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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "The Moment of Balance"

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Author: Lady Padme  (signed)
Date posted: 3/18/2003 9:07:46 AM
Lady Padme's Comments:


Woohoo! You did it! Congratulations on getting this great fic archived!

Looking forward to seeing more.

Author: Tycalibur  (signed)
Date posted: 3/18/2003 10:26:12 AM
Tycalibur's Comments:

From the Author:

Hi, everyone. Thanks, LP, I feel like I just graduated! *laughs*

First and foremost, though I didn't put it in the story, I want to go ahead and throw in the DISCLAIMER: All characters, ships, lightsabers, dialogue, planets, ideas, accessories sold separately and galaxies far, far away belong to George Lucas. I just use them to have fun with my own imagination, in a non-profit manner. :)

Secondly, I want to thank each and every single one of my beta-readers for helping to make this possible. Two betas in particular deserve special recognition (you know who you are), because they were ruthless, and helped me rip this story apart and put it back together again. I couldn't have done it without any of you.

About the story...I really enjoyed working on this piece, it was inspired by many other works of SW fan fiction as well as the canon SW Universe.

I've had the idea floating around in my head for about a year, and finally decided to write it down.

Thank you also to the reviewers and editors and to all involved at TFN for adding my story to the Archives. I have enjoyed reading many, many stories in the Archives for months. My work being admist the works of such great, already established writers in this forum, it's an honor for me.


Author, 'The Moment of Balance'

Author: Quiller  (signed)
Date posted: 3/19/2003 8:20:18 AM
Quiller's Comments:

I liked the way you wove the three perspectives together through this 'moment of balance'. Very plausible and an enjoyable read. A nice surprise appearance at the end, very suitable. And I liked the way Vader's name changed at the critical juncture.

Author: Marsh
Date posted: 3/19/2003 12:51:49 PM
Marsh's Comments:

Reading through these fanfics, many stories tend to revovle around and rehash this "moment of balance". I almost didn't read this, because it seemed like an overdone premise (like Pasme's death). But I'm very glad I did. You did a great job, especially with Vader! He didn't seem schizophrenic; nor did you make him one-dimentional. He was simply a corrupted man remembering who he once was. Padme adde a nice touch.

Author: Slitch
Date posted: 3/21/2003 6:13:08 AM
Slitch's Comments:

It made for an emotional understanding, a necessary one, regarding that fateful moment.
Thank you.

Author: forceiswithme
Date posted: 3/21/2003 1:13:36 PM
forceiswithme's Comments:

WOW!!!! I must say, I really enjoyed Vader's thought. Another stunning piece of writing this site possesses...

Author: Matt Lush
Date posted: 3/21/2003 4:17:57 PM
Matt Lush's Comments:

This was absolutely amazing. This is simply the best fanfic I've ever read. It's COMPLETELY believable, COMPLETELY "fits in", COMPLETELY makes sense, and is one of the best reads I've ever had. I can't praise this story enough. It's intelligently written, dramatic as hell, and truly deserving of tremendous praise. I only wish there was some way to make this story part of ROTJ! Please do something else. I'll be looking forward to ANY other works by you.

Author: darkstyle86
Date posted: 3/21/2003 4:50:07 PM
darkstyle86's Comments:

Tycalibur, this was just about the best fanfiction I've ever read. It was full of power, emotion, and vitality. Awesome work!

Author: Fionn McCool
Date posted: 3/22/2003 3:54:33 AM
Fionn McCool's Comments:

An excellent and moving take on a story we all know inside out. Much better, dare I say, than the account of the same scene in the novelisation of " ... Jedi"!

Author: nobody
Date posted: 3/22/2003 6:26:06 AM
nobody's Comments:

probably one of the best fanfic's i have ever read. if they ever make an 'ultimate edition' of the OT, this should be in ROTJ

Author: wookiewok4
Date posted: 3/22/2003 4:41:51 PM
wookiewok4's Comments:

George Lucas should take heed. This piece of work does an excellent job of creating a sense of humanity within the characters, something that I feel Lucas is having a hard time dealing with in the new trilogy. I still enjoy the new movies, but they don't make me connect with the characters quite like the original trilogy and (to an even greater extent) this fan fiction.

