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Plot Bunny Listing

NOTE: Just because a plot bunny is posted here, that does not mean that the Fan Fiction archive will accept stories based on that plot bunny's premise according to our content guidelines. Plot Bunnies are sorted from most recent to least recent.

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Author: JennyJohasaPetRoskyNamedLou
Posted: 6/16/2002 6:56:20 PM

JennyJohasaPetRoskyNamedLou's Plot Bunny:

What if Padmé went over to the dark side with Anakin, and Luke and Leia were raised by the Emperor

Author: bman911
Posted: 6/11/2002 2:30:08 PM

bman911's Plot Bunny:

What if Darth-Maul turned to the good side & killed darth sidious?

Author: tenshiamanda
Posted: 6/6/2002 12:31:59 PM

tenshiamanda's Plot Bunny:

what if Xanatos had taken Obi Wan as his apprentice?
This can either be in jedi apprentice 2 or if Obi Wan had never been found by the jedi but Xanatos found him instead.

Author: Teorak Darij  (signed)
Posted: 5/25/2002 10:41:32 PM

Teorak Darij's Plot Bunny:

What if Palpatine never took Darth Maul from his home-planet and the Jedi found him instead?

Author: Viari Skywalker  (signed)
Posted: 5/23/2002 12:55:31 PM

Viari Skywalker's Plot Bunny:

How about exploring a Jedi youngling's thoughts during Vader and Palpatine's destruction of the Jedi Order?

Author: Darth Knight
Posted: 5/16/2002 5:51:54 PM

Darth Knight's Plot Bunny:

My Plot Bunny:

The Vong have made a desperate push towards Coruscant. In the midst of the open moments another fleet from beyond the outer rim arives lead by two Jedi brothers. Their fleet crushes the Vong but then show their true selves as they begin to exterminate the New Jedi Order.

Author: Qizara Fett
Posted: 5/4/2002 10:44:54 PM

Qizara Fett's Plot Bunny:

An accident lands Slave 1 on a hostile planet. Now Boba Fett's only hope of survival lies with the one least likely to help him--his bounty.

Author: Phoenix Writer
Posted: 4/29/2002 5:04:31 AM

Phoenix Writer's Plot Bunny:

What if, 200 years down the line, C-3P0 was reactivated and came across a whole new generation of Skywalkers watching over a victorious New Republic? Just a thought.

Author: AquaRose
Posted: 4/11/2002 1:29:58 PM

AquaRose's Plot Bunny:

What if after the battle of Yavin (directly after) A Star Destroyer came to pick up Darth Vaders Ty and in the process of useing its tractor beem caught Luke as well...

Author: JustAnotherAnakinFan
Posted: 4/5/2002 7:13:29 PM

JustAnotherAnakinFan's Plot Bunny:

I have ALOT of ideas..............
1)What if Obi-Wan, not Veregre, was taken by the Yuuzhan Vong 50 years before A New Hope?

2)What if Tenal Ka's lightsaber didn't explode, but Jacen's did?

3)What if Ysanne Isard managed to "program" Corran Horn?

4)What if Tycho Celchu was found guilty of treason?

5)What if Wedge stayed in the trench instead of Biggs?

6)What if Kyp hadn't figure out how to save Jag Fel?

7) What if Baron Soontir Fel never found his wife, Wedge's sister?

8)What if Jacen or Jaina made a mistake in their lightsabe rbattle at the shadow Acadamey?
***********SPOILER*************(if you're that far behind.....)
9)What if Jacen, not Jaina, went over to the darkside as a result of Anakin's death?

10)What if Ikirit didn't die on Yavin Four?
Ok.......That's enough for now. I have millions more......I came up with these on the spot.

Author: Ganki
Posted: 3/17/2002 6:08:33 AM

Ganki's Plot Bunny:

What if after the battle with the sith Obi-Wan had taken the blow instead of Qui-Gob but lived with out Qui-Gon knowing he was a live? Would they meet again and if so what would happen between the two? How have they changed through out the years?

Author: starpuff
Posted: 3/10/2002 10:58:35 AM

starpuff's Plot Bunny:

What if Anakin had never turned, BUT, he DID leave the order for Padame? What would his life be like? how would the council react when they found out 'the chosen one' had left? And, what would Obi Wan do?

Author: Rogue Jedi  (signed)
Posted: 3/5/2002 12:42:39 PM

Rogue Jedi's Plot Bunny:

What if the Jedi weren't killed off? What if they were just exlied? What would have happened?

