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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "By the Grace of Lady Vader"

Add a comment about this Fan Fiction

Author: Darth Pipes  (signed)
Date posted: 4/7/2003 9:12:08 PM
Darth Pipes's Comments:

This is easily my favorite fanfic of all time. An epic, wonderful story by the three best and most talented writers on the net. It does the impossible and improves on The Empire Strikes Back. Just a great story and a crown jewel for the Fan Fiction Archive to have.

Author: Leah bee
Date posted: 4/8/2003 11:09:32 AM
Leah bee's Comments:

Wow! This was a painfully long read, but worth the time. Definitely an interesting twist on a story I already feel I know so well. Great job!

Author: Siri Ruane
Date posted: 4/8/2003 11:40:48 AM
Siri Ruane's Comments:

So I guess she's not Mon Mothma after all :-P
Oh well.
Good stroy, and keep up the good work.
Rock on.

Author: SoloGirl
Date posted: 4/8/2003 4:52:20 PM
SoloGirl's Comments:

I read this story last summer on the fan fic boards and as soon as I get the time I plan to read it's absolutely beautiful, and you guys are master writers- keep up the good work and I *definitely* hope to see more of your stuff up here!

Author: Chas
Date posted: 4/8/2003 6:26:24 PM
Chas's Comments:

I've only gotten partway through (It's going to take me a few days to read through this), but this is a story that would make a great Infinities adaptation. What's the 411 on the writers, anyway? Are they pros that just wanted to do an unemcumbered SW story? Either way, it's some excelent writing. Most of the time, I'm forgetting I'm reading fan fiction. This feels like I'm reading a published novel (even better than some of the expanded universe novels I've read).

Author: SeverRain
Date posted: 4/8/2003 8:51:24 PM
SeverRain's Comments:

Great story! took me a while to read, but its not like i have anything to do at work :-)

Author: SeverRain
Date posted: 4/8/2003 8:51:42 PM
SeverRain's Comments:

Great story! took me a while to read, but its not like i have anything importent to do at work :-)

Author: Force-Wielder
Date posted: 4/8/2003 9:17:18 PM
Force-Wielder's Comments:

Glad to see the archive is adding more stories by multiple authors. Keep up the good work all of the authors out there. This is an interesting twist on TESB. Padme is Lady Vader...I'll buy it.

Author: leandar
Date posted: 4/8/2003 9:57:35 PM
leandar's Comments:

This was the most spellbinding and captivating fan fiction I have ever read. I loved this, even though it took 2-3 hrs. to read. I hope that the author does a sequel telling what happens next. I'd be first in line to read it.

Author: Admiral_Drake
Date posted: 4/8/2003 11:26:35 PM
Admiral_Drake's Comments:

Damn....thats all i can say...its it wasn't ment to be.

Such a great peice of writing but i can't help but feel a little sick to see how it went so the bad guys won..
sorry to the ones who wrote it but i am to much of a lucasfanboy to see it any other way.
still a great fic to those who can't feel but a twinge in their stomach at how it was so wrong compared to what we know.

Author: FernWithy
Date posted: 4/9/2003 4:50:24 AM
FernWithy's Comments:

Thanks everyone! Leander, yes, there's a sequel--"The Ascension of the Queen"--and it's coming very, very soon. And Admiral Drake, it may address some of your concerns as well. :)

Author: Just_some_reader
Date posted: 4/9/2003 10:08:04 AM
Just_some_reader's Comments:

Simply the best AU story I have read. It is completely believable and characterized. Congratulations to the authors, you all did a superb job.

Admiral Drake, I respect your thoughts. But for me, it is refreshing to see new takes at the classic story via excellent Alternate Universe stories like this one; and no, I don't get a stomach-ache because the bad guys won, it didn't feel that way to me. Perhaps because I'm used to not see everything black or white.

Anyway, great story; I will be eagerly waiting for the sequel.

Author: Tycalibur  (signed)
Date posted: 4/9/2003 4:06:50 PM
Tycalibur's Comments:

This story is wonderfully done, and masterfully written. I've always wondered in the 'what if' scenario -- where Padme didn't actually die -- if she herself would be more obsessed than Vader. You captured the personalities of all the characters very well. Poor Leia.

I really enjoyed this piece. I'm glad to see it finally get into the Archives.


