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Gungan to the left

Reader Comments on "The Betrayal"

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Author: jedi_michele
Date posted: 6/30/2003 3:36:18 PM
jedi_michele's Comments:

i cannot truly tell you how wonderful this story is. You wrote this so very well and the end part was truly chilling. i could totally picture such a scene happening, i truly could. and when he went out there that would probably be the time where mace windu was killed and obi wan escaped or something. you have truly done a remarkable job on such a piece as this. please keep writing more stories, i look for to seeing them! MTFBWY ~always

Author: Erik
Date posted: 6/30/2003 9:10:57 PM
Erik's Comments:

I thought this was a greatfan fic
keep them coming I really enjoyed this.

Author: THeMPIRE  (signed)
Date posted: 6/30/2003 9:59:46 PM
THeMPIRE's Comments:

I think that this story was the most realistic portrayal of what will happen in Episode 3. I mean, most episode three storis talk about Anakin and Padme wanting a family, but i Don't think that was ever what Anakin wanted, it was Padme's dream. I really think you did a good job of showing how Anakin became obusive, and I doubt that he will be in episode three. If not physicaly, then emotionaly for sure.

Great Job.

Author: Kyp Karrde
Date posted: 7/1/2003 1:36:33 AM
Kyp Karrde's Comments:

Pre-tty good! Top quality, in fact. However, I felt the ending was not up to the standard the rest of the piece set; I don't feel things would have happened so quickly - and besides, after reading Shatterpoint, I'm pretty convinced anything short of some major, tremendous, catastrophic upheaval wouldn't budge Mace Windu. Especially with Obi Wan along with him...(I'm sort of wondering how Episode III will explain all the deaths of these Jedi Masters, Windu, Unduli, Mundi, for instance. I think one large "major tremendous catastrophic upheaval", like by way of a few tons of baradium bomb in the Jedi Temple, will be quite a disappointment. If they have to die, let them aquit themselves honorably...)

Author: NolTel Sete
Date posted: 7/1/2003 9:07:31 AM
NolTel Sete's Comments:

I loved this fic it really got in to the inner mind of padme. It would explain how ani fell furthur all at once.

Author: Nade_Naberrie  (signed)
Date posted: 7/1/2003 4:00:48 PM
Nade_Naberrie's Comments:

WOW. A very powerful piece, indeed. You pinned Padmé's character perfectly.

"His voice choked as he whispered to her. 'Padmé, I'm so sorry. Please. I never meant to hurt you. I'll do anything you ask. Forgive me, angel.'" .... Force, that was just so... ANI. Couldn't help crying there. Beautiful portrayal of him too.

Great job. Please keep writing!

Author: Gina  (signed)
Date posted: 7/2/2003 6:22:14 AM
Gina's Comments:

Thank you everyone for reading the story and for the wonderful comments. I truly appreciate the feedback!

I also wanted to thank my beta readers, Sobifan, Jedi Dajuan, Morwenestela and Monica, for their help.

Thanks also to Lyra Luminara for the beautiful cover art.

Author: MichelleHaydenlova419
Date posted: 7/2/2003 11:47:00 AM
MichelleHaydenlova419's Comments:

it was soooo good but i will like to kno what happened after that in the end!!!!

Author: Leo Nascimento
Date posted: 7/3/2003 11:02:13 AM
Leo Nascimento's Comments:

As Episode III starts to take form our expectations grow even higher. I promised myself not to read nything related to Episode III before its release, but as our expectations are high so is our hope to see a great movie and an unforgettable story. We kind of desperately read the fans stories as if we could chose the best one, the one that fits what we want to see portraid in the silver screen, and hope that perhaps this is the real one. I won't read spoilers about EPIII, but I wish this story was part of it somehow. It is awesome! Leonardo, from Brazil

Author: Gantories
Date posted: 7/3/2003 1:55:07 PM
Gantories's Comments:

One question:

I hope so.

Author: Skyrosser
Date posted: 7/3/2003 5:19:46 PM
Skyrosser's Comments:

A wonderful piece of fan fiction, which got at the heart of the characters - hopefully Ep III will do as well. Your ending left me wanting to read on, so please keep writing!

