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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "Of Pilots and Jedi"

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Author: ArnaKyle
Date posted: 2/19/2002 2:50:56 PM
ArnaKyle's Comments:

Hi Mely! I'm so glad to see OP+J in the archive, what a great story you've told! I'm looking forward to see more of the "Never Ending Solo Kid" series in. ;) Great story!

Author: Darth_Fruitcake
Date posted: 2/20/2002 10:47:29 AM
Darth_Fruitcake's Comments:

Wow!!! I finished reading this! Yay!

OMG, Mely, that was awesome work. You have to give me the link to the sequel sometime ;-)

Author: Boba Fett2
Date posted: 2/20/2002 10:53:09 AM
Boba Fett2's Comments:


It didn't really go with Dark Journey though.

A lot of the times Jaina seemed kinda weak and willing to share her emotions, which has never been my impression of her.

The Kyp Durron thing was way out there but if you made this an Alternate Universe(is ii and I missed it?) it might work.

Author: Boba Fett2
Date posted: 2/20/2002 10:53:58 AM
Boba Fett2's Comments:



It is AU.

Author: Melyanna  (signed)
Date posted: 2/20/2002 3:05:58 PM
Melyanna's Comments:

Yeah, this doesn't go with Dark Journey or Star By Star at all because I wrote this in August, long before either book was released. This follows canon as far as Rebirth.

Thanks for reading!

Author: Mcily Nochi  (signed)
Date posted: 2/22/2002 1:23:48 PM
Mcily Nochi's Comments:

Awwwwww!!! Master, you have surpassed yourself. That was excellent! The mush was sweet, the plot good (though I'm not entirely sure about the Kyp Durron thing, you gave a good reason for it), and it was awesome to see how it fit in with IWG, which I hope will wind up here on the Archive, too. :)

That deserved one of my rare tens-- actually, it's the first humor/romance fic that has. Congrats!


Author: KJanson
Date posted: 2/23/2002 6:06:18 PM
KJanson's Comments:

Very nice. Your writing style reminds me of Mike Stackpole but without the Corran Horn fixation. :)

Author: UrbanJedi  (signed)
Date posted: 3/5/2002 9:51:49 AM
UrbanJedi's Comments:

That was a great story! I won't take up a whole lot of space going into depth, other that to say that I really enjoyed it. And as for the cover art...that was pretty good too. (It's okay, me and Mar17 are friends.)

Author: Qwi_Xux  (signed)
Date posted: 3/5/2002 2:21:23 PM
Qwi_Xux's Comments:

Wow! It's been archived! YAY! :-) *sighs happily* The first in the Never-ending Solo Kids series is here. Great, great story, Mely!

Author: stoat
Date posted: 3/7/2002 3:55:04 PM
stoat's Comments:

Yay! Fulfillment of my love of mush! Jag is so wonderfully dignified and sensible.

Author: sailorstarX
Date posted: 3/13/2002 3:07:59 PM
sailorstarX's Comments:

Jacen is supposed to like Tenel Ka!!!!! But other than that,I love it! Jaina and Jag coupling rules!

Author: Jadefire1
Date posted: 3/15/2002 7:05:06 AM
Jadefire1's Comments:

I just finished this story and loved it! Totally my kind of story, and since lots of pople know Jaina's history you didn't have to load it down with too many details. I agree with KJanson; you do remind me of Michael Stackpole minus Corren Horn. sailerstarx, where do you get the idea that Fel likes Tenel Ka? So maybe their personality types are similar, but she doesn't seem to interested in him. Hopefully Jason's still alive and he'll realize what an idiot he was for ignoring her. (hehe got a,little carried away)

Author: DreaJade
Date posted: 3/31/2002 8:35:38 PM
DreaJade's Comments:

Rock on!! I love it. Jaina is my girl. I just finished Dark Journey last night, and couldn't get enough. This was a nice filler :)

Author: SoloKnight
Date posted: 4/12/2002 2:10:44 PM
SoloKnight's Comments:

Wow. Good job. As someone said earlier this truly is a good blending of two genres. I enjoy stories about Jaina and stories about Jag, so putting them both in the same was even better. :)

Author: mikeyb65
Date posted: 5/1/2002 9:52:03 AM
mikeyb65's Comments:

i thought this was a good lighthearted story. I must admit though I have a little problem with a jedi apprentice falling in love. At this poin tin a Jedi's training love is not something one can afford. Their studies are the jedi's main concern. Love comes after the apprentice becomes a full knight. That is the way i remember the code but hey it's a free galaxy right? All things aside i died find this story amusing and cute.

