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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "The User 1:1 - SIn"

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Author: Pallas-Athena  (signed)
Date posted: 10/30/2007 3:13:59 PM
Pallas-Athena's Comments:

I was one of the reviewers that accepted this fic, and I just have to take the opportunity to finally tell you how wonderful I found it. Maybe it won't mean much to you, but this fic is one of those one of a kind gems that's so rare that, as reviewers, we don't even bother hoping for it when we open a fic for the first time. As I kept reading, even though I was understandably engaged in the story itself, the back of my mind kept humming, "I'm reviewing a perfect fic, I'm actually going to be accepting a perfect fic!" This is the first time this has happened to me as a reviewer, even though I have accepted my fair share of fics. I've never been so excited to read a submission before.

What makes it so perfect? The clever and inspired plot, the interesting characters, the flawless pacing, the fantastic but realistic use of humor. It's just wonderfully imaginative and perfectly executed. It will certainly be the first fic I point to when submitters ask what type of fics I most hope to see submitted.

Welcome to the Archive :)

Author: Gabri_Jade  (signed)
Date posted: 10/31/2007 2:29:21 AM
Gabri_Jade's Comments:

As the other reviewer for this fic, I have to echo Pallas-Athena's comments. As many great stories as we see submitted to the Archive, it's still very rare to find one of this quality. It's technically flawless, the plot is really imaginative, the characters are compelling and believable, and the pacing - ah, the pacing. That's a thing of beauty. You gave the reader exactly the right amount of detail and background information at exactly the right time, and maintained that perfection throughout. It's smartly written, never patronizing, never drags, never jumps confusingly ahead, and features not a single distracting info dump. In that aspect particularly, this story is easily of professional quality.

And this story is all the more impressive an achievement for striking that perfect balance of featuring original characters almost entirely, yet still being undeniably a Star Wars story. Just extraordinary. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Author: kehleyr
Date posted: 11/1/2007 4:17:09 AM
kehleyr's Comments:

It was indeed a beautiful story. I was a little turned off it in the beggining because it only featured original characters and because the time setting (inter trilogy) didn't leave much room for surprising developments.

I think it is one of the few stories here that feels like it was written by a professional. There was no mistake in pacing and in characterization, there wasn't any moment in which I as a reader felt that it should have been worded otherwise or that the development of the story should have gone differently.

It's a brilliant detective story set in Star Wars. I hope (and I am sure :) ) that we will see a sequel.

Author: luton_plunder  (signed)
Date posted: 11/9/2007 6:02:52 PM
luton_plunder's Comments:

Thankou all for your comments! I'm so glad that people are enjoying this little fic, and want to say a huge thankyou to Yodimus and Thumper for their work beta-ing this to bring it up to scratch :) And also to Pallas-Athena and Gabri_Jade for their reviewership!

Those of you wondering about a sequel, they do exist on the JC forums as works in progress.

Thanks again!

Author: Arwen Skywalker
Date posted: 11/19/2007 3:05:50 PM
Arwen Skywalker's Comments:

This is a fantastic fic! YOu are a fabulous writer, this story is engaging and wonderful. Tack is awesome.

The way they are using the CDN and not the Force is so awesome, and the Emperor thinks they are badass Jedi! LOL! Great job!

Author: outstretchedarm
Date posted: 11/30/2007 9:05:43 PM
outstretchedarm's Comments:

This is one of the best pieces of fan fiction I have ever read. It read like a Dan Brown novel.

1) I enjoyed Bastian's and the younger Maitland character -- complex and.real

2) The concept of the CDN is great and great fodder for future storytelling.

3) This story expresses the great range of storytelling available within the SW galaxy. A detective story with little reliance on jedi, swashbuckling, the force -- great!

4) Tack is one of the best SW droids ever.

Thanks for an entertaining read.

Author: Phantom Jedi
Date posted: 1/20/2008 2:21:24 PM
Phantom Jedi's Comments:

Very nice work! It is good to see that there are stories out there that do not solely rely on the Force and main characters to make life interesting. I'd love to see more of this story, if more exists.

Phantom Jedi

Author: dreamshell  (signed)
Date posted: 3/25/2008 10:06:36 PM
dreamshell's Comments:

I read this a few weeks back and was really impressed with the richness and originality you brought to the SW universe. I've very rarely seen it, especially with characters of ones's own making. And yet, they were all very interesting, intricate people (and droids) with believable traits and mannerisms (and programmaing).

Also, kudos on your great pacing abilities and smooth transitions/overlapping of genres. Amusing one moment, dramatic the next (sometimes both at the same time). And the best part--the main character defeats a Force User *without* having powers himself! Awesome.

There will be a sequel story, right? =D

Author: Jeff 42  (signed)
Date posted: 12/17/2008 10:21:01 PM
Jeff 42's Comments:

This is one of the best and most original fan-fics I've read. You did a great job creating a compelling story that has only a tangential connection to any official Star Wars work, yet could only happen in the Star Wars universe. The idea of the CDN and its use being mistaken for Force powers was quite clever. Keep up the good work!

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