Author: Knight Kenobi
Posted: 3/1/2002 2:51:05 PM

Knight Kenobi's Plot Bunny:

What if Boba Fett turned out to be a Sith?
That would explain his superiority as a Bounty Hunter!

Author: Darth Cid Highwind  (signed)
Posted: 2/11/2002 4:11:27 AM

Darth Cid Highwind's Plot Bunny:

What if after Return of The Jedi there was just one small squadren of Tie Fighters left in the Empire, and the pilots were forced to join the new Republic? How would they feel?

Author: Owe-me-one Perogi
Posted: 2/2/2002 12:44:06 PM

Owe-me-one Perogi's Plot Bunny:

This one is kind of a stretch but...

What if Han was Obi-wan's Son?... I don't even know if that would work, but oh well

How 'bout, What if Mara was Obi-wan's daughter?

Author: Padme,Leia And Luke  (signed)
Posted: 1/26/2002 4:21:36 PM

Padme,Leia And Luke's Plot Bunny:

What If Qui Gon Had Been Able To Free Both Shimi And Anakin?

Author: Padme,Leia And Luke  (signed)
Posted: 1/26/2002 4:13:06 PM

Padme,Leia And Luke's Plot Bunny:

What If Obi Wan Had Died At Naboo And Qui Gon Was Able To Train Anikin?

Author: Goku the Grey
Posted: 1/24/2002 1:17:51 PM

Goku the Grey's Plot Bunny:

What if, on a backwater planet near/in the Outer Rim, a skilled young newcomer in need of credits joins one of the many illegal swoop-races, wins easily, and is soon being paid by the local gangsters to race for them?
But then, just as things are looking up, the local law enforcement agencies arrive, and...(I'll let you devise the ensuing shootouts, high-speed chases, and, of course, the fate of the racer)

Author: Frieza
Posted: 1/24/2002 1:02:11 PM

Frieza's Plot Bunny:

What if Boba Fett was hired for one-billion (Or more) credits to attack the ultimate target: The Emperor!!!
(End twist note: Iif you want your story to have a cool twist at the end, you could have the real employer actually be the Emperor, who reveals himself only at the end. He could than ask Fett to join the Empire, now that he has "passed the test", or something along those lines. I'll leave Boba Fett's answer up to you guys.)

Author: Saria
Posted: 1/13/2002 8:22:08 AM

Saria's Plot Bunny:

I've been thinking about this idea ever since all the AU fanfics have been showing up. after owen and beru are killed by stormtroopers, what if luke decides to go to the academy like he wanted to instead of following ben. totally different storyline than what really happened.

Author: Valaryc  (signed)
Posted: 1/5/2002 3:43:26 PM

Valaryc's Plot Bunny:

1. I've already tinkered with this idea but what if at least 200 years after the Battle of Endor, the Trade Federation returned with new droids, more power and a new prototype Suncrusher that causes the Republic and Empire to crumble?

2. What if the Jedi and Sith were all extinct and then reborn in the same time era. Whom of the Dark Siders would claim to be the true DLOS?

3. What if Mara Jade and Luke had teamed up and killed Palpatine, becoming the Emperor and Empress of the galaxy, who would fight them?

4. What if Vader had found out how to transfer his soul into a clone, and had not told this to Palpatine when he was killed? What would Vader do to repent for his sins against slaughtering The Jedi?

5. What if Sidious was in fact Palpatines twin brother, killed him and took over his identity, how would the secret come out? What would be the result?

Author: BoffTHX1138
Posted: 1/3/2002 3:37:06 AM

BoffTHX1138's Plot Bunny:

In the WEG Imperial sorce book it say that the military arm of compnor is resented among the imperials because they get all the best equipment. On the TIE fighter technical commentary page off this one ( it say that TIE Avengers and TIE Defenders are used by highly skilled TIE pilots who are very loyal. This would fit the compnor image. Maybe you could have a story about a compnor guy and follow him as he attacks what the TIE fighter TC page said was that the Emperor used the Avengers and defender squads to fight warlordism among his own Navy. Following one of them would make for a great story with many possibilities.

Author: Micaela
Posted: 12/29/2001 8:28:33 PM

Micaela's Plot Bunny:

What if the Jedi Counsel had found someone they had been looking for over the past ten years? But when they send Jedi Master Qui-Gon and his apprentice, Obi-Wan, to intercept this unique child everything goes wrong. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are separated, and a misterious being is hunting the child and Obi-Wan. What would happen.

