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Gungan to the left

The Princess of Ondos (PG-13)

By : Brendon Wahlberg

Archived on: Monday, May 28, 2001

This is a script sequel to George Lucas' second draft of the Original Star wars film, Adventures of the Starkiller. It is set in the alternate universe of Lucas' early drafts. Full background information concerning this universe is included, as is a link to the original script. It is a time of decision for the Galactic Civil War. The Starkiller, the aged leader of the Rebellion against the Empire, has rallied his forces with the Kiber Crystal, a talisman of the Force of Others. The Rebels have destroyed the Empire's dreaded Death Star, and this great victory has inspired a thousand new systems to join their cause. As the tide of battle turns, Emperor Cos Dashit trembles upon his throne in the Cloud City of Alderaan, capital of the Empire and stronghold of the evil Sith. Imperial spies report the gathering of a large fleet in Rebel Space, and warn of a bold Rebel strike at the heart of the Empire. Another vital confrontation is taking shape within the Force. Young Luke Starkiller must be trained by his father to face the dark Master of the Bogan, Espaa Valorum. The prophecy of the Son of the Suns may give rise to the galaxy's savior, or the malevolent Sith will have a final victory over their hated foes, the Jedi Bendu of Ashla...

Introduction: During the script development of A New Hope, George Lucas wrote four major drafts, each presenting a different version of the Star Wars universe. At the end of his second draft (Adventures of the Starkiller Episode I: The Star Wars), he promised a sequel, called The Princess of Ondos, which would continue the story of Luke Starkiller. It was never written. This fan written script is my own version of that sequel. I imagined that the second draft was the version Lucas filmed.

Then I plotted a story that would continue Lucas' script in the spirit of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, but still be faithful to the Starkiller mythos. Readers may wish to read the original second draft before reading this sequel. It may be found on the web at:

There is also an illustrated version of the Lucas script at that site, with Ralph McQuarrie artwork. At the conclusion of the script, I include three supplements.

  1. For those already familiar with the Lucas script, I offer a short Summary of it.
  2. I have also written a short Sourcebook which explores the world of the Lucas script, the background for my script.
  3. I have written a Timeline that details the main events of the Lucas script.

May the Force of Others Be With You!

"And in the time of greatest despair there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as: The Son of the Suns."
Journal of the Whills, 3:127


The Main Title appears against a vast sea of stars, followed by a Roll-Up:

It is a time of decision for the Galactic Civil War. The Starkiller, the aged leader of the Rebellion against the Empire, has rallied his forces with the Kiber Crystal, a talisman of the Force of Others. The Rebels have destroyed the Empire's dreaded Death Star, and this great victory has inspired a thousand new systems to join their cause.

As the tide of battle turns, Emperor Cos Dashit trembles upon his throne in the Cloud City of Alderaan, capital of the Empire and stronghold of the evil Sith. Imperial spies report the gathering of a large fleet in Rebel Space, and warn of a bold Rebel strike at the heart of the Empire.

Another vital confrontation is taking shape within the Force. Young Luke Starkiller must be trained by his father to face the dark Master of the Bogan, Espaa Valorum. The prophecy of the Son of the Suns may give rise to the galaxy's savior, or the malevolent Sith will have a final victory over their hated foes, the Jedi Bendu of Ashla...

As the roll-up fades from sight, huge, slowly tumbling black shapes eclipse some of the stars. Some of these massive floating objects are revealed by distant sunlight to be jagged pieces of a shattered space station. A sleek two-man Rebel fighter sweeps by and darts among the wreckage. The fighter's pilot skillfully navigates the chaotic field of drifting chunks of superstructure, destroyed Rebel and Imperial fighters, and frozen human bodies. In the fighter are DEAK STARKILLER, the twenty five year old warrior son of the Starkiller, and HAN SOLO, a twenty four year old Corellian spice smuggler turned Rebel.

DEAK: (V.O.) All right, Solo. I'm getting a reading on your ship. It should be just up ahead. Take us around that big piece there. And I told you to slow down.

HAN: (V.O.) I've got a bad feeling about this. You really think this Black Knight of the Sith might still be stranded on my ship?

DEAK: (V.O.) I told you, Solo, if Vader is there, I'll handle him. He won't find me such easy prey this time.

HAN: (V.O.) Oh yeah? Think your father would agree with that?

DEAK: (V.O.) Mind your own affairs, smuggler. Do you want your ship back, or not?

The fighter banks over a blackened section of the once-powerful battle station, and approaches the dark, slowly spinning, silent hulk of Han Solo's stolen pirate starship. The long smuggler vessel has a crashed Imperial fighter embedded in its rear quarter, a fighter with a distinctive custom designed shape.

DEAK: (V.O.) That's Vader's fighter, just like cyborg analysis said. Pull up along side it. We're going on board.

HAN: (V.O.) We're going, huh? Fine, as long as you go first. I don't mind taking on Stormtroopers, but I've had enough encounters with the Sith, saving your skin back on Alderaan, to last me a lifetime.

The Rebel fighter comes to a stop next to the pirate starship. When the cockpit opens, Han and Deak emerge in space suits. The two men jet to the side airlock of the larger ship. They key it open and enter.

Han and Deak enter the main lounge. Han stands next to a high-backed chair and looks about uneasily. Deak points to the main corridor leading to the rear of the ship.

DEAK: I'm going in there. Stay here Solo. If Vader is on board, even if he is wounded, there is nothing you can do against such a Master of the Bogan.

HAN: Fine with me. If you don't come back, do you think he'll let me keep my ship? Maybe if I drop him off at the nearest Imperial Base?

Deak ignites his red laser sword and slips into the corridor, banishing the shadows as he goes. Han watches the empty doorway for a while, fidgeting. He tries to scratch his beard, but his fingers are blocked by his helmet faceplate. Han takes out his blaster and holds it ready. Reconsidering, he takes out his chrome laser sword instead. Finally, he frowns, and holds both weapons at the ready. Han tenses as a figure emerges from the shadows. It is Deak.

DEAK: Vader's not here. There's no body. That was why I couldn't sense his presence earlier. There's an escape pod missing from back there. I'll bet a surviving TIE fighter picked him up. He must be gone from Rebel Space by now.

HAN: Well, isn't that a relief.

DEAK: It only delays the inevitable. I will not rest until I find him.

HAN: I'm just glad my ship is still in one piece. I'd hate to lose it after I went through all that trouble to steal it. You, on the other hand...if you're so determined to get yourself killed, Luke's going to wonder why he tried so hard to keep you alive.

DEAK: You're not a Jedi Bendu. You wouldn't understand. I will meet Darth Vader again. And I swear by the Force of Others that only one of us will survive that meeting.

Alderaan, the city at the very heart of the Empire, floats suspended in the cirrus methane upper atmosphere of a gray gas giant. The mushroom shaped city is held up by powerful repulsorlift generators inside a long narrow spire which tapers down into the billowing clouds. TIE fighters fly on patrol over the glass and chrome splendor of the slender towers on the uppermost surface. Deep beneath the gleaming domes of the Imperial cloud city lies the stone chamber of PRINCE ESPAA VALORUM, Master of the Sith. Most of the room lies in shadow. A dim pool of light reveals Valorum, relaxed on a wide, low throne, the hidden seat of authority in the Empire. Valorum's face is hidden by his black robes and deep hood. Kneeling before him is DARTH VADER, First Knight of the Sith and second in command to Valorum. Vader's black cloak covers his body armor, and his face is hidden by a sinister breath mask and helmet. Vader's deep, rough, filtered voice is in sharp contrast to the silken words of his Master.

VALORUM: Emperor Dashit suggested that you be executed for your failure, Lord Vader. He was most upset by the loss of his Death Star weapon. He reminded me that irreplaceable Imperial resources went into its construction, and that its loss has weakened the Empire while strengthening our enemies in the Alliance.

VADER: (seething with anger) And what did you tell him?

VALORUM: Never fear, my Apprentice. My loyalty is to you, as always. I think our Emperor may be forgetting his place. The loss of his battle station is not our concern, and he will never have any authority over my Black Knights.

VADER: I did not plan to lose the Death Star. When the Starkiller's forces escaped from Ogana Major, we followed them to the Yavin system with the intention of finishing them once and for all. We should have won easily. They were weak, and the Bogan was strong with us. I never expected them to have the Kiber crystal with them.

VALORUM: And that is what disturbs me, Lord Vader. You let the crystal slip through your fingers. This changes matters. Though the remaining Jedi are very few, there is no telling what they may accomplish with the crystal to help them.

VADER: (defensively) The battle was very nearly our victory. We were prepared to deploy our ships to the surface and capture the crystal. I was just about to destroy their last fighter. If it was not for that unknown freighter coming out of nowhere...

VALORUM: Enough, Lord Vader. I am uninterested in such details. The past cannot be changed. We must concern ourselves with the present. Our enemies are moving against us, and here we sit, not even sure of exactly who they are. You believe The Starkiller still lives...

VADER: I believe it was his will that powered the crystal at Yavin.

VALORUM (CONT'D): ...but you cannot be certain of that, my Apprentice. We must know the truth. And then there is the matter of his sons. I have killed four of them myself over the years, and we believed that was the end of them. But another son was identified, killed in the assault on Deak Starkiller's blockade runner. When you captured Deak, your message told me he was the last living son of the Starkiller. But before I could return to Alderaan, someone penetrated Imperial security, outfought our Sith Knights, and rescued him. Who was that person? Who else could have been at Yavin? Perhaps Deak was the one using the crystal against you...or perhaps there is another heir besides him?

Valorum stands up and stares down at his kneeling servant.

VALORUM (CONT'D): We cannot afford this ignorance, Vader. The prophecy must be defeated. I want you to find the remaining sons of the Starkiller and destroy them. As for the Kiber crystal, it may be beyond our reach for now, but neither is it doing the Alliance any good, sitting unused in Rebel Space. The Alliance has grown strong, and they will have to strike soon. When they do, we will have another chance to capture the crystal.

VADER: Yes, my Master. (hesitating) The prophecy speaks about the fall of the Empire. Not the fall of the Sith.

VALORUM: I share your thoughts, my Apprentice. I too have wondered if those are the same thing. But we have invested much in the creation of this Empire, and gained much power from it. For now, we will stand behind it. We share a common enemy with the Emperor, so long as the Starkiller leads the Alliance. Now go. You have your orders, Lord Vader. See to it personally that there will be no Son of the Suns to stop us this time.

The emerald green fourth moon of the gas giant Yavin is home to the temporary headquarters of the Rebel Alliance. Located beyond the galactic rim, Yavin Four is a world of towering trees, murky swamps, and steaming jungles. The Rebel outpost of Masassi is mostly hidden by a dense jungle. THE STARKILLER and his sons DEAK STARKILLER and LUKE STARKILLER are gathered in a bare, small room in the makeshift Rebel base. Deak is lying on his back on a cot with his eyes closed. The young Jedi is tall, lean, and muscular, with short sandy brown hair. His eighteen year old brother Luke, in contrast, is short and slightly overweight, with short blonde hair. Both Luke and Deak wear loose fitting brown Jedi robes. The Starkiller shows all of his three hundred years, with his long silvery hair and beard, and deeply wrinkled skin. The Jedi patriarch is bent over his son Deak, the sleeves of his white robe brushing Deak's chest as he slowly moves his hands back and forth in the air. Luke watches apprehensively. The old man finally breathes out a long sigh and stiffly straightens. Deak sits up and swings his legs over the side of the cot.

DEAK: I hope you're satisfied, father. There's nothing wrong with me. I feel fine. Better than I have in a long time.

THE STARKILLER: I'm sorry, my son. There is something very wrong with you. When you were tortured on Alderaan, the Sith infused you with Bogan energy. Even now, it rages within you. Even with all of my knowledge of the Force, I do not know what to do for you. You have spiritual wounds which I cannot heal, not even with the crystal.

DEAK: I know what those bastards did to me, father. I was there. But I recovered. Luke healed my wounds, and I'm ready to rejoin the fight. We have the resources of a thousand new systems, with their fleets and firepower. The Alliance is planning the largest assault in the war so far, and I intend to be a part of it. The Empire is going to pay with its own blood this time.

THE STARKILLER: I...commend your bravery, my son. But you simply are not ready. You need time to recover, to rid yourself of the Bogan...

DEAK: (aggressively) You're wrong, father. I'm more ready than ever. Whatever they did to me, it's made me stronger than before. Don't try to stand in my way.

LUKE: Deak, I'm worried about you. The Bogan is going to impair your thinking, and you'll end up getting killed.

Deak gets off the cot and turns on Luke.

DEAK: Don't worry about me, Luke. Worry about yourself. If I die fighting the Sith, they'll come for you next. (to The Starkiller) See that you teach him what he needs to know, so he doesn't get himself killed. Now if we're done here, I'm leaving. I have things to do.

Deak stalks out of the room.

LUKE: He's not the brother I knew. I'm afraid for him. And I'm a little afraid of him.

Luke sits on the cot and hangs his head.

LUKE (CONT'D): He looked so awful when we found him on Alderaan. He was hurt so badly, I thought he was going to die. And there was an awful yellow light in his eyes. I managed to heal his body with the crystal, almost by accident, but...he's not really healed...inside.

THE STARKILLER: I'm worried about him too, Luke. Light and darkness wage war inside him. There seems to be no way to remove the energy. I fear that only a Sith can do it.

HAN SOLO, CHEWBACCA, and MONTROSS HOLDAACK enter the small room. Han is wearing his usual flamboyant tight blue spacer's outfit with a brown cape. A blaster and a laser sword are belted at his waist. He has a short dark beard and moustache, and his unruly mop of brown hair sprouts from a headband that matches his clothes. He walks with a swagger appropriate for a cocky young pilot. Chewbacca the eight foot tall fur-covered Wookiee is wearing his camouflage patterned flak jacket and brown shorts, with small soft boots. Ammunition bandoleers cross his chest, and a blaster is holstered at his waist. Chewbacca's face is dominated by large round yellow eyes, tall pointed ears, and a mouth full of sharp fangs. Montross, a sixty year old Corellian, walks stiffly behind them. It is obvious that most of Montross has been replaced with cybernetic parts. He is balding and overweight, with a habitually weary expression.

MONTROSS: We came as you asked, sir.

THE STARKILLER: Yes, thank you. (to Luke) We can continue our discussion another time, my son. (facing Montross) I wanted to express my formal thanks to the three of you for returning during the battle and saving my son's life, indeed, saving all of us. I am sorry that I do not have more money to reward you, but there is something that I can do, if you are willing. I have observed that you are in great pain, Montross, both mentally and physically. It is in my power to heal you.

MONTROSS: What? Are you serious? How? All the doctors I've talked to, say there's nothing they can do. Too much of me is gone. Just my head and my right arm are left, actually.

Montross turns away, embarrassed.

MONTROSS(CONT'D): More and more, I lose control. Sometimes, I think I'm just going to go crazy someday and never come back. And even when I have my head on straight, I can't always keep my own limbs under control. I've resigned myself...that I haven't got much more time.

THE STARKILLER: It is not too late. I can use the Kiber crystal and the Force of Others to help you.

MONTROSS: Now wait a minute. I'm not too sure about that mystical Jedi stuff. It's never been scientifically explained to anyone's satisfaction. Maybe you trust that talisman of yours, but this is my life we're talking about.

THE STARKILLER: The decision is yours. But from what you have said, you have little to lose by trying.

Montross surprises Luke by looking to him.

MONTROSS: Luke, what do you think?

LUKE: Well...I did sort of heal Deak with the crystal, on your ship, and he's... just fine now.

Montross thinks it over for a minute. Finally, he nods his head and steps forward.

MONTROSS: What do I have to do?

The Starkiller takes a small, diamond-like crystal from his robe.

THE STARKILLER: Take this in your hand and stand close to me. This will not take long, and you will not feel any pain.

Montross holds the Kiber crystal in his right fist, and The Starkiller wraps his gnarled fingers around it. The Jedi closes his eyes, and soon, the crystal starts to glow. A pure white light spills out from their hands, growing ever brighter. The light moves across both men, playing up and down their limbs, and dazzling the onlookers. Then, the brilliant energy recedes into the crystal again, slowly fading, and finally going out. Montross staggers back, as The Starkiller takes the crystal from his open hand. The cyborg holds his head, trying to clear it. Eventually, he blinks and smiles broadly.

THE STARKILLER: I have healed the damaged nerve endings at the interface between flesh and machine, and reestablished your control over your cyborg systems.

MONTROSS: I...I feel so much better already! The pain is gone! How did you do that? Absolutely amazing...

The Starkiller smiles, and holds his hands out to all three visitors.

THE STARKILLER: I would like you to stay with the Alliance. All of you. We need brave people like you, warriors of proven merit.

Han is visibly taken aback.

HAN: I'm not sure how to answer that. I'm thankful for what you did for Montross. But I was just getting used to the idea of having my freedom again. We finally got away from that slime Oxus. I mean, Montross, don't you want our chance at the big haul?

MONTROSS: (flexing and testing his arms) Han...isn't the eight million we just got enough?

HAN: Montross? You want to stay?

MONTROSS: I'm sorry, Han. I think I do. I think this is the place for me. I've been talking to the Alliance leaders. They could use me as a science officer. It would be real work again, work I could feel proud of. Ever since we were so down on our luck, and we had to go work for Oxus, I sort of lost my self respect. This is my chance to get it back.

Han turns to Chewbacca with a questioning look.

HAN: And what about you, fur-face? You gonna stick up for me?

The giant Wookiee rumbles a serious reply.

HAN: You'll go wherever I go, huh? I know you'll honor your life debt. Aw, you're no help.

LUKE: Han, I want you to stay because it's the right thing to do. And because... you're my friend now, after all we went through.

THE STARKILLER: Freedom is a valuable thing, Han Solo, but in this world, it must first be earned from those who would take it from us.

Han seems to be looking for a reason to stay. He is clearly reluctant to leave Montross behind.

MONTROSS: He's got a point, Han. There are people out there who'll be gunning for you. Oxus has that price on your head now. Bounty hunters will be all over you like fleas on a Bantha. You know, you're safer with the Rebels for now, surrounded by heavily armed allies who actually like you and want you around. I wouldn't turn my back on it so quickly.

Han finally "relents".

HAN: Aah, my ship still isn't fixed yet, anyway. Chewbacca and I will stay for a while...see if we can help out a little around here.

Chewbacca grunts his agreement.

THE STARKILLER: Good. I'm grateful. You've made the right decision. Now, I have business to conclude with my son.

MONTROSS: Right. Thank you, for everything. Luke, we'll see you later.

Han, Chewbacca and Montross leave. Montross is still flexing his left arm as he goes, testing its new responsiveness.

THE STARKILLER: Luke, you know it is time to begin your training in the ways of the Ashla.

Luke looks uncomfortable. He nods without saying anything. The Starkiller measures his son with his gaze.

THE STARKILLER (CONT'D): I know you are afraid of your destiny, my son. But you will have to face it. You are the son of a Jedi. And I will be with you. We will face your fear together. Meet me at dawn at the edge of the Forest of the Gargantuans. We will begin then.

Luke briefly meets his father's piercing eyes, then looks down and nods.

THE STARKILLER (CONT'D): We will need all our resources for what lies ahead.

The seven foot tall Black Knight, Darth Vader, towers over a nervous looking, uniformed INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. The mismatched pair is standing before a very long, very tall computer bank, in a narrow space between that bank and the next. Row upon row of these terminals fill a large chamber deep within the cloud city. Vader is looking intently at a large monitor on the wall like surface in front of them. Soft hums and electronic chatter saturate the air.

OFFICER: Yes, my is the visual record you requested. Level five, Detention Block A-23, Cell 2187. Imperial date 128-75. Prisoner Deak Starkiller, a Jedi criminal.

The monitor shows an overhead angle of a grim detention area on the dungeon level. The door opens, and two humans enter with a Wookiee. The alien is wearing electronic cuffs. The humans are young, one brown haired, one blond, and they wear cloth Imperial uniforms. An officer confronts them and asks, "What code is this?" The blond man answers, "I've got it here somewhere...It's SPT 188544. You can check it out through the...ahh, oh yes, lex-321." The officer replies, "It will take a while - the big mode is acting up...getting feedback from somewhere." The officer enters the information into a computer as the two men look around at the guards and defenses. Suddenly the brown haired man opens the Wookiee's cuffs. The alien roars, grabs a laser sword from the human, and turns it on. The brown haired man shouts, "Look out! He's loose!" The intruders begin to fire their blasters, missing the Wookiee, and hitting the guards, laser gate controls, and cameras. Abruptly, the video cuts out in a burst of static. Vader stares thoughtfully at the now blank screen.

OFFICER: There you have it, my Lord. I regret to inform you that our own investigation could not determine the intruders' identities.

VADER: Replay the record, and return to the moment when the Wookiee is released.

The officer complies, all the while glancing uneasily at Vader. But the Sith Lord is focused entirely on the screen. The record is replayed over one short section.

VADER (CONT'D): (suddenly pointing at the screen) There. The light haired one said something that was not audible. Enhance the audio and replay it.

The officer hurriedly twists several dials. As the video replays, faint words can be heard from the speakers. "May the Force of Others be with us."

VADER (CONT'D): So, one of the intruders may have been a Jedi. But he is unknown to me. My Master was correct. This could be another one of the Starkiller's sons.

OFFICER: (surprised) My Lord?

VADER: How did the intruders escape with the prisoner?

OFFICER They left the detention area and went down into the undercity. Stormtroopers pursued them as far as the Sith dungeons. When the fugitives resurfaced, there were several more skirmishes. They fought their way back to the main forward bay, where they boarded their ship. I'll bring up the information we have...Here it is. A TIE patrol was sent out to tow in a drifting modified F-888 cargo trawler for salvage. Apparently that was how the intruders entered the city, by hiding aboard it. The spaceport cameras recorded their departure.

The monitor shows a wide view of the huge docking bay. A long, complex spaceship rests on the deck. The two humans enter the bay with two Imperial hostages. Two droids, an R-2 unit and a C-3 unit, emerge from hiding and follow the humans. The Wookiee appears, carrying the freed prisoner. An unknown person on board the ship starts it up, and the boarding ramp lowers. One of the hostages, an admiral, tells the guard troops not to fire. Four Sith Knights arrive too late, as the ship lifts off and flies out into the clouds. The video ends, and Vader glowers at the screen.

OFFICER (CONT'D): We attempted to trace the owner of the ship, but our investigation was not successful. It is possible the ship is a smuggler vessel, not on record.

VADER: I think I recognize that vessel. It was the one that interfered with my defense of the Death Star. Copy all the information you have on that ship. Perhaps the Sith have contacts in the criminal underworld who can lead us to the owners. They will not elude us for long. Then their suffering will begin...

A long drawn out scream echoes through the dank stone chamber where Darth Vader is at work interrogating CAPTAIN OXUS. Oxus, a grossly fat human with an ugly scarred face, lies on his back, strapped to a stained wooden slab of a table. Oxus' furred clothing is in tatters, and thin bloody lines criss-cross his exposed skin. A gleaming, many-armed medical droid stands next to the table, with one arm extended, a small electrical arc dancing at its tip. Darth Vader leans over Oxus' contorted face as the pirate's scream fades. A trickle of blood runs from one corner of Oxus' mouth as he gasps raggedly.

VADER: Let us review, Captain. You claim that the ship which infiltrated Alderaan was stolen from you by your cabin boy? And that he is one of the people I showed you, who illegally removed a prisoner from our detention center?

OXUS: (in a strangled voice) Yes, it was him. Han. Han Solo. I don't know who the other one is. Never seen him before in my life. believe me.

VADER: If I choose not to believe you, you will die. That is not my concern.

OXUS: Maybe...maybe he was...passenger when Solo stole...stole my ship on Utapau.

Vader pauses thoughtfully.

VADER: Utapau...

Suddenly, the Sith Lord turns away from Oxus and leaves the room, his black cloak swirling in the musty air with the speed of his stride. A tall, thin, gray attendant comes over to clean Oxus off. After Vader is gone, a neatly dressed IMPERIAL COMMANDER steps forward, distaste for the setting etched on his face.

COMMANDER: It looks like Lord Vader is done with you for the moment. But don't think you're going anywhere. You are to be kept here at Alderaan until the investigation is complete. Then the Emperor will decide whether you are to be freed, or put to death. In the meantime, we will allow you one small pleasure as a reward for your...assistance. The Empire is aware of the bounty you have posted for Han Solo. We are adding a substantial amount to the reward, in hopes of attracting the best of all the hunters, Boba Fett. After we have captured and interrogated Solo, you, Captain Oxus, may have what is left of him.

