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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "Flaming"

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Author: obaona  (signed)
Date posted: 4/22/2003 2:40:31 AM
obaona's Comments:

You have a very lyrical style, and the breeze was a nice touch. A very gentle and quiet way of reassurance (rather than just having Qui-Gon pop up out of nowhere). Good job (in a non-Obi-sarcasm way).

Author: Princess Beccerz
Date posted: 4/22/2003 6:52:35 AM
Princess Beccerz's Comments:

Wonderful! I knew you'd get here! Congrats! I thought this story was excellent when I beta'd it, and I'm glad that others think so too.

Author: Ani'sFallenAngel  (signed)
Date posted: 4/22/2003 7:22:52 PM
Ani'sFallenAngel's Comments:

i beta-ed this as well, and want to congratulate you! awesome job!! as princess beccerz (hope i spelled it right...;) said, i knew you'd get it here! -tahl-

Author: Greenleaf from LakeRetreat
Date posted: 4/23/2003 12:46:31 AM
Greenleaf from LakeRetreat's Comments:

very sweet. Thanks

Author: Greenleaf from LakeRetreat
Date posted: 4/23/2003 12:46:35 AM
Greenleaf from LakeRetreat's Comments:

very sweet. Thanks

Author: pimpy wan
Date posted: 4/26/2003 3:04:22 PM
pimpy wan's Comments:

color me impressed. that was an excellent story! the first one i gave a rating of 10 so far (not that i've been disappointed by any of the fan ficitions i've read so far).

Author: the Phantom Author  (signed)
Date posted: 4/28/2003 7:11:08 PM
the Phantom Author's Comments:

Not bad. I liked the end touches.

Author: Valiowk
Date posted: 4/29/2003 3:10:42 AM
Valiowk's Comments:

Nice ending. It's a bit expected, but it's natural and fitting.

Author: Jedi_Niomi
Date posted: 5/7/2003 7:53:52 PM
Jedi_Niomi's Comments:

Wow... Nice story of Obi-Wan's perspective. More good fics in the future...?

Author: Blazer
Date posted: 6/17/2004 9:44:26 AM
Blazer's Comments:

Blazer, here. I'm not signed in, I know, but my computer won't let me. Anyhoo...

Been too long since I looked at this fic. I just want to say thank you to everyone single one of you who beta-read this. I can't pointout names, because too many kind people looked over this for me. Let me just tell you I appreicated every single word of advice and edit. This fic took me about five times to get in here. I wrote it when I was twelve, and because I was so young it took me so long to get it ready for anything. Thank you all so much for it all.


Author: Ziliac  (signed)
Date posted: 6/21/2005 11:02:48 PM
Ziliac's Comments:

This is a beautiful story.... I can't truely express what it ment to me. I lost my grandmother a week ago today, and this story expresses my feelings so perfectly, my feelings of disbelief of such a sudden, unexpected loss, the rarity of the individual, the irreplacability, and the feeling that, though gone, she will be there. Thank you.

Ziliac, Liz in maniac form

Author: darth_mitros_jack
Date posted: 1/2/2006 7:16:10 PM
darth_mitros_jack's Comments:

VERY GOOD, so beautiful i loved!!

Author: SugarBant Jinn  (signed)
Date posted: 2/17/2007 1:53:18 PM
SugarBant Jinn's Comments:

a beautiful work of art! you captured marvelously wht Obi-Wan must have been feeling, and thinking. very well done!

Author: jedigirl
Date posted: 11/2/2007 1:53:23 PM
jedigirl's Comments:

Poor Qui-Gon. Poor Obi-Wan.(sniff):(

Author: Phantom Jedi
Date posted: 7/30/2008 11:15:18 AM
Phantom Jedi's Comments:

Very sweet, yet very sad at the same time. You struck a hard-to-obtain balance between the two.

Author: Nevea
Date posted: 4/24/2016 8:27:15 PM
Nevea's Comments:

I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enhlialtrng!

Add a comment about this fan fiction

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