Author: Rabid Rob  (signed)
Date posted: 4/9/2003 7:36:56 PM
Rabid Rob's Comments:

Astonishing! I could see every part of this in my head as if it were on the silver screen. An absolutely brilliant piece of work. I can't wait for the sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Bride of Jango
Date posted: 4/9/2003 7:46:40 PM
Bride of Jango's Comments:

Wow, the authors are talented. I couldn't stop reading...

However, I was bothered by the way Lady Vader stood by when her husband insulted or hurt people. I just thought it was out of character for Padme...

Author: arielthalandra
Date posted: 4/9/2003 9:47:34 PM
arielthalandra's Comments:

Woooow... Even though I don't really buy the premise, this makes my fanfics read like a submission to "Highlights for Children"...absolutely gripping, convincing, and the quality of the writing is superb. The characterizations remain true to the template from which they have been drawn. You guys rock, keep writing! Are you pros, or what???

Author: Jedi_Alea
Date posted: 4/10/2003 9:38:16 AM
Jedi_Alea's Comments:

Long but really cool read! Will there be a "Return of the Jedi" like installment? I'll look for it!

Author: Jedi-Jae
Date posted: 4/10/2003 12:42:19 PM
Jedi-Jae's Comments:

It's fantastic to finally see this story in here! It was one of the first fanfics I ever read. Thought-provoking, with vivid characters, this is one of the gold standards of the genre. Thank you, Fern, a-p, and A21.

Author: JediChrono
Date posted: 4/10/2003 3:09:59 PM
JediChrono's Comments:

WOW! I can't believe this. I spent much time reading it, but the best part was that I couldn't stop. It's such an interesting perspective to see how something that is intended to be good, can really destory everything.
I really felt that this was more a tale of knights, which is exactly what the Star Wars universe is supposed to be about. The family battle element brought out that tone and it worked perfectly.
I would love to see the next chapter in your saga!

Author: Danielle
Date posted: 4/10/2003 4:02:54 PM
Danielle's Comments:

this is one of the best stories i have ever read! I kept reading it half through the night. Is the sequel coming soon, I can barely wait! Great job on this story!

Author: Brandinious
Date posted: 4/10/2003 8:26:16 PM
Brandinious's Comments:

This was by far the BEST EVER fan fic that I have read. This stunning reinvention of ESB was truly amazing in its originality as well as its faithfulness to the Star Wars ideal. The authors did an astounding job!

Author: Darth SERIOUS
Date posted: 4/10/2003 11:16:43 PM
Darth SERIOUS's Comments:


I am really surprised how good this was. I usually dont get nervous watching movies, but I was nervous reading this story, wondering what would happen next. A very neat concept: re-writing episode V into a great "What if...?" Tale. Great suspense all the way through, GREAT! This is one I'm going to remember for some time.

Author: Arioch
Date posted: 4/11/2003 7:53:14 AM
Arioch's Comments:

Quite the tour de force that captures the tragedy of the blindness of love! I would have much rather seen this in the the theaters rather than TPM! I am salivating for the sequel!

Author: Nerfherder
Date posted: 4/11/2003 4:53:47 PM
Nerfherder's Comments:

This is quite possibly the best fanfic I've read to date. ESB is my favorite of the series so far, and seeing this twist to it makes it that much better. I completely agree with the earlier comment about being able to visualize it entirely. I'll be anxiously awaiting the sequel.

Author: DaRk_ShErV  (signed)
Date posted: 4/12/2003 7:27:55 AM
DaRk_ShErV's Comments:

I Havent Read It YET! But I will. But, do ya know wat sux, I am writing a "What If" story! It's called 'Empress Padmé', I think this kinda ruins it as its also a what if. Will anyone here still be interested in another version of a "What If" or should I stop writing it now that this has come up? Anyways, I am gonna start to read this, probably a great story, I will check back here when I am done! oops, gotta go, I will read it when I get back, probably a great story...

Author: shadesaw
Date posted: 4/13/2003 10:47:39 PM
shadesaw's Comments:

Great fan fic. I twas the longest I have read but it was worth it. keep up the good work.

Author: Chewy  (signed)
Date posted: 4/14/2003 6:47:46 AM
Chewy's Comments:

Great Story!

