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Writing Tips Listing

Writing Tips are listed from most recent to least recent.

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Author: Sunniva  (signed)
Posted: 1/15/2006 8:09:00 AM

Sunniva's Writing Tip:

When you make up a character don't be to specific about their personality at first. Then you don't have to change it when you have a meek person start cussing like mad(but please no cussing because I will not beta-read it).

Author: Star Traveler  (signed)
Posted: 1/13/2006 4:35:14 PM

Star Traveler's Writing Tip:

When suffering from Writer's Block, read other fanfics (or books) for ideas, and try to write through it, even if half the stories you attempt don't go anywhere.

Author: agap_afima
Posted: 11/29/2005 9:04:45 PM

agap_afima's Writing Tip:

It helps me to listen to a Star Wars soundtrack when I'm writing something Star Wars. Helps me get in the mood. That's just me, though.

Author: agap_afima  (signed)
Posted: 11/27/2005 5:06:35 PM

agap_afima's Writing Tip:

Set apart your characters by giving little details about them. (example: He had a small scar on his chin and a streak of gray hair on one of his temples)

Author: Vitalony  (signed)
Posted: 8/11/2005 5:16:24 PM

Vitalony's Writing Tip:

When making Original Characers (male or female) please try to refrain from the usual physical descriptions. I.e. blonde hair blue eyes, red hair and fiery green eyes. Make your characters a little unique. And not all characters have ot be beautiful/handsome and thin. Some of the greatest characters of all time have not been that good looking. Take Darth Vader for example! He was ugly, but was a totally kick a$$ character. If you want any help with this please send me an e-mail. I'd be happy to help.

Author: Darth_Lucious  (signed)
Posted: 7/29/2005 10:29:41 PM

Darth_Lucious's Writing Tip:

When making a character, don't make him/her too specific.

Author: Darth_Lucious  (signed)
Posted: 7/29/2005 10:29:32 PM

Darth_Lucious's Writing Tip:

If making a character, don't make him/her too specific.

Author: Voldader
Posted: 7/9/2005 5:08:21 PM

Voldader's Writing Tip:

If having writer's block (I know I do!), try to refer back to a character, object or event from the SW movies or novels that the characters only mention very little. (e.g. Darth Plagius, Outer Rim Sieges, etc.)

Author: valkyrie
Posted: 6/25/2005 3:51:55 PM

valkyrie's Writing Tip:

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE when writing orignal female characters do try to avoid making them fiery yet innocent. It is a very bad cliche and rather tiresome for readers.

Another one to avoid, is the stunning-good-at-sports-beauty-queen-outgoing-...etc. There must be balance here, people. Make your characters have faults! The more faults they have, the realer and less cliche/mary-sue they tend to be. Bring them down to earth a little and the less two dimensional they seem to become.

I know its not that simple, even I struggle with these perfect characters, but make an effort. No body likes a character they can see right through.


Author: Chasity
Posted: 6/14/2005 5:18:57 PM

Chasity's Writing Tip:

If you don't like what you are writing don't just throw it away get a second opinion, you could be the next Steven King and not know it. Remember, we are our own wrost critics.

Author: Melkor  (signed)
Posted: 6/14/2005 3:31:25 AM

Melkor's Writing Tip:

When in doubt, use descriptive language. This is also handy as a cure for writer's block as it can help redirect your attention.

Author: DarthIshtar  (signed)
Posted: 6/6/2005 9:21:43 PM

DarthIshtar's Writing Tip:

My favorite essay on dialogue said that you have to fit your dialogue to station, time period, gender, and characterization. It gave the example of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens and a 4-year-old who approached a baseball hero, convicted of a felony. In the Dickens, a sister says "Refute these calumnities, Nicholas!" Conversely, the 4-year-old uttered the now-famous "Say it ain't so, Joe!" You can't have someone in Dickens style saying "Say it ain't so, nick!" any more than you can have a 4-year-old yelling "Refute these calumnities, Joseph!"

Author: ben
Posted: 6/6/2005 4:01:52 PM

ben's Writing Tip:

During a lightsaber battle always describe:
1.)The Location (this gives you a much easier picture of the fighting stlye which will be used. and the emotions during the fight (eg:mustafar =firey,anger,hate,suffering)
2.)the movement of the blade (blurred,spinning)
3.)always describe the fighting stlye (defensive,traditional,quick) this gives a better picture of the characters movements.
4.)words exchanged during the battle (IMPORTANT:Never leave out the emotions during a fight. The conversation is the most important part. There has to be a reason for the fight.

if you have any more questions email me

Author: Nakomelingen  (signed)
Posted: 6/5/2005 10:03:47 AM

Nakomelingen's Writing Tip:

A wide variety of word choice keeps a reader interested. Choose words that can appeal to each of your senses and your writting will be much stronger.