Author: Kenya Starflight  (signed)
Posted: 12/27/2001 9:26:34 PM

Kenya Starflight's Plot Bunny:

What if Darth Vader had survived ROTJ, become a Jedi again, and taught Jedi? I'm thinking of the Jedi Academy series here, so what if he'd had an influence on his grandchildren or Tenel Ka or Lowbacca?

Author: ME
Posted: 12/22/2001 1:41:00 PM

ME's Plot Bunny:

1. What if Thrawn's invasion had been more successful, and The New Republic was destroyed?

2. What if the Death Star had destroyed Yavin IV, and the Empire survived only to be confronted by the Yuzzhan Vong?

3. What if Luke had turned during ROTJ?

Author: Remas Talab  (signed)
Posted: 11/29/2001 1:57:27 PM

Remas Talab's Plot Bunny:

I am sorry about my last plot bunny. It should have said what if Luke had found his mother was Padme

Author: Tenraku Tenshi
Posted: 11/14/2001 11:33:34 AM

Tenraku Tenshi's Plot Bunny:

What if Mara suddenly started having dreams about when she was young? And Han was there.
Mara was Han's "girlfriend" when he was in the Imperial Army and they wiped her memory when he left.

Author: tenshi_921  (signed)
Posted: 11/10/2001 1:38:09 PM

tenshi_921's Plot Bunny:

What if Mara's mother came back?


What if Callista came back, and she had turned to the Dark Side? Luke must figure out how to save her without re-falling in love or killing her.

Author: Corran Horn  (signed)
Posted: 11/8/2001 5:00:23 AM

Corran Horn's Plot Bunny:

If you're a fan of the Rogue Squadron or of the fighters in general, why not write a story about one of the lesser known Rogues?

Author: Skyflyer
Posted: 11/7/2001 11:26:41 AM

Skyflyer's Plot Bunny:

How about something like an account of the Sith Wars? It could be interesting...

Author: Skyflyer
Posted: 11/7/2001 11:03:03 AM

Skyflyer's Plot Bunny:

What if...10 years after TPM Padme is kidnapped by Tyranus on Palpatine's orders, Anakin and Obi-Wan go to the rescue, and discover just WHO is Darth Sidious? What effect would that have on the galaxy?

Author: Skyflyer
Posted: 11/7/2001 11:00:06 AM

Skyflyer's Plot Bunny:

What if Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had found Anakin earlier (say age 4-5) and Anakin had been with them during the whole of TPM? Also, say Obi-Wan's only 10 years older than Anakin? Another spin-off sort of thing - what if Anakin and Obi-Wan became the Temple pranksters?

Author: Janos Kadar
Posted: 10/18/2001 3:36:53 PM

Janos Kadar's Plot Bunny:

1. If the Yuuzahn Vong attacked the galaxy during the trilogy era and how this would effect the future of the Jedi, the Emperor, and basically the galaxy in general

2. Something with Boba Fett beating up Yuuzahn Vong. Anything, anyhow, with his blaster, hands or salad tongs, I don't care, I want to see how he'd handle the aliens!

Author: Darth Cisco
Posted: 10/18/2001 1:06:57 PM

Darth Cisco's Plot Bunny:

What if Maul had survived the battle of Naboo and
killed both Kenobi and Qui-gon Ginn and Amidala?
What would happen to Anakin? Would his fame as a
Nubian hero gain the new Chancellor's attention?
What if Maul ended up turning Anakin to the dark
side, training him and giving him his Sith name,
Darth Vader? Would they betray Sidious and rule
the republic together?

Author: Vex  (signed)
Posted: 10/5/2001 7:37:49 AM

Vex's Plot Bunny:

What if Luke had decided to listen to Yoda and Obi-Wan and never would have left Dagobah to save Han, Leia, Chewie, and Threepio in "The Empire Strike Back"? Would they all have died? Would the Empire have prospered and not fallen? Would have the Empire risen to greater power? Or would have the Empire crumbled worse than it truly did?

Author: Morgan
Posted: 10/2/2001 4:40:15 PM

Morgan's Plot Bunny:

Anakin loves Padme in ep 1, but what if, 10 years later, he is again reunited with her, but realizes he has feeling for someone else?

