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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "The End of the Beginning"

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Author: Andraya
Date posted: 9/19/2010 3:35:44 PM
Andraya's Comments:

As always, I could not have completed this fanfic without the feedback from my wonderful beta readers Jackie, James, and David.

Author: xXJedi Knight BlazeXx
Date posted: 9/28/2010 8:05:18 PM
xXJedi Knight BlazeXx's Comments:

That was a very good story and I rather liked it, especially the ending.

Author: Volitan  (signed)
Date posted: 12/30/2010 8:27:51 AM
Volitan's Comments:

Hello! My first review on this site! I tend to go into a fair bit of detail, I hope you don’t mind that!

I like how it opens from the point of view of someone that would be a household name, and a constant of two decades. He’s also just an ‘ordinary’ person, in the sense that he’s not in the thick of it fighting; and isn’t one of our heroes.

The makeup people are adding grey hair? Is this to give an air of maturity to him? Or is he a little vain and dyes them away to appear younger? A nice little snippet, and a tiny detail that I loved – I’m all about the fiddly little bits that most people don’t bother to notice… though, I might miss the big picture from time to time… and I’m rambling…

That statement was obviously very carefully worded – and a perfect example of propaganda; however, it didn’t sound OTT or ridiculously embellished. Though, the news I’m used to attempts to not take sides. Their language has a tendency to be very tactful and as neutral as possible; so, the broadcast did strike me as a bit off and biased – but not entirely out of place. Do I make sense with what I’m saying? I could tell it was leaning more in the Empire’s favour, but not completely devoted and admiring of it.

It strikes me a bit strange that they even told the wider universe of the Emperor’s death! You could imagine that they’d like to keep it quiet and carry on as normal… it brings a layer of honesty to the Empire that I’d never bothered to look for. It’s a rather surprising twist! I like it!

I can imagine that the main mourners would be those who benefited from the Empire, rather than were crushed beneath it.

The character of Isard frightens me a little – the sitting and watching reminds me of a predator stalking its prey.

Who IS running the Empire now? Surely someone stepped up to take over? However, I can imagine that it would take more than one person to do the job of the Emperor – and where there is a group of people, there will be differing ideas on how things should be, and things could fall apart rather rapidly.

My aunt died in 2003, and the scene of Sola at the grave reminds me of my Mum when she goes to take flowers... a scene that so many will be able to relate to, and a scene that reminds us that – the facets of life and death are not exempt from even this fictional universe. And Sola’s thoughts of Grandchildren show that life goes on, and that new generations will arrive.

(By the way, In film III, Padme appeared pregnant at the funeral – does Sola know that she’s an aunt twice over?)

Oooh! The choice of the word ‘murdered’ rather than ‘killed’ is very interesting – and not something I expected. Murdered implies that he’s not seen so much as the evil of the galaxy on Naboo.

I really liked the viewpoint of Pellaeon, he’s in the middle of a crisis, but he’s standing firm and not falling apart. He’s being a good example to the others who have to follow his orders. He’s vulnerable, but he’s still keeping strong.

Things HAVE only just begun. They’ve cut off the head of the snake, but it is still poisonous. There has been some 40 years of damage done by the Emperor – and a lot of it so subtle that it will take a very long time to even find it! They’ve brought down the Evil of the universe – but there will be others who will readily step into the role and attempt to fill the Emperor’s shoes.

All in all, a brilliant fic! I adored the different viewpoints and the characterisations you created.

I’m rather glad that this was the first fic on here that I read. What an introduction!

Author: LadyKatherine
Date posted: 1/14/2012 10:32:06 PM
LadyKatherine's Comments:

This was very nicely done. You did an excellent job capturing the after math of the battle of Endor. You showed povs from every sides pov. It was very nice how you ended with Luke's words. Of how things were only getting started. Exteremly nice read.

Author: Shashank
Date posted: 4/3/2012 1:14:16 AM
Shashank's Comments:

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Author: Jake Cain-Roser
Date posted: 3/14/2013 4:18:01 AM
Jake Cain-Roser's Comments:

wow, what a great fan fic, my favourite part was Naboo, showing Sola's grief over Padme' something we know nothing about, incredible work, I give it 12/10

Author: Svetlana
Date posted: 12/1/2015 9:38:33 PM
Svetlana's Comments:

This could be true. The only minor stretch of the truth in her story was the fact that she past that semi about 3-4 miles back .and kept crsnuiig along. : )

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