Despite his wounds, Oxus lifts his head slightly and weakly smiles.

The eerie chaos of hyperspace can be seen outside the viewport in the control center of the Imperial warship. Six black uniformed pilots guide the cruiser from their sophisticated computer terminals. Darth Vader sits in a command chair, suspended from the ceiling. His attention is on a platoon of TUSKEN soldiers, large, grim, red-eyed humanoids who stand at attention before him. The soldiers wear gray combat uniforms and carry bulky blaster rifles.

VADER: We are now on our way to the desert planet Utapau, in the Outland systems. Not long ago, this ship captured the Jedi criminal Deak Starkiller at Utapau. Suspecting that he may have been trying to reach allies on the planet surface, we sent a Tusken platoon to scout the area. The Tusken report from Utapau mentions two droids, an R-2 unit and a C-3 unit, wandering on the surface after Starkiller was captured. An unknown individual then departed from Utapau and traveled to Alderaan, where he freed Deak Starkiller. Alderaan security tapes revealed that this individual was in possession of what we believe to be the same droids. The droids were most likely sent by Starkiller to contact his allies and summon aid.

TUSKEN LEADER: Understood, my Lord. My troops are ready. What is our target? Will we be facing Jedi?

VADER: According to the report, the droids were searching for the Lars homestead, a moisture ranch three measures to the north of a settlement called Anchorhead. That will be our first target. It is possible that renegade Jedi are in hiding there. If that is the case, I will deal with them myself. Prepare yourselves for a ground assault. You are dismissed.

The brutish Tuskens salute their dark Lord, and file from the bridge. Vader swivels in his command chair to contemplate the hypnotic view of hyperspace as the ship races to its destination.

Utapau, one of the remote Outland planets, is an amber colored desert world with five lifeless moons and two suns. Its surface features vast dune seas, rugged rock mesas and canyons, and only a few settlements and spaceports. The Lars Homestead is one such settlement, a tiny isolated moisture farm. The dimly lit living room of the homestead is currently in a shambles as the Lars family packs their belongings into storage boxes. OWEN LARS (age 55) and his daughter LEIA LARS (age 17) stand together, looking out the large window at the twin suns as they set. Owen is a well built man with a scruffy desert-dried beard and kind eyes. He is smoking a pipe as he gazes at the sunset. Leia is a slim, attractive young woman with pretty features and short wavy blond hair. BERU LARS, Owen's plump, graying wife, bustles in and out, carrying things to be packed for the journey ahead. The seven year old twins, BIGGS and WINDY STARKILLER, can be heard playing in another room.

LEIA: Do we really have to leave so soon, Father? Luke may still come back, and he'll find us gone.

OWEN: It's been more than three months now, Leia. We've heard nothing. He could be dead, or he could be with his father, learning to be a Jedi.

LEIA: He's not dead, father. Never say that! He's with the Alliance, fighting the Empire, I know it.

OWEN: We don't even know if The Starkiller is still alive. All I know is that if the Kiber crystal is in the hands of the Sith, now, the rebellion is finished. But there's nothing we can do about that. My duty is to see that the twins stay safe. We have to leave. Luke can find us on Sullest or Ophichi.

LEIA: I'm just worried about him. He's never even been off this planet. Just like me, he was born here under these suns. It was too dangerous a mission.

Owen looks at his daughter and sighs.

OWEN: He was the only one who could take the crystal to his father. Don't worry. I taught him enough of the warrior's arts to have a fighting chance. Now, I've got to help your mother pack.

As Owen steps away, Leia continues to watch the suns as they slip beneath the horizon. Dusk envelops the squat buildings of the moisture ranch, huddled together in the middle of a desolate valley. Leia is lost in her thoughts of Luke. Without warning, she is suddenly faced with a hulking warrior's visage on the other side of the window. The large face has red, sunken eyes that glitter in the gloom, and a fierce expression. Leia lets out a shocked, frightened scream. She backs away as Owen comes running. The Tusken soldier uses the butt of his blaster rifle to smash in the large window. Other soldiers run past him, surrounding the low concrete buildings. As shattered glass rains on the floor, the Tusken clambers over the window sill and enters the living area. Owen takes aim with a long blaster rifle and shoots the soldier square in the chest. Leia watches the armored body fall backwards to the floor. Owen hands a blaster pistol to Leia and points to the large corridor leading to the main entrance.

OWEN: Imperial Tuskens! They've found us! We've got to try to hold them off. Come with me. Maybe there aren't too many of them.

LEIA: (calling as she runs) Mother! Get the twins! It's the Imperials!

Owen and Leia run down the shadowy corridor and take cover behind stone pedestals topped with large ferns. A large number of armed Tuskens can be seen advancing through the main courtyard beyond.

OWEN: (anguished) It doesn't look like we're going to make it. Why did we wait so long to leave here?

Leia takes aim and blasts a Tusken. He falls, but two more take his place. The soldiers open fire, and red blaster bolts whine through the air. Stone chips fly wildly as the bolts hit the pedestals, walls, and turrets of the courtyard. Owen begins to fire back, skillfully and methodically. Several dead or wounded Tuskens now litter the tile floor. Leia's aim is not as sure, but she accounts well for herself. She gives her father a fearful look as she realizes they cannot hold off so many Imperials.

OWEN: Get ready to fall back.

Owen lays down a burst of covering fire.

OWEN (CONT'D): Leia! Go!

Leia sprints for the interior, but in a moment, she is brought up short. Standing in front of her are Beru and the twins. Behind them are four Tuskens, holding their weapons trained on their captives. Biggs and Windy are terrified, with tears running from their wide eyes down their small faces. Beru is trying to comfort them, but her hands are bound with electronic cuffs.

BERU: Owen!

Owen Lars stops beside his daughter. He looks helplessly at his wife.

OWEN: Beru!

More Tuskens advance behind Owen Lars. The Tusken Commander places his weapon against Beru's head.

COMMANDER: Lay down your weapons and surrender immediately.

Owen hesitates, looking into Beru's eyes. Then he slowly lays down his long rifle, motioning for Leia to do the same. Leia throws her blaster down with a clatter, vivid anger plain on her face. Two soldiers come up behind them and attach electronic cuffs to their wrists.

LEIA: (struggling with the restraints) How dare you come into our home like this! We're Imperial citizens. We have rights!

The Commander sneers at her, then looks up and past her. The ugly warrior salutes as Leia feels a dark presence enter the courtyard. She is roughly turned around to face Darth Vader, First Knight of the Sith. Vader's hand is on his laser sword as he examines the captives. She stares defiantly into the empty eyes of his breath mask when he looks at her.

LEIA: Darth Vader. Only the Sith could be so bold.

VADER: Yes, you know of me, young one. That is because you and your family have been harboring Jedi fugitives who are wanted by the Empire. You are all Alliance sympathizers. You will be brought to Alderaan and interrogated. (to the Tusken Commander) Take them away!

The Lars family is led away at gunpoint by the soldiers, as Vader watches with satisfaction.

Darth Vader's wedge shaped Star Destroyer leaves the desert planet behind, and makes the jump to hyperspace.

Luke's training is in progress among the mist shrouded enormous trees of Yavin's endless forest. Some of his lessons are shown as a MONTAGE of scenes.

Sitting cross legged on the forest floor, Luke concentrates on a pile of rotted logs nearby. He closes his eyes and seems to strain, and one by one, the logs rise slowly into the air. Watching them hover, The Starkiller looks on approvingly from across the clearing.

Luke is jogging through the forest, wearing light clothing. It is evident that he has lost some weight. He pauses, and stands still. Ignoring the strange cries of Yavin's exotic wildlife, he puts his fingers to his temples, and listens mentally. After a moment, he sets off in another direction. After a minute, he does the same thing again. Finally, he approaches a densely wooded area, and locates a narrow passage between the trees. Beyond them, in a small hidden clearing, sits the Starkiller, with his fingers on his own temples. Luke's father looks up and smiles, as Luke bows to him.

In another area of the forest, The Starkiller spreads his arms and concentrates. A stone from the ground suddenly rises up and flies at Luke. An invisible force field barely deflects the missile from Luke's startled face. The young Padawan wipes the sweat from his brow.

Luke and his father are taking a break from training, sitting together under a towering tree at mid day.

THE STARKILLER: ...and so it is possible to influence the minds of others with the Force. But you must not do so for evil purposes. The skills I am teaching you are not as important as your spiritual alignment. Those who do evil, become evil, especially a Jedi. Where would we be today, if The Skywalker had not resisted the Bogan? Luke, do you know the story of Seig Darklighter?

LUKE: I know some of it. One hundred years ago, as a Padawan, he fell under the spell of the Bogan, and created the Sith order.

THE STARKILLER: That's right. The turning of one Jedi to evil has brought great suffering to us all ever since. Even when Darklighter died, he chose his chief disciple, Espaa Valorum, to succeed him, and the Sith aided Senator Dashit in creating the Empire. Luke, I'm very worried that Deak could become a Jedi servant of the Bogan, just like Darklighter. If he uses the energy within him to destroy his enemy, Darth Vader, if he gives in to the temptation and seduction of the power it offers, he could become like the Sith he fights. If Deak falls, you must resist a similar fate, Luke. I need you too much to lose you now.

LUKE: (hesitantly) You need me? For what, exactly?

THE STARKILLER: Luke, I know you've been following the lead of others in all of this. You have not yet embraced your destiny and accepted it. But you have one nonetheless. Luke, I am coming to the end of my long life. Not even Aquillian science can extend it any longer. I have chosen you to take my place when I die.

Luke is speechless, but his dismay is plain. Finally, he finds his voice.

LUKE: But...what about Deak? He's older, and a more powerful Jedi warrior.

THE STARKILLER: I have chosen you over Deak because you are not as much a warrior. You are careful and balanced, and you have a scholarly wisdom. Deak's reckless aggression and bravado have concerned me greatly, even before he was afflicted with the Bogan. You are the best choice, Luke. You can be more than your brother, whether you realize it or not.

LUKE: I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of responsibility. Or if I even want it.

THE STARKILLER: I know you are afraid, my son. Think about what I have said. I believe that you will eventually come to terms with your fate, and accept it in your heart. We will talk about this again tomorrow. This has been enough for one day.

Luke can only nod, staring at the forest floor.

Han Solo's pirate starship rests on the landing field, softly illuminated by the gas giant Yavin which dominates the sky. The ship has been repaired since the Battle of Yavin. Han is lounging on the entry ramp, watching the night sky. He is startled when a baboon like cry of distress suddenly comes out of the jungle nearby. He listens to it intently, as it repeats once, then stops. Han wheels around and bounds into the ship.

Han Solo runs in and wakes Chewbacca, who has been sleeping stretched out on the floor. The Wookiee barks a question.

HAN: I heard a cry for help in the jungle. It sounded like Oeeta. I know, I know, that's crazy. We did leave her on Utapau. But I know what a Boma sounds like.

Chewbacca replies at length in a warning tone.

HAN: I know. Something's wrong here. But I have to check it out. Look, I'll take my blaster. And you follow me at a distance, so if it's some kind of trap, they won't take us both at the same time. Then you can charge in and rip their arms off and rescue me, all right?

The Wookiee reluctantly agrees.

Chewbacca is picking his way silently through the vine jungle, his large eyes able to see well even in the darkness. The Wookiee is carrying a large blaster rifle and peering through the undergrowth, sniffing for signs of the Boma. Suddenly, he smells something alarming. He looks left in time to see a gray armored figure who has somehow crept up on him, despite his alertness. The blue burst of a stun rifle envelops him, and he falls to the jungle floor.

Han Solo walks stealthily into an open area, only to find it empty...except for a small audio playback device strapped to a tree. BOBA FETT, a gray armored bounty hunter with a T-shaped visor on his helmet steps up behind Han. Sensing his presence, Han whirls around and fires, just missing his target. The bounty hunter fires an electronet canister at Han, covering him tightly in a net of wires. Han's blaster is lost on the ground. Han loses his balance and falls heavily. Boba Fett walks calmly up to where Han lies.

HAN: So it was a trap. (yelling back towards where he came from) Chewbacca! It's a bounty hunter!

FETT: (in a monotone voice) Your Wookiee friend won't help you, Solo. I've taken care of him already. By the time he wakes up, we'll be long gone.

HAN: I know who you are. I've heard of you and your Mandalorian armor, Boba Fett. What have you done with Oeeta?

FETT: Your Boma friend from Utapau? I found her in Mos Eisley. She died calling for you. I thought that might be useful, so I recorded her cries. It was too easy to capture you, Solo. The only hard part was getting through Rebel Space undetected. There's a lot of fleet activity out there. But at least the Empire is paying well. More than you're worth.

Han struggles futilely as Fett watches calmly. The young Rebel spits in Fett's direction.

HAN: I'm worth ten of you, you murdering scum.

FETT: How could you have caused so much trouble at Alderaan? Maybe it was your Jedi friend. I wonder if he's on this moon too? No matter. I don't hunt Jedi. There's no profit in dying. Leave that to the Sith. You can say hello to the Sith for me when you get to the dungeons of Alderaan, Solo.

The bounty hunter stuns Han, and he blacks out.

Chewbacca awakens, and remembers what happened. He calls out to Han, and begins an anxious search. A short while later, he finds Han's blaster on the ground in a clearing. The Wookiee roars out his frustration and rage.

Chewbacca restlessly paces as Montross, Luke, and The Starkiller enter the computer command center. They are followed by ARTOO DETOO and SEE THREEPIO, two droids belonging to Luke. Artoo is a short, three-footed, barrel shaped droid with a domed head and two claw arms. Threepio is a tall, thin, man-shaped, bronze colored droid with human like features. Artoo communicates only with electronic sounds, but Threepio speaks with a polite, fussy sounding human voice.

MONTROSS: Okay, Chewbacca. Now that we're all here, tell us what you know about the bounty hunter who took Han.

Chewbacca immediately begins to tell everyone what happened in his own language.

MONTROSS: Whoa, wait a minute. Slow down. Threepio, you're going to have to translate. I don't understand Wookiee half as well as Han does.

THREEPIO: I would be honored, Montross. I will do my best, although Wookiee is not an easy language, even for droids.

Chewbacca struggles to control himself. He begins to bark, jabber, and growl his story to the gleaming droid.

THREEPIO: (CONT'D) Han Solo was indeed taken by a bounty hunter during the night. Chewbacca feels that he has failed in the sacred duty of his life debt to Han.

MONTROSS: Han mentioned the life debt to me before. But I never understood it. I saved Han's life when he was just thirteen. But I never asked him to swear a debt like that to me.

Chewbacca's reply is indignant.

THREEPIO: He says Han wanted to refuse, but that he insisted. He freely offered the debt on his honor as the son of Auzituck, Chief of the Kaapauku tribe. He says a Wookiee Prince of the Sawas could do no less.

MONTROSS: A Wookiee prince?? You never mentioned anything about that before!

Chewbacca rumbles a mournful reply.

THREEPIO: Chewbacca is no longer a prince of anything. His entire tribe was taken into slavery by the Empire. He says that if Han had not saved him, he would be enslaved with them now.

THE STARKILLER: Let us concern ourselves with the bounty hunter. There may still be a chance to save Han. Our base sensors did not detect anyone arriving on this moon, or leaving from it. Perhaps he is still here.

MONTROSS: Chewbacca, did you get a look at the hunter? Do you know who it was?

Chewbacca angrily growls out a name.

THREEPIO: Boba Fett.

MONTROSS: That explains it then. Fett's the best there is. He's got all kinds of stealth technology. We won't find him. He's gone already. But if it was Fett, then it couldn't have been Oxus who hired him. Oxus could never afford it. (looking gravely at The Starkiller) It must have been the Empire.

THE STARKILLER: Then Han Solo will be taken to Alderaan, to be interrogated, and possibly executed.

LUKE: We have to try to rescue him. We got in once before, to save Deak.

MONTROSS: I agree. Han would do it for us. Well, maybe after complaining a lot. But he would take the risk.

Chewbacca roars his agreement.

THREEPIO: Master Luke, that is most unwise. I still have circuit failures when I think of that awful place. Oh my! Do you think the Empire will send a bounty hunter after me? After all, I did infiltrate Alderaan, and I did fire the shot that destroyed the Death Star.

Artoo Detoo sounds off with an emphatic series of beeps and whistles.

THREEPIO (CONT'D): Delusions of grandeur?! Me? Well, when Boba Fett arrives and takes us both to Alderaan, I'll make certain you get dismantled first.

THE STARKILLER: Montross and Chewbacca are both free to do as they wish, but I cannot let you leave with them, Luke. There are still crucial lessons for you to learn. You cannot abandon your training now, even to rescue a friend. (facing Montross and Chewbacca) But I would counsel you both to have patience, and not rush off impulsively. There will soon be a much better chance to save your friend. The Alliance is planning its greatest mission yet, a full scale attack on Alderaan itself. When everything is ready, we will all go there together.

THREEPIO: Oh my! Did I hear that right? Has everyone gone mad?

Artoo beeps affirmatively.

THREEPIO (CONT'D): We're doomed!

Luke and his father are walking in the forest, and an uncomfortable silence lies between them from the previous day. Luke is brooding and distracted, and The Starkiller is watchful and thoughtful. They begin to cross a sunny, wide open area. When they are halfway across, the ground suddenly lurches and bulges up alarmingly, shaking loose soil and making the two men struggle to keep their balance. The Starkiller looks calm, as if he expected this, but Luke is startled. All around the edges of the clearing, the ground rises, making a giant bowl of the area. Luke and his father fall onto their backs, landing on a slope which was not there a moment ago. The slope gets steeper, as in the center, a large tooth filled maw opens up. The two men begin a helpless slide down towards the mouth of what is revealed to be a huge buried fungus-like organism, one hundred meters in diameter. All at once, the Kiber crystal is blazing in The Starkiller's hand. In moments, the convulsions of the creature begin to subside. It relaxes and flattens out, before Luke and his father reach the center. They get to their feet, and hastily walk to the edge of the creature. Stepping off, Luke turns shakily to his father.

LUKE: What was that thing? Why did it stop when it almost had us? Was it the crystal?

THE STARKILLER: It is a creature that feeds on and uses the energy of the Bogan, until it can capture a rare victim to digest. I found it before you arrived. Forgive me for surprising you, Luke. We were not in any real danger. I needed to teach you a lesson that you would never forget.

LUKE: (brushing dirt off of himself) What lesson?

THE STARKILLER: That I defeated that creature through the balance of the Force. I used the crystal to weaken the Bogan locally, and that weakened the creature. Luke, the Ashla and the Bogan are forever in balance against each other, but that balance can be upset. The Kiber crystal is one thing that can powerfully upset that balance, according to the will of the user. When the Bogan is made stronger, the Ashla is weakened, and a Jedi can even lose contact with the Ashla completely. But understand that the reverse is true as well. If the Ashla is made stronger, the Bogan weakens. That fact helped me defeat this creature, and it can help you when you face a much more dangerous enemy...Valorum.

Luke is caught off guard, surprised and a little angry.

LUKE: Valorum? I don't want to face Valorum! He's the Master of the Sith! I'm just a Padawan learner! What about one of the other Jedi Masters?

THE STARKILLER: (remaining calm) We don't need a Jedi Master to defeat Valorum. We need The Son of the Suns.

LUKE: You think I'm the one in the prophecy?? I don't believe it. Wait. That prophecy refers to the last of the Starkiller line. What about Biggs and Windy?

THE STARKILLER: Prophecies can take strange turns, and they often mean something other than what we think. I have always been open to the possibility that it could refer to any one of my children.

LUKE: Is that why you sent them to their deaths at the hands of Valorum? Have you been grooming me to be a weapon against Valorum too? Is that your idea of my destiny?

THE STARKILLER: Your brothers went to fight willingly for the Jedi. I never forced them. Luke, with so many of your brothers dead at Valorum's hands, and with all of the evil he has done on behalf of the Empire, I consider him to be the greatest threat that stands against us. For the Jedi Bendu to survive at all, he must be eliminated.

LUKE: Father, you're asking too much of me. First you want me to replace you when you pass on, and now you want me to be a prophecy to kill the Master of the Bogan. I'll admit it. I'm scared. I've always been afraid of this...that I'll train to be a Jedi, only to go and get killed like my brothers. They were all better warriors than me. I have even less of a chance than they did. `

THE STARKILLER: Luke, I won't force you, either. It has to be your decision. But you will have something your brothers did not have. The Kiber crystal. Before, I did not dare to bring it out of hiding, for fear that the Sith would capture it. But now I have little choice. Matters have become too desperate. The Jedi are almost extinct.

LUKE: I need time to think. I need to be alone for a while.

THE STARKILLER: You must do what you feel is right, Luke, of course.

The Starkiller presides over a Rebel briefing in a very large dimly lit room with a wide galactic display screen on the wall behind him. The room is full of chairs, and all of them are full. To one side, in the front row, are seated Luke and Deak Starkiller, Chewbacca and Montross, with the droids standing against the wall. On the other side of the room, also in the front row, are a trio of Rebel leaders from the Battle of Yavin. GENERAL AAY ZAVOR is a large sweaty looking human with a nervous disposition. GENERAL DODANA is a young clean cut human with a confident air and a neatly kept uniform. GRANDE MOUFF TARKIN is a tall, thin bird like alien Commander. The audience is full of assorted Rebels of various species. There is a large group of aliens just like Tarkin, the OUTLAND KESSELIAN DRAGOONS. BAIL ANTILLES, a tall, handsome AQUILLIAN RANGER, sits at the head of a large group of similar Rangers. These men are agents of The Starkiller, and they wear the crest of Aquillae on their brown uniforms and helmets. A talkative group of human and alien REBEL PILOTS, all squadron leaders, wear an eye catching mixture of different styles of space suits. In contrast to this motley group, a proud squadron of AQUILLIAN DEVIL FIGHTER PILOTS sit together in their white space suits bearing the circle and cross medallion. The audience contains an impressive variety of colorfully dressed alien and human representatives of the new systems which have recently joined the Alliance. One group in particular, consisting of nine individuals of various ages and costumes, sits front and center, regarding The Starkiller with reverence and respect. These are the last remaining members of the once numerous JEDI FAMILIES. The Starkiller holds up his hands, and slowly the exotic babble in the room quiets. The aged leader of the Alliance solemnly regards his assembled forces and begins to speak.

THE STARKILLER: Members of the Alliance! We stand today at the turning point of this great civil war against tyranny. With our victory in the Battle of Yavin, we have at last inspired enough worlds to rise above their fear, and openly oppose the Emperor. I welcome all newcomers to the fight for freedom, and I thank you for your bravery and sacrifice to come. There were bleak times during this struggle when I did not believe such a time of new hope would come. The fall of the Jedi and the Republic, and the rise of the Sith and the Empire has been like a long dark night of ever growing despair. But the Seers among the Whills spoke of a prophecy that the Empire would someday fall. I believe that day is upon us. The explosion of the Death Star has been heard across the galaxy, and now over a thousand systems stand with us. The Empire has lost control over the Outlands. Now the strength of our fleet rivals that of the Empire. Now we are powerful enough to carry the fight to our enemy, and vanquish him. Now we are ready to attack Alderaan itself.

The Starkiller stands aside, and General Dodana rises to address the room.

DODANA: Pooling the resources of a thousand systems, a large and diverse fleet has been assembled to attack Alderaan. The Imperial city will likely be defended by the Imperial First Fleet of Star Destroyers, and the powers of the Emperor's Sith allies. With our new strength, we can finally face the Imperial fleet in open battle. We will be evenly matched, and cyborg analysis is unable to predict the outcome. But engaging their fleet is not our main goal. We intend to attack and destroy the city of Alderaan itself, and eradicate a center of evil that has festered for decades. With the fall of their central place of government, the Empire will be on its way to collapse. But the city is protected by a powerful energy shield, which can repel any of our firepower. The shield must be brought down from within, for our attack to succeed. And so a mission has been organized to infiltrate Alderaan itself, and sabotage the shield generator. I give you the two men who destroyed the Death Star, Luke Starkiller and Bail Antilles.

Luke and Bail stand to enthusiastic applause. Bail looks noble and self assured, but Luke looks a bit nervous.

BAIL: The team will be composed of those few who have already done the unthinkable and penetrated Alderaan's security system before: Luke Starkiller and his brother Deak, the Wookiee Chewbacca, and the droids Artoo Detoo and See Threepio. I am honored to accompany them. Chewbacca will have a particularly important mission. Within the city, Wookiee slaves labor on the Empire's construction projects. Chewbacca will free his people, and lead them on a revolt within the city, creating a distraction while the rest of us locate and destroy the shield generator. Once the shield is down, the fleet can commence its attack on the city.