Author: Bundy397
Date posted: 4/14/2003 8:00:19 AM
Bundy397's Comments:

Wow, Easily in my top three favorite fan fics yet! To the authors. Great job! It was a compelling twist on the ending of ANH and all of ESB. I hope to read the sequel soon! Great job again. One question though; Will Boba Fett ever show up?

Author: FernWithy  (signed)
Date posted: 4/14/2003 11:15:40 AM
FernWithy's Comments:

Since he doesn't, it's not much of a spoiler to say no. No animus; he just didn't make it in. :)

Thanks again! (And DaRk_ShErV, I'm sure there are plenty of takes on the idea of Padme joining the Empire. This is just one of them; yours could be another. Go ahead!)

Author: Darth Bane Kronos
Date posted: 4/15/2003 12:57:47 AM
Darth Bane Kronos's Comments:

WOW the end spooked me I just love these three authors and am glad they did this story toghter cant wait for the sequil

Author: Mr.Spotty
Date posted: 4/15/2003 7:06:02 PM
Mr.Spotty's Comments:

Lord that was long, but in the long run it was worth it. Started reading this four days ago. Man it took a long time. Great plot line, and all the emotions of the charaters was amazing, can't wait to read the sequal. On my scale of 1-10 ita a 21, the highs I gave until now was 5.

Author: Destiny  (signed)
Date posted: 4/16/2003 12:15:04 PM
Destiny's Comments:

I MEANT to comment on this a while ago, but my computer was acting up! :p But...Wow. This story was so emotionally charged - so gripping, so right and so wrong! This wasn't the way it was supposed to be! :p I kept praying for a happy ending, but there was none in the offing, and now it would appear that things are worse than they were in the beginning, with poor Luke thinking he can bring his parents from the darkness that consumes them even as Padme thought she could rescue Ani. :( It's so sad...

You did a phenomenal job, you guys! Keep writing! (Hi, Fernwithy! :p)

Author: Darth Eowyn
Date posted: 4/16/2003 8:19:52 PM
Darth Eowyn's Comments:

I think that this is the first time that I have ever been glad that Padme probably didn't survive. Having her go insane was something that I'd never really considered. Please have the sequel come out soon?

Author: NatJadeSkywalker
Date posted: 4/17/2003 7:46:23 AM
NatJadeSkywalker's Comments:

I don't usually read AU, but I'm so glad I read this one. It was so wonderfully written, and sent chills down my spine. Haven't read anything this great for a while. I'm heading straight to read Ascension of the Queen.

Author: Darth Swanny
Date posted: 4/17/2003 11:03:25 AM
Darth Swanny's Comments:

wow, this was amazing to the point where i would much rather the movie stories went along with this fiction - very character driven, especially the ani & padme portion with a great "anti-hero" ending that was more than satisfying, a great take on the "what if" in terms of changing my view to a "i wish it went..." Great Job!

Author: Jaya Solo
Date posted: 4/22/2003 9:17:04 PM
Jaya Solo's Comments:

Wow. That was a great story! Very long read, but worth it. Agai, Wow.

Author: StlFan
Date posted: 4/23/2003 11:27:05 AM
StlFan's Comments:

Excellent Story! What happened to Han? Write more!

Author: Darth Sing (Aurra Sing)
Date posted: 4/29/2003 12:10:33 PM
Darth Sing (Aurra Sing)'s Comments:

I think it was a great story, but I got a little... confused probaly with padame coming and luke going Empire on us it is just a tad bit confusing. But any way great FFS. I'll look for the next one! Keep the good work!!!;)

Darth Sing (Aurra Sing)

Author: anonomus
Date posted: 6/13/2003 12:53:11 PM
anonomus's Comments:

Good story but the part about Luke in the middle was monotonus. The ending was really sad (at least for me) because Leia finally gave in and had nothing to fight for and kept wishing to die.

Author: Senator Leia  (signed)
Date posted: 6/15/2003 9:15:14 PM
Senator Leia's Comments:

Wow great story you could make a movie about this one. I liked it alot. It was along but it was still very good. I give it a 9.9!!!!!!

Author: Safire Ranmako  (signed)
Date posted: 8/23/2003 5:32:00 PM
Safire Ranmako's Comments:

This was sooo good that didn't wanmt the story to end. I hope you get the Sequal out soon.