Author: darthvadersplot
Posted: 5/26/2005 9:51:52 AM

darthvadersplot's Writing Tip:

Here are more than one tip.
1. Write an outline of what you would like to happen. Then if it is different, it might be better. If not, you can change it.
2. At least try to learn about the characters. You want to know how they are, background and such. Only with already thought up characters, though.
3. Try to have one of the characters as YOU. It makes it more personal and I have found that it makes chapters and stories longer.
4. Write about what you like. It makes it just as fun.
5. Donít always write about the same thing. Like romance. If you like something else to, write a story about it.
6. DONíT steal ideas. If you found an idea you like, give credit to that person. Or at least say you used it.
7. Last but not least, the fighting. Yeah, drawing can help, but it might also work if you watch a movie and see what looks good. Then base it off that. But, add variety. Try sword fighting, shoot outs, death defying stunts, anything. Believe me it works.

Author: ChaoticBliss  (signed)
Posted: 5/10/2005 3:47:38 PM

ChaoticBliss's Writing Tip:

Avoid using passive voice whenever possible. It will make your writing stronger and more polished.
In short stories, let the characters do the talking. We want to hear their voices.
Use semicolons sparingly.
Rarely use exclamation points. Let your words create the excitement.
And when writing use a FANBOY word after a comma. FANBOYS (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So), and ONLY use them when there are seven or more words after the conjunction.

Author: Kaido Rokk  (signed)
Posted: 4/2/2005 9:43:36 PM

Kaido Rokk's Writing Tip:

When your are writing, be specific. Don't just say, he walked down the street. Say, the young many sauntered down the empty street. Giving good descriptions make your reader feel like the story is real, not to mention interesting.

Author: Bria921  (signed)
Posted: 3/31/2005 8:29:26 AM

Bria921's Writing Tip:

Drawing out ship movements really helps if you're gonna write a space battle. Just take a piece of paper, draw out the planet, defenses, what ships/who's attacking who. It gives you more of a feel what you're doing by the time you start actually writing the battle.

Author: darth_grievous1  (signed)
Posted: 3/27/2005 11:59:33 AM

darth_grievous1's Writing Tip:

Don't let anyone but you dictate your writing style. Also, try and limit the numberof charcaters in your story. After a while, it may get confusing. If you get stuck, stop. Get up and stretch. Have a snack, or a drink. Experiment with different words.

Author: General Reiser
Posted: 3/25/2005 6:52:16 PM

General Reiser's Writing Tip:

develop your story as much as you can, what might make sense to you could be confusing to others, remember, always think of your audience

Author: DarthIshtar  (signed)
Posted: 1/25/2005 9:01:58 AM

DarthIshtar's Writing Tip:

Do not be afraid of your original characters, but do not cheat yourself and your story by making them throwaways or developing them on the fly. Have them there for a purpose.

Author: Robert H. Gordon Jr.  (signed)
Posted: 12/1/2004 10:35:20 AM

Robert H. Gordon Jr.'s Writing Tip:

Try placing yourself into your story and see if the path that is chosen by your characters and the resulting outcome is probable and even possible. This way you avoid the fantastic.

Also, look beyond the presumed depictions and take into account the unknown. This will help to flesh out any original characters that you create.

Lastly, come original. Lucas laid out a never-ending galaxy with such variety as one would be limiting their own ability just sticking to the established central characters.

Author: Sani Atasa  (signed)
Posted: 11/14/2004 9:51:37 AM

Sani Atasa's Writing Tip:

Oh, and I forgot, music in the mood of what you're wanting to write helps a lot, too. Do be carefull, however, because the music can also influence what you're writting.

Author: Sani Atasa  (signed)
Posted: 11/14/2004 9:49:21 AM

Sani Atasa's Writing Tip:

If you're havving a blank moment, turn away from the story/poem/song/ whatever and play a board game, or some cards, or anything that has to do with stratagy. Word games can only make things worse, enless you're looking for a certain word to use, then leave the stratagy games behind and play a word game.

Generally, games like Stratego, chess, minesweeper, solitare, spider solitare, freecell, and scrabble are good. If you don't like these games, what SW fan doesn't have something ke Rogue Squadron hanging around?

Author: Scoke Faofa
Posted: 9/13/2004 7:34:00 AM

Scoke Faofa's Writing Tip:

When you are writing, don't be redundant with your words. You have all of the vocabulary in the world with you when you are writing, don't just write, for instance, Obi Wan said. Write Obi Wan exclaimed, or stated instead. The Thesaurus is your best friend when you are writing. Use it well, if you get stuck with your words.

