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Gungan to the left

The Eternal Cord (G)

By : Tahi

Archived on: Monday, November 22, 2004

When a mother loses her child, the pain is unbearable - as Leia discovers only too well. And yet, as every mother knows, there is an enduring bond that nothing - not even the grave - can destroy.

My baby, I remember you still
warm, wonderful - a moist bundle
of limbs unfolding in perfect proportion,
your brown eyes discovering
the world for the first time,
your first journey complete,
your first conquest
my heart.

Accustomed to a humid
equatorial shelter,
you objected loudly
to the harsh new climate,
cold, clinical
like the cut
that severed
your former lifeline.
Our connection, once tangible,
transcended the frail flesh -
became stronger, indestructible.

My little boy, I wish I could remember
your first lisping utterances, articulations
in baby speak of your loving origins,
but they were shared with another
no less caring, yet not me
your mother.

Your name, your inheritance
a double danger, and you
so vulnerable. Bound to you
yet separated by necessity.
Jedi mothers don't dream
except in nightmares.

My boy, I do remember
your first halting steps,
the ground an unreliable ally
tricking and toppling you
making you chuckle. You
unafraid, at home in halls of power
in the glistening corridors of hyperspace.

My son, I remember
the fond family joke,
you the puzzle adept
and yet to us the puzzle, hearing
rhythms unreachable to our ears.
Problems were just equations,
like the temple on Yavin,
rebuilt thanks to you.
I still have the model,
its harmony and balance
quintessentially yours.

What siren songs moved you?
What echoes from a lost past
where strength of will
and honour were still virtues?
So many times I almost lost you,
greed, ambition honing
the cruel blades that would cut you
from me again and again. For you
age was no magical shield and so
you grew up before your time. I
don't remember the moment. I
looked away for an instant
and there you were, a man
to look up to, a young man
I was proud to call my son.

I remember your still form
aglow in the Force, the flush of victory
on your sleeping face. Dantooine,
your initiation as protector of Jedi.

I don't remember
the surgical strike
that severed your tie
to this life, but I felt
your body aflame - a crucible
tested by fire, sanctified by the Force;
your fierce desire to save us all;
your perfect love redeeming me
when all I felt was pain.

My immortal, I remember your still form,
your sweet face peaceful in victory, the stars
aglow showering your final journey
with radiance reserved only for heroes.
And yet the phantom cord endures
stronger still. My link to you. My
everlasting connection to you, my
baby, my son.
My Anakin.

Author Note: Baby Anakin's eyes were brown like his mother's before they turned into the beautiful ice blue with which we are familiar.


Original cover by rhonderoo. HTML formatting copyright 2004 TheForce.Net LLC.

Fan Fiction Rating

Current Rating is 9.44 in 41 total ratings.

Reader Comments

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Author: MariahJade2  (signed)
Date posted: 11/22/2004 8:20:28 PM
MariahJade2's Comments:

Just wanted to say congratulations on being the first Poem in the Archive. Hope everyone enjoys it.

Author: DarthIshtar  (signed)
Date posted: 11/23/2004 1:30:02 AM
DarthIshtar's Comments:

This was wonderful and heartfelt, with so many...I hate to say precious moments, but it's the phrase that comes to mind. Congrats as well on the distinction of the first poem being archived.

Author: Thrawn McEwok
Date posted: 11/23/2004 3:00:12 AM
Thrawn McEwok's Comments:

Powerful, profound, and simply perfect...

Author: Jedi_jainafel
Date posted: 11/23/2004 3:49:05 AM
Jedi_jainafel's Comments:

Your poetry just seems to become, better and better, Tahi. "The Eternal Cord" is beautiful and profound at the same time.

Author: Oobee Doob
Date posted: 11/23/2004 6:51:44 AM
Oobee Doob's Comments:

ummm...........Anakin's eyes were blue. :-/

Author: Qwi_Xux  (signed)
Date posted: 11/23/2004 7:11:00 AM
Qwi_Xux's Comments:

That was so beautiful. I love the progression of Leia's thoughts through Anakin's life, how she went from his birth to his death, and the realization that he will always be a part of her.

Author: boushh2187  (signed)
Date posted: 11/23/2004 10:26:46 AM
boushh2187's Comments:

I enjoyed the poem very much and congrats on being the first one to have a poem archived. :)

Author: Jedi_Morwen  (signed)
Date posted: 11/24/2004 9:34:14 PM
Jedi_Morwen's Comments:

This poem was very beautiful....

Author: LianaMara  (signed)
Date posted: 11/30/2004 9:38:54 AM
LianaMara's Comments:

What a beautiful poem! I love the progression of Leia's memories of Anakin, from a baby to a young man. Congrats on being the first poem archived, Tahi. :)

Author: LaLaLa2004
Date posted: 12/5/2004 2:49:35 PM
LaLaLa2004's Comments:

Excellently done. I nearly cried.

Author: Jedi Knight Safira Felan
Date posted: 12/14/2004 9:47:35 AM
Jedi Knight Safira Felan's Comments:

Very good! Sad but sweet. Except that Anakin's eyes are supposed to be blue...that kinda bugged me a little...but I'm anal that way. Good poem. Very emotional.

Author: Tahi
Date posted: 12/16/2004 3:17:41 PM
Tahi's Comments:

Thankyou so much for the feedback - and thanks also to all those who have taken time to read the poem. Much appreciated.

Just a wee comment regarding the eye colour. Babies eyes - as you know - often change colour a few weeks after the baby is born. My kids all started with blue eyes which then changed to brown. Anakin, however, had eyes that began as brown, and then they changed to that beautiful ice blue colour.

Author: Bria  (signed)
Date posted: 1/14/2005 8:07:36 PM
Bria's Comments:

That was totally beautiful, Tahi. I absolutely loved it. So sad, and yet so beautiful.

Author: SWpants666
Date posted: 3/26/2005 5:43:58 PM
SWpants666's Comments:

That was beautiful, the greatest poem I've ever read.
The cover art was really awesome too. As soon as I saw it & what the story is about, I cried. I'm such a sap =)


Author: lady jade
Date posted: 7/23/2005 4:26:50 AM
lady jade's Comments:

omg im new to this,so if someone can help me?i actually did cry!cause i liked anakin

Author: 1-800-jedigirl
Date posted: 2/6/2006 1:46:12 PM
1-800-jedigirl's Comments:

thats so lovely and any one who doesnt agree has the compassion of a rock

Author: Padme Casperia Skywalker
Date posted: 12/31/2007 10:37:22 AM
Padme Casperia Skywalker's Comments:

Wonderful job! That was a very compassionate poem. It made me think of how hard Anakin's death had been Leia and how she managed to accept it.

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Archived: Monday, November 22, 2004

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