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Gungan to the left

The end of order
A review of Wounds of Another Kind

By : Rogue 8

The plot of "Wounds of Another Kind" is a running debate between Maximilian Veers and Princes Leia. The subject is whether Veers would support the rebellion in it's hopes to regain the galaxy peacefully.

At this point, Veers had been in a great position, and very well treated. From his point of view, the Empire brought order from the chaos of the Old Republic and the other problems that had plagued the universe before the rise of Palpatine. Many people might have benefited from having a strong government that stopped some criminal activity or that destroyed a civil war. Only a few generals would have known the true bad things of the empire. Veers might have known, but he was a very efficient man. The rebels were rather unorganized(for example, letting Luke leave for Dagobah, or asking for volunteers at a meeting), while the empire was harsh to those who didn't obey it.

Another thing to take into account is the fact that he had just scene his army collapse, and was in a very bad mood. The Imperial symbol, which had been taken away from him, was the symbol of order. How it came to fall from him was disorder, things like the unorganized Ewok attack and the suicide vehicle. When Leia visited him, he was still shocked and horrified about what had happened. Leia should have visited him a little later.

Leia had just experienced the best thing in her life. Everything, even her love life had been fixed for her. Order had been gived to her universe, but she was beginning to realize that their was a lot of work to be done.

She put on her clever yet phony diplomatic tone that she used with Vader at the beginning of the new hope, and later with Han in the same movie. She was a bit uncomfortable with the sorrowful Veers, though she respected him. She decided to do a risky thing. She showed him the Imperial badge, his symbol of order. She knew that this could either knock the truth in him, or make him refuse........

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Uploaded: Saturday, February 9, 2002

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