Author: cbiss
Date posted: 3/24/2003 9:24:20 PM
cbiss's Comments:

Nice piece of work. You have taken those famous pieces of dialogue and inferred from them a completely believable set of thoughts and motivations; evidence of both your skills as a writer and the emotional resonance of the lines themselves. Like other posters, I also enjoyed the presence of Padme at the end. Very good.

Author: darthnikita
Date posted: 3/25/2003 7:30:11 AM
darthnikita's Comments:

i had high hopes for this fanfiction and it didn't fail me at all. it was excellent, concise, and i just thought it played very well into the whole death star scene. its believable and well written. congrats!

Author: Smoking Frog
Date posted: 3/27/2003 9:02:44 PM
Smoking Frog's Comments:

Wow! That was an amazing read! The only annoying thing about this story is that I recently wrote my own version of what was going through Vader's head during this final confrontation, and then I read this, and it is SOOOOOOO much better than anything I could have written! I am humbled, amazed, and very, very moved.

Congratulations, this is an amazing piece of fan-fiction.

May the Force be with you.

Smoking Frog :)

Author: JediPug1  (signed)
Date posted: 3/31/2003 5:45:33 PM
JediPug1's Comments:

I have often wondered what those three were thinking at those critical moments, and now I have a very good idea thanks to your terrific story! Well done!

Author: Critto
Date posted: 4/2/2003 1:36:46 PM
Critto's Comments:

Very nice piece of writing. It touches deeply the psychological side of this 'final combat', and the triumph of Good over evil. I think that each Star Wars' fan's head is full of similiar thoughts and feelings, after its owner watches ROTJ :)

Not everybody, however, is able to write it down with such a brilliance and deepness; with such a talent required to make things look true and authentic. I want to appraise this story and its author for the really deep psychological insight into the inner mind of three main charachters of the whole SW universe.

May The Force Be With You,

Author: Original Jedi
Date posted: 4/8/2003 6:51:59 PM
Original Jedi's Comments:

There is no words to describe the emotions I felt reading this fine masterpiece. You have captured the heart of the climax to Return Of The Jedi, that even the original never did! Bravo!!!

Author: ihearthayden
Date posted: 4/9/2003 5:17:26 PM
ihearthayden's Comments:

I really enjoyed reading this story. It was well written and well thought out. I loved the Padme connection since I've always wanted them to connect spiritually in the end. It was very romantic. The only problem I saw was that at a few times it dragged a liite, and the repetive use of the characters names was a little annoying. But those are minor, this is a wonderful piece of writing. Good job :)

Author: MonMartha
Date posted: 4/11/2003 2:04:20 PM
MonMartha's Comments:

I feel like Luke did at the end: wrung out. It is my favorite scene in Jedi, probably because it matches the pitch and heft of Empire. (Ok, I also like the droids at the door of Jabba's palace.)

Well done. It isn't easy to do a character-centered piece and make it work as a drama. Even with swords flashing!

Thank you.

Author: Lady-Vader666
Date posted: 5/12/2003 3:17:45 PM
Lady-Vader666's Comments:

Wow!! This was great. Truthful too. It was perfect.

Author: Shadowknight  (signed)
Date posted: 6/8/2003 9:51:40 AM
Shadowknight's Comments:

Wow! I really liked the part when Vader started thinking back to his past. Good job!

Author: Dark Armored One
Date posted: 7/4/2003 9:30:46 PM
Dark Armored One's Comments:

This is it. The best I have read to date, and I cannot imagine another story topping it. Everything we wanted to see in the movie, but could'nt, and everything we wanted to read in the novel, but was not there, is all in here. Excellent work. GL should consider using your imagination to adapt the next screenplay into a novel. The last two authors of the movie novels fail to reflect the emotions as equally as you did in this piece.