Author: meli20
Date posted: 10/23/2003 11:16:05 PM
meli20's Comments:

great awesome

Author: Lehni
Date posted: 1/26/2004 6:30:50 PM
Lehni's Comments:

omg, I haven't read an epic for so long! On a formatting note, labelled chapters would be nice because finding a place to return to can be tricky between readings... but other than that, *wow*. I so wanted the Vaders to 'win', and they sort of did, so this was pleasantly different. Though I still feel sorry for Yoda and Ben... I love it how Amidala is still the one controlling Ani and not the other way around; that image of the Vaders together with the red and black is really interesting.

Author: Andrea Jade  (signed)
Date posted: 4/6/2004 7:23:28 AM
Andrea Jade's Comments:

Fabulous story. I can't believe this hasn't been published. I can hardly wait for the next part.

Author: Kehleyr
Date posted: 6/29/2004 2:04:33 AM
Kehleyr's Comments:

Well, I appreciate this story for its complexity, intensity, and style. It was interesting to see a new take on a known story, and as a matter of style, I liked the flashbacks of the characters into the minds of others (like Luke "thinking" his father's thoughts etc.)

But let me say that with the exception of Han, Lamdo and to some degree, Leia, none of the characters resemble or stay true to their original counterparts. I don't think that their evolution as characters is plausible in any way. Padme's especially, she was much too strong to succumb to irrationality, much too honest to accept a dictatorship in any way. Vader - even given his fascination and obsession with Amidala, he would never grow so weak and soft as he is pictured here. And Luke -- he was the biggest disappointment of all. His very easy surrender to his parents is not plausible in any way. Obi-wan and Yoda hide the truth from him even in the OT, and still he does not renounce his Jedi ways. Never, ever would he do such a thing.

Anyway, that's just my two cents.

Author: Ani-maniac
Date posted: 11/14/2004 12:48:09 AM
Ani-maniac's Comments:

This story has just become my favorite twist on Star Wars yet!!!!!!! As Jar Jar would say, "It's a longo tello, but mesa likea dis!" It took me two days to read but what held my attention, besides the incredible plot twists, was the wonderful way it was written. I felt like I was reading a professional novel. My favorite part was the comparison Padme' makes of herself to Anakin, not as night to day, but as midnight to sunrise. It showed that she understood Anakin was still in darkness, and that she admited that she herself was not perfectly innocent. It was an amazing take on what could have happened had Pamde' been in the picture. It was almost as if she had to give up some of the goodness in herself, to maintain at least a small part of the good in Anakin. This story is the kind that inspires you to speculate and debate on what is going to happen next. I really enjoyed it a lot, and look forward to reading the sequel. Keep writing such awsome stories!!!!

Author: Pupp
Date posted: 12/25/2004 9:40:43 AM
Pupp's Comments:

Well, I must say. That was quite the story; the words 'very good' can't even begin to describe how I felt at the end. As others have said, it DID take a long time to read, but the time spent was well worth it.

Of course, the ending was a little bit of a disappointment. Just to me, though, because I would have preferred to see Leia and Luke rejoin the Rebellion; as well as see Leia and Han see each other again. But, as one says, you take what you get.

Author: Allison
Date posted: 12/31/2004 12:39:29 AM
Allison's Comments:


So much of me HATED this fic but I was compelled to keep reading. I really didn't like the dark!Amidala, but she was written so well, that I didn't realize how much I didn't like her until I half wanted to hug her.

It killed me when Luke defected, he's my SW w00bie, has been since I was 6, so I hated to see him go over to ze Dark Side. But I can't blame him, he didn't feel as betrayed as Leia did over his parents' positions, because he'd never know the mother that Lady Vader destroyed. Still I wanted him to be a good little Jedi and was holding out hope right until the end there.

It was fantastically written, there was one line that really killed me, I can't remember exactly what it was but oh it made me just stop and stare for a moment.

Great writing, you made the characterizations logical, even within the confines of the AU and just a thumbs up in general for sucking away 4+ hours of my time. :D

Author: han solo fan
Date posted: 3/22/2005 6:21:43 PM
han solo fan's Comments:

this is a wonderful read! though it seems somewhat unlikely to happen in the world of star wars, it's worth the time taken to read it.