Author: Tym Knyspel  (signed)
Posted: 9/9/2004 10:11:29 PM

Tym Knyspel's Writing Tip:

Always make your story flow. (Like the Force!). Just as everything has a place in the Force, so should everything in your story. The best stories written have an ending that ties the whole story together.

Author: MJSLSBS  (signed)
Posted: 8/29/2004 8:47:21 PM

MJSLSBS's Writing Tip:

i find that if your stuck for an idea for a story but i want to write base it on an events/s of your life

Author: Kenobigirl  (signed)
Posted: 8/24/2004 9:14:44 PM

Kenobigirl's Writing Tip:

You can be inspired anywhere and at anytime. It could be two AM, but you still had an idea! An idea could come to you in a dream or when you are outside among a variety of people. So a good thing to do is: keep a notebook with you! A small hand-held one works perfectly. You don't want to get inspired and not have anyhting to write your idea on; you may forget it later if other things cross your mind.

Author: Kusco
Posted: 8/13/2004 7:40:22 AM

Kusco's Writing Tip:

When thinking out a story it's good to have a few major points of plot or action that you want to get to, parts that you know you want in a story. That way they act as stepping stones, or goals in completing the story. That way if you get stuck you can ask yourself what you need to have happen to get your characters to that certain scene that your excited about. The rest can be made up while you go and allows the story to take on a life of its own. Some of the best stuff I've written is the stuff I use to get to these "stepping stones". It also makes these few planned scenes a lot more fun to write because you may have been planning them for sometime. But don't be afraid to variate from them if all the stuff you've written before makes the scene impractical. It's also a good idea to think of what themes you want portrayed in the story. Above all just keep at it.

Author: Lord Darth Attar
Posted: 7/5/2004 6:54:19 PM

Lord Darth Attar's Writing Tip:

For some reason, this works for me. When writing, be in a quite place where you don't have to comprehend anything. Clear your minds and use the Force (seriously). I mean it, it works. When I am in a clear-minded quiet environemnt, I can type and even think up to FOUR TIMES FASTER than I usually could.

Author: Bant428  (signed)
Posted: 5/14/2004 1:30:57 PM

Bant428's Writing Tip:

if u read a good piece of literature and feel inspired to write, either wait @ least a week afterwards or write and keep it to yourself, then look back later on. you might be ripping off and not even realizing it...

Author: Master Zephyr  (signed)
Posted: 5/5/2004 11:17:22 AM

Master Zephyr's Writing Tip:

I find that if you think there is a flow problem leave the story for a few weeks or months and pretty much forget about it. Then after that time come back and read it again. With some of the non-Star Wars fics I have written I found that this works wonders. It also helps out the Beta-Readers in their job.

Author: Danialla-Rahl  (signed)
Posted: 4/30/2004 1:12:40 PM

Danialla-Rahl's Writing Tip:

Be creative. There are a thousand "how Amidala feels when Anakin leaves her". Think of something completely different. It's so crazy that it just might work! *cape flaps in the breeze*

Author: KSA  (signed)
Posted: 4/7/2004 8:17:45 PM

KSA's Writing Tip:

The only advice i can give is to simply write, write, write. Reading has also helped me. I try to get a basic idea of what I want (genre and the like) and then read as much about that as I can. That sparks my muse. Then I just write until what I want to say comes out.

Or if you drink chocolate milk. I've written my best stuff with a chocolate milk in one hand.

How strange.

Author: Hermione Organa  (signed)
Posted: 4/4/2004 8:42:20 AM

Hermione Organa's Writing Tip:

For whatever reason, I find that listening to favourite music that usually DOESN'T have words works for writing fan fics. For example, I listen non-stop when I'm writing Star Wars fans fics to each of the Star Wars soundtracks, I own them all. It's fun and I don't get distracted because they don't have comprehendable words that I can sing along to. It might work for someone else too... I usually get very hyped up with lots of ideas whenever I listen to music (which is usually movie soundtracks).

Posted: 3/16/2004 9:08:54 PM

MJSLSBS's Writing Tip:

I find if your doing homework and you can't think properly- writing a story or something else clears your brain so you can write better- and do more homework. it works both ways i find- weird but true for me.

Author: The Stormtrooper Shrink
Posted: 2/11/2004 6:22:08 PM

The Stormtrooper Shrink's Writing Tip:

Considering I've never even tried to get seems a little pretentious to give advice to people that have been, or better. But I thought, well, why not?

I've found that having a notebook in your bag is a great help. When I'm in the shops, or on the beach, I'm always getting hit by some person or some object that just hits me in the eye and says "This is a good character" or "This is a good plot". And if I leave it too late, I forget. That little notebook is an absolute must for me.

