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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "Extreme Action"

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Author: FernWithy  (signed)
Date posted: 10/21/2002 8:49:10 PM
FernWithy's Comments:

Thanks to HandmaidenEirtae and Valeda Kor for the beta work on this!

Author: Jenos  (signed)
Date posted: 10/22/2002 2:24:45 AM
Jenos's Comments:

Pretty good fic...I like the recurring thought of Ivva's of "the empire..." A good constant theme the whole way out - definatley something a survivor wouldn't forget! Well done!

Author: Jeff 42  (signed)
Date posted: 10/22/2002 12:21:08 PM
Jeff 42's Comments:

A good story that skillfully shows how ordinary people were surely affected by the events we saw in the movies.

Author: Jane Jinn
Date posted: 10/23/2002 2:47:58 AM
Jane Jinn's Comments:

I gave this a ten. I really liked the way that Ivva had already toyed with the idea of joining the Rebellion because of what had happened to Alderaan.
I found this paragraph particularly striking (hope you don't mind if I quote):
"Ivva looked down, ashamed. She should have been able to fight for the last symbol of her home, yet she'd stood, and done nothing but survive, just like the first time. She had never done anything about Alderaan."
It just sounded so human somehow, something that everybody can identify with. It was made even better by the fact that, after this moment of self-discovery, she decided to change, and found that the Rebellion wasn't as far away as she'd thought.
I also admired the way that this all fit neatly into the events of the movies and yet only touched them tangentally. Excellent work.
I hope you write more original character stories!

Author: OwenSkywalker3
Date posted: 10/27/2002 12:34:24 AM
OwenSkywalker3's Comments:

I gave it a 9. I liked this, nice and short, and I love "day in the life" stuff... you scored a direct hit with the mid-rim lit part... you're either an English Major or something close... Ther IS always a river, isn't there?

Author: Quiller
Date posted: 10/30/2002 11:57:44 AM
Quiller's Comments:

It's always great to see another Fernwithy story posted. A treat, as usual. The seamless integration with the movie was wonderful. Good job.

Author: Valeda Kor
Date posted: 10/30/2002 5:45:16 PM
Valeda Kor's Comments:

I concur with Quiller...a treat to see another story.

I was happy to be a beta-reader for "Extreme Action," and appreciate all the hard work and dedication that went into making this story entertaining and a welcome addition to the genre.

Author: jade gold  (signed)
Date posted: 11/1/2002 4:41:22 PM
jade gold's Comments:

Just like always, Fern Withy writes a great story. I always look forward to new ones from her!

Author: Leia_Solo
Date posted: 11/2/2002 6:06:16 PM
Leia_Solo's Comments:

Interesting. The repetition was a bit much.

Author: Mcily Nochi  (signed)
Date posted: 11/19/2002 4:43:47 AM
Mcily Nochi's Comments:

An intriguing idea. I really like the character of Ivva. She's spunky without being too fiery, and fun to read. Thank you!

Author: Siri Ruane  (signed)
Date posted: 1/13/2003 2:49:27 PM
Siri Ruane's Comments:

Another great one Fern!

Author: Princess Beccerz  (signed)
Date posted: 2/19/2003 8:49:04 AM
Princess Beccerz's Comments:

Whoa! good job Fern. excellent story, and i'd like to hear more about Ivva.


Author: Hermione Organa  (signed)
Date posted: 4/3/2004 2:45:40 PM
Hermione Organa's Comments:

Wow, good job. I really liked this one. I think you should write more about Ivva... she's a very interesting character. A sequel to this would be nice... what if Ivva joined the Rebellion or something? Once again, good job! :)

Author: Imag
Date posted: 4/20/2005 6:09:33 PM
Imag's Comments:

Great story! It should've been longer, though... or maybe I just read too fast.

Author: Persephone_Kore  (signed)
Date posted: 2/3/2007 6:59:09 PM
Persephone_Kore's Comments:

I really liked this -- the repetition ringing through it, the characterization, perhaps most especially the choice of details (food, fashion, coursework) of daily life, and the swept-away reaction to Leia, and the questioning of how her friend would react, and the reckless thought of going through the guard.

Add a comment about this fan fiction

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