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Gungan to the left

Poll Results

Question asked : I prefer fan stories whose primary settings are: (688 total votes)

Choices given :

  • EU worlds (Bakura, Dathomir, Melida/Daan, etc)
  • eraser9.59%pencil tip  (9.59 percent ; 66 votes)
  • No preference -- take me wherever you want!
  • eraser65.26%pencil tip  (65.26 percent ; 449 votes)
  • The major Star Wars worlds (Tatooine, Naboo, Dagobah, etc)
  • eraser17.59%pencil tip  (17.59 percent ; 121 votes)
  • The minor movie worlds (Dantooine, Malastare, Anoat, etc)
  • eraser2.62%pencil tip  (2.62 percent ; 18 votes)
  • Worlds of the fan author's creation
  • eraser4.94%pencil tip  (4.94 percent ; 34 votes)

    Thanks to Julie for the images

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