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Gungan to the left

First book in Trilogy sets scene for the end of the Jedi
A review of Hidden Agendas

By : Valeda Kor

How to deal with betrayal? Especially when you suspected it all along, that the boy was, if not completely evil, at least capable of it? That is the scenario that confronts Obi-Wan Kenobi, as he, along with the rest of the Republic, must deal with Anakin Skywalker's running start at the dark side. And now Obi-Wan must present Skywalker's wife with evidence that she, and her unborn child, are in danger as well.

The author, Quiller presents these facts in a clear and concise manner, illuminating Padme's disbelief, then her anger at Obi-Wan as he forces her to deal with reality, all the while never revealing his own feelings for her. "Hidden Agendas" offers readers a precise sense of horror; this, then is the way the Republic will fall. Anakin and his hidden master have everything under control. All of us have only to wait.

The author's command of pacing, and plotting, and all above character motivation, is absolutely at work here. Readers will feel deeply Obi-Wan's torment, and Padme's overwhelming sorrow. "Hidden Agendas" is a fitting start for a trilogy that will touch the reader with its portrayal of sadness, commitment to duty, and perhaps most importantly, betrayal, seen from many sides.

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Uploaded: Tuesday, December 4, 2001

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