LUKE: The fleet will be led by my father, and joining him will be the last of the Jedi families that survived the Sith massacres. Without their help, the Sith para-Force will overwhelm our fleet and drive us to despair. Now that they have rejoined the fight, we all have a chance to get through this. Let me introduce them to you now. Here are the Thape family from Ophichi, the Valor family from Granicus, and the Tho family from Townowi.

As the crowd mutters and stares, the nine Jedi Bendu stand and face the gathered Rebels. USBY C.J. THAPE is a huge brown skinned man with a broad build. He has a bushy black beard, and wears dark blue robes. His nephew, MACE WINDU, has brown skin and a bald head, and wears brown robes. AKIRA VALOR is an aged single father with oriental features. His white hair is tied in a ponytail, and he has a long, wispy moustache. His sons BINK and JUSTIN VALOR are in their twenties. Bink is stocky, and Justin is tall and thin. The Valor family wears baggy shirts and pants. HUU THO and BOMOJE THO are Bith, humanoid aliens with black eyes and large, fleshy bulging heads. Both are dressed in close fitting black clothes. Their children, ZARA and PUCK are teenagers. The Jedi Bendu bow to the Rebels, and sit down again.

THE STARKILLER: This will be our greatest battle. We must have faith in the Ashla and in ourselves. Together, we shall have victory, for the Force is with us!

The Starkiller places his hands on Luke's shoulders as the Rebels rise up, applauding and cheering. Luke glances at Deak, who is sitting alone, brooding. As the crowd begins to mill around and talk, Montross catches Luke's attention.

MONTROSS: Luke, I'm going with the Rebels when they attack Alderaan. I'm taking Han's ship, and acting as one of the fleet science officers. They fixed her up perfectly. She's been refitted, upgraded, and loaded with the newest sensors. But Luke, there's something I'll need you to do...

LUKE: I know. I'll try to find Han, and get him out of there. I promise.

MONTROSS: Thanks, Luke. I can't stand the thought of Han in that prison...I want to be able to fly him out of there in his own ship. Do you know, I even named her. I call her the Falcon. It's the name of a bird of prey on Corellia.

LUKE: That sounds like a good omen. We're going to need all the luck we can get.

Standing against the wall, Threepio watches the Jedi speaking with The Starkiller and the Rangers. Artoo beeps and whistles brightly.

THREEPIO: Exciting is hardly the word I would choose. I think there'll be no escape for any of us this time...Oh dear, oh dear...

Sunlight streams into the throne room of EMPEROR COS DASHIT, Lord of Alderaan, Consul to the Supreme Tribunal, and ruler of the Galactic Empire. Dashit is a thin, gray looking man, with a limp moustache and hollow, tired eyes. His clothes are expensive, but his skin has an unhealthy pallor. He sits uneasily on a throne made out of solid glass, which is set on a slab of gleaming chrome. The walls of the grand chamber are a sterile white, and the great red flag of the Empire hangs all around the room. Chrome accents are shined to perfection. A large window looks out on the Plaza of the Daders, a parade ground resembling a huge glass canyon. Dashit looks up as Espaa Valorum enters and approaches the throne. Valorum's features are still concealed by his deep hood and black robes.

VALORUM: Greetings, my Emperor. I have come before you as requested by your Grand Vizier, Sate Molock. He informed me that you are quite distraught.

DASHIT: (angrily) I am indeed "distraught", and with good reason! My spies report that the Alliance fleet gathering in Rebel Space is planning to attack Alderaan itself! And now there is no Death Star to defend my city. Valorum, why was Vader not punished for his failure at Yavin? I told you I wanted him executed, but your Sith are protecting him from me. They nearly killed a platoon of my best troops...

VALORUM: An unfortunate misunderstanding. My Sith can hardly be blamed for supporting their own. This matter should be put behind us, my Emperor. Your allies, the Sith, have ever stood by you and served you well, as Jedi killers, as your bodyguards, in fact, whatever you asked of us. Now, more than ever, all of the Sith are needed to defend this city. Therefore you should forgive Vader, my Lord. He is too useful to waste, too powerful to sacrifice to a momentary anger. He has worked to atone for his mistakes by gathering essential information on our enemies. He has captured several individuals involved in the rescue of Deak Starkiller from this city. Their interrogations have revealed some important information concerning The Starkiller.

DASHIT: The Starkiller? What is it? Tell me at once.

VALORUM: Lord Vader's prisoners, the Lars family from Utapau, and Han Solo, a Corellian, have confirmed that the Starkiller still lives, and that he has two adult sons, Deak and also Luke, who remain at large. But there has been a stroke of very good fortune for us. The standard genetic scan on the prisoners revealed that the Lars family was harboring two more of the Starkiller's sons, a pair of twin children. We have them in isolation now.

DASHIT: (incredulous) How many sons does that man have? Will we never be free of that accursed prophecy? The children are to be executed, at once.

VALORUM: All in good time, Majesty. I will see to it personally.

DASHIT: The Starkiller...still alive! No wonder the Rebellion is spreading. I fear I cannot hold the Empire together in the face of this threat. But we have a more immediate problem. We have to defend the city against a full scale Rebel attack.

VALORUM: I would not be overly concerned with the Rebels, my Emperor. Your fleet of Star Destroyers should be enough to defend Alderaan, and you may count on the support of my Black Knights. They can be stationed aboard your Star Destroyers, and use their powers to crush the Rebel assault with a wave of panic and despair. They will defeat The Starkiller and his sons, and capture the Kiber crystal. The Sith are more than adequate to defend the city.

DASHIT: Good. Then I command them to do so. Prophecy or no prophecy, the Empire will not fall. Remember, if my Empire goes down, the Sith go down with me.

VALORUM: Don't be too sure of that, my Emperor. Empires have come and gone throughout history. What matters to me, in any case, is my own survival, and my own legacy. I can always start over elsewhere, even without my Black Knights if need be.

DASHIT: (standing, and getting angrier) What are you talking about? Are you thinking of betraying me? I warn you. You will not survive such a mistake.

VALORUM: Oh, no, nothing so dramatic as that. In truth, I suppose I am merely becoming bored with your Empire. If it survives, all well and good, but if it falls, so be it. I do not think I will mourn its passing overly much. The legacy I have in mind is a more important one. A more personal one.

DASHIT: What are you babbling about, Valorum?

VALORUM: You can be the first to hear the news, Majesty. I have recently learned that I am a father. I have a grown daughter. She has been living with the Lars family on Utapau. The genetic scanner revealed that she is mine.

DASHIT: A daughter? How did that...

VALORUM: Seventeen years ago, during the sack of Ondos. Do you recall that planet? I raped their Queen. Amazing, isn't it? I never knew my daughter existed. She's the Princess of Ondos, and she's mine. Destiny has brought her to me.

DASHIT: We have a war to deal with! How can you be concerned with something like this...

VALORUM: This is much more important than your war, Dashit. Someday, I'll need a successor to be Master of the Sith. I thought it would be Vader, but this is much more fitting. My own flesh and blood. I'm going to make her my true daughter in spirit by releasing her latent Force powers and turning her to the Bogan.

As Valorum talks, he turns his back on the Emperor. Feeling horrified and betrayed, Dashit slowly backs away from the Bogan Master. As the oblivious Valorum goes on, the Emperor stalks out of the room.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Corrupting her should be a simple matter. She only needs a strong motivation to use the power of the Bogan. Her desire to kill me should be enough. She will fail, of course, but she will still be on the dark path... Emperor? Where did you go? No matter. I have more important things to do than speak with you. Now let me see...

Valorum leaves, deep in thought, and the throne room stands empty.

Han Solo slowly awakens, lying on his back on a stained stone surface in a dimly lit open space. He sits up painfully, his skin a road map of thin scars, his once fashionable clothing in rags. Han finds himself at the bottom of a wide circular stone pit, some six or seven meters deep and topped with a low railing. Squinting in the orange light, Han makes out a familiar figure standing above him behind the railing. It is Oxus, dressed in a gray prison uniform and holding a small control box.

OXUS: Han, my boy, awake at last I see. Good. Now we can start. Wouldn't want you to sleep through your own death, would we? I want to enjoy watching you suffer. Like the blasted Sith made me suffer. That was all your fault, boy. You stole my ship, and stupidly brought it here. I always knew you had the brains of a Mynock. When the Sith came looking for the owner, they came straight to me! Well, they did after Jabba the Hutt sold me out. I was all too happy to give them your name, Han Solo. Then, as a small reward, they decided to let me...preside over your execution, as it were.

HAN: Go ahead and try to kill me, you slime sucking drunken pig. Just let me get my hands on you, and I'll...

OXUS: Brave words from someone who can barely stand. I'm going to enjoy watching you die. When I press this button, that gate down there is going to open up. You want to know what's behind it? A Dai Noga! That's right.

Han quails as he recalls his last encounter with a Dai Noga. He looks desperately for an escape route, but finds nothing. The true vulnerability of his situation sinks in. Han thinks fast, and decides to appeal to Oxus' base greed.

OXUS: Oh, you don't look so well, my boy. You look a little pale.

HAN: Oxus, no, don't do this. I know I stole your ship, but I can pay you back. I've got eight million in chrome. You can have all of it.

OXUS: Don't bother to beg, Han. Money won't do me any good. I don't think the Sith are going to let me go alive, either. Watching you get eaten may be the last enjoyable thing I ever do. Now, let's get on with it. (pressing the button) Goodbye, Solo.

A stone gate set into the wall of the pit begins to rise with a slow grinding sound. Han faces it, then backs up as far as he can. A horrible moaning emerges from the darkness beyond. A long, slimy tentacle quests out of the opening. With a wet sloshing sound, the nightmarish bulk of the DAI NOGA shambles out of the tunnel and into the pit. The creature stands five meters tall. Created by sinister Sith alchemy, the Dai Noga is a terrifying composite of a spider and a squid. Its head is a rounded cone with multiple black eyes. Hairy jointed legs and long tentacles protrude from its midsection. The beast shuffles along on a grotesque mass of writhing smaller tentacles. Its alien mouth is a maw of needle like teeth. Han Solo comes up against a wall as Oxus gleefully looks on. The Dai Noga gathers itself and leaps forward. But Han is not as exhausted as he has seemed to be. The Corellian rolls away, and gets behind the monster. Bracing himself, he grits his teeth and climbs up the back of the Dai Noga, using the spider limbs and tentacles as awful hand holds. His feet slipping on the creature's putrid skin, Han makes a clumsy leap for the railing encircling the pit. He barely grabs it, and hangs on for dear life. The Dai Noga is momentarily confused, but Oxus is not. Snarling, the overweight pirate runs around the pit to where Han is dangling. Han is ready for him. The moment Oxus is in reach, Han grabs the pirate's uniform with one hand and hauls him face forward over the railing. Oxus falls flat on the pit floor, and is stunned. The Dai Noga hesitates, considering both targets. Then it chooses the closer meal. Long powerful tentacles wrap around Oxus, and lift him towards the open mouth. Painfully, Han pulls himself over the railing, averting his eyes from the gruesome spectacle of Oxus' demise. Han lies on his back while terrible wet noises rise out of the pit. Then, to his dismay, a tentacle reaches over the edge and gropes around for more food. Han forces himself to get up, and looks for an exit. There is no one else in the room, but there are several shadowy doorways to choose from. Picking one at random, Han limps away as fast as he can.

Leia Lars is slumped in the center of a bare circle of floor, surrounded by a ring of bars from floor to ceiling. An uncomfortably bright light source shines down from directly above her, and the bars cast shadows like spokes of a wheel across the stone floor of the circular chamber. Twelve open archways lead away from the room into dark tunnels. A furtive figure creeps cautiously from one of the openings. Leia stirs as Han Solo crouches next to the bars and whispers to her.

HAN: Who are you? Do you know a way out of these dungeons?

Leia notes Han's filthy and battered appearance.

LEIA: You're an escaped prisoner? I'd help you if I could, but I don't know anything about this place. I'm Leia Lars. I'm being held here by Espaa Valorum himself. I think you're in a better situation than I am. Is there any way you could help me?

HAN: A laser sword would take care of these bars. If I had one. Wait a second. Did you say Leia Lars? Do you know Luke Starkiller? He mentioned a Leia who...

LEIA: Luke!? Where is he? Is he still alive?

HAN: I don't believe this. Yeah, he's alive. Last I saw him was right before that bounty hunter caught up with me on Yavin Four.

LEIA: And his father, The Starkiller? Is he still leading the Alliance?

HAN: Last time I checked, yeah.

LEIA: Then there's still hope. Is there anything you can do to get us out of here together? I need to try to help mother and father, and the twins, Luke's brothers. I don't know where they're being held. But I've got to do something. I think they were tortured.

HAN: Yeah, I know the feeling.

LEIA: Please help me. The Starkiller will reward you, I know it.

HAN: Hold on, sweetheart. I don't even know how to get out of here. It's like a damn maze. I almost got eaten by a Dai Noga, and I think the Sith are looking for me. I'll be lucky to save my own skin, let alone yours.

Leia fixes a pleading, heartbreakingly beautiful look on the scruffy looking rogue.

LEIA: I don't even know what Valorum wants with me. I'm so scared. Help me, please, you're my only hope.

HAN: Save me from lost causes. If I hadn't come back to help Luke, I wouldn't be in this mess. My worst problem would be figuring out how to spend my eight million.

Han meets her eyes, and finds himself affected by her youthful beauty and her fear.

HAN: Aah, I've been going against my better judgement so much lately... why stop now? Look, I can't promise anything. But I'll try to bring back some help. Just, um, sit tight, all right?

LEIA: Thank you. Tell me your name, before you go.

Han picks another of the passageways to leave by, answering her as he slips quietly into the dark.

HAN: Han Solo.

Han feels his way down the tunnel and continues his search for a way to the city's higher levels.

HAN: (softly, to himself) Leia Lars, huh?

Alone in her cell again, Leia lies down as before. But now her eyes sparkle with a new hope.

LEIA: (softly, to herself) Oh, Luke...will I ever see you again?

Some time later, a cloaked and hooded figure emerges from one of the archways and steps confidently up to the bars of Leia's cage. Leia sits against the bars, watching him approach, very weak from restless sleep and lack of food or water. She recognizes him as Espaa Valorum, but she is too exhausted to be afraid.

LEIA: (weary) What do you want?

VALORUM: To get to know you better, Leia. And I want you to know me. Talk with me a while, and I will bring you some food and water.

LEIA: (confused) Talk? Like an interrogation?

VALORUM: No, not like that. I learned all I needed from your family. And I do not wish to mistreat you in that way. I just want to have a face to face discussion with you.

Valorum reaches up and takes off his hood. Leia is visibly surprised to see that he is a handsome middle aged man, about forty years old.

VALORUM: (smiling) I suppose you expected some kind of monster. Well, if I was so ugly, how could I have a daughter as lovely as yourself? Yes, Leia, I am your true father.

LEIA: I don't care what you look like. You are a monster. And you're not my father. Owen Lars is my father.

VALORUM: Merely your adopted father. The genetic scans we did prove it. You may not like it, but it is the truth.

Leia is speechless. She struggles to assimilate this bizarre news.

VALORUM (CONT'D): I was just as surprised as you are. I didn't know I had a daughter. But I do remember your mother, the Queen of Ondos. When I destroyed her capital city and raped her in her throne room, she had the dignity not to beg for mercy. That impressed me. A year later, I heard that she had killed herself. But I never heard that she had given birth. I don't know how you got to the Lars family. Perhaps The Starkiller had something to do with it. But here you are, in any case. I know there are many reasons for you to hate me. I raped your mother, and probably caused her death. I was forced to kill Luke Starkiller's older brothers when they attacked me. And we have been on opposite sides in this Civil War. But we have a blood relationship, you and I. That is more important than politics. We should be loyal to one another, no matter what.

LEIA: (in shock) you?

VALORUM: Your true heritage is as a Sith. I'm offering you the chance to be my student, and to learn the ways of the Bogan. You can have real power someday, Leia, with my help. The power to kill whoever you want to. I want you to think about it for a while. I'll see that you are brought food and water. We will speak again tomorrow. Goodnight, daughter.

Valorum pulls his hood back up, and leaves the room, disappearing into one of the shadowy tunnels. Leia stares after him for a long time, her mouth hanging open.

The streets of Alderaan are bustling. Somberly dressed citizens and Imperial officials walk briskly down the avenues, stepping aside for Stormtroopers riding small rocket platforms. Shiny black droids of all shapes and sizes mingle freely with the humans. Imperial Governors and their aides ride in speeders above the heads of everyone else. Bureaucrats rub shoulders with Imperial Generals in their black and gray uniforms. Non-humans are few and far between. A group of aliens is making its way through the crowd, which parts to give them ample room. Three YOURELLIAN TRAPPERS, slimy and deformed humanoids, are leading a chained Wookiee to the nearby Slave Pens. A pair of black droids follows them dutifully. The crowd finds this to be a familiar sight. The trappers have captured another Wookiee to sell to the Empire, which will enslave the creature for its brute strength and make it work on large scale construction projects. The trappers bark orders in their guttural alien language, prodding the Wookiee without mercy, forcing it towards the selling block. But the furry giant does not end up there. Somehow, the group makes a subtle series of detours, and bypasses the official slave sales area. Any onlookers who notice something unusual about this seem to forget that anything is amiss, and hurry on their way. The trappers and the Wookiee eventually slip unnoticed into a nearby alley, and it becomes apparent that all is not as it seems. The three trappers are none other than Luke, Deak, and Bail, wearing heavy makeup and voice synthesizers. Artoo and Threepio have been repainted Imperial black. Chewbacca has been stripped of his usual equipment in favor of fragments of primitive armor, as if he had been captured in a fierce fight. The Wookiee's barely contained anger is palpable to the others. He can smell other Wookiees nearby, and the sight of the selling block has upset him. The humans switch off their voice boxes in order to speak.

DEAK: Vader's in this city. I can feel it.

LUKE: Deak, you can't abandon the mission to go and find him. This is too important. We have to find the shield generator.

DEAK: I didn't say I was abandoning anything. I just said I can sense him. I'm not going to go looking for him. But that doesn't mean he won't find me.

BAIL: Chewbacca, are you ready for us to leave you here? Is all your equipment in good order?

Chewbacca impatiently growls a reply. The Ranger and the Wookiee examine several small electronic devices which are hidden under Chewbacca's broken armor.

BAIL (CONT'D): Good. These should allow you to set your people free. The rest of us will be down below, knocking out the shield generator, so we'll need you and the other Wookiees to keep the Stormtroopers as busy as possible up here. Let those Imperials have it. Give them what they deserve. But don't throw your lives away. If we find Han Solo down there, he's going to want to see you still alive, do you hear? Remember Han, all right?

Chewbacca roars out his offended anger. Bail backs up, startled and intimidated.

THREEPIO: Chewbacca is rather offended at your suggestion that he could ever forget Han. Choosing between his people and his life debt is the most difficult thing he has ever done.

BAIL: I kind of gathered he was upset. Chewbacca, I meant no offense.

LUKE: Chewbacca, don't worry. We'll do our best to find Han, after we take care of the shields. I want to find him as much as you do.

DEAK: Luke got me out of here, didn't he? Trust him. We'll find you again as soon as we can. Fight well, and may the Force of Others be with you, Prince Chewbacca.

Chewbacca locks his gaze with Deak. They recognize the violence in each other's eyes. Deak unlocks Chewbacca's chains. The Wookiee shakes free of them, and turns to stare in the direction of the Slave Pens. His yellow eyes narrow as he bares his fangs. Artoo warbles nervously.

THREEPIO: No, Artoo. I would certainly not want to be a Stormtrooper on a day like this.

Espaa Valorum returns to Leia's cell. She is standing waiting for him, seeming to have more energy and a willingness to talk.

LEIA: You offered to teach me your teach me how to use them to kill whoever I want. Does that offer still stand?

Valorum smiles at the naked look of hate she gives him. He can see the murder in her heart, and feel her desire to use his teachings against him.

VALORUM: Yes, that is still my offer. To teach you the ways of the Bogan so you may one day take your place among the Sith.

LEIA: But I have no ability with the Force of Others. I've never felt any powers of any kind, as far back as I can remember.

VALORUM: This is not uncommon. Only one of your parents was strongly Force sensitive. Therefore your powers are latent. I assure you that you do have them. You simply need someone like me to make you aware of them.

LEIA: Then teach me. Show me everything.

VALORUM: I'm very pleased for you, Leia. Unlike learning the ways of the Ashla, the Bogan arts come to you quickly and easily, and offer greater power. Instead of letting the Force take control of you, you must bend it to your will. Use your anger, your hatred, your aggression, and even your fear, and the Bogan will submit to those emotions and flood you with power. We will start with something small, but you will see how swiftly you progress, my daughter. I will reach into your mind and unlock your potential, but you must do the rest. You must give in to your own dark side, and then you will have what you desire. Now...let us begin.

FADE OUT, then FADE IN on the same scene at a later time.

Leia is levitating her food tray while Valorum looks on approvingly.

VALORUM: Well done, Leia, but while you are using the Force, you are not truly using the Bogan. If you can move things with your mind, why not use that power to cause harm to your enemies? To crush their throats, or stop their hearts. Use the Force of Others that way, and the Bogan will rush to your aid. Let me demonstrate.

Without any other warning, Valorum raises a hand towards Leia. Her hands go to her throat as she begins to choke. She looks at Valorum with terror, and he suddenly relents.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Don't worry. I have no intention of killing you. If I wanted that, I could have done so long before now. The best way for you to learn these powers is to experience them yourself. You will understand how much it takes to kill someone, and besides, it is quite an effective motivator.

LEIA: (angry) Let me try, then.

Valorum tenses, waiting. Leia stares at the food tray again. Suddenly, it flies at Valorum. He barely ducks his head out of the way of its leading edge.

LEIA: How was that?

VALORUM: Very good, my daughter. I can see you will be a quick study.

FADE OUT, then FADE IN on the same scene at a later time.

VALORUM: ...those powers which can be used from a distance are important to know, but if you can get close enough to touch your enemy, even more devastating things can be done. Observe...

Valorum reaches through the bars towards her, and Leia retreats.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Trust me. Only by experiencing this yourself can you learn to do it to others. You will not suffer any lasting harm.

Leia steels herself. Her loathing for her teacher is plain, but she comes closer, and Valorum lays a hand on her shoulder. Leia's eyes widen, and she screams. Her knees buckle, but Valorum's hand stays in place. After about fifteen seconds, he releases her, and she crumples to the floor. Shaking her head, she rises unsteadily, and holds on to the bars.

VALORUM: That was an energy drain. I stole some of your life energy with a touch of my hand. You will never forget that feeling. Do you think you can understand how to do it yourself?

LEIA: I'm not sure...maybe...I...

VALORUM: Soon enough, you will have a chance to try.

FADE OUT, then FADE IN on the same scene at a later time.

VALORUM: ...and one of the most devastating uses of the Bogan is the creation of fear and despair in the enemy. It can strip them of their will to fight, and give you an easy victory. It is most effective when you can reach into an enemy's mind and find his own greatest fears to use against him. Often those fears are the thoughts closest to the surface. I will show you how easy it is.

Valorum concentrates, shutting his eyes. Leia waits, noticing that he is sitting on the floor, close enough to the bars for her to touch. Her hand comes up, hesitates, then goes back down.

VALORUM (CONT'D): You are afraid for your family. For Owen and Beru...for Biggs and fear that they are dying from torture...or that they are already dead. You are afraid for Luke Starkiller are scared you will never see him again...and scared that you will. You fear that he will never return your feelings for love him?? The son of The Starkiller?

Leia's fists are pressed against her head, her eyes shut tight, her teeth gritted.

LEIA: Get out of my head, you bastard!!

VALORUM: I am sorry, my daughter, but that can never be. Luke Starkiller must die. I cannot allow him to live.

LEIA: (eyes still shut) You are afraid of being your own Sith worry that Vader will try to kill you rather than wait to be named your successor...and you are afraid of a prophecy...of the Son of the Suns who may someday kill you...

VALORUM: Enough! (pushing her angrily out of his mind) I see you do learn quickly, Leia. But remember that I am the Master. Know your place, or you will suffer.

Leia bows her head to hide a small, grim smile.

LEIA: Yes...Master.

FADE OUT, then FADE IN on the same scene at a later time.

A Dungeon Guard brings in a Wookiee restrained with electronic cuffs. Valorum tells him to leave the Wookiee and go. The guard chains the creature to the bars of the cell.

