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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "At the Homestead"

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Author: Darth Pipes  (signed)
Date posted: 12/2/2002 8:54:13 PM
Darth Pipes's Comments:

A great story written by a great author in ami-padme. To me, this is what happened to the Lars family and A/P in those AOTC missing moments. A wonderful and sympathetic portrayel of the family. :)

Author: Sinlock Shad-dow
Date posted: 12/3/2002 11:00:33 AM
Sinlock Shad-dow's Comments:

It is great to read Fan Fiction, that doesn't feel like Fan fiction.

Author: Leif
Date posted: 12/3/2002 9:06:36 PM
Leif's Comments:

Great Story. Wonderful character thoughts. You really nailed down their personalities.

Author: Patroc
Date posted: 12/4/2002 5:26:55 AM
Patroc's Comments:

That was written really well and not at all like fan fiction.The mundanity of the Larses existence made it all the more beliveable.
Well done.

Author: K-man
Date posted: 12/4/2002 10:39:45 AM
K-man's Comments:

Greatest piece of Fan Fiction I've read yet. Complete, accurate within established cannon, and satisfying, filling many voids left as a result of AOTC.

George L. and Alan Hale could learn a thing or two from you (not to mention R.A. Salvatore).

Author: FernWithy  (signed)
Date posted: 12/4/2002 11:14:30 AM
FernWithy's Comments:

The best Lars story going, and great Ani/Padme interaction as well. I love her thought processes throughout this piece.

Author: i_love_tamahome
Date posted: 12/4/2002 1:49:04 PM
i_love_tamahome's Comments:

ami, great story!! the characters were so believable and fleshed out...your writing talents are should try to get published!! :D

Author: master_sith
Date posted: 12/4/2002 4:39:44 PM
master_sith's Comments:

I really enjoyed reading this well-written story. It is very believable and could easily fill in the gaps in AOTC. Great job!

Author: celticbountyhunter  (signed)
Date posted: 12/4/2002 5:25:18 PM
celticbountyhunter's Comments:

WONDERFUL! I am new here, but you have definitely caught my attention. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

Author: Lady Padme  (signed)
Date posted: 12/5/2002 6:52:27 AM
Lady Padme's Comments:

Wonderful did a great job painting a picture of the Lars family and their interactions with each other. It makes them a lot warmer and more human than the movie did!

Author: Viari Skywalker  (signed)
Date posted: 12/6/2002 6:18:08 PM
Viari Skywalker's Comments:

Hopefully I have already told you what I think of this fanfic, a-p, but in case I didn't, then let me say it again...incredible!!! That was an awesome series of missing scenes that I truly enjoyed. Anakin's line about the Tuskens not coming back was indeed chilling. You took him straight out of the movie, emotions and suffering and everything, and added more to this already great saga. I loved the human aspect you gave to Cliegg, Owen, and Beru, but especially Owen and Beru. Using ANH and AOTC I was able to create, in my opinion, a pretty good picture of what they were like throughout their lives. But you have added so much more to their characters, and none of it went against what was natural for them. I must again commend you on a fantastic job. Keep it up! I hope to see more from you soon!

Author: amibinks
Date posted: 12/6/2002 8:01:51 PM
amibinks's Comments:

Excellent story, I believe you can get published if you choose to. Think about it ---I will definately pay for your stories. Good job!

Author: waheennay
Date posted: 12/7/2002 1:54:13 PM
waheennay's Comments:

A really great story and one I think fills in the gaps during the Tatooine scenes in AOTC incredibly well. Good Job Ami-Padme!

Author: NaomiOrgana  (signed)
Date posted: 12/22/2002 9:14:13 AM
NaomiOrgana's Comments:

A great story. I can really believe that this is what happenned during the scenes we didn't see. This was excellent.

Author: Kit-Kate
Date posted: 12/27/2002 2:00:43 PM
Kit-Kate's Comments:


Author: Nova
Date posted: 12/29/2002 11:25:55 AM
Nova's Comments:

Wow! This was a great story. It played out the Lars family's grief very well, and Cliegg's frustration at only having one leg seemed quite realistic. I liked the Owen/Bera interaction that was never really played out in AOTC, and the cameos by Anakin and Padmé were also very well written-in. Good work!

Author: Holbytla  (signed)
Date posted: 1/8/2003 6:25:17 PM
Holbytla's Comments:

Oh, this was good. This was very good. The Lars family felt <i>real</i>, they felt more like human characters than in the movie, or even the novelization. I generally don't like stories like this, but At The Homestead is a major exception!

Author: Shloz
Date posted: 1/14/2003 7:35:58 AM
Shloz's Comments:

A truly beautiful piece of work. The characters are more alive then even on film, and perfectly true to character. Not that we should be surprised at such quality coming from you... Keep it up!

Author: JediPug1  (signed)
Date posted: 4/2/2003 7:21:50 PM
JediPug1's Comments:

Great depiction of the Lars family! I wish we could have seen more of them in the film, but your story really helps out in understanding them better.

Author: BoondockSaintM
Date posted: 4/3/2003 4:03:51 PM
BoondockSaintM's Comments:

This was a wonderful story! I always was interested in the background of Beru and Owen, but of course the film could only devote limited attention to them seeing how they were peripherial characters who nevertheless play and important part. The characters all felt really realistic, and I could defiantly see this as being what really happened back at the homestead while other events were happening in the film. I especially liked the character interaction between Owen and Beru and the way they were all true to form. Their scenes together were really tender. Once again, congrats and great job!

Author: leia__naberrie  (signed)
Date posted: 1/8/2004 1:56:24 AM
leia__naberrie's Comments:

This is, to me, one of those canon fan fiction stories that are simply narrations of events that really happened behind the scenes.
There are so many fine points to commend: the pacing, the background of desert farmers and their solidarity, the realistic potrayal of the characters and their interactions to mention just a few. Beautiful.
My favourite scenes would be the one where Cliegg notes the differences in housekeeping between Shmi and Beru and the one where Anakin and Owen bond as they dig Shmi's grave.
**claps** Bravo.

Author: jedi1952
Date posted: 2/14/2010 1:50:19 PM
jedi1952's Comments:

I have read this story before but neglected to leave a comment. This story is amazing. You have managed to create a perfect behind the scenes work the perfectly fits in with the movie. Even more amazing is that you accomplished this without having to rehash any of the movie.

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