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Gungan to the left

The Other Woman (PG-13)

By : Darth Lothi

Archived on: Sunday, May 12, 2002

A very short, sad Anakin/Vader vignette. He muses over Padme and his reasons for leaving her.

Just because I left you doesn't mean that I love you any less.

It simply means I love another more.

Perhaps love is not the right word. It doesn't begin to describe these feelings. Obsession, maybe. Or addiction. It's a rush unlike anything I've ever known. Better than drink, better than spice, even better than sex.

The Dark Side is my mistress. She is powerful. Demanding.

It started innocently enough. Some flirting here, a light touch there. I was drawn in before I knew it. Lured by her siren song, one that spoke of a power beyond any I had ever imagined. She was so quick, so easy. Always there when I needed her.

Before long, those brief encounters were not enough. The more I touched the Dark Side, the more I longed for her cold embrace. She whispered to me at all hours, beckoning me to join her, to immerse myself within her fully. I gave in to that call. The feeling of all that power resonating through my body is the closest thing to pure ecstasy I've ever experienced. With it, I can do anything. Be anything.

And to think that this began with a simple desire: to make myself more worthy of you. I saw the things and the opportunities you missed; I saw everything you gave up to be with me. I didn't want you to think you had made a mistake. I thought that being more powerful would make me more deserving of you. I thought that you would love me more. I was wrong. In seeking to become more deserving of your love, I have become someone to be despised. I've destroyed everything.

I know I don't deserve you, but I love you. I love you so much that it hurts. Every day apart from you, from your Light, causes another part of me to wither and die. More than anything, I just want to be with you. I want to see your smile. I want to hear your laugh. I want to breathe in your perfume. I want to bask in your Light and feel alive again.

The Dark Side, however, is a jealous mistress. I had to choose. In the end, her seductive melody was too much to resist. Being with you allowed the Light in, and I could not fully embrace her beautiful, terrible potential. So I had to leave. But my soul remains with you, and I stand here an empty shell of a man.

But even now, there is untapped power that I cannot reach, and it is your fault. No matter how vile my emotions, or how depraved my acts, part of you remains with me. There is a small flicker of light, your Light, deep within me that I cannot extinguish. And for that, my mistress holds herself back from me, depriving me of absolute mastery over her.

In spite of my mistress, you're all I think about. When I lie awake at night, that flicker of Light burns brighter as I recall the warmth of your arms, the softness of your body, and the depth of your love. A love that demanded nothing, except to be returned. In seeking to give you more, I lost you. I lost everything I had. Including myself.

So now, when I lie awake missing you, I seek solace in the embrace of my Other Woman. But hers is a cold, cold comfort.

Original cover art by Arna Kyle. HTML formatting copyright 2001 TheForce.Net LLC.

Fan Fiction Rating

Current Rating is 9.05 in 131 total ratings.

Reader Comments

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Author: StarWarsCutie
Date posted: 5/12/2002 6:32:46 PM
StarWarsCutie's Comments:

I get to make the first comment!Wow! I just read this and I wanted to say it was incredible, the way he talked about the dark side being another woman. Great Job.

Author: Sreya
Date posted: 5/12/2002 8:01:18 PM
Sreya's Comments:

This is an extremely intriguing piece. That Anakin would see the Dark Side as Amidala's competitor make so much sense. The feelings of power and ecstasy, the jealousy and demands, all are such important aspects of Darkness. And that you could get so much across in such a short piece is very impressive.

Author: Mar17swgirl  (signed)
Date posted: 5/13/2002 11:58:37 AM
Mar17swgirl's Comments:

Lothi, this vignette is amazing. Wondeful writing, great analogy (Dark Side as "the other woman"), and powerful emotions. I loved it. Good job! :)

Author: AngelQueen
Date posted: 5/13/2002 4:13:02 PM
AngelQueen's Comments:

Darth Lothi, that was simply amazing! I liked how you gave the Dark Side a 'face' in being Padme's rival, and how she seduced Anakin from the one he truly loves.

Extremely well-written! Keep up the great work!