VALORUM: Here is a chance for you to practice some of your new skills. Kill this Wookiee slave, any way you wish.

Leia watches the Wookiee struggle. Every time he strains too hard at the binders, he suffers a painful shock.

LEIA: But this creature is innocent. I can't hurt him.

VALORUM: No creature is innocent. You must be ready to kill any creature, if you want to survive in this universe. I will show you how it is done.

With a gesture, Valorum causes the chains and electronic cuffs to fall open. The Wookiee roars and hurls himself at Valorum without hesitation. But he is stopped by an invisible shield. Valorum gestures again, and the Wookiee begins to choke, going to his knees. He tries to rise, but an invisible blow to the head staggers him. The Wookiee slumps against the cell's bars.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Finish him, Leia.

LEIA: (firmly) No, I can't do it. I won't do it.

VALORUM: You disappoint me, daughter.

Valorum stops the Wookiee's heart, and the creature dies.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Think about the lessons you have learned today. I will return to you tonight, to instruct you further. Until then, my apprentice.

Valorum leaves her alone with the dead body. Leia sits as far away from it as she can, drawing her knees up and burying her face in her hands. The soft sounds of her crying drift after the departed Sith Master.

The awesome Imperial First Fleet is arrayed in the sky around the city of Alderaan. More than fifty of the wedge shaped warships fly in formation through the towering white clouds. The fleet's flagship is three times the size of the other ships. On its bridge, two Imperial OFFICERS stand in front of a vast array of multicolored panels and computer monitors, looking out of the main viewport at the cloudscape. Crewmen with polished black helmets and black military style uniforms walk back and forth around them. In the center of the bridge, a rotating command chair is suspended from the ceiling. A huge armored figure relaxes in the chair, surveying the precise order of the bridge. One of the officers speaks quietly to the other.

FIRST OFFICER: I don't like it. There are now at least two of these Sith stationed aboard every ship in the fleet.

CAPTAIN: Emperor's orders. The Rebels are planning a major offensive. Supposedly we need the Sith here to defend the city.

FIRST OFFICER: And was it Emperor's orders that he should seat himself in your command chair?

CAPTAIN: Honestly, Commander. Are you going to argue with him?

FIRST OFFICER: I still don't like it. What do we need those sorcerers for, anyway? The Fleet should have more than enough firepower...

CAPTAIN: Word is that The Starkiller himself is still alive and that he's going to lead the attack. If that's true, you may be glad we have the Sith here before the day is through.

FIRST OFFICER: Even so, you still shouldn't lose your command like that. It just isn't right for those arrogant, elitist...

CAPTAIN: (interrupting) Be quiet, you fool.

Two BLACK KNIGHTS OF THE SITH have entered the bridge, and are walking towards the command chair. As they stride past the officers, the Imperials quietly separate and go back to their duties. The Sith are dressed in variations on Darth Vader's black armor, but without the breath mask and life support equipment Vader is forced to wear. They have their hair cut very short, and their foreheads bear arcane symbols. The two Knights stop before the command chair of FLEET COMMANDER LETTOW. Lettow is a grim Sith warrior, wearing bulky black armor that enhances his already impressive physique. Lettow's light brown skin is decorated with elaborate tattooed patterns, and his chiseled chin sports a neatly trimmed goatee.

SITH KNIGHT: The Sith are all in position, my Lord. We are ready for The Starkiller's offensive.

Lettow folds his gauntleted hands together and smiles in a predatory fashion.

LETTOW: Very good. This ship will be the one that defeats The Starkiller and captures the Kiber crystal. That glory shall be mine.

SITH KNIGHT: Yes, my Lord. Master Valorum will be pleased.

The Sith Knights bow to Lettow, and walk away together as the Fleet Commander rotates his chair and gazes hungrily at the assembled armada in the clouds.

The Alliance Fleet is on it way to Alderaan, traveling through hyperspace. Comprised of over a thousand ships, the fleet is numerically strong, but there is a great variety of types of vessels, some powerful warships, others mere freighters. Each system in the Rebellion has contributed what it can, putting together a decidedly rag tag armada. The ships' hangars are packed full of every starfighter the Alliance can muster. The Starkiller's sleek flagship is at the head of the fleet. In his quarters, The Starkiller is listening to the counsel of the last of the Jedi families. All nine Jedi Bendu are gathered together with their aged leader.

HUU THO: Ancient One, show us the Kiber crystal, please. Some of us here have never even seen it.

THE STARKILLER: I cannot. I must now tell you that I do not have the crystal with me. It lies in the hands of my son, Luke.

USBY THAPE: Master, are you serious? Your son has gone into the city of Alderaan itself! The crystal will be captured by the Sith.

AKIRA VALOR: Though it may bring me dishonor, Master, I must question your judgement in this matter. We needed the crystal here with us, to fend off the Bogan and allow the fleet to fight. What did you hope to accomplish by sending it with your son?

THE STARKILLER: My friends, you have known me and trusted me for all of your lives. I need you to trust me now. What I have done does indeed weaken us here, but it is necessary. I have sent my son to do what must be kill the Master of the Bogan. To have any hope of succeeding, he will need the crystal. Working together, we should be strong enough to counter the Sith para-Force without it.

MACE WINDU: Your son is just an untested Padawan Learner, not even a full Jedi Knight. If you are sending him against Valorum, you are sending him to his death. And then Valorum will have the Kiber crystal. You have sealed all our fates.

THE STARKILLER: Our fates are not as bleak as you think. From our spies, we know that nearly all of the Sith Knights will be stationed on the ships surrounding Alderaan. The Sith will believe that we have the crystal here on this flagship, and the chance to capture it will distract them from anything else. Luke will be relatively safe inside the city. And if he chooses to face Valorum, I have told him of a way to win.

MACE WINDU: If he chooses? What do you mean? Hasn't he agreed to this?

THE STARKILLER: I did not manage to convince him fully. And it must be his freely made decision. I could not force him to risk his life in the inner sanctum of the Bogan. But there is hope. I believe my son will do what is right.

BOMOJE THO: But why did you send Luke? Why not someone more powerful? Why not his older brother Deak? Why not one of us?

THE STARKILLER: I need all of you here with me in the fleet. And Deak is afflicted with the energy of the Bogan. Until that changes, he cannot safely use the crystal. But the main reason I sent Luke is because I believe the time of fulfillment is at hand for the prophecy of the Son of the Suns. The Ashla has shown me that Luke is the one foretold. Born under the twin suns of Utapau, he will bring down the Empire.

JUSTIN VALOR: Then this could be the last battle.

BINK VALOR: The one that decides everything.

AKIRA VALOR: Such a battle will never occur, my son. But we may still win an important victory. I do not know whether to trust the prophecy. But I put my faith in you, Master. I will follow you to the end.

USBY THAPE: As will I, Master. We have waited in hiding for a long time while our brothers were hunted down, and the Empire grew unchecked. When you returned to the fight two years ago, it gave us the courage to make a final stand. Whatever the outcome, I will see it though at your side.

HUU THOE: We are all with you, Ancient One. To us you are like The Skywalker, returned to life. You are the Jedi Bendu. We live or die with you.

THE STARKILLER: Thank you, my friends, thank you. May the Ashla guide us and protect us, and may the Force of Others be with us.

The Jedi Bendu all bow to The Starkiller.

Luke, Deak, and Bail, with the droids in tow, have removed their alien makeup, and put on uniforms of the Imperial City Guard. In their search for a way to the lower levels and the shield generator, they have entered a quiet sector containing chrome and glass night clubs, all of which are closed during daylight hours. In a deserted open air area devoted to art deco sculptures and mirrored walls, the group has found an elevator tube that meets their needs. But as they approach it, it opens by itself, and the sinister sound of mechanized breathing can be heard. Darth Vader steps out of the elevator pod, and holds his blue glowing laser sword at the ready.

VADER: I have been waiting for you, Deak Starkiller. I knew it was you I sensed earlier. You should not have come back to Alderaan. Now your life is forfeit.

Deak ignites his red laser sword, and takes up a defensive stance.

DEAK: (to Luke) I'll handle this. Take the others and go! Find another way down, and finish the mission!

Luke pulls at his brother to retreat.

LUKE: Deak, no! He's too powerful! Father warned me...

Ignoring Luke, Deak shoves his brother away. Bail grabs Luke and pulls at him to run. The droids are already on their way.

BAIL: Luke, don't waste the time he's buying for us! Come on!

Bail pulls Luke around a corner. Luke's last sight of his brother is Deak smashing his light blade against Vader's as the duel begins.

Vader and Deak exchange a series of swift blows, their swords humming and blazing through the air. Each warrior is taking the measure of the other. Then they circle each other warily, looking for an opening.

VADER: I know that was your brother Luke. He can run, but I will find him.

DEAK: You'll have to get past me first, Vader.

VADER: Then I will enjoy killing you first.

DEAK: This meeting was meant to happen. One of us will die today. Let the Force decide who it is.

Vader moves in for a brutal attack, and Deak is forced to retreat across the plaza. Vader's wild swing slices a statue apart, as Deak rolls under it. The young Jedi leaps to the second floor balcony of one of the clubs. From that height, a decorative mirror maze can be seen across the plaza.

VADER: Retreating so soon? Your defeat at Utapau was all too easy. You are no challenge for me.

DEAK: You're in for a surprise. I'm stronger now. Strong enough to destroy you.

Deak gathers himself and leaps over the Sith Lord, attacking him from behind. Vader barely parries the blow, but then he recovers. The duel continues with both men seemingly evenly matched. Deak spins, kicks, jumps, and launches lightning attacks with his sword, but Vader maintains an impenetrable defense. The young Jedi becomes steadily more and more discouraged. Deak has been backing towards the mirror maze. Suddenly, he vaults backwards over the wall, and lands inside. Vader pauses, considering, then walks through the main entrance to the maze. Inside the maze, Vader stalks his prey.

VADER: You cannot hide from me, Deak. Your Jedi skills are not enough to save you. I have killed dozens of your kind.

DEAK: (from another corridor in the maze) It was a Jedi who almost killed you. That's why you wear that mask.

VADER: It took three Jedi to do that. And they are all dead, while I survive. You will soon join them. And when I find your brother, I will see to his torture personally. He will die cursing your name. The same fate awaits your father at the hands of my Master.

Deak is beginning to feel desperate. Despite his bravado, he realizes Vader is more than he can handle. He can see his own fear in the mirrored wall in front of him. The sight angers him.

DEAK: (quietly, to himself) You haven't beaten me yet, Vader. There's one more weapon I can try. The Sith put the energy of the Bogan into me, but you're not going to live to regret their mistake.

Deak closes his eyes and clenches his teeth. Willfully, he stops resisting the Sith poison within him. His body convulses. When he opens his eyes, they are filled with a yellow glow, and his face is a mask of rage. Vader is suddenly there, bearing down on him. Deak attacks with furious energy, moving faster than before, more reckless and more violent. Vader is battered back, overcome. The Sith Lord seems to tire as they trade blows down the length of the corridor. The light from their swords reflects wildly from the walls as Vader retreats. Abruptly, Vader backs into a wall, and Deak holds his sword at Vader's throat. Vader places his own blade against Deak's and easily pushes it aside. Deak is gasping for breath, blinking and sweating.

VADER: You dare to use the power of the Bogan against me! Foolish boy. You have barely begun to sample that power. But I have been using it since before you were born.

Vader waves his gauntleted hand, and Deak is picked up by a brutal invisible force. The young Jedi is hurled to Vader's right, and smashes into another mirrored wall. As shattered glass showers down, the bleeding Deak slides painfully to the floor. Vader turns to face him, all pretense of exhaustion dropped. Deak realizes to his horror that Vader has been toying with him.

VADER (CONT'D): This has been an amusing diversion. But I must track down your foolish brother. It is time to finish what I started at Utapau, only this time I will take all of your life energy.

Deak tries to rise, but Vader takes him by the throat, and lifts him off of the ground, holding him against the shattered wall. Deak's laser sword is out of reach, but he strains for it, trying to summon it to him. Calmly, Vader steps on the weapon, denying it to Deak. Deak suddenly screams as Vader begins to drain away his life energy.

DEAK: (in a strangled voice) You want it all? Then take your Sith poison too! Take it back and choke on it!

The yellow light in Deak's eyes fades away as the malign Sith energy pours out of him and into the conduit opened by Vader. The stunned Sith Lord staggers back, momentarily overwhelmed by an excess of energy. Deak drops to the floor. Grabbing up his laser sword and activating it, Deak stabs upwards into Vader's body. Impaled on the red blade, the seven foot tall Black Knight lets out a dying cry and topples backwards to crash on the ground. Deak sits and gasps, exhausted. For a long moment, he stares at the body, then he notices a familiar chain around Vader's neck. Grasping it, Deak pulls a gold medallion from beneath part of Vader's chest armor. It is a talisman of the Ashla bearing the crest of The Starkiller, Vader's souvenir from Deak's defeat at Utapau.

DEAK: I'll take that back, thank you.

Putting the medallion around his own neck, Deak feels the power of the Ashla wash over him. He smiles peacefully.

DEAK: (CONT'D) I understand now. My anger and aggression are gone along with the energy of the Bogan. My spirit is clean.

Deak sets off to find his friends, leaving the body of Darth Vader lying in the broken glass.

Valorum returns to Leia's isolated cell, emerging from one of the twelve tunnels. The body of the Wookiee has been removed. Once again, Valorum's hood is off. There is an unreadable yet intense expression on his face. Leia gets up warily, and faces him. Valorum seems to be deep in thought. Finally, he speaks.

VALORUM: I feel that the death of that Wookiee did not elicit the response I desired from you. And so, I would like you to witness the following demonstration. Do you recall when I told you that as a Sith you must be prepared to kill any creature, if you want to survive?

Leia nods nervously. Valorum gestures, and a Dungeon Guard emerges from the doorway with two small figures. Leia gasps, recognizing the twins, Biggs and Windy, both bound with electronic cuffs. The guard leaves them cowering before Valorum, and departs. The children look about wildly, and notice Leia behind the bars.

BIGGS AND WINDY: (together) Leia! Leia! Help us! Leia! I'm scared! I want to go home!

VALORUM: Silence!

Biggs and Windy begin to choke.

LEIA: (frantic) No!! You can't! They're just children!

Leia hurls herself at the bars, reaching for the twins.

VALORUM: To defeat the prophecy of the Son of the Suns, I have already killed several of the Starkiller's sons. I realize these are but children, but children do grow up.

LEIA: (screaming) Noooo!! Valorum! Noooo!! Stop it! Biggs! Windy! Please, no...please don't...

Valorum closes both fists, and with an awful sound, both children die instantly, their throats crushed. The small bodies tumble to the floor and lie still.

LEIA (CONT'D): (crying openly) Windy...Biggs...I'm so sorry...

VALORUM: This had to be done, for the sake of the Sith, and to preserve your inheritance. Someday, you will understand, and you will thank me.

LEIA: You monster! Child killer! How could you?!

VALORUM: I can see you are not in the proper frame of mind to continue your lessons at this time. I will come back later, perhaps.

LEIA: I'll kill you! You murderer! If you come back here, I'll kill you! Do you hear me? I'll kill you myself!

Valorum smiles as he passes under the archway and enters the dark exit tunnel.

VALORUM: (softly, to himself) Yes, daughter. Let the hate flow through you. Soon, very soon now, you will be mine.

The Plaza of the Daders resembles a huge glass canyon open to the sky. At one end, beneath the towering Imperial Palace, is a grand review stand, used by the Emperor to preside over military parades and speeches. The heavy red banner of the Empire hangs above the stand, flapping sluggishly in the breeze. On the far opposite end of the plaza, a construction project is in progress. A processional archway and additional seating are being added to the existing splendor. Captive Wookiee slaves are toiling on these projects. Approximately one hundred of the creatures are busy lifting heavy metal plates and beams, slabs of marble, and thick sheets of glass. The Wookiees are naked, and appear to be dirty and underfed. Each Wookiee wears a pair of electronic cuffs, connected by a chain, and a stun collar. A few dozen surly human guards are scattered about, some bearing blasters. There is an air of resignation to the scene. No one is expecting any trouble. The Guard Leader stands lazily on a platform, holding a control box, until nature calls. He trots down the steps to a small isolated area containing a refresher station, and he is quite taken by surprise when a massive furry form rises up next to him and smashes him into unconsciousness. Chewbacca grabs the guard's control box, and affixes a small electronic device to it. There is a high pitched whine, and sparks fly from the box. Grunting with satisfaction, Chewbacca climbs up to the platform and lets out a bellowing roar. At this signal, several Wookiees pull apart their restraints, breaking the chains and parting the collars. These are the slaves Chewbacca has been able to warn in advance, and they shout to the others to do the same. The rest of the surprised Wookiees tear off the deactivated binders and collars, free from the paralyzing shocks that have threatened them for so long, marveling at their sudden freedom. The guards are quick to respond, but many of the Wookiees, former proud warriors, have been waiting for such a chance. Several guards are flattened by powerful Wookiee blows. One guard takes aim at a group of Wookiees with his blaster, but Chewbacca drops from the platform and pounds him into the ground. Blaster shots whine in from several directions, coming from guards who have taken cover. A few Wookiees are wounded or killed as they stand confused in the open. The stronger warriors band together and rush the remaining guards. Although the guards manage to hit a few more of the charging slaves, they are soon overcome. The furious Wookiees pick up the guards and break them like sticks. Chewbacca watches all this with a savage glee.

Emperor Dashit stands at the large window, uneasily watching the cloud-filled skies. The throne room door opens, and a gaunt, wizened figure enters. SATE MOLOCK, the Emperor's white robed Grand Vizier, glides over to Dashit.

SATE MOLOCK: My Emperor, it saddens me that you are so troubled by the impending Rebel attack. Surely our fleet will be more than enough to handle them. But to be on the safe side, I must advise you to relocate to your command bunker in the middle levels. You have delayed long enough. It would be most unfortunate if a stray Rebel ship were to break through and manage to target the Palace. I only wish to ensure your safety, my Emperor.

DASHIT: (distracted) Yes, yes I suppose you're right. Prepare my transport tube and assemble my core staff.

SATE MOLOCK: It is already done, majesty.

The Emperor suddenly notices bright flashes of blaster fire and small explosions at the far end of the Plaza of the Daders.

DASHIT: (pointing) What is that?

SATE MOLOCK: Ah, that. It is of no importance, majesty. The Captain of the City Guard has reported some trouble with the Wookiee slaves.

DASHIT: A slave revolt? In plain view of my Palace? How dare they? Those filthy animals! This cannot be tolerated.

SATE MOLOCK: I am sure it will be taken care of shortly. No need to trouble yourself...

DASHIT: Call out the Stormtroopers of the Palace Guard. Mobilize a half dozen air tanks. I'm going down to the command center under the Review Stand to see to this personally.

SATE MOLOCK: Is there time for this, majesty? Your transport tube is waiting, and...

DASHIT: I will not cower in my bunker while those beasts wreak havoc in my city. This business with the Rebels has made me feel helpless, Molock. It's a feeling I despise. At least I can do something about this revolt.

SATE MOLOCK: (bowing reluctantly) Yes, my Emperor.

DASHIT: You may come with me. You might enjoy watching as those primitives are slaughtered.

For the moment, the surviving Imperial guards have retreated. Chewbacca has rallied the freed slaves. A few of the Wookiees are from Chewbacca's former tribe, including the mighty warriors, DEWANNA and JOMMILLIA. Other Wookiees remember the name of Chewbacca's father Auzituck, and are willing to follow his son. The rest are simply devoted to the one who has brought them their freedom. The Wookiees are jabbering and chattering among themselves, as Chewbacca steps up to the Platform and yells for their attention. A Wookiee cheer rises up to their new leader. Chewbacca explains that a Rebel attack is imminent, and that there is hope of getting off of the city. The Wookiees will have to do their part in the upcoming battle if they are to win their freedom permanently. Chewbacca's pointed ears suddenly pick up ominous sounds from the direction of the enormous Palace on the other side of the plaza. The breeze ruffles his fur as he stares intently in that direction. The sunlight glints off of the chrome shields of row upon row of Stormtroopers. Just ahead of the troops, six large air tanks glide a meter above the ground, their laser turrets aimed straight at the newly freed slaves. Chewbacca's large yellow eyes widen with fear as he cries out a warning.

The tank crew begins to track their targets with electronic scopes, while the PILOT listens to a message on his intercom system. The escaped slaves look like tiny figures on his monitor.

DASHIT: (on intercom) All tanks, fire at will.

PILOT: Fire!

Cross hairs center on a platform in the distance. A barrage of laser bolts streaks from the main turret, and the platform becomes a fireball. The slaves scatter in all directions, and several bodies litter the ground.

White armored Stormtroopers march into the fray. Some of them are carrying laser rifles, while others have laser swords and reflective shields. The Wookiees are confused and afraid as the air tanks fire again and again. The explosions are deafening as the architecture is shattered all around them. Some Wookiees engage the troopers in hand to hand combat. The white Stormtrooper armor does not save the troopers from broken limbs and concussions, but the outnumbered Wookiees suffer blaster wounds and severed limbs from the laser swords. As the death toll rises, Chewbacca finds himself lost in the rubble and the smoke. He has captured several laser rifles and a laser sword. Two tall figures emerge from the smoke. Chewbacca roars a greeting to Dewanna and Jommillia. The three of them turn as a smaller human sized figure approaches. Chewbacca aims his laser rifle, but abruptly holds his fire. It is Deak Starkiller.

DEAK: You look like you could use a little help, here.

Han Solo edges along a hallway full of large steam pipes. He grips a long metal pipe as a makeshift club. Suddenly he glimpses a pair of City Guards coming towards him. Han waits in a narrow nook, his club poised to smash one of them in the head. With a yell, he swings the pipe. Han can't believe his eyes when the pipe stops short of the Guard's head as if it had hit an invisible wall. The "Guard" is none other than Luke Starkiller. Only an instinctive shield, created from the Ashla, has saved him. Bail Antilles is next to him. Threepio and Artoo step through the steam a moment later.

THREEPIO: Oh my! It's Han Solo! Thank goodness we found you! I didn't think it was humanly possible.

HAN: What the... Luke?

LUKE: Han! You're alive!

HAN: Yeah, but I almost killed you. Good thing you knew that Jedi trick. What are you doing here, dressed like that? Did you switch sides or something? Bail? Threepio? Is the war going that bad?

LUKE: Don't tell me you forgot about our last visit here? It's just stolen uniforms.

HAN: This is amazing. I can't believe you all came after me.

BAIL: We didn't, exactly. We're on a sabotage mission to disable the shields of the city. The Rebel fleet is on its way here right now. There's going to be a major battle. But we did agree that locating you was our secondary goal.

HAN: Oh. Great. Well, it's better than nothing, I suppose.

LUKE: You look pretty bad, Han. What happened to you?

HAN: I had a little run-in with a Dai Noga. But I was too smart for it, and I got away.

THREEPIO: A Dai Noga? Oh my! Is it still close by?

HAN: Relax, Threepio. It's way down in the dungeons. But listen, Luke. I found someone else when I was down there, a prisoner. I kind of promised her I'd get help.

LUKE: Han, we're on a critical mission here. I can't just follow you back to the dungeons. Especially after I told Deak he couldn't go running off. Fat lot of good that did. But I have to find the shield generator. The fleet is counting on us.

HAN: It's Leia. The one you grew up with. Leia Lars.

LUKE: What? How is that possible? Are you sure? What's she doing here?

HAN: I don't know how she got here. But she's a prisoner of Espaa Valorum himself.

LUKE: (becoming a little pale) Valorum.

HAN: I know. I've heard some stories about him too. But maybe we can get in there and get her out before he comes back.

BAIL: Luke, what about the mission? You said it yourself, that comes first.

LUKE: This is different, Bail. Leia is I have to go to her. But you're right. The shield must be destroyed. I feel so torn. I don't know what to do.

BAIL: (placing a hand on Luke's shoulder) Luke, I understand. Your father told me that you might have to choose this path. You must do what the Force tells you. I'm an Aquillian Ranger. I serve the Starkiller. And I'm very good at what I do. I can handle the mission myself if I need to.

Luke wrestles with his feelings as he tries to decide.

HAN: She asked for you, Luke. She said she was really scared.

LUKE: All right. Han, I'm coming with you. Bail, you take the droids. You'll need them to bypass the security systems.

THREEPIO: Master Luke, are you sure? Perhaps I might be more useful at your side...

LUKE: Would you rather go to the Sith dungeons, Threepio? Besides, I need to be quiet where I'm going.

THREEPIO: I don't actually like any of my choices lately, I'm afraid.