Author: Lady MR
Date posted: 3/30/2005 2:01:14 AM
Lady MR's Comments:

It was gut wrenching. They are all lost, all confused, and it’s all because of love. It's the biggest irony - like destiny is having a big laugh at your expense - that love DOES NOT conquer all. This is my second read through and it still leaves me feeling feverish and ready to hurt them all. The saddest thing is that I understand their decisions; I just wish it could be different. The best stories are those where the audience feels that it couldn't have gone any other way and that is certainly how I feel, much to my displeasure.

Perhaps the saddest thing is that I don't want Padme to be evil and it takes reading Lando's and Anchro's points of view to really show that she is not sane and that she is the harbinger of death. Evil comes in many forms, evil sweet loving mothers. That disturbed me.

Giving up two children to save them takes a strength that I have always admired in Padme. To know that she is doing it to protect them from the man that she loves is even more admirable. All she ever wanted was a family, and to give it away must have been excruciating. Add twenty years of living in prison spent nothing but analyzing her decision... I can see how a person can and will go mad. It's entirely believable and the fact that she did not give a speech after her victory just cements her madness. Dare I say her evilness/darkness?

About Luke, he is like Yoda said, too narrow-minded. He loves them because they’re his parents just like he respected Yoda when he knew Yoda was a Jedi. The parallelism stood out, the second time...

For 258 pages you have captivated my interest. It is almost four in the morning, and I think I'll go to sleep now. I'll read the sequel tomorrow.

Author: elven moth
Date posted: 4/19/2005 2:39:16 AM
elven moth's Comments:

I ve read both the online novels. I printed them out to read (300 pages using my college printer oops). Wonderful writing better than te official novelisations. You inspired me to write my own until i relised you had the same ideas as me (sigh). I challenge anyone not to cry at the end of the sequel.(sobs at the memory). It must take you ages to write one of these it's takenme 10 minutes to write this post.(bestows unweilding praise)cheers! Any ideas for my own fiction people

Author: han solo fan
Date posted: 5/16/2005 6:18:34 AM
han solo fan's Comments:

this is the second time i'm reading this, and i must say the magic of it all has not been extinguished. as a mere child of eleven, i did find the text a bit complex at times, but on the whole, wonderful!

Author: Darth Rekcus Fo' Kcid
Date posted: 5/26/2005 3:12:18 PM
Darth Rekcus Fo' Kcid's Comments:

I liked this story alot. It really impressed me how much I read it. I read it so much that it was a story to me that felt very good. The hope inside of me from this story was like a warmth and that heat was from my reading of the book. Which made me pretty good. I like how Darth Vader is in this story. I like that he still has he armor and then later he gets skin in the next story. But for now he has his armor and thats what I like. I like how he just gives luke his lightsaber because if I had a son that was a jedi and his sister took his saber I would just give him my saber just like that. I give this story a 10 because of the warmth and because of the armor and also because of the sabers. But I give it another 2 points to make 12 because it is also written well and that should be worth something. So I think thats a total of 12 which is more then 10 because this story is better then perfect. Because of the warmth

Author: Rhaya  (signed)
Date posted: 6/1/2005 7:29:10 AM
Rhaya's Comments:

Absolutely beautifully written. It took a few hours to read but I enjoyed every moment, honestly the best fanfic I have ever seen in any genre. So good in fact that I am going to search for more fics written by the same authors. :P

Author: Genna  (signed)
Date posted: 6/2/2005 12:07:35 AM
Genna's Comments:

I was unsure throughout the story whether I was going to be able to accept this alternate universe for several reasons 1) SPOILER FROM REVENGE OF THE SITH Even if Amidala lived past her broken heart in Episode 3, she never struck me as mad, 2) Obi Wan and Yoda would never be left to darkness without having the light --- it seems to me the whole idea of the Force is that light and dark must be balanced and light nor dark can be displaced, 3) all the negative and distracting portions of human nature rarely work together to destroy a capable and resourceful person like Leia from charging forward into her destiny.

I have read on despite my disbelief. I give you credit for giving Vader the family his choices denied him. I also commend you for letting it be known that the family would be locked into the choices he made.

After having remained until the end, I can honestly say I never overcame my initial problems with the characters. Han was not in rare form as was his custom. Leia was out character: too rash, too uncertain, bitingly inept. Luke's ascendent personality ruled out.

Last but not least the good part of the Force being stymied without a champion. If it came together to birth Anakin in the first place, it can come together to do less. These things made it improbable and hard for me to accept.


