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Gungan to the left

Poll Results

Question asked : Which scene or sequence from Revenge of the Sith inspired you the most? (1219 total votes)

Choices given :

  • Anakin hears the tale of Darth Plagieus from Palpatine at the opera house.
  • eraser5.74%pencil tip  (5.74 percent ; 70 votes)
  • Birth of the twins/The death of Padme/The Birth of Vader
  • eraser14.6%pencil tip  (14.6 percent ; 178 votes)
  • Executing Order 66
  • eraser24.04%pencil tip  (24.04 percent ; 293 votes)
  • Leia brought to Alderaan/Luke brought to Tatooine
  • eraser5.66%pencil tip  (5.66 percent ; 69 votes)
  • Obi-Wan and Anakin's banter in the opening sequence.
  • eraser4.84%pencil tip  (4.84 percent ; 59 votes)
  • Obi-Wan and Anakin's duel
  • eraser21.08%pencil tip  (21.08 percent ; 257 votes)
  • Padme confronting Anakin
  • eraser7.47%pencil tip  (7.47 percent ; 91 votes)
  • Padme watching from afar as Anakin struggles with his thoughts in the Jedi Temple
  • eraser10.34%pencil tip  (10.34 percent ; 126 votes)
  • The battle on Kashyyyk
  • eraser0.82%pencil tip  (0.82 percent ; 10 votes)
  • The duel between Yoda and Palpatine
  • eraser5.41%pencil tip  (5.41 percent ; 66 votes)

    Thanks to Julie for the images

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