Artoo beeps and whistles at him.

THREEPIO (CONT'D): Oh, you'll be with me. That's ever so reassuring, you little pipsqueak.

LUKE: Thank you, Bail. Good luck, and may the Force of Others be with you.

BAIL: And with you, son of The Starkiller. You are a true Jedi Bendu. If you face Valorum, the Ashla will protect you. And good luck to you, Han Solo. Despite your criminal past, you are a good man.

HAN: Uh, thanks, Bail. You're a pretty good Ranger, yourself. Now let's get going, Luke. We haven't got all day.

THREEPIO: Take good care of yourself, Master Luke. I wouldn't want to have to find a new Master again so soon.

LUKE: You won't. I promise. Watch out for him, Artoo. Come back in one piece, both of you.

Artoo warbles a good-bye. Bail and the droids set off together down the steam filled hall. They are quickly lost to sight. Han and Luke look at each other.

LUKE: Do you know the way back there?

HAN: Pretty much. (walking) It'll be just like old times, huh, Luke. Running for our lives in the belly of Alderaan. Boy, we sure know how to have a good time.

LUKE: How is she, Han? Is Leia all right? Is she hurt?

HAN: She seemed okay. You must care about her a lot to give the mission over to Bail. Is she, um, your girlfriend, or something?

LUKE: Not exactly. Well, maybe. I don't know. She's always wanted more from me, but I held back. I always knew someday I'd have to become a Jedi Bendu, and I thought that would keep us apart. So I never let anything happen between us. Now, I'm not sure how I feel.

HAN: Is that right? Well, she sure is something. If you're not interested, maybe I might have a chance. You think a farm girl and a guy like me...?


Deak stands face to face with Chewbacca amidst the chaos of battle. Chewbacca is full of bloodlust, but Deak is the picture of calm. Dewanna and Jommillia watch the pair expectantly.

DEAK: Your people are dying, Chewbacca. They're attacking without any regard for their own lives. I understand the lure of violence. I've been there myself. Your people are just like I was at my worst. But you have to do better than that. Did you come all the way here just to let them die? You are their leader. You have to show them a better way.

An explosion tears up the ground nearby. The light reflects in Chewbacca's yellow eyes. The Wookiee struggles to control his rage.

DEAK (CONT'D): You and your people are warriors, not brawlers. You have fighting skills and traditions. Use them! Use strategy, use all the weapons you can find. I'll help you, but you have to take charge and turn this around.

Finished, Deak stares up into Chewbacca's eyes. Slowly, a look of calculation and rationality comes over the Wookiee's face. Chewbacca shouts commands to Dewanna and Jommillia, and together, they set about gathering as many Wookiees to their side as they can. Wookiees come running out of the smoke in response to their bellowing cries, a few at a time, until about thirty are gathered around Chewbacca. All the while, Deak fights a defensive battle against any Stormtroopers who happen upon them. The Jedi is unbeatable as he cuts down troopers with lightning fast slices of his laser sword, and blocks their blaster bolts, sending them ricocheting back. Captured weapons are distributed among the Wookiees, and those without any are directed to find makeshift weapons among the construction tools. Metal plates become shields that the strong Wookiees can pick up as protection against blaster fire. Building tools become clubs, spears, and missiles. Several Wookiees join Deak in defense, smashing troopers aside. Chewbacca indicates that they will split into two groups, and head across the plaza, away from the tanks. He points to the high platforms and seats, and directs them to take to the high ground, just like the trees of their homeworld. Dewanna and Jommillia set off with one group, and Chewbacca and Deak lead the other. As the Wookiees begin to climb, Deak watches an air tank cruise past, firing steadily. He reaches out to halt Chewbacca.

DEAK: We need one of those.

The tank pilot guides his vehicle through the pillars and ramps of the plaza. On his monitor, he can see Wookiee bodies and an occasional Stormtrooper. He smiles. The battle is almost over. Suddenly it appears as if a City Guard is standing on foot in front of the Tank. The driver stops the tank at once. Then he is astonished to see the Guard leap incredibly high into the air, landing somewhere on top of the tank. The crew reacts to the sound of booted feet on the roof, as the pilot looks around in confusion. Everyone jumps when a bright red laser sword blade stabs down through the hatch. The blade cuts in a circle, and the hatch drops into the crowded interior. An instant later, the Guard drops in as well, and swings his laser sword with deadly accuracy. Deak Starkiller shoves the pilot's body aside and takes over the main control panel. Chewbacca sticks his furry head in through the hole and roars.

DEAK: Get those bodies out of here and then get in here yourself. I'll need you to operate the main guns.

Chewbacca roars with satisfaction.

An air tank glides across the plaza and stops at the edge. The main turret swings up and takes aim at a group of Wookiees making their way along the rows of seating. Before it can fire, a barrage of laser fire hits the tank from behind. It blows apart in a shower of fiery shrapnel. Another air tank emerges from the smoke, and stops. Chewbacca rises out of the hole on top and roars to his people on the stands. They cheer wildly in response, and continue on their way. Chewbacca drops back inside as Deak takes the tank in search of other prey.

Emperor Dashit, Sate Molock, and a TECHNICIAN are intent on watching the battle from their monitors, which pick up live video from security cameras around the plaza. Dashit has an image of dead Wookiees on his screen.

DASHIT: Now, that is how to deal with an uprising. That is the price those animals must pay for their disobedience.

TECHNICIAN: My Lord, something is wrong. I've lost the comm feed from two of the tanks. I get nothing but static. (examining his board) There goes another one.

DASHIT: Some kind of jamming interference, perhaps? Could it be that the Rebel attack has begun?

SATE MOLOCK: I had better take you to your transport at once, majesty. This problem is taken care of. Your Stormtroopers can finish mopping up here.

DASHIT: Yes, I suppose I've seen enough. Let's be on our way to the bunker.

Dashit and Molock exit the rear of the review stand, and make haste towards their speeder. But an air tank cuts them off before they can reach it. The Emperor stops short. A City Guard pops up out of the top of the tank and looks down at Dashit.

DASHIT: You there! What's going on back there? Why did we lose contact?

DEAK: Well, well, well. Here's a lucky prize for us. I'm Deak Starkiller, your majesty, and you are now a prisoner of the Alliance.

The Emperor turns to run, but he finds himself facing a large group of Wookiees, grimly advancing towards him. He spins in the other direction, only to find a second group of Wookiees approaching. Sate Molock cowers against the back of the review stand.

DASHIT: Stop where you are! I command you! I am the Emperor! Come no closer, you filthy animals. How dare you approach me! I'll have you all skinned alive...

The Wookiees close relentlessly with the Emperor. Too late, Deak realizes their intentions.

DEAK: No, wait! He's a prisoner. Don't kill him! Chewbacca, get up here and stop them!

Deak vaults into the air from the top of the tank and lands near the Wookiees. But Deak cannot push through so many furry giant bodies in time. Dewanna and Jommillia have taken the Emperor and torn him limb from limb. Deak recoils from the sight, as Chewbacca reaches his side. The Wookiees turn to Chewbacca and bow respectfully to him.

DEAK: (in a tired voice) Looks like you're a Prince again.

Deak turns to the terrified Sate Molock.

DEAK (CONT'D): Don't even think about going anywhere.

The Grand Vizier stands very still, shaking his head vigorously.

With a roar of engines, the Rebel fleet emerges from hyperspace and approaches the gaseous planet of Alderaan. The diverse elements of the armada assume a battle formation, as starfighters exit the hangars and form squadrons. Together, the united Alliance ships advance into the upper atmosphere of the gas giant. The refitted pirate starship, the Falcon, flies at the forefront of the fleet, while The Starkiller's flagship brings up the rear. The most powerful warships, few in number, are arrayed along the front line, while the weaker ships are prepared to flank the enemy and harass them from all sides.

Montross, wearing a crisp Alliance uniform, is hard at work scanning the area with the newly installed equipment.

MONTROSS: I read fifty-four Star Destroyers and one Super Star Destroyer, probably the flagship. City shields are at maximum strength. This isn't going to be easy, General.

General Dodana has command of The Starkiller's ship. He stands in the middle of the bridge behind a complicated console, a wide viewport in front of him. Through it can be seen the ships of the fleet, sweeping aggressively past towering cloudbanks tinged with the colors of a fading sunset.

DODANA: That's the entire first fleet. How are they arranged?

MONTROSS: (on intercom) They're spread out above the city like an umbrella, pointed outward in all directions. There's no way to get behind them, if that's what you're after. I'm transmitting all the data now.

DODANA: (to an aide) Feed that information to cybormitic analysis.

The AIDE enters data into a touchpad, and glances at the cyborgs stationed around the bridge. These LOBOTS each have computers wrapped around the backs of their bald heads. Wires connect them to the ship's computer and to each other. Lights blink rapidly on their implants, but their faces remain expressionless. A response appears on Dodana's screen.

DODANA: (into the intercom) All craft, prepare to accelerate to attack speed. Our heavy cruisers will fly in from above the Destroyers, and try to damage their bridge towers and main guns. Our fighters will attack them from below, and try to damage their launch bays. Transmitting approach vectors and firing solutions now.

The mushroom shaped floating city comes into view through the mist. Thousands of city lights glow in the gathering darkness. The top portion of the city is surrounded by wedge shaped Star Destroyers, while the support spire of the city is unprotected, piercing the clouds below.

There is a grim smile on Lettow's tattooed face as he watches the approaching Rebel ships. The Black Knight presses a button on his command chair and opens a comm channel to all the ships of the First Fleet.

LETTOW: Attention all Sith Knights, our Jedi victims have arrived. Now it is time to unleash your anger, and let your hate for the Jedi flow through you. Take their courage and leave them only terror and despair. Today, we will finally crush the last remnants of their order. The Jedi will be extinct, and the Kiber crystal will be ours! Victory for the Bogan!

The two Sith stationed on the bridge with Lettow assume postures of intense concentration, eyes tightly shut, hands clenched in rigid fists at their sides.

Several squadrons of starfighters race through the clouds, led by the Devil Fighters of Aquillae. Most of the fighters have two long cylindrical ion engines on either side of a sleek cockpit. A gunner's bubble turret and a navigator's station are located behind the pilot. The city's central spire looms out of the mist, an enormous repulsorlift support pillar that looks deceptively slender. The starfighters bank and fly up along the spire. Straight ahead is the vast underbelly of the city, glittering with lights, and beyond that, the menacing triangle shapes of the Imperial fleet. Suddenly, the determination of several of the pilots wavers, and cold fear fills their faces.

VOICES OF REBEL PILOTS: (jumbled together on the intercom) There's too many of them! The fleet is too strong! We're all going to die! We have to retreat! I have to get out of here!

Several starfighters break formation and swerve away. Some of them panic and swerve in the wrong direction, colliding explosively with the invisible shield around the city. High above them, but growing closer by the second, the Imperial fleet begins to release its TIE fighters. The fighters come swarming out of the launch bays, each one a ball shaped cockpit with large solar panels on either side. Inside each ion engine driven ship is a pair of black armored Imperials, a pilot and a gunner, their gleaming black helmets rendering them cold, faceless, and professional. Twin laser bolts rain down from the TIE fighters upon the Rebel fighters. Rebel gunners man their turrets and return fire. Several ships explode on both sides as the battle is joined. In moments, the two swarms of fightercraft have merged, and deadly dogfights break out everywhere. Rebel ships and TIE fighters dart among the clouds, chasing and evading one another, firing and destroying one another, as above them, the larger ships close with each other and open fire.

Dodana braces himself as his ship is rocked by a TIE fighter attack. A moment later, Rebel fighters sweep past the viewport and blast the TIEs into space dust. Dodana is sweating and anxious, but he is controlling his fear.

DODANA: All heavy cruisers, form up and begin a frontal assault on those Star Destroyers. Let's see if we can break through their lines.

Dodana watches as the cruisers get in formation and accelerate. Suddenly, he sees something alarming on his panel.

DODANA (CONT'D): General Zavor! Your cruiser is coming in on the wrong vector! Stay in formation. Zavor! Report in at once!

AAY ZAVOR: (on intercom) If you won't sound a retreat, I'm taking my ship out of here alone. We're all going to die out here. This was a horrible mistake...

DODANA: Zavor! Pull yourself together! The Bogan is causing your despair. You've got to change course. You're heading right for the Super Star Destroyer...

AAY ZAVOR: (on intercom) We should never have come here. We should never...

Zavor's signal ends in a burst of static.

AIDE: We've lost him.

The Rebel cruisers exchange laser fire broadsides with the Star Destroyers. The shields of the mighty vessels hold firm for the most part, but a few ships are lost on both sides, exploding into billowing fireballs that rock the neighboring vessels. The firepower of the Star Destroyers is fearsome. Smaller Rebel ships are blown out of the sky by the dozens, each one annihilated by a single turbolaser shot or proton torpedo. Dodana watches with a growing sense of dismay.

DODANA: I wish we knew when that shield is going down. And what is The Starkiller doing?

In The Starkiller's quarters, the Jedi Bendu families are seated in meditation positions, concentrating on the battle. Mace Windu suddenly stands in exasperation.

MACE WINDU: It isn't working! The Sith para-Force is too strong, and we're not strong enough. Our people are dying out there. I can feel it.

THE STARKILLER: We must combine our powers. Everyone, stand in a circle and link arms.

The ten Jedi form a circle, and renew their efforts to counter the Bogan. The light of the Ashla begins to shine around them, faintly visible to the eye.

The efforts of the Jedi are felt immediately as the fighter pilots feel the Bogan lifted for the moment. Devil Squadron from Aquillae is still mostly intact, but it faces a seemingly endless wave of TIE fighters.

DEVIL LEADER: Thank The Starkiller. All right, boys, this is it. Devils two and three, break off into a powerline attack. Target the shield generator on that lead Star Destroyer. Use your proton torpedoes.

DEVIL TWO: We're on it, Boss. Jettisoning fuel pods now.

DEVIL LEADER: Devils six through twelve, you've got incoming fighters above you. Break off and generate a spread six formation. The rest of you, form up on me. I want a Ranger Defense. Nothing gets through to the flagship, do you hear me?

DEVIL FIVE: We're with you Boss. Let's blast them right back to Alderaan.

DEVIL LEADER: We're sure in the middle of it now. Come on, Bail, my old friend, don't let me down.

Lettow watches a Rebel cruiser take heavy fire and burst into flames. The Rebel casualties are enough to make any Sith glad, but Lettow is deeply troubled. He summons the two Black Knights to his command chair.

LETTOW: Something is wrong. Can you feel it? The Ashla is not as strong as I expected. The Jedi are holding, but they are weak, as if...

SITH KNIGHT: Perhaps they are holding the Kiber crystal in reserve...

LETTOW: Or perhaps it is not there at all.

SITH KNIGHT: But why would they fail to bring it? It is their only hope of winning.

LETTOW: It's time to find out, one way or another. We're going after their flagship. That's where the Jedi are. Captain! Set a course right through the Rebel lines. I want two Star Destroyers with us. We're going after The Starkiller.

The Grande Mouff Tarkin points his feathered arms at the main viewport and calls out to his bridge crew in alarm.

TARKIN: That Super Star Destroyer is headed for the flagship! We must protect The Starkiller.

KESSELIAN OFFICER: Commander, our weapons are no good against their shields.

TARKIN: We can't let them get through. Set an intercept course. Accelerate to ramming speed.

KESSELIAN OFFICER: Commander? Yes, Commander. Setting course.

TARKIN: Long live the Kesselian Dragoons! Long live The Starkiller!

Lettow recoils at the sight of the looming Rebel cruiser.

LETTOW: They're going to hit us!

CAPTAIN: Take evasive action!

FIRST OFFICER: It's too late!

At the last moment, disaster is averted. One of the flanking Star Destroyers moves into the path of the oncoming cruiser. The collision produces an immense explosion that sends Lettow's flagship reeling off course. Hundreds of smaller Rebel ships begin to harass the huge Imperial ship, slowly eroding its defenses. Lettow scowls at the Rebel flagship, still untouched in the distance.

The Jedi are struggling to counter the Sith para-Force. The strain is evident in their stricken, sweating faces. The aged Starkiller seems to be suffering most of all. Suddenly, The Starkiller collapses like a puppet whose strings are cut. The Jedi Bendu break their circle and kneel by him. Akira Valor examines him, and looks at the others with a frightened expression.

AKIRA VALOR: The strain was too much for him. Now his life is in great danger. He must be taken to the medical bay immediately. Justin, Bink, go and get help.

Akira's sons run from the room.

USBY THAPE: One of us has fallen, but the rest of us must carry on. Our Master would not want us to falter.

The remaining Jedi stand, close the circle, and continue the fight.

Leia looks up as Valorum steps through one of the arches. Her eyes are full of hate. She strains through the bars towards him, her fingers like claws.

VALORUM: If you remembered what I taught you, you would not need to reach me, daughter. We cannot have this conflict between us if your instruction is to continue. It must be resolved. So you wish to kill me? I invite you to try. Here, I will even set you free.

Valorum gestures, and the bars Leia is holding swing open. She stumbles out, amazed to be free. She turns towards Valorum like a predator, caught up in a trance of violence.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Go ahead. Show me what you are capable of. Use the Bogan. Unleash your hatred.

Leia aggressively thrusts out her hands, palms forward, and Valorum is telekinetically pummeled. He retreats around the bars in a circle, letting her pursue him.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Revel in your aggression! Let your anger call the power to you!

Leia begins to strangle him with the Force. He stumbles, and then fights it off.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Good, good! With each passing moment, you make yourself more my true daughter.

Leia's face is a mask of rage. She gathers her power, and prepares to leap at her father. With a yell, Han Solo bursts into the room, followed closely by Luke Starkiller. Han aims his blaster and fires rapidly, while Luke charges with his laser sword. Valorum blocks the blaster bolts with his naked hand, and wrenches the gun from Solo with the Force. The weapon flies to him and lands neatly in his palm. With his right hand, Valorum telekinetically shoves Luke backwards against the wall. The laser sword sparks and dies in Luke's hand. Then Han is also hurled hard against the wall. Han and Luke slide to the ground, momentarily stunned, while Valorum slips the blaster into the belt of his robe. Leia stands lost in confusion.

VALORUM: I see we have guests. Luke Starkiller I believe. And our escaped prisoner, Han Solo. Good that you saved us the trouble of finding you. But I do hate interruptions. I'm going to have to kill you both. The Jedi dies first.

Still in a daze, Leia takes a few steps towards Luke.

LEIA: Luke...?

Valorum stops her with an invisible wall. Luke slowly tries to get up.

VALORUM: I've been expecting a Jedi, ever since I felt Lord Vader die. Was it you who accomplished that? I have my doubts. You may be a son of the Starkiller, but you're not very impressive. Perhaps you were all he had left? Perhaps I've killed all his better sons already. Did you think you could fulfill the prophecy, boy? Did you? Let me show you how your foolish brothers died.

Valorum raises his hands, and blue lightning shrieks wildly out of them. The energy arcs and writhes, playing over Luke's body, ripping painfully into him. Luke is in agony from the beginning, but horribly, the pain only worsens.

VALORUM (CONT'D): Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Bogan. So ends the prophecy of the Son of the Suns. And now, young Starkiller, you will die...

The lightning bolts redouble in intensity. The sight of Luke dying finally breaks the spell of the Bogan that has enshrouded Leia. Her eyes once again clear, she hammers at the invisible wall. Helplessly, she calls out to Luke. Then her gaze falls on Han Solo, who is shaking his head and trying to rise, forgotten or ignored by the Bogan Master.

LEIA: Han! You have to get up! Luke is dying! You have to do something! Get up! Help him, please!

Han manages to rise. He takes one steady look into Leia's eyes, then turns to face Valorum. Han Solo gathers himself, and leaps into the path of the lightning. He tries to reach Valorum, but the energy bolts stop him in his tracks. Han screams and spasms. Behind him, on the ground, Luke struggles to shake off his pain. He scrabbles at a latch on his gun-belt, and opens a small hidden compartment. The Kiber crystal falls into his palm, and he clutches it desperately. Han's body falls smoking to the floor, but Luke gets to his feet, new strength flooding into him. The crystal's light grows, and grows, until it is almost blinding. The room is starkly illuminated by its radiance. Valorum tries to renew his attack, but nothing happens. A look of fear and confusion comes over his face.

VALORUM: (horrified) The Bogan! I can't touch it!

Leia can move forward again, and she runs at her father, knocking him to the floor. She takes the gun from his belt and holds it aimed at him. Luke takes a set of binders from his Guard's uniform, and together, Leia and Luke cuff Valorum to one of the bars of Leia's cell.

LEIA: What did you do to him?

LUKE: It has to do with the balance of the Ashla and the Bogan. If one side gets stronger, the other side gets weaker. If it gets too weak, its servants can lose contact with it entirely. They become like ordinary men.

Luke and Leia check on Han. They both realize the Corellian is dying. Han's eyes flutter open.

HAN: (very weakly) See...I finally did something...worthwhile...with my life. Let...Montross and Chewbacca know, will you?

LEIA: We will.

LUKE: Hold on, Han. Hold on. I can try to use the crystal...

HAN: (fading) That's...two you owe me...

Unsure of what he is doing, Luke puts the crystal in Han's hand. But Han is already gone. The crystal's light fades out.

LUKE: It's too late. He's gone. Oh, Han...

Luke takes the crystal back, and once again, its light blazes up, illuminating Luke's tears.

LEIA: (turning on Valorum) That's another life you've taken, you bastard!

VALORUM: After you're gone, I will hunt you down. Both of you. Tales will be told of your suffering at my hands.

LEIA: What makes you think I want to let you live?

VALORUM: Will you kill me, Leia, or will it be young Starkiller? He has all the power of the Ashla in his hands, while I am defenseless. Well, Jedi? Will you kill your father's old enemy in cold blood?

LUKE: I came here to get Leia back, not to kill you. My father wanted me to kill you, but I think he only wants revenge for his sons. A Jedi Bendu must never kill with the Force in anger. That leads to the dark path of the Bogan.

VALORUM: Spare me your Jedi platitudes.

LEIA: It's my right to decide what to do with him, Luke.

LUKE: Why?

LEIA: Because I'm his...because of what he did to me while I was a prisoner here. Let me do this, Luke. Please. Don't ask questions, not now. Just leave us alone. I'll join you in a minute.

Luke looks doubtful, but he nods reluctantly. Taking the crystal, he walks a ways up the passageway he came in from. Leia aims the blaster at Valorum.

VALORUM: A crude a means of execution. What of all the skills I taught you?

LEIA: I can't touch the Bogan either. This will have to do.

VALORUM: You didn't want Luke to know I'm your father, did you? When will you tell him, I wonder? And will he still care for you once he knows?

LEIA: Shut up.

VALORUM: Go on, get it over with. What are you waiting for? I killed the twins. Where is your vengeance? Go on, pull the trigger.

LEIA: I...I...

VALORUM: How pathetic. How can you be my daughter? How could you ever carry on my legacy?

LEIA: (lowering the gun) I can't do it, not like this. Because then I would be just like you. I'm not willing to pay that price. Luke is right. If I have power in the Force, I have to choose my path. You almost took me down the dark path, but no more. It's over. Maybe letting you live is a mistake. Maybe you'll bring misery to lots more people because of me. Maybe you will try to hunt us down. But if you do, remember how you lost here today. I guess this is goodbye, father. If I never see you again, it will be too soon.

Leia dials the gun to the highest stun setting, and blasts Valorum into unconsciousness. Taking a last look at her prison, she turns and follows Luke into the tunnel.

Bail Antilles and the black painted droids have finally reached their goal. Just ahead in the conduit lined corridor, a loud throbbing hum emerges from an open door.

BAIL: Threepio, Artoo, I have to thank you for all you've done. I could never have gotten past all those security systems without your help. I've never seen a place like this before. Alarms, camera eyes, laser gates, Jai gas emitters, cutter force fields...But you got us through. The Alliance owes you a great debt. But now I'm going to ask you to let me go on alone.

THREEPIO: But sir, we're nearly at the end of our mission! Do you feel that I'm incapable of completing it?

BAIL: Threepio, I flew against the Death Star with you. I know you can handle just about anything. But once I go through that door, there's nothing more you two can do. I'm not sure I'm going to make it back. I don't want you droids to...well, your Master wants you back in one piece, remember?

THREEPIO: I do not wish to desert you, sir. It goes against my loyalty programming.

BAIL: Call me Bail, Threepio. Look, I want you both to go back to that last blast door and wait for me. Will you do that?

THREEPIO: Yes, sir...Bail. But do take care of yourself...Artoo and I find you to be a most agreeable human.