Author: Walker of the Skies
Date posted: 7/14/2003 9:36:16 PM
Walker of the Skies's Comments:

I can't believe it. I cannot BELIEVE it. I cried. Hard. I'm still crying. I am crying like a baby-- no joke. Many have said this before, but for me it is the most truthful thing I have ever said in my life: this is the best story I have EVER read. Period. The emotion, the beauty of it all... I will never watch The Return of the Jedi again. Beautiful. I am still crying. Thank you, just... thank you.

Author: LeM
Date posted: 7/15/2003 3:00:32 AM
LeM's Comments:

Rrally, really, really impressive and well-written.
Excellent points of view and character developpments.

"No one in the galaxy ever knew on that day Anakin Skywalker had two tears running down his face under that mask."
That sentence was enough to get my eyes wet :x

Go on with writing, for sure you're really talented at it.

Author: Walker of the Skies
Date posted: 7/15/2003 1:31:32 PM
Walker of the Skies's Comments:

"The emotion, the beauty of it all... I will never watch The Return of the Jedi again."
I'm sorry, I meant that I will never watch ROTJ THE SAME WAY again. You've made me love the movie ten times more, I didn't think that was possible.
I read it again, only a day later-a couldn't stay away. But this time, oh, this time I had to listen to Across the Stars at the same time. That was a stupid, suicidal idea. Even if all the specific melodies of the song hadn't went PERFECTLY with the story and what I was reading (and they did) (the very end of the song with the sweet harps played out as I read Padme's epilouge-that's only one ex. of how music & words seemed to fit) I still think I would have been crying again. This is really a masterpiece.

Author: DrukeN F1sH
Date posted: 8/16/2003 2:35:47 PM
DrukeN F1sH's Comments:

The best fanfic i have read, captures the emotions in a beautiful way. Nice work dude!

Author: jedi_michele
Date posted: 9/11/2003 7:48:40 PM
jedi_michele's Comments:

i read the whole thing from start to finish. i couldn't stop reading!!! u did a fabulous job once again and u wrote everything perfectly. i liked the 3 perspectives and i luv this story alot! this could soo happen! keep up the fantastic work and MTFBWY!! always!

Author: The Stormtrooper Shrink  (signed)
Date posted: 2/18/2004 4:04:11 PM
The Stormtrooper Shrink's Comments:

Well done! BTW, I see the commentator above mine was taking frivolous time off reading SW fanfiction when they should have been commemorating 9/11. Just kidding - I'm an Aussie, and most of you guys are I'm not sure why I said that.
Anyway, great job, great story, hope to see more of you.

Author: Patch
Date posted: 5/1/2004 10:07:05 PM
Patch's Comments:

This story touched me.

Author: TKUK
Date posted: 5/19/2004 5:50:30 AM
TKUK's Comments:

This was the first fan fiction story I have read and if they are all of this standard then I am looking forward to reading a great deal more. Fantastic story, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Author: Sithspawn666  (signed)
Date posted: 6/25/2004 10:23:30 AM
Sithspawn666's Comments:

An amazing interpretation of ROTJ.In fact, it was so good, it made me cry buckets of tears.

Author: Indy
Date posted: 4/27/2005 1:57:11 PM
Indy's Comments:

Loved your story immensly!!!!!

Author: BloodRaven
Date posted: 7/7/2005 1:21:36 AM
BloodRaven's Comments:

Oh this was wonderfully done and so in character i could almost hear their voices! The ending just broke my heart when Padme returns briefly to see her husband one last time and the epologue of her waiting for his soul to join hers was just so beautiful!

Author: Darth Slaya
Date posted: 7/31/2005 1:20:25 AM
Darth Slaya's Comments:

ROTJ is my favorite star wars movie and i have to say i love to read fan forom abot it and this is one of my favorites!

Author: djFusion
Date posted: 1/16/2006 9:50:06 AM
djFusion's Comments:

That was beautiful. From a huge fan of Star Wars as a whole, I will forever look at this scene with new meaning. Thank you for the insight that you have provided.

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