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Gungan to the left

A Crystal Clear Perspective
A review of Dragonslayer

By : Amidala_Skywalker

FernWithyís astonishing writing ability continues to re-emerge, this time, throughout her latest masterpiece. Must we not forget to mention, the flood of replies and high rating, the story boasts. To coin the phrase 'Once upon a time,' the beginning certainly identifies the old antics associated with the separation of the Skywalker twins. This precious moment shared between mother and son is written with the utmost accuracy.

Driving us in a swift tailspin, dazed and disorientated, we find ourselves situated twelve years in the future and introduced to two bantering children, youthful fantasies, and dreams of a life away from the sandy dustball, they exist on. The characterization of Obi-Wan Kenobi and his own suppressed grief is beautifully presented in thoughts, flashbacks and references. One would expect nothing less, as it was, it seemed that Obi-Wan looked at the world through a different perspective Ė maybe that of Ben the Desert Scavenger, his adopted title. The story keeps a steady pace, emphasising Lukeís innocent attitude and his genuine concern for the safety of the Krayt Dragonís babies.

More like an addition than a focus point, the continuous use of flashbacks draws a line of similarity between Anakin and Luke. Every single glimpse Obi-Wan gets of Luke, he is either reminded of Amidala, who is foretold to be long dead, and Anakin, of whom is still known to be in Palpatineís service. The most shocking aspect laid on the table, was the realisation of Anakinís voice echoing in Obi-Wanís mind - reminding, recalling, demanding and showered in purity. The author also wordlessly includes the crystal clear distinction between the cocky lop-sided grin that Anakin Skywalker farced, and the chilling respirator of Darth Vader. This story holds a serious tone, with wry comments casually seeping through the cracks, especially upon which time Obi-Wan collects his new-found burden.

Lukeís need to know more about his father is quite apparent, mimicking his attitude in A New Hope. Heís always yearned to feel loved, to have someone to channel his love through and in this case, that person is his unknown father. Beruís response is carefully crafted, revealing nothing, though implying all. Iíve forever found Star Wars a window to another world, and thereís certainly no exception with this enchanting story, broadcasting every modest detail in a fascinating approach at what could have occurred between Episode Two and A New Hope.

FernWithy, I salute you for a job well doneÖ

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Uploaded: Friday, March 8, 2002

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