Author: LtJainaSolo  (signed)
Date posted: 5/27/2002 4:28:09 PM
LtJainaSolo's Comments:

This is a really good story. Jaina/Jag all the way!

Author: Shalton
Date posted: 6/4/2002 9:41:13 PM
Shalton's Comments:

I think its a great story by fans for i enyojed it despite any technical flaw the novel might have...keep up the great work

Author: JadeSaber
Date posted: 6/17/2002 8:50:57 AM
JadeSaber's Comments:

Excellent fic! I'm very picky about good spelling and grammar, and your story passed with flying colors. It was hilarious! Jaina/Jag all the way!!!!! I'd love to see more work from you.

Author: Jaina Durron
Date posted: 6/19/2002 8:01:51 AM
Jaina Durron's Comments:

Ooh, I do like this. Personally I'm a Jaina/Kyp kind of person, but this story was good. So sweet! especially the shower scene.

btw, what book does jag first appear in?

- j.d.

Author: ladyyoda02
Date posted: 7/6/2002 2:53:35 PM
ladyyoda02's Comments:

I loved it!! It's great to see that Jaina has found her match! Great job!

Author: myn donos
Date posted: 8/24/2002 10:39:58 PM
myn donos's Comments:

So, did Jacen end up with that 3 year old princess or what? That whole part was a bit confusing, the description when they stepped out of the Lurker made it seem like she was more like 17 then 3...
But aside from that it was a very entertaining story; just the kind you look for in a fanfic- all the events you want to read about in a novel, but not canon so no harm is done ;).

Author: Jedi_StarDust  (signed)
Date posted: 8/29/2002 7:34:21 PM
Jedi_StarDust's Comments:

Myn_Donos-- About that three year old princess, Jacen was just throwing in a joke because Nadia really is his age. Anyhow, I love this fic Mely, the first time I read it I thought it was SUPERB, and even after this second go I still LOVE it! :-D Excellent work, your writing style has a very nice flow to it, by the way.

Author: Admiral Abbott
Date posted: 11/24/2002 8:27:02 PM
Admiral Abbott's Comments:

I love stories that have Jagged fel in them. This one rocked. I liked the humor, but the Jacen thing and kyp thing was a bit cheesy. I also had a hard time believing the visit from Jag's mom. other wise I love it.

Author: Jules
Date posted: 12/7/2002 10:56:25 AM
Jules's Comments:

I'll admit that I've only read about a dozen of these fanfiction thingies, but so far I like this one the best. I think it's becuase of the humor and the Jaina and Jag relationship ( which is the main part). Kyp going bad was ok by me....overall...great not so short, short story:-)

Author: PunkJedi
Date posted: 12/8/2002 12:33:36 PM
PunkJedi's Comments:

hey! that ROX!! it's reel cool. it wuz a romance but it wuz still good. it kinda reminded me of attack of the clones (Anikan+Padme) (Jag+Jaina). anyway i loved it.

Author: Jaina  (signed)
Date posted: 12/21/2002 5:01:25 PM
Jaina's Comments:

ok love the story it tells how things could have been diferent in the NJO series

Author: Andrea Jade Solo  (signed)
Date posted: 1/7/2003 6:43:48 PM
Andrea Jade Solo's Comments:

I loved this story! It was so fun to read. This is my most favorite fan fiction I have read so far. I would like to read more about Jag and Jaina.

Author: Siri Ruane  (signed)
Date posted: 1/13/2003 4:24:51 PM
Siri Ruane's Comments:

The story was okay. I didnt think it really suited Jania's personalitie though. But then again, I don't get into romances, so just ignore me.

Author: Paul K
Date posted: 4/8/2003 6:41:08 PM
Paul K's Comments:

Not bad but just went too far into the realm of 'I didn't happen in the books'. Needed to be shorter.

