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Gungan to the left

Poll Results

Question asked : Seeing Attack of the Clones has inspired me to... (505 total votes)

Choices given :

  • ...go back to writing or reading Classic Trilogy stories, or the Classic Expanded Universe.
  • eraser14.26%pencil tip  (14.26 percent ; 72 votes)
  • ...write (or read about) new Star Wars cultures, like the Kaminoans and Geonosians, or newly expanded ones, like the Tusken Raiders and bounty hunters.
  • eraser4.16%pencil tip  (4.16 percent ; 21 votes)
  • ...write (or read about) the adventures of the characters during the ten years between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.
  • eraser18.42%pencil tip  (18.42 percent ; 93 votes)
  • ...write (or read about) the lives of Clones' minor characters, like Zam Wesell or Taun We.
  • eraser3.76%pencil tip  (3.76 percent ; 19 votes)
  • ...write (or read about) the period of time between the trilogies.
  • eraser8.91%pencil tip  (8.91 percent ; 45 votes)
  • ...write (or read) missing scenes from the movie, like the marriage proposal or Yoda's arrival on Kamino.
  • eraser10.69%pencil tip  (10.69 percent ; 54 votes)
  • ...write (or read) speculative ideas about Episode III.
  • eraser21.58%pencil tip  (21.58 percent ; 109 votes)
  • It didn't inspire me to do much of anything.
  • eraser18.22%pencil tip  (18.22 percent ; 92 votes)

    Thanks to Julie for the images

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