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Gungan to the left

Poll Results

Question asked : Which events occurring between the trilogies would you most like to read about? (922 total votes)

Choices given :

  • Examples of the twins unconsciously using the Force
  • eraser8.89%pencil tip  (8.89 percent ; 82 votes)
  • Leia's rise in politics before ANH
  • eraser3.04%pencil tip  (3.04 percent ; 28 votes)
  • Luke's life growing up on the farm
  • eraser4.77%pencil tip  (4.77 percent ; 44 votes)
  • Obi-Wan's life on Tatooine
  • eraser8.79%pencil tip  (8.79 percent ; 81 votes)
  • The birth of the Rebellion
  • eraser5.75%pencil tip  (5.75 percent ; 53 votes)
  • The fate of prequel characters not in the original trilogy
  • eraser14.75%pencil tip  (14.75 percent ; 136 votes)
  • The Jedi Purge
  • eraser27.01%pencil tip  (27.01 percent ; 249 votes)
  • The life of Anakin as Vader
  • eraser16.92%pencil tip  (16.92 percent ; 156 votes)
  • The life of crime for Han and/or Lando
  • eraser5.75%pencil tip  (5.75 percent ; 53 votes)
  • The lives of ordinary citizens (established and original characters) during the rise of the Empire.
  • eraser4.34%pencil tip  (4.34 percent ; 40 votes)

    Thanks to Julie for the images

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