Author: Kathryn
Date posted: 5/13/2002 6:08:02 PM
Kathryn's Comments:

I liked this, how deeply you delved into Anakin's character and the nature of the Dark Side. Neat.

Author: JadeSaber  (signed)
Date posted: 5/15/2002 8:53:37 AM
JadeSaber's Comments:

Lothi, this is just amazing. The emotions are heartbreaking and so very, very tangible. Every time I read it, I am left speechless. (and yes, I know that's hard to believe.) ;o)

ArnaKyle, you did an excellent job with the cover art. It really captures the sense of the story.

Author: Padawan Jabitha
Date posted: 5/16/2002 6:33:14 AM
Padawan Jabitha's Comments:

and for a second there i thought that it would be a soap clone with an actual women and not the dark side of the force.
keep up the good work.

Author: Padawn_JB
Date posted: 5/17/2002 5:01:28 PM
Padawn_JB's Comments:

This is wonderful! Short, yet very, very discriptive! It's awsome. I'm going to print this out.

Author: ewen
Date posted: 5/17/2002 7:47:14 PM
ewen's Comments:

Please limit yourself to constructive criticism. There's no place for just flaming stories.

- Herman

Author: ArnaKyle
Date posted: 5/19/2002 10:52:45 AM
ArnaKyle's Comments:

Wow, I love it, Lothi, just as much as the first time I read it. Absoulutely incredible, you've caught the angst and emotion perfectly!

Author: AniheartPadme
Date posted: 5/23/2002 4:29:09 AM
AniheartPadme's Comments:

Oh the angst! I truly, deeply love this fic! ^_^

Author: Nightmare_anarchy
Date posted: 5/23/2002 8:34:08 PM
Nightmare_anarchy's Comments:

Great job on this one i would say...personnaly i really like everything that has to do with the Love life of Vader and Padme..just becouse its so beautifully ironical, and the way anakin talks about the darkside and the way he compares it with padme is so well formulated in this small novel....Great job.

Author: Darth_Krueger
Date posted: 5/24/2002 10:05:31 AM
Darth_Krueger's Comments:

Fascinating look at Anakin's inner thoughts. Good analogy. Well done :)

Author: Caz
Date posted: 5/25/2002 3:44:06 AM
Caz's Comments:

I really liked it. It was really touching. I love Anakin and Padame together they make such a good couple and it's so annoying knowing what happens to them.

Author: Josav
Date posted: 5/27/2002 9:32:07 PM
Josav's Comments:

What can I saw about this piece that hasn't already been said. It's powerful, tragic and captures the essence of the nature of the Dark Side. It brings about a whole new defination of being seduced by the Dark Side of the force. One can only imagine what Padme' must have felt as Anakin turned.

Author: Jedi_Johnson
Date posted: 5/29/2002 1:03:32 PM
Jedi_Johnson's Comments:

Wow. You did a great job showing Anakin's feelings.

Author: Jango Fett
Date posted: 5/31/2002 11:43:01 AM
Jango Fett's Comments:

Please don't flame.

It's fine if you do not like a story, but please try to present your opinion in a constructive manner.

-Herman Snerd

Author: linda
Date posted: 6/2/2002 9:02:26 PM
linda's Comments:

I love the way he showed his feelings.Great job!

Author: rebadams7
Date posted: 6/4/2002 8:10:28 AM
rebadams7's Comments:

Perfect tone, perfect pacing - I can almost hear the transition in the voice from Anakin To Vader. Good enough to be in "Cannon"

Author: Master Syfo-Dyas
Date posted: 6/4/2002 11:01:52 PM
Master Syfo-Dyas's Comments:

Excellent perspective on the evil, yet seductive darkside. Perhaps young jedi seeking the darkside should read this...heheh

Author: harpm1
Date posted: 6/5/2002 11:17:26 AM
harpm1's Comments:

Interesting...Makes me think of the direction the revised OT might have. Perhaps this is what Vader meditates on while sitting in that chamber. Nice use of reversal in the beginning.

