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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "An Imperviable Moment"

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Author: FernWithy  (signed)
Date posted: 3/25/2002 9:50:00 PM
FernWithy's Comments:

I've been working with a totally different view of Kitster's adulthood on Tatooine, so I was predisposed to disbelieve, but I found myself really enjoying this Kitster and his life history, and the way he interacts with Luke. (In other words, you caught me, and I was definitely not an easy catch where this character is concerned!) I'm a little unclear as to how Camie ends up living in Anchorhead... I'd love to find out. ;)

Author: Amidala_Skywalker  (signed)
Date posted: 3/26/2002 12:58:30 AM
Amidala_Skywalker's Comments:

I was delighted to see that this story was accepted and too quickly hit the 'Enter' button. At first, when you came to me about beta-reading this, I was doubtful. I had never been a Luke fan and pre-ANH, wasn't my strongest point. Though, with the addition of this fan-fic, I now enjoy it. You did a wonderful job describing the atmosphere and overall mood of the characters. This was a joy to read. I hope I'll see some more of your work.

Author: Yodarth
Date posted: 3/26/2002 4:47:51 PM
Yodarth's Comments:

Excellent story. I enjoy stories that use a lot of the things from the movies and connect them, and connecting Luke, Camie, and Kitster was done really well.

Author: Quiller  (signed)
Date posted: 3/28/2002 6:56:26 PM
Quiller's Comments:

The characterization made this story for me. Luke and Kitster were vivid, wonderfully drawn characters. The Luke walking through your story was the Luke I saw in ANH. A real treat.

Author: Belle Bayard
Date posted: 4/1/2002 11:35:24 PM
Belle Bayard's Comments:

Wonderfully drawn characters! Loved seeing Kitster this way and explaining just who Camie was. Luke seems not too much younger than in ANH. Definitely a five star story... Just wish it were longer or had a sequel. *hint, hint*

Author: AquaRose
Date posted: 4/11/2002 1:25:38 PM
AquaRose's Comments:

Sweet story, I was (at one point but I changed it) going to to have Kister be one of the main characters in a story I am writing, he's a great character and you can do anything you like with him and not get in trouble with the fans for messing him.
Keep writing you have talent.

Author: Mcily Nochi  (signed)
Date posted: 5/4/2002 10:16:26 AM
Mcily Nochi's Comments:

Good job. This story was fun and believable, with interesting flashes of insight. I don't know much about Kitster, but from what I do know, I can see him growing up to be like this.

Author: rangerkom
Date posted: 11/5/2002 10:18:18 AM
rangerkom's Comments:

This was a good story. I was wondering what would happen to Kitser as he got older. I wonder if George(Lucas) will have a teenage Kitster in Episode 3. I have no complaints for this story.

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