Author: Marjory
Date posted: 7/13/2005 7:22:52 AM
Marjory's Comments:

Hi there, not a big fan of fan fiction but i must admit i started reading this story this morning, and been reading it all morning. Totally gripped. A Big Well Done. 10 out of 10.

Author: Darth Slaya
Date posted: 8/14/2005 3:38:09 PM
Darth Slaya's Comments:

Wow this story is just wow there is just no other words to discribe how good this story is. It is easily my favorite fan fic of all time I mean no one can out write Lucas but these people easily mached his talant!They should make a seqil if they already havent!

Author: AnakinsBarber
Date posted: 11/3/2005 1:18:49 PM
AnakinsBarber's Comments:

This was one fantastic story! I'm ashamed that I never took the time to read it before. The author's grasp on writing battles is one that surpasses some of the published EU novels.

I did have a problem with some of the characters, Leia, in particular. She seemed almost...mentally unbalanced. Han was nearly the same way. Their willingness to shoot "the bad guys" even when they weren't being shot at appalled me. The real characters wouldn't have acted like that. In some instances the Rebels seemed more in line with the dark side than the Vaders. But other than that, a terrific story and one that should be recommended to all that come here. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Author: Narrys
Date posted: 11/26/2005 3:46:19 PM
Narrys's Comments:

This fic was an incredible undertaking and for that I give you many kudos. It was a mammoth project, especially for a collaborative work.

There are so many things I enjoyed about this fic. I thought the love between Amidala and Anakin was incredibly touching and handled very respectfully. I think the characters of Leia and Vader were brilliantly rendered.

That said and perhaps because it was a collaborative work, this story seems to have no heart. There seems to be no driving force with it. Every character is suspect, every motive and every point of view is suspect. You're left with this contradictory mess of viewpoints.

I know much of this story was written before the character of Padme Amidala was fully fleshed out, but it really doesn't work for me. She's alternately the victim and the aggressor and personally the story didn't convince me that her character could have undergone such a radical and nefarious shift. She's simultaneously the grieving, concerned mother and the villain of the piece. While I think this particular set of contradictions works well with Vader, I don't think you've convinced me that it works for her.

I don't mean to belittle this work. It's an epic and it was enjoyable to read, even when I wasn't convinced of the path you chose to tread.

Author: JorakUln
Date posted: 11/11/2007 10:08:07 PM
JorakUln's Comments:

The beautiful thing about this story is that in a very, very sick way, mother, father, son and daughter are all re-united at the end. It's something that when we watch the six films we would think would be ideal.

But after reading your characterization of the four Skywalkers one can only conclude that their love for each other, when amplified to the degree that you amplified it, will actually cause them to destroy everything else but their familial love.

Excellent work. Gripping and powerful. Am I right in thinking that you leaving Yoda, Han, and Lando alive leaves open the possibility of a sequel?

Author: Clcarter1
Date posted: 8/28/2008 7:47:08 AM
Clcarter1's Comments:

I have become a big fan of all these authors, and I have read both this story and the sequel, several times. Even though I agree with some of the comments about certain things being a bit "unreal," (eg. Leia being so full of hate, Luke being a mamma's boy, etc.), isn't that the whole point of AU?? To view the SW universe in a totally new light? I may be ignorant here, as it has been years since I have truly written, but to me, considering that this is meant to be AU, everything holds up beautifully. Take these 2 stories alone, with just the basic tenets of SW (IMHO, the authors started with this thought), and it is amazing. Writing style is in a class of its own; characters are deeper than Lucas ever made them; and the very thought of love leading to darkness, instead of light, always chilled me to the bone. Fantastic work, all of you! But you probably knew that already, huh? :)

One more thing...someone above, said this: "In some instances the Rebels seemed more in line with the dark side than the Vaders." Again, I could be wrong, but it seemed to me that this was the whole point, to show that even truly good people, like the Rebels, fighting the good fight, can be taken by revenge & hatred, like Anakin was. Though a bit un-true to the original characters, it works perfectly here.

So, kudos to all these writers!! I love your work, I would pay for it, and I pray you keep them coming!!

Author: Domm
Date posted: 1/24/2010 2:19:35 PM
Domm's Comments:

This was a great read. I couldn't put it down. I hope there are plans to publish this, it would be a real treat for those who love the Star Wars universe.

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