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Gungan to the left

I Stand Alone (PG)

By : Ben_Max

Archived on: Monday, March 25, 2002

After Anakinís fall to the dark side and all of the other events of Episode III, Obi-Wan sits alone in his hut on Tatooine, watching the two suns set into the horizon. He is reflecting on everything that has happened. And tries to come to grips with his new life.

No matter what I do...

I turn my head to the right...I turn my head to the left...I close my eyes...I still see their faces...

Anakin...How you must've hated me, when I separated you from Amidala. At the time I believed that it wasn't my fault. It wasn't my code, and I couldn't understand why you didn't see that. I've grown to realize that I was in the wrong about that one.

Forever burned into my mind...

The look of pain in your eyes as I cut off your hand when you forced me into battle. The look of fear and anger as you locked eyes with me as you fell into the molten pit. The lust for vengeance as you crawled inch by inch out of the pit with a dark cindered body and the heart to go with it. Determined to destroy me the next time you meet your old master.

Amidala...After the duel with Anakin, when I walked up to you and handed you his lightsaber...I didn't have to say anything. You just knew. The disbelief in your eyes was evidence enough. Anakin Skywalker was gone. I thought you were going to faint, when you grabbed hold of me and clung to my chest. I needed Master Yoda's wisdom at that moment, to say something inspiring to help, but the words wouldn't come. I did all that I could. Just held you.

I was with you when you were in labor. I was there to deliver your children for you. I'll never forget what you told me as you held a child in each of your arms. "If Anakin could help create something this perfect, then there had to be some good left in him."

I want to believe that. But after everything's that happened...

Leia...I was there when you were born. I held you in my arms and saw the same strength and power in your eyes that I saw in your mother's. I remember the sad look on your face as I picked up Luke to take him away. The quiet sob, as you tried to cling to your brother's arm. Somehow, you knew he wouldn't be coming back. The Force was very strong with you.

And strong in you, Luke, from the moment of your birth. Somehow you knew that I wasn't your father. As I started to carry you away to your new home, and Leia began to cry, you just looked at her and almost immediately, she stopped crying. You two could communicate before you could even talk. Your eyes told her that this had to be done and that one day, you would reunite again. You really were the son of "the Chosen One."

Yoda...I should have listened to you, Master Yoda. You told me that you sensed that there would be danger during his training. And Qui-Gon...I failed you, too. You trusted me to train the boy. I failed where you and Master Yoda had succeeded.

What was it that kept me from seeing the dark side growing inside him?

All the pain that has been thrust upon the galaxy. The extinction of the Jedi Order and the children at the Temple...destroyed for wanting to grow in ways that made them special from others. There are so many things that I could have done better.

If only I had been a better teacher for Anakin.

If only I had better taught him the consequences of the dark side.

If only I hadn't been so sure that I could do as fine a job training Anakin as Master Yoda and Qui-Gon had done with me.

But all the "If onlys" in the galaxy won't change a thing. It's all too late for that now. I can't look back. I have to be strong for Luke. And Leia.

Master Yoda and I...the last of the Jedi...have one option left. Isolation. To ride for twenty years the line between survival and extinction in hopes that Vader and his Master can be destroyed by the only ones who will have the power. His children.

In this new life ruled by the Empire, everything that we had held close to us is gone. All things I had known no longer matter. Except for one truth. The one definite in a universe of maybes.

I stand alone.

Original cover design by Otis Frampton. HTML formatting copyright 2001 TheForce.Net LLC.

Fan Fiction Rating

Current Rating is 8.8 in 127 total ratings.

Reader Comments

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Author: Rogue 8
Date posted: 3/25/2002 10:48:55 PM
Rogue 8's Comments:

I love it! I feel that way when everything goes wrong. I look forward to writing a review on this

Author: ObiWanGirl
Date posted: 3/26/2002 4:28:01 PM
ObiWanGirl's Comments:

I love POV's with Ben staring!!! This just makes up for the lack of him in the Original Trilogy. And It also give's you the feel of his pain after Episode 3.
Make More!!!1

Author: Solon
Date posted: 3/26/2002 7:42:19 PM
Solon's Comments:

A Well writen story, I really enjoyed it

Author: Kenya Starflight  (signed)
Date posted: 3/28/2002 9:23:40 PM
Kenya Starflight's Comments:

I had a chance to beta-read this story and didn't. It's powerful! I normally don't read Obi fics, but I'm glad that I took a look at this one. How wonderfully moving.

Author: Ben_Max  (signed)
Date posted: 4/28/2002 5:22:05 PM
Ben_Max's Comments:

Thanks to the people that read my story. I thought I'd answer a question that I've been asked several times. No, I didn't get the title of my story from the song by Godsmack. The inspiration behind this story was the commercial about Obi-Wan when TPM came out. The one with the haunting music and voice over that said, "In a time of change, a young man holds in his hands the fire of a dying age. To take the step from student to master, he must trust himself to stand alone."