Author: Idgie  (signed)
Posted: 9/28/2001 8:19:54 AM

Idgie's Plot Bunny:

What if Luke had met Obi-Wan before ANH,say as a child,maybe 6-7 years old?

Author: Sedgerent
Posted: 9/22/2001 5:47:11 AM

Sedgerent's Plot Bunny:

'Kay, has anyone read 'Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter'? (good book :o) anyhoo, like before Darsha and Bondara get blown to itty bitty bits, why not write a story 'bout them?? just a thought...

Author: Dunc
Posted: 9/19/2001 1:54:05 PM

Dunc's Plot Bunny:

A traditonal mystery story (think Agatha Christie) with a pre-VOTF Jade and Karrde.

Author: JediofBlending  (signed)
Posted: 9/18/2001 3:11:04 PM

JediofBlending's Plot Bunny:

Set many years after ROTJ (in fact, it's today), the Jedi have created a "vaccine" to make worthy people into Jedi. Only six are left, and the Sith have re-emerged and have found the formula to the Vaccine, and are turning innocent people into Sith. One day, the Jedi encounter a falling spaceship, that only contains carbonite. When they let the inhabitant out, he reveals that he was one of the people used to make stormtroopers. He says that he was frozen so that he couldn't rebel, and blasters being fired in the place he was at would be foolish. They make him into a Jedi, and then he reveals that the Death Star was recreated and was abandoned. Then they find the ghosts in the Death Star...

Author: ShadowHunter
Posted: 9/17/2001 2:05:09 PM

ShadowHunter's Plot Bunny:

I think it's be so cool if Obi-Wan and Anakin meet up with Bant and her padawan (Bant is in the Jedi Apprentice series...a friend (Mon Calamari) of Obi-Wan at the Jedi Temple before/during he became a Padawan). Like, something goes wrong and they team up to solve it...reminiscue, etc.

Author: Mcily Nochi  (signed)
Posted: 9/12/2001 5:24:56 PM

Mcily Nochi's Plot Bunny:

800 years after ROJ, the Jedi take sides in a war against each other, pitting the Yavin Jedi against the --insert planet name here-- Jedi. A Jedi couple flee the carnage (light Jedi killing light Jedi, mind you, because they each think the other group has turned to the dark side) with their small children, and encounters Force-senstivies in the Unknown Regions, start up their own Jedi Order, and sort it all out.

Author: jedifan4
Posted: 9/10/2001 7:08:14 PM

jedifan4's Plot Bunny:

In every story something happens to our heros. What if we had a story about nothing. What does Luke, or Han or even 3PO do on a normal day. A day when the solo twins arn't kidnapped. Or day where they're is no politcal mishapp and a small civil war is almost started.

Author: Anin Darkstar
Posted: 9/3/2001 6:43:13 PM

Anin Darkstar's Plot Bunny:

Why not write a story about some dark jedi kids that encounter a group of Jedi? That would be chaos!

Author: howling_wookie
Posted: 9/1/2001 11:34:59 PM

howling_wookie's Plot Bunny:

Has a story been done focusing entirely on smugglers? For example, The adventures of Jaril and Han Solo's other old smuggling mates at Smuggler's Run. I think this may have some potential rather than just the usual characters and story lines.

Author: Jango
Posted: 8/30/2001 9:36:42 AM

Jango's Plot Bunny:

What if Darth Vader came back 30 years
later as a clone?

Author: Kadue  (signed)
Posted: 8/22/2001 3:04:51 AM

Kadue's Plot Bunny:

The Emperor was killed at the explosion of the DS2, and we know that the Rebellion celebrated. But how did the average Imperial civillian react? Were the happy to see the back of a tyrant, or were they shocked and angered to see their political head ruthlessly murdered?

Author: Tahiri  (signed)
Posted: 7/31/2001 8:01:37 PM

Tahiri's Plot Bunny:

Boba Fett, Zuckuss, Dengar, etc. huntdown Kw Jeter as payback for the Bounty Hunter Wars.

Author: Darth Cartman
Posted: 7/31/2001 1:00:29 PM

Darth Cartman's Plot Bunny:

In ANH, when Han says "there's no mystical force that controls my destiny" I've always noticed that Ben makes almost a reminiscent look and a slight smirk, like he's heard those EXACT words before. I know it's not much to go on, but maybe an early Obi-Wan adventure where he meets up with someone who has a very similar outlook on the universe.