Author: Count Boobu
Date posted: 7/3/2003 5:50:53 PM
Count Boobu's Comments:

This is one of the better Padme stories I've read in a while. Your take on the character is amazing and we can only wonder if something this good will be seen two years from now when Episode 3 finally premiers.

Author: Dark Armored One
Date posted: 7/3/2003 9:40:43 PM
Dark Armored One's Comments:

Quite possibly one of the best fan fiction short stories we have been given. You are a talented writer. Unlike certain other FF writers, you give the characters emotions that the reader/fan can believe. I actually saw this on the screen.

Some people think that Anakin could never hit Padme, because he loves her too much. My response to that is; have you ever heard of someone hitting their partner under the influence of drugs...well power is a drug, and the dark side of the Force amplifies that need for power in unimanginable ways.

If GL reads this I bet he incorporates some of it in EP III.

Author: sithapprenticeDJ
Date posted: 7/4/2003 2:29:28 PM
sithapprenticeDJ's Comments:

I thought this story was awesome and I think that you're a very talented writer.

Author: krissy
Date posted: 7/5/2003 7:21:57 AM
krissy's Comments:

This was one of the best fan fics that I've ever read ! honerstly, it was so realistic and you the characters emotions are perfect. I hope theres a sequel !

Author: Gina
Date posted: 7/5/2003 4:06:02 PM
Gina's Comments:'s hard to believe that I'm not looking at something out of a book. That was great! Also it was pretty sad. Poor Padme!! You are a great writer, keep the fan fic comming, can't wait to see some more of ur writings!

ps...u stole my name! (lol)

Author: just a guy
Date posted: 7/5/2003 7:09:36 PM
just a guy's Comments:

hey that was rele good. i dont know if thats the way it culd happen, since its a movie and that might b hard 2 show but i liked it. alot. figures a girl wuld write huh? j/k yur a good writer. r u cute? ha nevermind but if yur good at writing fight sequences u shuld write the battle w/ mace and obi. thatd b awsome. keep up the good writing i admire it.

Author: Shadowknight  (signed)
Date posted: 7/6/2003 1:24:42 PM
Shadowknight's Comments:

Wow. That's all I can say. Just wow.

Author: Palpatine
Date posted: 7/6/2003 3:12:31 PM
Palpatine's Comments:

George Lucas himself could not have foreseen a better storyline. It perfectly bridges the gap between episodes II and IV with validity and respect for the other films. Being sent on missions by the Supreme Chancellor is a common occurence. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi were sent on a mission from the Chancellor in the first film. It also highlights the growing relationship between Anakin Skywalker (soon to be Darth Vader) and Chancellor Palpatine (soon to be the emperor. We understand why Anakin turned to the darkside. We understand why Padme turned her back on her husband and why Darth Vader didn't know about his children. The ending with Anakin having to face off against a squadron of Jedi is absolute perfection. If this is not very similar to the plot of Episode III, it very well should be.

Author: Palpatine
Date posted: 7/6/2003 3:17:27 PM
Palpatine's Comments:


Please seek out George Lucas and make him incorporate this into the official Episode III script before it is too late!

Author: Obi--Wan Kenobi
Date posted: 7/7/2003 2:56:29 AM
Obi--Wan Kenobi's Comments:

i really enjoyed this story that you have created GINA. and i hope that you are creating an end to it couse it got really exciting and i wanted to keep reading but there was nothing to read. SO PLZ MAKE AN ENDING PLZZZZZZ.

p.s: this is one of the best that i have ever read and i love the story line it is absolutley brilliant.

Author: Darth_Salacious
Date posted: 7/7/2003 12:59:25 PM
Darth_Salacious's Comments:

Excellent work, wonderfully written, I'd like to read more from you!

Author: Jedi_Mastre_Kris
Date posted: 7/9/2003 12:37:18 PM
Jedi_Mastre_Kris's Comments:

Excellent. A flowing plot, very good writing style, superb characterization! I only wish that Anakin could've found out *why* Padmé left :(
But all in all-- awesome story!! Quite worthy of the TFN fan fic arvhice ;)


Author: JediPug1  (signed)
Date posted: 7/15/2003 7:20:37 PM
JediPug1's Comments:

Outstanding!! You did a fantastic job with both Anakin and Padme. You also did a great job of creating a very plausible scenario regarding what happens to separate them. I enjoyed this story very much!