This story was a long time in the making. It was a while before I decided to sit down and actually write this one. I've written a lot now, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more of my stories up as time goes.

Author: Mcily Nochi  (signed)
Date posted: 5/4/2002 10:28:14 AM
Mcily Nochi's Comments:

Good job. An intriguing look at Obi-Wan and his thoughts. Those years must have been incredibly trying for him.

Author: unknown jedi knight  (signed)
Date posted: 5/10/2002 6:02:58 PM
unknown jedi knight's Comments:

This was a great story.It had lots of detail in the story.It was good how the author told about how Luke looked at Leia and she stopped criyeing because she new why he looked at her.I highly recomend this story to be published for real.

Author: Nightmare_anarchy
Date posted: 5/23/2002 9:37:05 PM
Nightmare_anarchy's Comments:

I think there is no much to say ....this is just way too awesome and it has inspired me to launch myself into this starwars novel world....the way the words and articulation the autor uses discribes the formidable sense of pain and guilt that haunts kenobi, but aslo contrasts against his fierce hopes that the cildren will one day be the salvation of the universe..he stands alone...for now

Author: Viari Skywalker  (signed)
Date posted: 6/6/2002 9:47:38 AM
Viari Skywalker's Comments:

Wow. What else can I say? That was an awesome story! I think you totally captured the pain that Obi-Wan must have gone through. I also loved how you made Leia just as important a presence as Luke. And Padme's line, "If Anakin could help create something this perfect, then there had to be some good left in him." That was a GREAT line!
It shows that Padme still loved Anakin and believed that he could be saved. An awesome fic! Well done!

Author: Stephanie
Date posted: 6/13/2002 9:36:06 PM
Stephanie's Comments:

THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I could actually imagine this is how Obi Wan would have felt and said after Anakin's Fall.

Author: BobaFett688
Date posted: 8/3/2002 11:37:03 AM
BobaFett688's Comments:

One word: EXCELLENT.

That was a great POV, I could really imagine everything you described. An excellent story indeed.

Author: Tony-Wan
Date posted: 8/29/2002 2:48:16 PM
Tony-Wan's Comments:

This story was excellent! It was simple and strong especially at the end when Obi-wan said "I Stand Alone" which meant that he had nobody with him (obviously) and looks back when Anakin turned to the Dark side of the force which is a memory burned into his forehead He was probably thinking that he should have trained Anakin a lot better which is the whole purpose of this story

Author: Sully Erna's Princess
Date posted: 4/12/2003 9:13:01 AM
Sully Erna's Princess's Comments:

I thought it was great how you used this particular POV. I always wonder what's going on in another character's head while the focus is on another. Great! ;)
PS- I Stand Alone is a great song, even if you didn't get it from that. :) It attracted my attention!

Author: Sully Erna's Princess
Date posted: 4/12/2003 9:13:03 AM
Sully Erna's Princess's Comments:

I thought it was great how you used this particular POV. I always wonder what's going on in another character's head while the focus is on another. Great! ;)
PS- I Stand Alone is a great song, even if you didn't get it from that. :) It attracted my attention!

Author: Jedi Knight Quia Lor
Date posted: 11/10/2003 4:35:08 AM
Jedi Knight Quia Lor's Comments:

Wow! I haven't read many Obi-Wan/Ben stories but I think this one tops any and all that I read! The portrayal of his grief and lingering sense of hope is very moving. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work!
May the Force be with you,
Jedi Knight Quia Lor

Author: Shadow Jedi 1
Date posted: 3/14/2004 10:07:29 PM
Shadow Jedi 1's Comments:

This was a very good story. It shows the hope that Obi-Wan had in Luke and Leia and their ability to bring about the end of the Empire.

Author: BooGrl
Date posted: 3/5/2005 6:27:09 PM
BooGrl's Comments:

This fanfic was awesome! I loved how you showed Ben's faith in the twins and his guilt for every thing that happened. Wow. I am truly amazed.

Author: Writernoob12
Date posted: 7/2/2008 12:50:15 PM
Writernoob12's Comments:

I liked this, it had a good theme I thought, it was moving even. Short paragraph's and dialogue helped keep everything clear and understandable. Nice job.

Author: Writernoob12
Date posted: 7/2/2008 12:52:04 PM
Writernoob12's Comments:

Oh yeah, I think that using italics around the thoughts at the end would have given them more. . . weight.

Author: Roya
Date posted: 4/2/2012 3:51:31 PM
Roya's Comments:

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Archived: Monday, March 25, 2002

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