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Gungan to the left

The two ways of evil
A review of Desert Inconvenience

By : Rogue 8

The story is from a point of view of a Tuskan raider named Urr'ror'rosh attempting to kill Darth Maul, not knowing who the sith truly was. Urr'ror'rosh uses advanced tactics, smart thinking, and Gaffi sticks to face a being using advanced weaponry and psychic powers.

Urr'ror'rosh's life is the kill, he is not bad for the sake of being bad, it's just that his life depends on it. The Sith are brutal and ruthless, and often kill for the fun of it, or only to stop a small inconvenience. Sand People are very much evil and deadly people, according to the movies, but in truth they are more like the noble and honorable Samurai than the Sith.

The Sand people use very very advanced tactics. In the New Hope they walked single file to hide their numbers, and in this story they use clever ambush tactics. In a way they are more advanced ways of fighting than the in the open like the storm troopers, or unarmed man to man combat of the Jedi. The Sand people also did not only use guns, which means that they fully understood how primitive weapons can be more useful than the newer ones, a very complex idea, which proves intelligence. They also are willing to run instead of fighting, a way to prove that they are not overly honorable.

Darth Maul and the Sith have less advanced strategy, and a view that all Jedi are better than common folk. This goes for the light side of the force also. A bad trait of many is vanity. Something that is important about Star Wars is that all of the heroes aren't Jedi, and they often have much more common sense.

One of the reasons that the Old Republic fell was because it's defense was controlled by Jedi Knights, not ordinary people. It is possible that being a Jedi is a bad thing, or is it? The Jedi help ordinary people, sometimes. But they are likely to become bad, and become a menace to society.

So are Sand people bad, maybe not, but is it possible that deep down inside Sith are good?

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Uploaded: Tuesday, January 29, 2002

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