Author: Janos Kadar  (signed)
Posted: 7/22/2001 9:20:54 PM

Janos Kadar's Plot Bunny:

A day in the life of a Gonk droid. Or a day in the life of the dark side tree on Dagobah, and why it posesses such dark-sidiness.

Author: Yoshimbo
Posted: 7/21/2001 6:46:02 PM

Yoshimbo's Plot Bunny:

Follow a Imperial Cadet through his training at the Academy and career aboard a Star Destroyer
(feel free to add any other details like he ends up on Endor)

Author: Arica
Posted: 7/21/2001 6:41:04 PM

Arica's Plot Bunny:

What if Vader and Palpatine had known about Leia being Anakin/Vader's child rather than Luke?
THat would make for a very interesting memory of her interrogation in ANH - and it would probably be LEIA - not Luke - who went to Dagobah, LEIA who had to tell her sibling about their relationship (how would LUKE react? He had a CRUSH on her!), and LEIA who would have to fight Vader in ROTJ.
With Leia's completely different personality, who's to say she would have managed to save her father? Would she even have WANTED to?

Author: solojones  (signed)
Posted: 7/17/2001 12:10:16 PM

solojones's Plot Bunny:

Every Jedi has to give up something. For Luke, it was his hand. For Mara, it was her ship.

When Leia became a Jedi (before the 'Heir to the Empire' trilogy) what did she have to give up? What would happen if she thought what she'd have to give up was Han?

Author: Darth Pipes  (signed)
Posted: 7/7/2001 10:49:00 PM

Darth Pipes's Plot Bunny:

Scene: A reporter for the Coruscant Times is given the story of a lifetime. An exclusive tour of the Jedi Temple and a chance to follow around two Jedi. Namely Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.

One of the things the prequel EU has established is that the Temple is closed to outsiders. It got me thinking, how are Jedi viewed by the public and especially the media? Do they have a policy for public relations?

Author: Stone
Posted: 7/3/2001 7:24:52 PM

Stone's Plot Bunny:

Scene: Endor. Palpatine has fallen, and with him the second Death Star. Aboard a stolen Imperial shuttle, a weary Luke Skywalker lands on Endor with a passenger: a badly wounded Anakin Skywalker. Knowing the Alliance would execute him on sight, and knowing that even headless, the Empire still had strength, the two hatch an insane plan: Vader would take command of the Empire, and topple it from the inside...

Author: tess-wan tornes  (signed)
Posted: 7/1/2001 2:14:40 PM

tess-wan tornes's Plot Bunny:

I think Obi-wan should have a sister who is very strong in the Force but nobody notices that she is. Obi-wan meets her sometime and teaches her the way if the Jedi

Author: Obi-Zahn_Kenobi
Posted: 6/16/2001 5:14:37 PM

Obi-Zahn_Kenobi's Plot Bunny:

At there's a fic about how Mara seduces Luke when he's still on Tatooine. An idea would be if good ol' Mara had gotten good n' pregnant and good ol' Vader found out it was his good ol' grandson. Don't you love all those good ol good ol's?

Author: The Great Yoda  (signed)
Posted: 6/10/2001 11:19:48 PM

The Great Yoda's Plot Bunny:

1. A story of young Yoda [I know I'm obsessed]
2. Chewie's experiances before he met han. [has this been done.
3. A story of Kyp Durron's first misson as a Jedi Knight

Author: DarkATX
Posted: 5/29/2001 8:40:44 PM

DarkATX's Plot Bunny:

Four Tie Fighters were shot down as the Millenium Falcon made its escape from Death Star I. According to Leia, Tarkin and Vader this was supposed to happen. (as per Vader's plan)
Who were the pilots? Were they newly recruited fighter pilots? Or better yet, could they have been incompetant officers (possibly inept engineers and techies with minimal flight training) that Vader wanted to do away with?
What does that make Vader, sacrificing four individuals in the hopes that they WOULD FAIL?

Author: Jace
Posted: 5/20/2001 2:25:45 PM

Jace's Plot Bunny:

Extended Universe Part 1:

Admiral Parck and General Fel recieve a distress call from a nearby Chiss outpost that they are under attack. As part of Grand Admiral Thrawn's assingment they investigate the attacker and the whereabouts of there habitats.

Part 2:

Se-Ras-OUtar of the Opjka clan has been informed of a new species threatening his homeworld who are allied with the Chiss.