Author: Yodiss
Date posted: 6/21/2003 8:18:50 PM
Yodiss's Comments:

i keep coming back to read this one! this would have to be about the fifth time. it's humourous, romantic and full of action--my favourite combo! keep writing cuz you rock!

Author: shadowknight17
Date posted: 7/11/2003 5:07:05 PM
shadowknight17's Comments:

i don't cry or share a lot of my feelings with anyone else. i'm a teen and i'm a bit "attitudy" if you know what i mean. i'm sort of a tough girl type person, on the outside that is. yes i admit it, on the inside i am a a hopeless romantic and your story was perfect for me!! you story made me smile and get that kind of tingly feeling in your stomach, you know the one that you get when you look into that special someone's eyes. i loved it soooooo much!! i even bookmarked it so i can read it over and over and over again!! it was absolutely wonderful!!

Author: Chewi333
Date posted: 7/22/2003 12:39:01 PM
Chewi333's Comments:

Great Story.Well written,well described and welll done.The shower scene was great.Keep up the work

Author: Leelu Skydancer
Date posted: 10/7/2003 12:39:47 AM
Leelu Skydancer's Comments:

Wow! This story was amazingly well written. It is so perfect for each character and it is just the way I thought Jag and Jaina should act. It was very sweet and touching. The best parts were when you seemed to tap into their characters and become them. I absolutely LOVED it! Keep up the great writting. :) I would love to see more Jag and Jaina fics by you, you are trully good at capturing them.

Author: Emiri Skywalker
Date posted: 6/19/2004 3:07:36 PM
Emiri Skywalker's Comments:

It was a pretty good story. You're great with humor! I didn't like the way you made Kyp. He is not like that at all. And no offence, but he would've beaten Jag sooo badly!! I also didn't like the way the princess made Jacen forget about his philosophies or becoming one with the Force. That IS Jacen. It's one of his defining characteristics. All-in-all though, it was a good story. I am so for Jaina/Jag relationship!!!

Author: deadwookie
Date posted: 6/28/2004 6:07:05 PM
deadwookie's Comments:

I have to say I love the warmth you gave Jaina and Jags characters. It would have been nice to read some of your non starwars work.

Author: Birdy
Date posted: 7/11/2004 2:59:19 PM
Birdy's Comments:

I love this! It's exactly my style. There's plently of humour, and a well-developed plot, which I (admittedly) have trouble getting into my own fics. It's probably because I just write from my heart and let the plot take care of itself. There just aren't enough Jaina/Jag fics, and this one has got to be my favorite of those I've read.
Sequel! Sequel!

Author: jainabarrows
Date posted: 8/7/2004 6:47:54 PM
jainabarrows's Comments:

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I printed the whole thing out. Keep up the good work. The shower scene was FUNNY(so were the ancient forms of torture)!!!!!!!

Author: LtColJainaSoloFel
Date posted: 12/1/2004 7:54:51 AM
LtColJainaSoloFel's Comments:

WOW!!! This was an awesome story. I loved how it wasn't so short. I loved the humor, especially the shower scene. I am a hugh Jag/Jaina fan, and it's nice to see them together. And, Han being the overprotective father, was so true to life. I give it an "enthusiastic 2 thumbs up!" Is there a sequel??

Author: Rader
Date posted: 2/6/2005 5:53:37 PM
Rader's Comments:

That was great!! One of the best Jag and Jania stories I've read. I love the fact that Wedge was plotting to get them together. That's how I wish it would have happened in NJO. I also loved the fact Darklighter was all concerned and wanted Jania protected. Write more stories like this please!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Eric
Date posted: 3/17/2005 12:30:29 PM
Eric's Comments:

I loved it soooo much!

Author: Shuro  (signed)
Date posted: 2/26/2007 11:46:57 PM
Shuro's Comments:


Author: JainaSolo  (signed)
Date posted: 12/26/2008 11:58:56 PM
JainaSolo's Comments:

really great, I don't usually like AU stories but this is an exception

Author: JainaSolo  (signed)
Date posted: 12/27/2008 12:01:27 AM
JainaSolo's Comments:

also the [i]skycrawler[/i] was hillarious, but I don't know about the durron thing

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