Author: I-Love-Anakin
Date posted: 7/23/2003 10:16:29 AM
I-Love-Anakin's Comments:

I LOVED your story! But what happens next?

Author: dedegordon
Date posted: 8/16/2003 6:58:46 AM
dedegordon's Comments:

Excellent. Simply excellent.

Author: vigggosgirl760
Date posted: 8/20/2003 9:47:38 AM
vigggosgirl760's Comments:

this story broke my heart is was truly great.

Author: Senator Skywalker  (signed)
Date posted: 10/6/2003 12:20:32 AM
Senator Skywalker's Comments:

I thought this was a truly beautiful piece. The way you portrayed both Anakin and Padme's views was perfect!! I also enjoyed how you showed some kind of bond between Padme and Obi-Wan...when he uses her first name--very VERY nice touch. I would love to read more...

Author: Kristeh  (signed)
Date posted: 10/22/2003 11:01:30 AM
Kristeh's Comments:

Hi, Gina,

Sorry it's taken me so long to review, but I really love your work. It's a beautiful, but chilling look at how Anakin and Padme's relationship fell apart, and your characterizations were wonderful.


Author: Jaina_and_Jag
Date posted: 11/9/2003 3:13:20 PM
Jaina_and_Jag's Comments:

Wow. That was amazing! I can't think of any other words to describe it adequetly... just amazing!

Author: VaderLVR64
Date posted: 2/25/2004 10:04:47 AM
VaderLVR64's Comments:

This was an amazing story. I can see this really happening in Ep. 3 and that is what made it so sad. Your characters were vivid, your writing clear and let your reader get a real "feel" for the scene, which I loved! Great job!

Author: myk
Date posted: 6/1/2004 8:37:48 PM
myk's Comments:

Oh my gosh, that was so moving.
Just brilliant!

Author: Syd Skywalker
Date posted: 9/10/2004 8:39:13 PM
Syd Skywalker's Comments:

That was an awesome story! I love the way you made the story come to life!

Author: Ani-maniac
Date posted: 11/12/2004 11:57:03 AM
Ani-maniac's Comments:

That was awsome. I felt like I was reading from the Episode III book! Please write a sequel!!!!!!!

Author: Jedi Girl
Date posted: 4/12/2005 5:18:55 AM
Jedi Girl's Comments:


This is a truly amazing piece of work. It, like all good fanfiction, keeps the reader's interest and explores the emotional response of the characters brilliantly. Awesome characterisation of Padme, Anakin and Obi-Wan, even in his brief apperance. I could practically see this on the screen.

"I must be completely honest with you, Senator. There are those who believe Palpatine is not to be trusted, and Anakin's long absences and his continuing favor with the Chancellor are causing certain... murmurings within the Council." <<< That's just SO Obi-Wan. And this:

"Anakin, she gave up everything for you. She gave up watching you grow because she wanted you to have a future. She had such hopes for you."

^ I love that bit. And I love the part when Anakin is crying -- "Padmé, I'm so sorry. Please. I never meant to hurt you. I'll do anything you ask. Forgive me, angel" -- it's just so... so... Anakin. And finally, the last sentence. To be honest, I don't know how to tell you how much I love it. It's just so chilling, and I was just like, "Wow". Overall, the story is amazing. I'll definately be looking out for more fic by you, Gina. Write on,

Jedi Girl

Author: Master Howl
Date posted: 5/8/2006 6:58:45 PM
Master Howl's Comments:

I cannot even describe how much I liked this fic. Really. It caught the essence of Anakin´s true character so well that I dropped jaws in wonder. Padme was great, too. Cool story. Just great.

Author: BloodRaven
Date posted: 5/20/2006 7:43:53 PM
BloodRaven's Comments:

OMG! This tale pleases me to no end!! I'm so glad the girl packed her things and left!!! When he freaked out and threw her back I was all concerned she' would just suck it up and go back to him. Especially after her returned and was doing the whole 'i'm sorry' crap line. *GGGG* Beauty! I really hope you write more about this AU as I'd love to read it!

Author: Padme Skywalker
Date posted: 12/9/2006 2:41:54 PM
Padme Skywalker's Comments:

I really loved your fanfiction it was breath taking. I think that you should write a sequal to "The Betrayal".

Padme Nabberie amidala skywalker

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