Author: Princess1
Date posted: 6/7/2002 7:45:31 PM
Princess1's Comments:

Wow, that was great. You could really see the thoughts in Anakins head. It was a excellent perspective. Many stories make Anakin out to either be a complete villian, or a victim. This was a perfect mix between the two. It was partly his own fault of course, but yet you showed how in a way he been well as you said "seduced".
I also liked how you allowed him to become Vader, but yet kept him human.

Author: Trila SkySolo
Date posted: 6/8/2002 7:02:10 AM
Trila SkySolo's Comments:

That was awesome you described the dark side vey well it was so sad =(

Author: Mark jade
Date posted: 6/9/2002 6:21:02 PM
Mark jade's Comments:

Very soulful... and very deep.. wow this is great.. I love the dark side as a evil mistress. and the part about padme being the light that he can not extinguish is just awesome..

Author: AncienType
Date posted: 6/11/2002 9:18:17 PM
AncienType's Comments:

At first I thought I was going to read a fic about Anakin loving another woman... but when I began reading it it touched something inside of of me.. and I'm not usre what. All in all thoguh I thoguht this was a pretty cool fic ^_^

Author: Yoda Girl
Date posted: 6/23/2002 12:16:26 AM
Yoda Girl's Comments:

Wow!Please write more Darth Lothi!

Author: Jenos  (signed)
Date posted: 7/4/2002 4:49:42 AM
Jenos's Comments:

A great fic...the struggle within Vader between his two mistresses is amazing

Author: Danaka  (signed)
Date posted: 7/6/2002 7:32:20 AM
Danaka's Comments:

This was a very good piece, and extremely well written! I love storys when he's still musing over Padme, and his decisions. You did an especially good job!!

Author: marcy  (signed)
Date posted: 7/18/2002 6:21:01 PM
marcy's Comments:

that durn story gave me the chills......very good job

Author: Kristina
Date posted: 7/29/2002 6:37:25 AM
Kristina's Comments:

Wonderful piece, It's written very well. The whole metaphor with The Dark Side being another women was truly amazing.

Author: Jordan
Date posted: 7/29/2002 11:18:06 PM
Jordan's Comments:

A job well done! Your idea was AMAZING and I think you should continue on with more writing!

Author: kriss
Date posted: 8/8/2002 6:04:46 PM
kriss's Comments:

This is definately a piece of poetry. When I read it, I was just like- "wow." I think it was very clever to compare the Dark Side to Padmé. I think the author should keep up the excellent writing so readers can enjoy more Fan Fic. ;)

Author: JediPug1  (signed)
Date posted: 8/20/2002 8:17:40 PM
JediPug1's Comments:

Very well done! Your idea is a really interesting take on Anakin's descent into the Dark Side, one that I had never considered before. Thinking on it now, though, it really makes a lot of sense and adds to the tragedy even more.

Author: marcy
Date posted: 8/22/2002 12:09:13 PM
marcy's Comments:

It was a fantastic fic,but it made me cry!REALLYi ma not kidding!

Author: lossendillwen
Date posted: 8/24/2002 9:01:44 AM
lossendillwen's Comments:

WOW! Really touching. I liked your comparisons. Very nice. It really kept my attention.

Author: Destiny
Date posted: 1/15/2003 11:42:05 PM
Destiny's Comments:

Wow. This is the second time that I've read this beautiful story, and it struck a chord with me just like it did the first time. I loved Anakin's description of the dark side - seductively evil, appealing in its darkness. It's sort of like the music you hear towards the end of AOTC when Palpatine and his allies are watching the clone army marching; you know it's evil, and yet it calls to you, somehow, until you could easily lose yourself in it. That probably made no sense, but I'm sure all the romantics and poets out there will understand what I meant. Anyways, good job! :p

Author: Master Berry
Date posted: 2/17/2003 5:55:45 PM
Master Berry's Comments:

This is a great piece of work. I really enjoyed the on-going metaphor about the Dark Side and Anakin's "mistress". Congrats!!

Author: Master Berry
Date posted: 2/17/2003 5:56:00 PM
Master Berry's Comments:

This is a great piece of work. I really enjoyed the on-going metaphor about the Dark Side and Anakin's "mistress". Congrats!!