BAIL: Goodbye, and may the Force of Others be with you.

The droids retreat back down the corridor while Bail enters the room ahead. The chamber beyond the entrance is huge. An electrical hum drowns out all other noises. A giant cylindrical power shaft dominates one side of the room, running from below the floor to above the ceiling, fenced off by a waist high railing. A glowing power core rod nearly fills the shaft, pulsing with a purple light that is painful to look at. Bail spots a single guard, and takes him down with a quick blaster shot. The Ranger hurries to a huge console and takes a handful of wires out of his uniform pocket. Bail begins to plug these wires into a series of jacks on the console.

BAIL: (muttering) Cross these...connect those...overload here we come.

Bail looks up, startled, as a wailing siren goes off. The wounded guard he shot has managed to pull a security alarm lever.

BAIL: Damn! I already shot you. Sloppy work, Antilles. No time to finish this...

In the corridor, Threepio and Artoo hear the alarm, followed by the clatter of booted feet. A group of eight Stormtroopers comes running around the corner and hurries past them and through the blast door, ignoring the droids completely.

Bail sees the troopers come into the shield generator chamber, and takes cover behind the main console. The Stormtroopers begin to fire at his position, spreading out to surround him. Blaster fire sings through the air, as Bail crouches down as low as he can.

BAIL: No choice now...looks like it has to be plan B.

Bail opens his uniform jacket and takes out several small chrome balls. Tiny antennae project from the balls, and they float up out of his hand. The Stormtroopers watch, perplexed, as a group of shiny balls rise out of the intruder's hiding place and fly towards the power core rod.

BAIL (CONT'D): Goodbye, my Lord Starkiller.

The Seeker Bombs explode together, creating a tremendous fireball. Everything in the room is destroyed.

In the corridor, the droids feel a wave of superheated air, and glimpse a fireball billowing down the hall towards them. Artoo lets out an electronic shriek, and Threepio covers his photoreceptors. Abruptly, the blast door closes in front of them, sealing the corridor. The floor begins to shake, and Threepio and Artoo make their unsteady escape from the area.

The Sith Knights approach Lettow, concern written on their faces.

SITH KNIGHT: Can you feel it? The Kiber crystal...

LETTOW: ...Is not on the Rebel flagship. Yes. I know. It is inside the city below us. The Jedi have been clever. But that is not all. I can no longer sense either Vader or Valorum. The Bogan is very weak.

SITH KNIGHT: Do you think they could be dead?

The Captain strides over to them, clearly alarmed.

CAPTAIN: The shield around the city has fallen. Alderaan is defenseless. We must regroup and fall back to protect it.

LETTOW: The Rebels will attack the city, now. Even if we were to take a shuttle and land, we would be hard pressed to find the crystal. With the Bogan so weak, we may not take it from the Jedi so easily. And the Rebel bombardment will make it even more dangerous.

SITH KNIGHT: It may be beyond our reach for the time being.

CAPTAIN: Are you listening to me? We must fall back at once.

LETTOW: I am in command here, Captain. I will decide where this ship goes.

SITH KNIGHT: That's right, Lord Lettow. You are in command. Perhaps, if Master Valorum and Darth Vader really are dead, you could find yourself in command of the Sith, as well. If that were true, you might decide that you have no loyalty to the doomed Imperial city behind us, and choose to seek a new dominion elsewhere. If Alderaan must fall, then this fleet could be ours for the taking. It would be a great asset for a new Sith Warlord.

LETTOW: With you in a position of power as well? Very well. I like the way you think. Let us take advantage of this new opportunity. It will be a simple matter to take the ship. We need only take the bridge.

CAPTAIN: You're speaking treason! The Emperor will hear of this!

LETTOW: You may begin right here, my Knights. The bridge crew, including the Captain here, needs to be disposed of. Even weakened as you are, this should present no great difficulty.

SITH KNIGHT: Yes, Master Lettow.

The two Sith Knights grin sadistically. They wave their gloved hands, and all around the bridge, the Imperial crew begins to choke. The Captain clutches his throat, a look of horrified betrayal on his face. The First Officer falls behind him. Soon, only the Sith and the six Master Pilots are left alive. Lettow speaks firmly to the terrified pilots.

LETTOW: Serve me, and you will be spared.

All six pilots indicate their submission to their new Captain.

LETTOW (CONT'D): (to his Knights) Contact the Sith on the other Star Destroyers. Instruct them to follow what we have done, and to report back when they are successful.

Lettow gazes at The Starkiller's flagship.

LETTOW (CONT'D): Another place, my enemy...another time.

General Dodana stands firm in the midst of chaos. Explosions rock the bridge as fighters sweep past, firing wildly. A new resolve has come over him, and his voice is full of confidence as he communicates to the Rebel fleet.

DODANA: The shield is down. Commence your attack on the city immediately. Target the main repulsorlift generators.

AIDE: General! I don't believe it! The Imperials are retreating.

DODANA: What? Where? Are you sure?

AIDE: The Star Destroyers are all pulling away. They're abandoning their TIE fighters. General, they're heading for space!

DODANA: Confirm that with cybormitic analysis.

AIDE: (after a pause) It's confirmed.

DODANA: Then the field is ours. Take us in, and ready the proton torpedoes.

The clouds are lit up by the glare of Star Destroyer engines as the remaining ships of the First Fleet cruise majestically towards the twinkling stars of open space. Far below, among the skyscrapers of Alderaan, the first explosion blooms like a red flower in the night air.

The Starkiller has been placed on life support. The Jedi families are gathered around his bed while he mutters semiconsciously.

MEDICAL DROID 2-1B: I have done all I can for him, but his condition remains critical.

THE STARKILLER: (delirious) Luke...Kiber crystal...

HUU THOE: Be at peace, Master. Your son lives. We can feel the influence of the crystal in his hands. The Sith are defeated.

AKIRA VALOR: He cannot hear you. I can feel him slipping away. I only hope his sons return before he becomes one with the Force of Others.

Deak Starkiller and the Wookiees have tied up Sate Molock and the Technician, and left them sitting against the rear of the review stand. Deak hears a rumble of engines in the sky, and looks up to see a Bothan cruiser looming overhead.

DEAK: Well, what do you know. Looks like our side won.

Suddenly, the cruiser fires its turbolasers at the front of the Palace, high above Deak. A huge shower of rubble and molten glass rains down towards the Rebels. Deak saves them by putting up a Force shield.

DEAK: (yelling at the ship) Hey! We're on your side! (to the Wookiees) We have to get inside! Through that door!

Deak sends them running for the entrance to the review stand control center. Sate Molock speaks up as they pass him.

SATE MOLOCK: Wait! What are you going to do with us?

DEAK: (to Chewbacca) Sedate them.

Chewbacca clobbers both of the prisoners on their heads. They are knocked out instantly. As Deak starts to go in, he pauses, spotting two familiar black droids hurrying across the plaza.

DEAK: See Threepio! Artoo Detoo! I'm over here!

THREEPIO: Master Deak! It's so good to see you fully functional! I thought that awful Darth Vader would be the end of you!

DEAK: (shoving them inside) How did you find me? Where are Luke and Bail?

THREEPIO: (excited, and talking fast) Master Luke went with Han Solo to find Leia Lars. I haven't heard from him since! Bail Antilles completed the mission to destroy the shield generator. I'm afraid he didn't survive his own success.

DEAK: Slow down a minute. Han Solo? Leia Lars?

THREEPIO: (not slowing down) As to how we found you, that was Artoo's doing. He monitored the city's security broadcast channels, listening for reports of a major disturbance. He said we should simply follow the trail of destruction, and that it would lead right to you. Pardon Artoo's disrespect, sir. He is only an Astro droid after all.

Artoo chirps indignantly.

DEAK: It's all right, Threepio. I guess he knows me pretty well.

There is a huge booming sound as the Palace is hit again. Rubble crashes down outside. The Wookiees yell in terror.

THREEPIO: Oh! We're doomed! How are we ever going to get out of this one?!

DEAK: The plan was to stick together and steal a shuttle when we finished. So much for well-laid plans. We can't stay here much longer, either.

THREEPIO: Oh dear, oh dear...will this never end?

The city is in chaos. Imperial citizens rush everywhere, trying to reach any ship they can in order to evacuate. Luke and Leia are pushing through a crowd of people on the street, holding tightly to each other's hand. Large dark shapes are flying overhead, spitting lances of laser light down on the buildings. These are Alliance ships which have disobeyed general orders; instead of concentrating on the repulsorlift generators, they are strafing the buildings and fleeing civilians. Their vengeance for past Imperial oppression has placed Luke and Leia in considerable danger. Explosions mushroom into the night in all areas of the city. LUKE: (yelling over the noise) We have to get to that high landing platform. We need to steal a ship!

LEIA: (yelling back) What about Owen and Beru? They may still be alive! We can't just leave them!

LUKE: Do you know where they're being held?

LEIA: No! Valorum never told me!

LUKE: We'll never find them in time! This city isn't going to last much longer.

Leia is anguished, but in the face of cold reality, she relents. She allows Luke to lead her to the base of the landing platform and up the narrow stairs. At the top, an unpleasant sight awaits them.

LEIA: All the ships are gone! Someone's already taken them!

LUKE: I noticed. But we're not finished yet.

Luke opens his hand, revealing the Kiber crystal. At once, it begins to glow brighter. In moments, it is a shining beacon, lighting up the night. Luke holds the crystal high. Leia shields her eyes as it blazes like a star in Luke's hand.

Montross reaches to key his intercom to the flagship.

MONTROSS: General, I've waited long enough. They must be in trouble. I'm commencing my search pattern now.

DODANA: (on intercom) Good luck, Montross. Bring your friends back alive.

The Falcon accelerates, diving down towards Alderaan. Montross weaves around Rebel ships as they fire on the city. Everywhere he looks, fires are burning among the buildings. Montross is intent on his new scanners, when his eyes widen in surprise.

MONTROSS: That's no natural energy reading.

The Falcon makes a sharp turn, and Montross peers out the main viewport. Below, he sees a bright point of pure white light. A bright orange explosion blooms dangerously close by.

MONTROSS (CONT'D): I'd know that light anywhere! (into his intercom) Attention Monduth cruiser! This is the Alliance science vessel, Falcon. Cease fire on that area at once! I'm coming in to pick up Alliance personnel.

With a roar of engines, the Falcon dives down towards the steadily shining white beacon.

Luke and Leia fight to keep their balance as the platform shakes from a nearby explosion. A human figure climbs up the stairs onto the platform, and Leia takes aim with the blaster.

LUKE: No! Don't, it's Deak!

Behind the Jedi come about thirty Wookiees, including Chewbacca. One of the Wookiees is carrying Artoo. Threepio brings up the rear.

DEAK: (running up to Luke) Luke! Am I glad to see you! Using that thing like a signal flare was brilliant. We saw it all the way from the Palace!

Chewbacca roars out an urgent question. Luke can guess what he is asking.

LUKE: We found Han, Chewbacca, but he didn't make it. I'm sorry...

Chewbacca howls his disbelief. Deak suddenly points skyward.

DEAK: Looks like our ride is here!

The Falcon sweeps in and makes a reckless landing, sending the Wookiees running out of the way. The landing gear crashes onto the platform, and the boarding ramp lowers at once.

LUKE: Good old Montross! Hurry up everybody! Get on board!

Pushing and shoving, the Wookiees scramble up the ramp, carrying Artoo. Luke and Leia run on board next. Deak turns to Threepio, who is slow as usual.

DEAK: Hurry up, Threepio, or you're going to be a permanent resident!


Below the city, Rebel cruisers are firing their turbolasers at the main repulsorlift structures in the city support stem. With an ear-splitting roar, the long spire erupts in a gigantic fireball. The lower portion tumbles away and falls, while the vast city itself tilts and begins to drop. Alderaan is fatally crippled. The Imperial capital begins its long fall into the clouds below. The Son of the Suns has brought down the Empire at last.

The Falcon lifts off as the platform falls apart beneath it. The city tilts away, explosions breaking out all over its surface. The pirate starship climbs away into the sky as the city falls into the clouds like a huge island sinking into the ocean.

Owen and Beru Lars can feel the city shaking apart around them. The walls are cracking, and debris is beginning to fall.

BERU: Hold me, Owen...I'm so scared...

OWEN: I'm here, Beru. I'm here, and I love you. I have always loved you. Think about that, don't think about anything else. Remember how we would watch the suns set on Utapau? Remember how beautiful they were?

BERU: Always and never the same...Yes, I remember. Owen, I can see them now. Can you see them too?

OWEN: Yes, my love. Yes I can.

Owen and Beru share a last embrace as the city shatters.

Valorum wakes up, still cuffed to the bars of the cell. The Bogan Master can now touch the Force again. With his mind, he breaks the binders and gets angrily to his feet. He knows at once that something is horribly wrong. The room is vibrating, and stone dust is falling. A huge crack appears in the stone, and the ceiling begins to cave in. Valorum screams as he is buried beneath tons of stone and metal.

In a final cataclysm, the city of Alderaan is crushed by the tremendous pressures of the gas giant planet.

The Jedi Bendu gathered around The Starkiller's bedside turn to see Deak and Luke enter the medical bay.

USBY THAPE: You're still in time. He lives, but not for long.

Deak and Luke go immediately to their father's side. One by one, the other Jedi file out, taking a last look at their mentor and spiritual leader.

LUKE: Father? We're here, father.

THE STARKILLER: (very weak) Luke? You're alive...Thank the Force. And Deak? Is he...?

DEAK: I'm here. And I'm all right. I'm free of the Bogan. We won, father. Alderaan has fallen, and the Sith have fled.

THE STARKILLER: And...Valorum?

LUKE: He's dead, father.

THE STARKILLER: Now I can...die in peace. Thank you, my sons...Luke...will you...take up the I asked? The leadership...of the Jedi.

LUKE: Yes, father. I promise. I'll do my best, but I can never replace you.

THE STARKILLER: You are...the Son of the Suns, Luke. You have already...made me proud. Deak, help your brother...take care of each other. I have loved you both.

LUKE: Father, I can try to save you. I have the Kiber crystal.

THE STARKILLER: No, Luke. I do not...wish it. Three hundred years...has been enough. I have join the Force of Others. Let me peace.

DEAK: Goodbye, father. I'm sorry for what happened between us. You were right. I didn't understand.

THE STARKILLER: I forgive you, my son. And...there is one more thing...I have to tell you, Luke. You must tell Leia...the truth. She is...the Princess...of Ondos...

The Starkiller gasps faintly and breathes his last. Deak closes his father's eyes, as Luke hangs his head and cries softly. Deak places a comforting hand on his brother, then takes his father's golden medallion from around his neck.

DEAK: Maybe you should have this.

LUKE: No, it belongs with you. Father was right, Deak. I'm going to need your help.

DEAK: I'll be right there when you need me, whippersnapper.

Luke and Deak embrace, sharing their grief and their relief just to be alive.

The victorious Rebel fleet floats serenely among the clouds at sunrise. It is a time for mourning. Besides The Starkiller, Owen and Beru Lars, Tarkin, Biggs and Windy Starkiller, Han Solo, and Bail Antilles are all gone. The Alliance victory has come at a terrible price. Hundreds of brave Rebel pilots and crewmen have met their deaths during the battle. Many a ship that flew in to Alderaan is gone forever, with only the towering cloud banks to mark their graves.

Chewbacca and Montross have met to say farewell. The cyborg and the Wookiee clasp hands in friendship.

MONTROSS: So, you're going back with your people, to your homeworld. Good for you, Chewbacca. Or should I say Prince Chewbacca?

The Wookiee rumbles a mournful reply.

MONTROSS: I grieve for Han too. But don't blame yourself. Han died a pretty heroic death, you know. He saved Luke's life. He wanted us to know that he did what he had to do, and he wanted us to be proud of him for doing the right thing.

Chewbacca growls an argumentative reply, unsatisfied.

MONTROSS: Chewbacca, you did the right thing, too. You didn't fail in your life debt. You repaid it by freeing those slaves, just like Han once freed you. It's what Han would have wanted. It was the honorable thing to do.

Chewbacca seems to accept these words. He barks out a question.

MONTROSS: I'm going to stay with the Alliance. There's still a lot of work left to do here. The remnants of the Empire are still out there, and who knows what trouble the Sith will cause. Besides, I think I've finally found my place. Look, I'll still visit you, all right? I'll bring by a load of technological goodies for you and your tribe. You don't want to go back to living like a complete primitive after seeing the galaxy like you have, do you? I didn't think so.

The Wookiee rumbles a solemn farewell, and turns to walk away.

MONTROSS: Goodbye, Chewbacca. Take care, you big furball.

The portly cyborg sadly walks in the other direction, lost in his memories.

The Jedi have come to pay their respects to the new Starkiller. Each member of the Tho family, the Valor family, and the Thape family stands before Luke Starkiller in turn, clasps Luke's hands, and bows deeply. Smiling, the Jedi Bendu file out of the room, leaving Luke alone with the droids.

THREEPIO: Pardon me, Master Luke, or should I say my Lord Starkiller? This has all been most confusing for me.

LUKE: Luke will do fine, Threepio.

THREEPIO: Sir, Artoo and I were wondering if your change in status meant you would no longer require our services?

Artoo lets out a worried whistle.

LUKE: Of course I will, Threepio. How could I ever get by without you? I'd like to remain your Master, if you're willing.

THREEPIO: It would be an honor, Master Luke. (translating for his counterpart) Artoo expresses his gratitude also.

Luke notices Leia standing hesitantly in the doorway.

LUKE: Artoo, Threepio, could you leave us alone for a while?

THREEPIO: Certainly, sir. Come along, Artoo.

The droids leave, and Leia steps nervously into the room, closing the door behind her.

LEIA: I wanted to talk to you alone, Luke. I'm sorry about your father. He was a great man.

LUKE: I know. I'm going to miss him. I had only just gotten to know him. Leia, before my father died, he told me to tell you something. He said you were the Princess of Ondos. Do you have any idea what that means?

LEIA: (uncomfortable) Yes, Luke, I do. While I was a prisoner, I found out about my real parents. One of them was the Queen of a planet called Ondos. She died when I was very young, and I imagine your father took me from Ondos to live with the Lars family. But there's something else you need to know. I also learned who my father was. He told me himself. (turning away) He was Espaa Valorum.

LUKE: (unsettled) your father...

LEIA: I didn't want to tell you before. But I had to, finally.

LUKE: It's all right, Leia. You're nothing like him. Just because he was your biological father...

LEIA: (her back to Luke) I'm a lot more like him than you think. You don't know what happened down there. He told me I had the power to use the Force, and then he...he taught me how. He showed me how to use the Bogan. He tried to get me to hate him...(starting to cry) he killed the twins just so I I would...

Luke puts his arms around Leia.

LEIA (CONT'D): (crying against Luke) ...he wanted me to try to kill him. Luke, I'm so ashamed. If you hadn't come for me...

LUKE: You had the power to kill him, at the end...after we defeated him. But you didn't do it, did you?

LEIA: No...

LUKE: You did the right thing, Leia. In the end, you chose the right path.

LEIA: I came so close. I used the Bogan. I used it gladly. I don't want you to hate me, Luke. I don't want to lose you. I've been so worried.

LUKE: You'll never lose me. I realized something, when I found out you were in danger. I knew then that I loved you. I knew I had to get you back, so I could tell you. I'm sorry I held you at arm's length before. I was worried that my becoming a Jedi would keep us apart. But now...the one good thing to come out of all this is that you have that power too. In time, you'll learn how to use it as I have. Leia, I want you to be mine.

Leia holds him tightly, her tears turning to ones of gladness.

LEIA: I love you, Luke.

Luke and Leia hold each other we PULL BACK through a window portal, away from the flagship, and past the Alliance fleet at dawn.

A ROLL-UP TITLE appears:

...And so the prophecy of the Whills was fulfilled. The Son of the Suns instigated the fall of the Galactic Empire and took his place as the new Starkiller. Through the union of Luke and Leia, the bloodline of The Starkiller will continue. But to complete the restoration of the Republic, the Jedi Bendu must confront the remnants of the Empire, and defeat the deadly Sith Knights of:

"The Legions of Lettow."

By Brendon Wahlberg, based on characters and situations created by George Lucas.

Author's Supplements

The Adventures of the Starkiller - Episode One: The Star Wars by George Lucas.
Summary of the Script
based on the second draft script of Star Wars, by George Lucas with added logical speculation by Brendon Wahlberg.

Ancient History:
One hundred thousand years in the past, a holy man called The Skywalker became aware of a powerful energy field which he believed influenced the destiny of all living creatures...The "Force of Others". After much study, he was able to know the force, and it communicated with him. He came to see things in a new way. His "aura" and powers grew very strong. The Skywalker brought a new life to the people of his system, and became one of the founders of the Republic Galactica. The Force has two halves, the Ashla (good) and the Bogan, or para-Force (evil). The Skywalker knew that weaker beings could be seduced by the Bogan. Therefore, he entrusted the secret of The Force only to his twelve children, and they in turn passed on the knowledge only to their children, who became known as the "Jedi Bendu of the Ashla": "the servants of the force". The respected Jedi were the most powerful warriors in the Universe. For a hundred thousand years, generations of Jedi Bendu knights learned the ways of the mysterious Force of Others, and acted as the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic. There were once several hundred Jedi families. The Republic spread throughout the galaxy, encompassing over a million worlds.

About a century in the past, a young Padawan-Jedi, a boy named Seig Darklighter, came to know the evil half of the force during one of his lessons, and fell victim to the spell of the dreaded Bogan. He ran away from his instructor and taught the evil ways of the Bogan Force to a clan of Sith pirates, who then spread untold misery throughout the systems.

Recent History:
About twenty years in the past, the Great Senate has grown to such overwhelming proportions that it no longer responds to the needs of its citizens. After a series of assassinations and elaborately rigged elections, the Great Senate becomes secretly controlled by the Power and Transport guilds. When the Jedi discover the conspiracy and attempt to purge the Senate, they are denounced as traitors. This is the tragic Holy Rebellion. Several Jedi allow themselves to be tried and executed, but most of them flee into the Outland systems and try to tell people of the conspiracy. But the elders choose to remain behind, and the Great Senate diverts them by creating civil disorder. Led by Senator Cos Dashit, the Senate secretly instigates race wars, and aids anti government terrorists. This slows down the system of justice, which causes the crime rate to rise to the point where a totally controlled and oppressive police state is welcomed by the systems.

Espaa Valorum, the chief disciple of Seig Darklighter and the First Knight of the Sith, takes his place as Bogan Master when Darklighter dies. Another powerful Sith Knight, Darth Vader, is raised to First Knight in Valorum's place. Cos Dashit joins forces with the Sith in order to have a defense against his Jedi opponents, and Espaa Valorum becomes Dashit's close ally. The First Galactic Empire is born under the new Emperor Cos Dashit. The systems are exploited by a new economic policy which raises the cost of power and transport to unbelievable heights. Many worlds are destroyed this way and many people starve. The Sith become the personal bodyguards of the Emperor, and the Master of the Bogan, Espaa Valorum, moves to Alderaan to share power with the Emperor. The Jedi are outlawed and sentenced to death.

The Republic Galactica is now dead. Ruthless trader barons, driven by greed and the lust for power, have replaced enlightenment with oppression, and "rule by the people" with the Empire. But the Seers speak a prophecy that the Son of the Suns, the last of the Starkiller line, will bring down the Empire. "In the time of greatest despair there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as The Son of the Suns." One by one, the now outlawed Jedi are hunted down and destroyed by the deadly Sith knights until only two or three Jedi families remain in hiding, still fighting to free the systems from the grip of the Empire. In the campaign against the Jedi, Espaa Valorum kills four of the sons of the Starkiller, and thinks that he has killed all of them.

The Present:
Now, it is a period of civil wars. The Empire has begun to crumble into lawless barbarism. From the celestial equator to the farthest reaches of the Great Rift, seventy small solar systems (including Ogana Major) unite in a common war against the tyranny of the Empire. A mighty Jedi warrior known as The Starkiller returns to the fight, organizing the Rangers of Aquillae. Bail Antilles comes to his side. Under the command of The Starkiller, the Alliance wins a crushing victory over the deadly Imperial Star Fleet. The Empire knows that one more such defeat will bring a thousand more solar systems into the rebellion, and Imperial control of the Outlands could be lost forever. In response, the Empire builds the Death Star to use against the Starkiller's forces.

