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Gungan to the left

You'll Find Yourself Rooting For the Bad Guy...
A review of Tamarisk

By : Valeda Kor

It is an odd position to be in -- actually hoping that Darth Vader will prevail in a contests of wills. But that's what the author, Arco would have readers do, and you will find yourself as caught up in the story as Lord Vader finds himself besieged by an unseen enemy aboard a floating trap.

"Tamarisk" is a compact, neat bit of writing, describing in good order Darth Vader's realization of what he is and the depth of anger he's capable of. Witness one line from the story that should send a chill down the spine, as Vader warns his ghostly opponent: "Pray that I do not reach you." The embodiment of evil that is the Dark Lord of the Sith is conveyed in that one line of text; a telling image.

Both the fallen Jedi and his opponent are cunning enemies, with death as the only possible outcome of their battle. Arco does a credible job of keeping readers guessing until the last possible moment as to whether Vader or his enemy will prevail. The Dark Lord is indeed resourceful -- but is it enough? Read the story to see.

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Uploaded: Tuesday, March 12, 2002

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