Author: Jahb_Henstu
Posted: 5/17/2001 10:15:13 PM

Jahb_Henstu's Plot Bunny:

We all know that Luke and Leia were hidden by Obi-Wan when they were born. What if Luke was sent to Alderaan, and become Prince Luke Organa and Leia was sent to live with Aunt Beau and Uncle Owen. Same story almost Luke is aboard the Tantive IV (the blockade runner at the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope) and Leia was still on Tatooine. I think it would be an interesting twist of events in the Star Wars universe.

Author: Marka Ragnos
Posted: 5/15/2001 9:21:09 AM

Marka Ragnos's Plot Bunny:

How about the story of Darth Maul's origins and training? Or even Darth Sidious's?? Think about it! The origin and training of the Emperor!!

Author: Mr. P  (signed)
Posted: 5/2/2001 2:13:16 PM

Mr. P's Plot Bunny:

What if Anakin hadn't killed the Emperor at the Death Star in RotJ, and Palpy killed Luke?

--Mr. P

Author: Jedi Ra
Posted: 4/29/2001 10:20:01 AM

Jedi Ra's Plot Bunny:

What if Han was Force sensitive (either instead of or as well as Luke and co.)

Author: AngelQueen
Posted: 4/27/2001 4:35:01 PM

AngelQueen's Plot Bunny:

I have lots of ideas, just don't have time to write about all of them!

1) What if Obi-Wan survived the battle with Vader on the first Death Star?

2) What if Leia, Han, Chewie, and Threepio followed Luke to Dagobah?

3) What if Luke hadn't fallen in love with Callista?

Author: FernWithy  (signed)
Posted: 4/22/2001 3:31:51 PM

FernWithy's Plot Bunny:

We started this one on the forums and got a few responses:
What if Vader disobeyed Palpatine's order in RotJ to wait for Luke at the bunker? What if he got down to the surface, and just kept on going, following the Force to find Luke and Leia both in the Ewok village before the battle?

Author: Caesar
Posted: 4/22/2001 12:45:36 AM

Caesar's Plot Bunny:

Revisit the Zeltrons from the Marvel comics. Jahn and Bahb. Perhaps some underlying sexual tension between them and Leia, and then in turn between, say, Han and Dani? Or Luke and Dani?

Author: Liz Skywalker  (signed)
Posted: 4/21/2001 8:24:48 PM

Liz Skywalker's Plot Bunny:

What happens when Darth Vader finds out that the Rebels have struck a major blow against the Empire and that his son led the assualt?

Author: Darth Paul  (signed)
Posted: 4/19/2001 9:38:54 PM

Darth Paul's Plot Bunny:

We all know about the political intrigues in the Imperial court, with everyone in sight vying for the favor of the Emperor and Lord Vader. And we also know of the intense rivalry between Mara Jade and Vader as trusted servants close to the Emperor. But what if it is some sinister outside force purposefully pitting them against each other to cast them both in a bad light and ultimately win the supreme favor of Emperor Palpatine?

Author: Menndo
Posted: 4/19/2001 4:41:12 PM

Menndo's Plot Bunny:

Jar jar becomes a Sith apprentice and hunts down Anakin and Obi-Wan to avenge Qui-Gon. Really! Think about it!!! With that tongue and the way he can already jump, he would be VERY dangerous...

Author: Talon Squad Leader  (signed)
Posted: 4/17/2001 11:06:40 PM

Talon Squad Leader's Plot Bunny:

An interesting concept would be to write a story, short story, or lengthened scene from a droid's point of view. Imagine: an X-wing duels with a TIE Fighter while defending a small Rebel convoy. We know what the pilot might be thinking, but what is that little R2 unit doing up there behind the cockpit?

Author: FernWithy  (signed)
Posted: 4/17/2001 10:13:35 PM

FernWithy's Plot Bunny:

How did Shmi Skywalker come to be enslaved, and where did she come from before it?

Author: FernWithy
Posted: 3/10/2001 7:40:07 PM

FernWithy's Plot Bunny:

What if Han had stayed in the Imperial navy, and wound up in Piett's position -- as a trusted aide to Vader?

Author: Mr. P
Posted: 3/10/2001 6:53:36 PM

Mr. P's Plot Bunny:

What if Amidala escaped from her prison camp (assumed) shortly after Ep. III and ran off to Tatooine, and tried to get Luke from Owen and Beru, and they wouldn't give him back? And what if, because they wouldn't of their own free will, she kidnapped him?

--Mr. P

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