"The Star Wars"
The Empire lays siege to Ogana Major. The Starkiller sends his sons Cliegg and Deak to get the Kiber Crystal from Owen Lars on Utapau and bring it and Luke to Ogana Major, to aid in the fight against the Empire. The Kiber crystal is a small diamond like object that intensifies either side of the force a hundred fold. The Bogan Force is becoming so strong that only the crystal can save the day for the weakened Starkiller. When Deak runs the blockade of Ogana Major and escapes, Darth Vader chases him. Near the amber desert planet of Utapau, Darth Vader attacks Deak's ship with Four Star Destroyers. Vader is a seven foot tall black knight with flowing black robes and a grotesque breath mask, and his forces include white-armored Stormtroopers armed with blasters and laser swords.

Vader's forces capture and board the ship. Aquillian Rangers defend it, but as the Bogan's despair sweeps over them, they are overcome, and Deak's brother Cliegg is killed. Unable to get to Luke himself, Deak commands all of the ship's Artoo units to find Owen Lars on Utapau and bring a message to Luke, who is code-named "Angel Blue". Deak fights off a horde of troopers, who are overwhelmed by his amazing Jedi skill with both blaster and laser sword. Then Lord Vader finds Deak and uses the Force to hurl loose objects at him. Deak taunts Vader that he is only a servant, but Vader presses the Bogan on him. Deak is overcome, drained of energy, and taken prisoner. The Imperials find a medallion of power showing the Starkiller's crest on Deak. Vader thinks the Starkiller is dead, and that he has altered destiny by capturing the Son of the Suns.

The Empire attacks and destroys Ogana Major with the Death Star. The Starkiller and his forces, overcome by the Bogan, escape to Yavin Four. Deak is taken to the dungeons of Alderaan, where he is tortured. The cloud city of Alderaan is the Imperial capital city.

During the fighting, Deak's droid Artoo Detoo receives Deak's new prime directive. He and his counterpart See Threepio take an escape pod and crash on Utapau. Bickering over which direction to go, they split up. They both encounter small, hooded Jawa scavengers who imprison them in their giant Sandcrawler. When the huge vehicle is forced to a halt by a rockslide, all the droids on board escape together, rushing the Jawas. Threepio and Artoo make it to a power station in Anchorhead, and get directions to the Lars farm. But a Tusken Platoon scouting Utapau makes a report on the droids and their destination.

The two droids then find the Moisture Farm of Owen Lars. The farm houses Owen's wife, Beru, and Lars' sixteen year old daughter, Leia. Also living there are Luke Starkiller, who is short and a little chubby, and Luke's younger brothers Biggs and Windy Starkiller. Luke likes to study fossils in the Dune Sea when he is not practicing with his laser sword.

Deak's hologram is projected by Artoo, telling of the great need to bring the Kiber crystal to their father on Ogana Major, which is under siege by the Imperial Legions of Alderaan. Luke is afraid to go into such danger. Owen counsels that Luke is the son of a Jedi, not a researcher, and that he should accept his destiny. While the twin suns set, Luke visits the grave of his mother, to talk about the father he never knew, whom he must now meet. Luke is greatly intimidated by his legendary father. Owen has known a day like this would come, so he has taught Luke some of the skills of a warrior. But only Luke's father can teach him the spiritual ways of the Jedi Bendu. Owen gives Luke the Kiber crystal, hidden in a belt buckle, and the young Starkiller goes to Mos Eisley Spaceport with the two Droids, to seek passage to Ogana Major.

In the seedy spaceport, Luke encounters an old seer, who predicts his success. In a cantina, Luke is forced to fight lowlife scum with his laser sword. He then meets Han Solo and Chewbacca. Solo is a young Corellian pirate, burly, bearded, and flamboyantly dressed. Chewbacca is a 200 year old Wookiee with baboon like fangs and large yellow eyes, who wears bandoleers and a flak jacket with brown cloth shorts. Solo takes Luke to his dingy slum dwelling, where a meal is prepared by a Boma named Oeeta, a five foot tall cross between a brown bear and a guinea pig. There, Han offers Luke passage to Ogana Major for a huge fee, and Luke offers payment from his father. But Han has lied - he has no ship of his own. Solo is only the cabin boy of the fat drunkard Captain Oxus (who has another fat crewman named Jabba the Hutt), and Oxus will never take on Luke as a passenger. Chewbacca and Science Officer Montross agree to help Han to steal Oxus' ship.

Montross Holdaack is an old portly cyborg who was once a great warrior, but who is now dying. The only original parts left of him are his head and left arm. Han makes it look like there is a disaster with the ship's reactor, tricking the rest of the crew into evacuating, then blasts off with Luke and the droids on board, letting Luke believe the ship belongs to him. They arrive at Ogana Major only to find it destroyed by the Death Star. Luke assumes the Starkiller might be dead. Han is angry that he will get no money. Playing on Han's greed, Luke tries to convince everyone to try to rescue Deak from Alderaan. He implies that Deak could still provide payment, and entices Solo by appealing to Solo's ego as a daredevil.

Solo and the others hide in secret compartments while their "rag-tag, custom-built" Corellian ship is captured drifting near Alderaan. The ship is towed inside, and Sith Knights board it, finding only Threepio. Han and company emerge from hiding and steal Imperial uniforms. Han and Luke bind Chewbacca and take the droids, while Montross stays behind. They take over a control room, find where Deak is, and go to the detention area. Chewbacca pretends to be loose, and the heroes capture the detention area in the resulting chaos. Finding the horribly tortured Deak, they then escape deeper into the dungeons, fighting past a horrible Dai Noga monster, a cross between a spider and a squid. Chewbacca takes Deak and heads for the ship. Cornered by Sith knights and troopers, Han and Luke jump down into a Garbage room. When the walls close in, the droids are able to stop them in time. Everyone makes it to the hangar, where Luke and Han take hostages. Finally, they board the ship and blast off. Fleeing in their ship, the group fights patrol TIE fighters with turret canons.

Luke begins to heal Deak with the Kiber crystal, and gets a telepathic message from The Starkiller to come to the fourth moon of Yavin, new home of the Rebellion. Still chasing a reward, Han Solo takes them there. But Darth Vader is also on his way to Yavin with the Death Star, hoping to finish off the Starkiller. On the emerald green moon is the rebel outpost of Masassi. Bail Antilles, an Aquillian Ranger, greets them. Waiting for them at the outpost is the Starkiller, an aged charismatic figure who has a long silver beard, flowing white robes, and penetrating eyes. The Force has shown the Starkiller a weakness in the Death Star battle station. General Dodana is planning an attack on the station, based on a strategy of pinpointing a small thermal exhaust port that leads to the main reactor. Commander Grande Mouff Tarkin, a birdlike alien, and General Aay Zavor doubt the Ashla's strength to fight off the despair-inducing Bogan Force, and push for a computer-designed strategy. After all, the Ashla failed them at Ogana Major. But the Kiber crystal brought by Luke changes things. Now The Starkiller is strong enough to hold off the Bogan Force. Luke meets his father, who embraces him. Luke's spiritual training will have to wait, and Luke must face the Death Star as a warrior. The Starkiller rewards Han richly, but Han refuses to stay and help; it's not his battle. The human and alien Rebel pilots take off, as the Starkiller tells them, "The Force is with you." The Rebel starships approach the Death Star. Luke is in one as pilot, with Bail Antilles and Threepio as gunners. A dogfight ensues between TIE fighters and the Rebel ships (code-named Bomas and Bantas). The Starkiller uses the Kiber crystal to fight the Bogan force of the Sith on the Death Star, enabling the Rebel fighters to try for the exhaust port.

Vader goes out in his own fighter with two wing men. Vader destroys two of the three remaining Rebel ships, and is about to destroy Luke's, when Solo, who has had a change of heart, returns to rescue Luke at the last minute. Vader collides with Solo's ship. Han, Montross, and Chewbacca escape their ship in a lifepod. Luke heads for the exhaust port one last time, and gunners Threepio and Antilles manage to hit it. The Death Star explodes. The proud Starkiller greets them back at the base. A thousand new systems will now join the rebellion, causing a significant crack in the great wall of the powerful Galactic Empire.

The Luke Starkiller Sourcebook
Background material from the Second Draft of Star Wars, supplemented with selected material from the first draft.


ARTOO DETOO (R2-D2) an old and battered construction robot. Artoo is a short (36 inches), claw-armed, tri-ped R-2 unit. His face is a mass of computer lights, surrounding a radar eye. He has a metallic claw arm for grasping and one for computer interface, a hologram projector, and a small floodlight on his forehead. He makes a series of electronic sounds that only a robot could understand, an elaborate combination of whistles, beeps and clicks. He served Master Deak for three years and eight months. He now chooses to continue to serve Master Luke. Artoo can be quite emotional, showing anger or sheepishness when things don't go his way. He often swears electronically, and can be quite rude to C-3PO.

BAIL ANTILLES one of the Aquillian Rangers. He is a tall man with a distinctive uniform; on his helmet is the crest of Aquillae. He carries a "laser sword" (a small baton kept on his belt which instantly ignites into a long glowing laser light sword) and serves The Force of Others. The Rangers are agents of the Starkiller, and Bail shows great respect for the Starkiller and his sons.

BIGGS AND WINDY STARKILLER the youngest sons of the Starkiller, twin boys a little over seven years old, both very excitable, playful, and restless. They are living with Owen Lars until they are ready to be trained.

CHEWBACCA an eight foot tall, savage-looking creature resembling a huge gray bush-baby monkey with fierce "baboon"-like fangs. His large yellow eyes dominate a fur-covered face and soften his otherwise awesome appearance. Over his matted, furry body, he wears two chrome bandoliers, a flak jacket painted in a bizarre camouflage pattern, brown cloth shorts, and little else. He is a two-hundred-year-old "Wookiee", and a sight to behold. Han speaks to the Wookiee in his own language, which is little more than a series of grunts. Chewbacca is Han's first mate on their stolen ship. He can be either fierce or very frightened in the face of danger. He willingly joins Han in his con artist schemes. (See ALIENS - Wookiees)

CLIEGG STARKILLER (dies on the mission to find Luke, before Deak is captured) The older brother of Deak, Cliegg was a son of the Starkiller.

(LORD) DARTH VADER "First Knight of the Sith". A seven foot tall Black Knight of the Sith, Vader is "right hand" to the Master of the Sith, Espaa Valorum. His sinister face is partially obscured by his flowing black robes and grotesque breath mask, which are in sharp contrast to the fascist white armored suits of the Imperial stormtroopers. Lord Vader speaks in an oddly filtered voice through his complex breathing mask. He is unspeakably evil and terrifying. He is sadistic and brutal, and tends to laugh horribly. Although he is a strong leader among the Sith, he is feared by Imperial troops, and he dislikes the Imperials he has to work with. In the Battle of Yavin, Vader's ship crashed into Han Solo's starship. Whether Vader survived is unclear.

DEAK STARKILLER The young captain appears to be about twenty-five years old, and he is the oldest surviving son of the Starkiller. He wears the loose-fitting robes of a Jedi knight. The imposing young Jedi carries a chrome laser pistol in a holster and a glowing red laser sword. He is the best warrior among the sons of the Starkiller. After his rescue from Alderaan, where he was tortured by the Sith, the Bogan is still heavy with him and he needs time to recover. Facing battle with a grim smile, Deak is brave, resourceful, and resolute even in the face of great danger.

EMPEROR COS DASHIT (From the first draft) The dark Cos Dashit is "Lord of Alderaan, Consul to the Supreme Tribunal, and ruler of the Galactic Empire". He is a thin, gray-looking man, with an evil mustache which hangs limply over his insipid lip.

ESPAA VALORUM "Master of the Sith". His Eminence Prince Espaa Valorum, the Master of the Bogan, killed most (but not all) of the Starkiller's sons.

GENERAL AAY ZAVOR a large, nervous, cowardly, sallow-eyed Rebel General.

GENERAL DODANA a young astro-general.

The GRANDE MOUFF TARKIN a thin, bird-like Rebel commander of the outland Kesselian Dragoons. A proponent of using cybormitic (cyborg) analysis for attack and planning procedures, rather than using The Force of Others.

HAN SOLO a young Corellian pirate only a few years older than Luke. He is a burly-bearded but ruggedly handsome boy dressed in a gaudy array of flamboyant apparel. Solo thinks he is an important starpilot, but he was really only a "Cabin-Boy" for Oxus. He is very cocky: "Nothing's impossible. Not for me anyway". For his services, he is paid eight million in neatly minted chrome bars by the Starkiller. Luke gives him a gray gunbelt with a chrome laser sword attached. It was fashioned by the Bomerwrights of Sullest, and it is a special blade with great power that will never fail. Han has a large ego and can be condescending and sarcastic. He is a con artist who thinks on his feet and lies as easily as he laughs. He is also foolhardy, and tends to run right into a fight. He is always after the big monetary payoff.

JABBA THE HUTT a gruff and grisly pirate, large and mangy, a slavering hulk who works for Oxus.

LEIA (LARS) the beautiful sixteen-year-old daughter of Owen and Beru. She has a crush on Luke; she admires him and worries for him. Luke does not seem comfortable with her affection and love. She is suspicious and outspoken by nature.

LUKE STARKILLER a short, chubby boy about eighteen years old. He is a son of the Starkiller. Luke might be the subject of the prophecy -- "...And in the time of greatest despair there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as: THE SON OF THE SUNS." (Journal of the Whills, 3:127) A Seer tells him, "Your fate is clouded...but the will of the force has set your path. The man you seek you'll find inside (Solo); the one who needs you, you'll find in time (Deak). Fear not, for the "son of the suns" will free us all." "The son of the suns" is the last of the Starkiller line, whom the seers have said would bring down the Empire. (This is Luke, a son born under the twin suns.) Raised on Utapau by the Lars family, Luke lived with them and his mother until she died. More scholar than warrior, he preferred to work on jud stone carvings, and a "catalog on the ancients", a paleontology text. Luke is a bit na?ve. Owen has tried to teach him the ways of a warrior, and while Luke is a good pilot, he is not very good at the disciplines of power or speed. For example, he does not yet know the "grip of tython" or "the seven moves". Luke looks up to Deak for being a warrior. But Luke has a mature wisdom, and in need, he is good with a laser sword. Afraid and reluctant to join the fight, he nevertheless faces his responsibility. He doesn't give up, and is good under pressure. Luke has yet to learn about the Force, from a father he doesn't remember and has never met.

MONTROSS HOLDAACK a large, aging, portly Corellian man who walks with a stiff, awkward gait. He is a friend and partner to Han Solo. In the past, Montross single-handedly destroyed a colony of Banthas and rescued Solo from death. According to Solo, he is "the greatest science officer in the galaxy". Always thinking scientifically, he relies on study and calculations before acting. He is a cyborg with nothing human left but his head and right arm. He was formerly one of the greatest warriors in the galaxy. Losing so much of his body continually threatens him with madness or death. He is good at coming up with cautious, careful plans, balancing Solo's recklessness. Montross feels old and weary, and is easily upset.

OWEN LARS a bearded, sturdy-burly man in his early fifties who has a plump-jolly wife, Beru. Owen has trained seven of The Starkiller's sons in the disciplines of a warrior, but he is not a Jedi Bendu himself. He smokes a pipe. Owen and Beru are parental, and act like a kind old married loving couple. They are supportive and faithful to Luke. Although he plans to leave Utapau, Owen is destined to be captured along with his family. Owen feels his main duty is to the twins.

(CAPTAIN) OXUS a drunkard man of the grossest dimensions. His scarred face is a grim testimonial to his prowess as a pirate and a killer. Oxus is an evil galactic buccaneer -- the terror of the Outland territories. He smuggles Akurian spice shipments, Covina, and "Auraspice", a silver powder. Oxus easily flies into a drunken rage. He is likely to hunt down Han Solo for stealing his ship.

SEE THREEPIO (C-3PO) an old and battered construction robot. He is a tall, slender C-3 unit of human proportions. He has a gleaming bronze-like metallic surface of an "Art Deco" design. He functions in Human-Cyborg relations and as an interpreter. C-3PO served Master Deak for over three years. Now he chooses to continue to serve Master Luke. The pessimistic C-3PO is very talkative, and worries out loud a great deal. He and Artoo argue and insult each other, but they hold real affection for one another.

THE STARKILLER a wizened old man with long silver hair and white robes. He is over three hundred years old. An aura of power radiates from the ancient Jedi. The Starkiller is a large man, but shriveled and bent by an incalculable number of years. His face, cracked and weathered by exotic climates, is set off by a long silver beard and penetrating crystal-clear gray-blue eyes. He is an elusive person, more of a myth than a man. He is a very commanding leader. One of his possessions is a gold medallion with his crest on it, given to Deak and taken by Vader. It has great power. His plans now include teaching Luke about the Force. The Starkiller divined the Death Star's weak point using the Force.

WIFE OF THE STARKILLER (Not Named) Dead and buried beneath a tall smooth stone planted on a mound at the Lars homestead. Many Jedi have fallen since she died. Luke misses her very much.


BLACK KNIGHTS OF THE SITH a ferocious rival sect of mercenary warriors who fight against the Jedi. During one of his lessons, a young Padawan-Jedi, a boy named Seig Darklighter, came to know the evil half of the force, and fell victim to the spell of the dreaded Bogan. He ran away from his instructor and taught the evil ways of the Bogan Force to a clan of Sith pirates, who then spread untold misery throughout the systems. They became the personal bodyguards of the Emperor. The Jedi were hunted down by these deadly Sith knights. With every Jedi death, contact with the Ashla grows weaker, and the force of the Bogan grows more powerful.

JEDI BENDU OF ASHLA In another time, long before the Empire, and before the Republic had been formed, a holy man called the Skywalker became aware of a powerful energy field which he believed influenced the destiny of all living creatures...The "Force of Others". After much study, he was able to know the force, and it communicated with him. He came to see things in a new way. His "aura" and powers grew very strong. The Skywalker brought a new life to the people of his system, and became one of the founders of the Republic Galactica. The "Force of Others" talked to him in a manner different from the way humans talk. The "Force of Others" has two halves: Ashla, the good, and Bogan, the paraforce or evil part. Fortunately, the Skywalker came to know the good half and was able to resist the paraforce; but he realized that if he taught others the way of the Ashla, some, with less strength, might come to know Bogan, the dark side, and bring unthinkable suffering to the Universe. For this reason, the Skywalker entrusted the secret of The Force only to his twelve children, and they in turn passed on the knowledge only to their children, who became known as the "Jedi Bendu of the Ashla": "the servants of the force". For thousands of years, they brought peace and justice to the galaxy.

Until the tragic Holy Rebellion of "06", the respected Jedi were the most powerful warriors in the Universe. For a hundred thousand years, generations of Jedi Bendu knights learned the ways of the mysterious Force of Others, and acted as the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic. Now these legendary warriors are all but extinct. One by one they have been hunted down and destroyed by the Sith. At one time there were several hundred Jedi families, but now there are only two or three. They're hidden; but many are still fighting to free the systems from the grip of the Empire.

THE FORCE OF OTHERS A picture of how the Force works can be gathered from lines in the script. Anyone can feel the Force when it is in use, and it can have a strong effect on some alien species, such as Monduths. In fact, a primary use of the Force seems to be influencing large groups of people in battle. The Force can be strong among a group, or in a place (The Bogan force is strong with the enemy. The power of the Bogan is strong on the Death Star). When the Bogan is directed at a group, it can have a devastating effect. (The Bogan force is too strong upon us. Our spirit is broken. The Bogan is already beginning to work on you...Will you flee like frightened children again? We were overwhelmed; his plan was hopeless as this new plan of his is hopeless...). Of course, the Ashla can have the same effect. (Yes, my Lord, the Ashla Force is strong upon us. I can't hold the panic). It is within the power of strong willed individuals to try to fight off the effects of the Force. (You must rally the men, fight off your despair. You're feeling the Bogan's despair. Be strong, drive it from your thoughts. It's the Bogan force making you feel that way. Don't give up hope... fight it! We must strain -- counter the force). For servants of the Ashla, fighting the Bogan seems to involve positive thinking. (Think of good things. The force of the Bogan is strong, and if you don't feel you can make it, you probably won't). There seems to be a balance to the Force. When one side gets stronger, the other gets weaker. It is possible to weaken one side so much that its servants lose contact with it. (With every Jedi death, contact with the Ashla grows weaker, and the force of the Bogan grows more powerful. Your contact with The Force of Others is weak to the point where it can no longer be trusted. The Force of Others is no longer with us). At times like those, faith seems to be a very important question. (The force of others is still with us... This new attack formula is contrary to the cyborg plan and depends too much on faith...a faith that deserted us at Ogana Major. Our blind, unwavering faith in you and the Ashla has led to our doom... His son brings us new faith).

The Force gives power over physical objects. (Every object that isn't bolted down is picked up by an invisible force and hurled at the young Jedi. When the objects reach about two feet of Deak, they are deflected by an invisible shield which surrounds him. The Sith knights raise their arms over their heads, creating a powerful force field. The mighty blast-shield door bulges under the pressure of the Sith para-force). Another use of this telekinetic power is strangulation. (Suddenly it appears as if the commander can't catch his breath). Powerful Sith like Vader can even drain an opponent's energy. (Deak seems to be under increasing pressure and strain, as if an invisible weight were being placed upon him. He shakes his head and blinking, tries to clear his eyes. Slowly Deak is forced to his knees as all his energy is drained from his being. Finally, he collapses in a heap). A Jedi who has been affected by the Bogan can suffer "spiritual wounds". In death, a Jedi "joins the Force of Others". The Force also gives a telepathy-like power over very long distances, as when Luke gets a message from his father. Finally, it should be emphasized that understanding the Force is a spiritual matter. (The Bogan arts often run contrary to the ways of science...and logic. You would trust a machine's logic over The Force of Others?)

THE KIBER CRYSTAL a small diamond-like crystal. It is the only one in existence. A Jedi can use the supernatural gem to intensify the Ashla force a hundred fold, but it can also be used to intensify the power of the Bogan. The Sith would do anything to have it, for it would mean their certain victory. It can be used for healing. It can also be used to hold off the force of the Bogan and create panic among the Sith. As the Starkiller said, "The Sith are many, but we hold the one power mightier than they: the Kiber Crystal. It is your captain and your banner. Do not fear to go where it leads". When it is used, the Kiber's force moves into the wielder's body, and the powerful stone radiates a clear almost blinding light.


REPUBLIC GALACTICA and the FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE The Republic Galactica is dead. Ruthless trader barons, driven by greed and the lust for power, have replaced enlightenment with oppression, and "rule by the people" with the First Galactic Empire.

As the Republic spread throughout the galaxy, encompassing over a million worlds, the Great Senate grew to such overwhelming proportions that it no longer responded to the needs of its citizens. After a series of assassinations and elaborately rigged elections, the Great Senate became secretly controlled by the Power and Transport guilds. When the Jedi discovered the conspiracy and tempted to purge the Senate, they were denounced as traitors.

Several Jedi allowed themselves to be tried and executed, but most of them fled into the Outland systems and tried to tell people of the conspiracy. But the elders chose to remain behind, and the Great Senate diverted them by creating civil disorder.

The Senate secretly instigated race wars, and aided anti government terrorists. They slowed down the system of justice, which caused the crime rate to rise to the point where a totally controlled and oppressive police state was welcomed by the systems. The Empire was born. The systems were exploited by a new economic policy which raised the cost of power and transport to unbelievable heights. Many worlds were destroyed this way. Many people starved.

REBEL ALLIANCE From the celestial equator to the farthest reaches of the Great Rift, seventy small solar systems (including Ogana Major) have united in a common war against the tyranny of the Empire. Under the command of a mighty Jedi warrior known as The Starkiller, the Alliance has won a crushing victory over the deadly Imperial Star Fleet. The Empire knows that one more such defeat will bring a thousand more solar systems into the rebellion, and Imperial control of the Outlands could be lost forever.


IMPERIAL LEGIONS OF ALDERAAN Stormtroopers who carry reflective chrome shields, multiple laser rifles, electronic cuffs, com-link transmitters, small lights in their gunbelts, a thin cable on a utility belt, and laser swords. They wear white armor. They are also known as Manthas troops among the Sith.

IMPERIAL TIE FIGHTERS ion engine driven ships, sleek space fighters from the Imperial third fleet. The craft are small cylindrical power shells dominated by two huge solar fins. They can fly in a tight formation. The Imperial fighters are four-man craft crammed with sophisticated electronic weaponry. The cold, professional Pilot and Gunnery Officer sit side by side, surrounded by lighted read-outs. They wear the same gleaming black uniforms as the dungeon guards. TIE fighters can fire two deadly laser bolts at a time. TIE fighter equipment includes communications, life form scanners, ship position readouts, sun shields, and grappling/towing lines.