Author: girl darth vader
Date posted: 2/23/2003 3:31:19 PM
girl darth vader's Comments:

im glad he has a cold comfort with the other women he should like padme better

Author: Atrox  (signed)
Date posted: 3/1/2003 5:15:32 AM
Atrox's Comments:

Nice piece. The only objection I have is that the Dark Side is not "cold". Rather, it is the heat of a flaming star.
Think about it. The Jedi deny passion, deny the heat of emotion. That is why I believe Anakin's fall began with his love for Padme. The Sith, as the Jedis' antithesis, embrace their passions. All of them. Regardless of the consequences for others. That is their greatest strength, and their greatest weakness . . .

Author: Cody Lover
Date posted: 4/22/2003 6:30:29 PM
Cody Lover's Comments:

Absolutely great. Thank you.

Author: Battle4Rome  (signed)
Date posted: 5/4/2003 5:54:27 PM
Battle4Rome's Comments:

This is a story, That after you read, You don't forget. It shows the conflict of the DarkSide, If it's okay with you, I want to rewrite a different version of this, To fit a story I'm writing. I like these stories, I belive it's called Angst

A Presto (Italian 4 CYA)

Author: jedilittlebee
Date posted: 5/8/2003 7:53:29 AM
jedilittlebee's Comments:

The thoughts and feelings Vader expresses are so vivid and real. The comparison of evil being like a seductive woman and the power she has over him was awesomely written!

Author: Darth Hobbit
Date posted: 6/10/2003 4:12:27 PM
Darth Hobbit's Comments:

Excellent Analogies! The Dark Side's comparison with another woman describes it perfectly. It's like he had an affair with an invisable woman...Hobbits, that's freaky! Good Job!

Author: Larena Jade
Date posted: 7/3/2003 3:21:12 PM
Larena Jade's Comments:

*looks at screen with blank look on face*
That gave me goosebumps...

Author: Handmaiden_Yane
Date posted: 7/16/2003 1:33:26 PM
Handmaiden_Yane's Comments:

Very good! I loved it!

Author: SWpants666
Date posted: 8/1/2004 1:02:39 PM
SWpants666's Comments:

I admit that at first I thought it would be too short, but you captured all of Anakin's emotion perfectly. Dark...chilling...I loved it!

Author: me_luv_darth_squishy
Date posted: 3/30/2005 4:32:21 PM
me_luv_darth_squishy's Comments:

good gosh....thats just so short..and one thing i long to be...youve captured it perfectly


Author: BloodRaven
Date posted: 11/29/2005 6:47:07 PM
BloodRaven's Comments:

THis is so perfectly done! Totally describes the comparison and competition between the darkness and his angel!!

Author: jarogue
Date posted: 8/23/2008 6:18:34 PM
jarogue's Comments:

Why Why WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!!!???????????????
I'll kill you all.
I like your story, but it needs more, and It's stlightly boring. Good work, but it still could be better.
There goes the last of my sanity.

Author: Audrey
Date posted: 12/1/2015 10:15:38 PM
Audrey's Comments:

Thanks for writing this. I love reiadng about how other people fell in love with Star Wars and the EU. I have a similar story in the fact that I've been a fan of the movies since I was young but never took my fandom to the next level. I'd see the books in book stores and even bought a couple (Episode 1 novel, Rouge Planet) but never got into them completely. I figured I'd get to them eventually but the whole thing seemed overwhelming. Then a couple years ago, I found Heir to the Empire on cassette. I was hooked. I went from a casual fan of the movies to falling in love with Star Wars as a whole. I finally discovered what all these fans going to conventions or talking with their buddies had already discovered. It wasn't long after that, that I stumbled upon my first ForceCast. If those guys don't get you excited for all things Star Wars, nothing will! I've now worked my way through a majority of novels thanks to my Kindle and audio books. I love listening to a well done Star Wars audio book almost as much as reiadng them. One of my local book stores is participating in Star Wars Reads Day, complete with appearances by the 501st. I'm taking my 4 year old and can't wait to see the look on his face. He's already so excited.May the Force Be WIth You!

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Archived: Sunday, May 12, 2002

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