and that Luke was the 'Speaker'. Luke and Mara were perfect in this story. I didn't believe that Kyp could change so much because he's a cocky, arrogent person in the books Young knight please! He's barely old himself! Overal it was an fantastic story

Author: Shang of doemein Da'ah tee
Date posted: 1/5/2002 3:31:26 PM
Shang of doemein Da'ah tee's Comments:

This fanfic was the best one i ever read. Keep up the good work. I would love to see the sequels of the story. Thank you for writting it :)
( sorry for eny mistakes I make, I am from Poland after all )

Author: Mara*Jade*Skywalker
Date posted: 1/6/2002 11:55:58 AM
Mara*Jade*Skywalker's Comments:

Great story! PLease Please Please writ a sequal (Did I spell that right?) Also great and catchy title!

Author: Natalie
Date posted: 2/15/2002 1:18:09 PM
Natalie's Comments:

That was an o.k. story. You got indepth with the characters especially Mara, that was very fantastic I never would have expected someone other than Timothy Zahn to write that good about Mara. Some of it was rather weak but that was good with Luke, I've always thought of him as a cry baby, I've never liked him very much. I just can't see how he and Mara get along! I wish you had made them break up or something.

Author: Mara Jae
Date posted: 6/24/2002 11:37:24 PM
Mara Jae's Comments:

As a major Mara and Luke fan, I really enjoyed your fic. The great Luke and Mara tales are few and far inbetween.

Author: The Stormtrooper Shrink  (signed)
Date posted: 2/15/2004 5:49:31 PM
The Stormtrooper Shrink's Comments:

Ooh, Natalie, that was nasty about Luke. Cry-baby? Can't get on with Mara? A *BREAKUP*???!!!

Anyway, this was a great story, and I agree with the comment before mine that really good Luke/Mara stories are difficult to find. This just jacked it up a notch. Well done.

Author: Lord Darth Bane
Date posted: 7/1/2005 3:59:10 AM
Lord Darth Bane's Comments:

one word: dissapointed. I knew almost right away it was Luke who was leading them but I was kind of hoping that he had turned into another 'Count Dooku' leading the Separatist forces. o well. i enjoyed it anyways. good job.

Author: Jay
Date posted: 9/25/2005 12:13:03 AM
Jay's Comments:

Why would Mara say thank the maker? Isn't that something only a droid would say? And Luke made reference to praying...I don't think praying has ever been used in the SW galaxy in any form.

Author: Healer_Leona
Date posted: 9/27/2006 6:38:22 PM
Healer_Leona's Comments:

Starts out with Luke dead years already. :( Ohhh, that opening dream is just heartbreaking.

So much going on, wow. Okay, I might have had a hope the speaker was ndeed Luke, but the tears of happiness still came on.

Brilliant Herman. :D

Author: KryceksAngel
Date posted: 6/6/2010 3:54:30 PM
KryceksAngel's Comments:

To be perfectly honest, Anakin was out of character. I'm sure you were trying to think of a reason to have him there but come on. He's not as imature as you make him to be. I agree with a previous reviewer about Kyp. It was very predictable about who the Speaker was. I didn't finish reading the fic though.

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