REBEL FIGHTERS The several different types of sleek two-man fighter craft have a wide variety of markings. Several of the ships have bizarre and colorful designs painted across their large deflector fins, which transforms the crafts into huge and grotesque creatures, while others create beautiful and unique mosaic patterns. Starpilots and navigators in a variety of different style spacesuits wear helmets and space packs. The air warriors are a wide mix of humans and other creatures from the many systems in the Alliance. The ships have ion engines. The navigator sits in a small isolated glass bubble to the rear of the craft. The many monitors are filled with various computer read-outs and displays. Over the com-link, starpilots can report to their Pilot Leader. Two gunners rotate around in the gun-pod. Fuel pods are jettisoned before an attack.

STAR DESTROYERS Giant Imperial star destroyers are warships which can fire hundreds of deadly laser bolts. On the bridge, an awesome array of lighted panels and computer monitors are reflected in the polished black helmets of six Imperial master-pilots. A fifth-ranked General of the Fleet sits in a rotating chair suspended from the cabin ceiling, watching the chief pilot maneuver the huge warship. For a boarding action, the huge gray underbelly of the Imperial warship can hover over a target while a small hatch near one of the complex antenna groupings silently slides open. With fascist precision, ten stormtroopers wearing ominous armored spacesuits then drop onto the top of the targeted rebel craft.

AIR TANKS (from the first draft) Large, ponderous air tanks start up with a loud roar and move slowly, riding magically two to three feet above the ground. The tank pilots talk to one another on an intercom system. The tank crews can track targets with various electronic scopes, and can open up with a barrage of laser bolts. Antenna groupings protrude from the tops of the air tanks, where the main hatch is located. The main control panel in the crowded tank interior contains lights, monitors, and several switches.

TUSKENS Ride in sinister-looking, black Imperial speeders. Large, gray, burly Imperial "Tuskens" have reddish eyes sunken in larger than normal faces. Tusken Platoons scout, spy, and report for the Empire.

HAN SOLO'S STARSHIP a long, complex spacecraft - a Corellian Gypsy vessel, a rag-tag, custom-built ship, a modified F-888 Cargo Trawler. The entry bay of the large starship is also the main lounge area of the ship. There are high-backed chairs and a small lighted table covered with many small metal figures. Each side of the game table has a small computer monitor embedded in it. There is also another large table. The cockpit of the starship is crowded with a haphazard array of computer switches and monitors, alive with humming meters and softly buzzing read-outs. There are scan-shielded compartments and lockers on board. The ship has at least seven escape pods. For weapons, the ship has two main laser cannons mounted in large rotating bubble turrets, and a rear gun turret. A Gunner straps in, dons glare reflectors, adjusts his head-phones, and searches his electronic tracking screen for Imperial fighters. In Hyper-skip, the pirate starship races through the galaxy at an incredible speed and is still maneuverable.

DEATH STAR A huge, armored space station as large as a small moon, the Death Star has a low travelling velocity. The north pole of the complex globe has six black towers dominating the detailed portion of the sphere. In an area somewhere below these generating towers, there is a small thermal exhaust port. It is an unshielded shaft that runs directly into the reactor system. A direct hit straight into the shaft would set up a chain reaction that would destroy the Death Star. The greatest concentration of fire power is at the poles. The complex surface of the fortress includes prime power terminals, large turbo-powered laser gun emplacements, a huge radar disc, a north pole transmitter area, a forest of radar domes, antennae and gun towers, sophisticated deflection systems, solar panels, and many outcroppings of laser towers and transmitters. The Death Star in action: "Explosions create blinding flashes on the planet's surface as the Imperial fortress bombards the moon with a fusillade of laser bolts. Half the planet is torn away. What's left of it is contaminated".

(from the first draft:) Men and robots of various shapes and sizes populate the station. Grim-faced Imperial troopers ride small rocket platforms through the halls. The Death Star was commanded by CRISPIN HOEDAACK, a newly appointed Imperial Governor, a young, evil, treacherous man with stone-cut, angular features, and piercing grey eyes. The Governor's Quarters are an important looking office complex. There are several heavily guarded doorways before the main chamber. Seated behind a large, cluttered desk surrounded by generals and attaches is Governor Hoedaack.


UTAPAU A Planet with a warm, amber surface, Utapau has five lifeless small moons. One of the Outland Dark Planets.

Locations and features include:

EDGE OF THE DUNE SEA - JUNDLAND, or "No Man's Land" where the rugged desert mesas meet the foreboding dune sea.

ROCK CANYON The gargantuan rock formations are shrouded in a strange mist, and the ominous sounds of unearthly creatures fill the air.

ANCHORHEAD From a distance, the settlement of Anchorhead shines under the twin suns like an inviting oasis, but it is merely a small settlement. It consists of a few run-down blockhouse-type buildings, and rests against one of the huge rock mesas. The dozen or so buildings, including a dilapidated power station, are bleached white by the two Utapau suns and all but covered by the desert sands. A harsh and dusty wind blows through the empty streets of the tiny settlement.

LARS HOMESTEAD Owen has a small moisture ranch about three measures out of Anchorhead, due north. Several low gray concrete buildings squat in the middle of a desolate valley. The main courtyard of the Lars Homestead contains a sparse but sparkling oasis, with low concrete walls and great turrets spilling over with foliage from rooftop gardens. The entrance is an enormous shaded corridor. The main living area is a dim, cool room projecting a feeling of time-worn comfort and security. There is a large window for watching the giant twin sunset of Utapau behind a distant dune range. There is a large, over-stuffed chair near a pot-belly thermal-heater which dominates the room.

MOS EISLEY the spaceport at Mos Eisley is a haphazard array of low gray concrete structures and semi-domes. A harsh gale blows across the bleak canyon floor. A leaden sky presses down on the large settlement, which seems to be losing a never-ending battle against the shifting sands. There is a run-down, blockhouse cantina on the outskirts of the spaceport. Various strange forms of transport, including several unusual beasts of burden, are parked outside the bar. The murky, moldy smoke-filled cantina is filled with a startling array of weird and exotic alien creatures and monsters, laughing at the long metallic bar. One-eyed, thousand-eyed, slimy, furry, scaly tentacles and claws huddle over drinks. When in Mos Eisley, Solo stays in a narrow slum dwelling in an alleyway crowded with darkly-clad creatures hawking exotic goods in dingy little stalls. Men and monsters crouch in waste-filled doorways whispering and hiding from the chilling winds. The dwelling is a decaying stone building at the far end of the alley. In the dark and dingy room lives a female "Boma" named Oeeta, a fur-covered creature about five feet high which looks like a cross between a brown bear and a guinea pig. Han is fond of her.

ALDERAAN the city at the very heart of the Empire. Alderaan is an island city suspended in a sea of cirrus methane. The dungeons there have triple guards, scramble scanners, gas locks, and every sector is isolated. It is the dwelling place of the Bogan Master: Prince Valorum. Alderaan is a gray gaseous planet; huge billowing clouds extend out like menacing tentacles. The towering white oxide clouds part, revealing the Imperial city of Alderaan. The magnificent domed and gleaming city is perched, mushroom-like, on a tall spire which disappears deep into the misty surface of the planet.

There is a large main forward docking bay, with several gantries and control towers. A main spaceport causeway has several small side passages. One of these has a grate leading to a giant trash masher. Inside the city, troops and bureaucrats bustle about. Small elevators, pod-like vehicles, travel through vacuum tubes. These can be filled with gas to stop intruders. The Dungeon/Detention Center has an old, gray security station. Guards, alarms, camera eyes, and laser gates are everywhere. In the hall are rows of low, stone-cell doors. Prisoners can be suspended inside the cell by invisible rays, controlled by a small box in the wall. From the Dungeon, one can enter ever-darkening, narrow side passageways with cold stone steps on winding, descending stairways. The eerie, slimy corridor gets narrower and narrower as one descends into the bowels of the city. Suddenly the way opens up to a wide, low ceiling corridor that is very dark and dank. There are legends of the Sith keeping Dai Nogas in the belly of the city - these stories are true. It is said that only a Jedi, strong with the Force, can stop a Dai Noga. Laser bolts pass through the huge creature, which is a cross between a huge spider and a giant squid with long slimy tentacles. Solo defeated one by burying it in rubble. One security measure in the city is a complex blast-shield door which is opened by pushing a series of buttons on a lock switch. The several layers of hatches and locks slowly peel away. When the main blast-shield lock switch is pulled, the five layers of door instantly slam shut.

(from the first draft) Emperor Cos Dashit gives speeches from a Review Stand, a huge, austere platform in the Plaza of the Daders, a part of the city that resembles a glass canyon. Present for these State occasions are generals, dressed in the black and grey uniform of the realm, members of the Supreme Tribunal, and Governors of various systems. The Emperor may review a parade of Imperial shock troops and giant air tanks. The Plaza of the Daders may be filled with a hundred rows of troops, a thousand men snapping to attention and occasionally shouting an Imperial salute. A light wind blows the great red banner of the Empire, creating a subtle flapping sound. To enter or leave the plaza, one must pass through several check stations, where one is forced to show identification. Within the city, one may enjoy the glass and chrome splendor of one of the famous nightclubs of Alderaan. At one of the long mirrored bars, one speaks into a small intercom on the bar front. A drink appears magically from a small elevator in the bar. But patrons are monitored from Bar observation centers, where controllers listen for anti-Imperial talk. Living quarters of Imperial Governors are also found in the city. These are typically large, white-on-white executive quarters, secure meeting places for high level officials.

YAVIN'S FOURTH MOON The Yavin system is way beyond the rim of the galaxy, but there is an outpost, a Rebel base on the emerald green fourth moon of the gas giant. The moon has a dense, steaming jungle and a murky swamp. There is a forest of gargantuan trees shrouded in an eerie mist. The air is heavy with the fantastic cries of unimaginable creatures. Gruesome and unnatural sounds permeate this ghostly wasteland. The jungle is a strange and eerie, fog-laden purgatory. A ridge overlooks the rebel outpost of Masassi. All that can be seen of the fortress is a lone guard standing on a small pedestal jutting out above the dense jungle. The Masassi outpost war room is a low metal building to one side of a large ship runway. The war room is a mass of glass enclosures, electronic wall displays, monitors and computer stations. Officers and aides rush to and fro. There is a large, dimly lit conference room dominated by a huge galactic display board and a long table.

AQUILLAE (from the first draft) an eerie, reddish-yellow planet, home planet of Bail Antilles and source of the Rangers. In the city of Calvas, the royal seat of King Kayos Aquillae and Queen Breha is the Palace of Lite. The planet is mostly a desert wilderness, but the palace is a sparkling oasis. There is also an underground hidden fortress containing the Aquillian war room. The full assembly of the Government meets in the city of Amsel, which is reached by way of the vast Red Plains of Caldin, where huge ultrasleek powerplows plant green fungus in endless furrows. The planetary defenses of Aquillae include squadrons of powerful silver "Devil" fighters, two-man starships of the destroyer class, which take off from the military sections of several spaceport city outposts, including one in Gordon. Aquillian air warriors have the distinctive circle and cross medallion on their white space suits. Pilot Leader flies the first ship; his navigator sits in a small, isolated glass bubble to the rear of the craft. Leaders back at the war room can seen on one of many monitors. The rest are filled with various computer readouts and displays. The other starships report to Pilot Leader over an intercom. The ship computers can map a surface to be attacked, display the map, and pick out weak spots. Pilot tactics include the "ranger defense," concentrating fire, generating a spread six formation, jettisoning fuel pods and breaking off into a powerline attack. The fighters have ejection seats for escaping, with automatic rockets to direct and soften the landing. The Gordon spaceport also contains landing areas for large Baltarian freighters and other ships. Passengers leave from crowded terminals with security gates and boarding ramps. Passenger identification is carried on computer discs. Additional security is provided by "cutter" force fields. Ships take off through giant Silo Covers which open to the sky. Aquillae has a treasure of biotic science (Genetics and cloning.) Their scientists have added two-hundred years to a lifespan. The Aquillae family has ruled the system for ten thousand years. The people will follow no other. If the royal line is broken, there is a good chance the entire population will destroy themselves and their knowledge before submitting to Imperial rule.


JAWAS Creatures native to Utapau, no taller than Artoo. They have strange and complex weapons, wear grubby cloaks, and their faces are shrouded so that only their yellow eyes can be seen. They hiss and make odd guttural sounds. They smell horribly, attracting small insects to the dark areas where their mouths and nostrils should be. Jawas aren't traders, they're "metalmen" who melt droids down. They are led by evil Jawa trading lords. Jawas travel in huge sandcrawlers, tank-like vehicles the size of a two-story house.

WOOKIEES (from the first draft) huge, gray furry beast-like giants with fierce baboon-like fangs. They can squawk, jabber, yell, scream, laugh, screech, chatter, and cheer. They hug and kiss to show affection, and kneel and bow to show respect. Wookiees are strong enough to pick up a human and snap him in two, like a stick of wood. Wookiee warriors are excellent with weapons and hand to hand combat. They use such weapons as axes, spears, arrows, and large shiny shields. They know how to make large and deadly traps out of primitive materials. Wookiees can learn to fly space ships, and they prove to be proficient and aggressive flyers. At first, they might approach technology with a combination of complete panic and an awesome religious experience. But their natural skill and enthusiasm lets them get the hang of it fairly quickly. A typical Wookiee Camp on their forest homeworld is a small clearing surrounded by many bark and mud hovels, or lodges. Among the mud huts is the large chief's quarters. Young Wookiees run in and out of the grubby little dwellings. Giant, bushbaby-like Wookiees of all ages and sizes walk through the clearing. There is a raised area in the middle of the clearing which is used for combat. Guards with long spears provide protection. Some Wookiee warriors wear helmets with plumes and chest armor. At times, the Wookiees hold a beautiful, but frenzied fire festival. Wookiees perform the Waita Tar dance, and yodel in a barking fashion around a large fire. The female Wookiees arrive, carrying torches, and move in a circle around the males.

Trappers often come to the Wookiee homeworld, capturing native Wookiees. The scruffy, alien trappers use large, tank-like "jungle crawlers" to transport their captives, selling them to the Empire for slaves. The trappers speak in a strange language, and although they appear slightly human, they are slimy, deformed, hideous looking creatures known as Yourellians.

Notable Wookiees from Chewbacca's former tribe:

DEWANNA the largest of the Wookiees

CHEWBACCA The eight foot tall son of Auzituck, Prince of the Sawas, a very powerful tribe. Rescued from slavery by Han Solo, he learned how to fly starships and stayed with Solo as part of a life debt.

AUZITUCK Chewbacca's father, Chief of the Kaapauku tribe; an old and feeble Wookiee dressed in royal skins and headdress. JOMMILLIA a large, ferocious Wookiee who fights with a spear and double-bladed battle ax.


...And a thousand new systems joined the rebellion, causing a significant crack in the great wall of the powerful Galactic Empire. The Starkiller would once again spark fear in the hearts of the Sith knights, but not before his sons were put to many tests...the most daring of which was the kidnapping of the Lars family, and the perilous search for: "The Princess of Ondos."

The Starkiller timeline
based on the second draft script of Star Wars, by George Lucas with added logical speculation by Brendon Wahlberg.

BTSW= Before "The Star Wars"

100,000 BTSW A holy man called the Skywalker became aware of a powerful energy field which he believed influenced the destiny of all living creatures...The "Force of Others". After much study, he was able to know the force, and it communicated with him. He came to see things in a new way. His "aura" and powers grew very strong. The Skywalker brought a new life to the people of his system, and became one of the founders of the Republic Galactica. The Skywalker entrusted the secret of The Force only to his twelve children, and they in turn passed on the knowledge only to their children, who became known as the "Jedi Bendu of the Ashla": "the servants of the force". The respected Jedi were the most powerful warriors in the Universe. For a hundred thousand years, generations of Jedi Bendu knights learned the ways of the mysterious Force of Others, and acted as the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic. There were once several hundred Jedi families. The Republic spread throughout the galaxy, encompassing over a million worlds.

300+ years BTSW The Starkiller is born on Aquillae. Aquillian biotic science will enable him to live for over three centuries.

200 years BTSW Chewbacca is born Prince of the Sawas to Auzituck, Chief of the Kaapauku tribe.

100 years BTSW During one of his lessons, a young Padawan-Jedi, a boy named Seig Darklighter, came to know the evil half of the force, and fell victim to the spell of the dreaded Bogan. He ran away from his instructor and taught the evil ways of the Bogan Force to a clan of Sith pirates, who then spread untold misery throughout the systems.

60 years BTSW Montross is born.

55 years BTSW Owen Lars is born.

53 years BTSW Cos Dashit is born.

45 years BTSW Darth Vader is born.

40 years BTSW Espaa Valorum is born.

36 years BTSW Bail Antilles is born.

25 years BTSW Deak Starkiller is born.

24 years BTSW Han Solo is born.

20-15 years BTSW The Great Senate has grown to such overwhelming proportions that it no longer responds to the needs of its citizens. After a series of assassinations and elaborately rigged elections, the Great Senate becomes secretly controlled by the Power and Transport guilds. When the Jedi discover the conspiracy and attempt to purge the Senate, they are denounced as traitors. This is the tragic Holy Rebellion. Several Jedi allow themselves to be tried and executed, but most of them flee into the Outland systems (such as Utapau) and try to tell people of the conspiracy. But the elders choose to remain behind, and the Great Senate diverts them by creating civil disorder. Led by Senator Cos Dashit, the Senate secretly instigates race wars, and aids anti government terrorists. This slows down the system of justice, which causes the crime rate to rise to the point where a totally controlled and oppressive police state is welcomed by the systems. Espaa Valorum, the chief disciple of Seig Darklighter and the First Knight of the Sith, takes his place as Bogan Master when Darklighter dies. Another powerful Sith Knight, Darth Vader, is raised to First Knight in Valorum's place. Cos Dashit joins forces with the Sith in order to have a defense against his Jedi opponents, and Espaa Valorum becomes Dashit's close ally.

18 years BTSW Luke Starkiller born on Utapau in the absence of his father.

16 years BTSW Leia born. [Leia is the daughter of the Queen of Ondos and Espaa Valorum. In this period, the Great Senate's campaign of disorder included allowing the Sith to pillage worlds. Valorum sacked Ondos and raped the Queen. The Jedi Bendu were unable to do anything about it. The Queen killed herself after childbirth, and her baby was taken by the Starkiller to be raised by the Lars family. Thus Leia is actually the Princess of Ondos.]

15-10 years BTSW The First Galactic Empire is born under the new Emperor Cos Dashit. The systems are exploited by a new economic policy which raises the cost of power and transport to unbelievable heights. Many worlds are destroyed this way and many people starve. The Sith become the personal bodyguards of the Emperor, and the Master of the Bogan, Espaa Valorum, moves to Alderaan to share power with the Emperor. The Jedi are outlawed and sentenced to death. The Republic Galactica is now dead. Ruthless trader barons, driven by greed and the lust for power, have replaced enlightenment with oppression, and "rule by the people" with the Empire. But the Seers speak a prophecy that the Son of the Suns, the last of the Starkiller line, will bring down the Empire.

11 years BTSW On Corellia, Montross saves and befriends Han Solo.

10-5 years BTSW One by one, the now outlawed Jedi are hunted down and destroyed by the deadly Sith knights until only two or three Jedi families remain in hiding, still fighting to free the systems from the grip of the Empire. First Knight Darth Vader kills many Jedi Bendu, but is terribly wounded in one battle. He is forced to wear a breath mask and life support equipment built into his armor. In the campaign against the Jedi, Espaa Valorum kills four of the sons of the Starkiller, and thinks that he has killed all of them.

7 years BTSW Luke Starkiller's mother dies on Utapau, giving birth to Biggs and Windy.

4 years BTSW Chewbacca's tribe is enslaved. Han Solo rescues Chewbacca, and the Wookiee swears a life debt.

3 years BTSW Artoo and Threepio begin to serve Master Deak Starkiller.

2-0 years BTSW It is a period of civil wars. The Empire has begun to crumble into lawless barbarism. From the celestial equator to the farthest reaches of the Great Rift, seventy small solar systems (including Ogana Major) unite in a common war against the tyranny of the Empire. A mighty Jedi warrior known as The Starkiller returns to the fight, organizing the Rangers of Aquillae. Bail Antilles comes to his side. Under the command of The Starkiller, the Alliance wins a crushing victory over the deadly Imperial Star Fleet. The Empire knows that one more such defeat will bring a thousand more solar systems into the rebellion, and Imperial control of the Outlands could be lost forever. In response, the Empire builds the Death Star to use against the Starkiller's forces. Down on their luck, Montross, Chewbacca, and Han Solo go to work for Captain Oxus as smugglers.

TSW The Empire lays siege to Ogana Major. The Starkiller sends his sons Cliegg and Deak to get the Kiber Crystal from Owen Lars on Utapau and bring it and Luke to Ogana Major, to aid in the fight against the Empire. When Deak runs the blockade of Ogana Major and escapes, Darth Vader chases him. Near Utapau, Darth Vader attacks Deak's ship with Four Star Destroyers. Cliegg is killed, and Deak is captured. Believing they have captured the son of the suns, the Empire attacks and destroys Ogana Major with the Death Star. The Starkiller and his forces, overcome by the Bogan, escape to Yavin Four. Deak is taken to the dungeons of Alderaan, where he is tortured.

Deak's droids, Artoo and Threepio, have escaped the Imperials and a group of Jawas to find Luke at the home of Owen Lars, bringing the message that the crystal is needed. A Tusken Platoon scouts Utapau, making a report about the droids who were looking for Lars. Luke decides to bring the Crystal to his father on Ogana Major. He travels to Mos Eisley spaceport with the droids and meets Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Montross, who promise Luke transport to Ogana Major. Finding that Captain Oxus will not cooperate, Han Solo tricks Oxus and steals his ship, letting Luke believe it belongs to him. The group flies to Ogana Major but finds it destroyed. Assuming the Starkiller might be dead, and playing on Han's greed, Luke convinces everyone to try to rescue Deak from Alderaan. The daring heroes manage to get Deak out of the Imperial city after a series of narrow escapes. Luke begins to heal Deak with the Kiber crystal, and gets a telepathic message from The Starkiller to come to Yavin Four. Still chasing a reward, Han Solo takes them there.

Darth Vader is also on his way to Yavin with the Death Star, hoping to finish off the Starkiller. Luke meets his father at the rebel outpost of Masassi, where the Starkiller's forces plan to attack the Death Star. The Force has shown the Starkiller a weakness in the battle station. Han Solo takes his reward and leaves, but Luke joins the air battle, flying with Bail Antilles, Artoo, and Threepio. In the Battle of Yavin, The Starkiller uses the Kiber crystal to fight the Bogan force of the Sith on the Death Star, enabling the Rebel fighters to try for the exhaust port. Darth Vader flies his fighter against the Rebel ships. Han Solo returns to save Luke from Darth Vader's fighter, which crashes into Solo's ship. Luke and his team make the fatal shot, and the Death Star is destroyed.

1 year ATSW A thousand new systems join the rebellion, causing a significant crack in the great wall of the powerful Galactic Empire. The kidnapping of the Lars family, and the perilous search for: "The Princess of Ondos."

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Author: Bubba
Date posted: 6/13/2001 6:53:56 AM
Bubba's Comments:

Very comprehensive and well-done. It feels genuinely authentic, like Mr. Lucas himself wrote this sequel in his basement. The timeline at the end made my day.

Author: Darth Nor
Date posted: 7/12/2001 2:11:03 PM
Darth Nor's Comments:

Very well written story, I agree as well as it
feels like Mr. Lucas wrote himself. Brandon has
a grasp of the Star Wars universe like no other
fan fiction writter I've read yet. Well done.

Author: Belle Bayard
Date posted: 8/19/2001 2:14:55 PM
Belle Bayard's Comments:

While rather disconcerting at first to read about a Star Wars universe not peopled with familiar characters, Brendan has done an excellent job continuing the original story draft George Lucas wrote when approaching film companies with his concept. Believable and consistent, The Princess of Ondos remains a well-crafted, consistent and masterful story that could stand alone as an example to not only fanfiction but professional writers as well.

Author: Darth Unknown
Date posted: 8/30/2001 9:26:42 AM
Darth Unknown's Comments:

I thought the screenplay was very interesting.

Author: Astral Highway
Date posted: 9/3/2007 5:02:15 AM
Astral Highway's Comments:

Brilliant... i LOVED it! I have always been a big fan of the early conceptual work of the Star Wars saga... especially the development of the scripts themselves.

I have only one question:

Will you ever write 'The Legions Of Lettow'?

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