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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "The Sweetest Thing"

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Author: Mcily Nochi  (signed)
Date posted: 2/4/2002 2:43:38 PM
Mcily Nochi's Comments:

Still an adorable, cheerful story, anakin_walker_of_sky. Congratulations on getting it into the archive, it deserves its place here.

Author: Rogue 8
Date posted: 2/5/2002 9:58:08 PM
Rogue 8's Comments:

Good stroy, very different from First Kiss and Good Fortune.

Author: Caroline
Date posted: 2/9/2002 4:15:55 AM
Caroline's Comments:

Hmm reminds me of hot chocolate, warm and sweet. That was a really cute story. Some of the fanfics are too long, but that one was sweet and to the point without being sickening.

Author: marcy  (signed)
Date posted: 7/18/2002 6:06:43 PM
marcy's Comments:

very good story .yay! ani and ami

Author: Angie
Date posted: 7/28/2002 8:33:54 PM
Angie's Comments:

I really loved the story! I would just love it if you added more to the story.

Author: Gilraen
Date posted: 10/27/2002 2:21:41 AM
Gilraen's Comments:

Congratuliations! Your story is really good. Still writting! ^^

Author: darkchaos510
Date posted: 12/27/2004 6:45:35 PM
darkchaos510's Comments:

U know why the Jedi guys are always telling each other "Size matters not" right?



awesome story. characterization was good.

Author: tlw
Date posted: 7/17/2006 10:20:14 AM
tlw's Comments:

When he called her your senatorialship, it sounded like something that Han would have said to Leia

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