I also find that forcing yourself to write is a bad idea. Sometimes I begin a fanfic or some other writing task really well, and I feel I can finish it in no time, but I get bogged after a couple of pages and start writing absolute rubbish. It's a good idea to quit while you're ahead and come back later when you're fresh.

Keeping a diary - probably more a tip for girls, I don't know any guy who keeps one - is something that always helps me. You don't have to use great grammar or anything in it, and after a while you'll find that you'll be writing about your daily life - or just Star Wars, which is about eight tenths of my own diary - in a certain style, and you'll be getting comfortable with it. Once you've found your style, it's pretty easy getting to writing about other stuff. words of wisdom. Thank you to those who don't snort and those who do probably have a point.

Author: RainTiger
Posted: 1/24/2004 2:57:48 PM

RainTiger's Writing Tip:

This is a strange suggestion, but when writing fight scenes, draw it out first. I take a piece of paper and a pencil and doodle stick figures fighting how I want the scene to happen. I can often think sort of what I want to happen in the fighting, but I can never write it unless I visualize it. So, ta da!, visualization.

Author: baru-chan  (signed)
Posted: 1/3/2004 7:52:25 AM

baru-chan's Writing Tip:

How many times did you suddenly think that Anakin's character would absolutely *fit* that song? Or when you thought that your sister acted like Leia and wondered if she was like that when she was a child? When inspiration strikes, just go with the flow. If you suddenly have an idea about somebody or something, don't be afraid to write. Worry about spelling and grammar later -- when the proverbial lightning hits a person, it doesn't warn said person beforehand.

Not all fanfics are written in a linear manner. Some authors write the last scene of the book or the climax of the story first before writing the first paragraph. Don't hesitate to build a story around a scene you wrote, say, about a year ago -- some of the best fanfics were written that way.

And, most importantly, listen to your beta-readers. Something that is completely obvious to you might not be to other people.

I hope that helps. =)

Author: MoriahthePariah
Posted: 12/27/2003 8:49:00 PM

MoriahthePariah's Writing Tip:

MAJOR WARNING: If you don't want to end up with "prequel-George-Lucas-syndrome", READ YOUR STORY ALOUD to yourself, paying the most attention to dialogue. If you can't picture yourself--or anyone else, for that matter--remotely saying what you've come up with under reasonable circumstances, you know it needs fixing. If it sounds natural to your ears, you're on the right track. Trust me, silently reading off your computer screen does NOT work the same. Even better, if you know someone who's patient and has a good sense of humor (or appreciation for your dramatic side), dictate your story to them and ask how the dialogue sounds. This isn't exactly beta-reading, just a sounding board.

Author: Bant428  (signed)
Posted: 12/18/2003 12:33:53 PM

Bant428's Writing Tip:

don't plan out your story -- let your characters get out of your control and write the story themselves. yes, it's scary, but it works.

also, to avoid mary janes in the stories you write based on real life, look at yourself in the worst possible light. bad for self-esteem, but very good for fiction.

Author: anakinskywalker9-19  (signed)
Posted: 12/16/2003 6:48:01 PM

anakinskywalker9-19's Writing Tip:

It really depends on how you are feeling like if you go home with a bad attitude just write to get anger out, or just get a scene and ask what if this happened ? That just gets you idea for a graet story.

to all new writers

Author: Nade_Naberrie  (signed)
Posted: 11/17/2003 3:53:16 PM

Nade_Naberrie's Writing Tip:

Always write with your mood. How are you feeling today? If you've spent a long, hard day at work or school, write through the eyes of a frustrated character. If you just spent the day laughing with friends, write a comedy. This works, and most times the story will appear on the screen or paper before your mind has a chance to catch up.

Have fun!

Author: Tenshi
Posted: 11/7/2003 4:26:18 PM

Tenshi's Writing Tip:

I always like to have the major story plot line in order. Like if your story takes place between two books in the New Jedi Order than you have to read both books and have all the major details down in those books.
Same with the trilogy. If the story takes place between ep1 and ep2 than you really have to have those details down.

and the more star wars books ya read the better you can keep the characters. and if they are ooc than put a warning so that everyone knows. Because some people do not like the main characters to be "Out of Caracter".

Author: Jedi Keladry
Posted: 9/14/2003 7:02:51 PM

Jedi Keladry's Writing Tip:

The Prophet was right - writing scenes while listening to music helps, but I don't limit that to fighting scenes. Depending on the mood of the scene that I'm working on, I may have my playlist of "Romance" or "Magic" or "Adventure" playing from my hard drive. It brings out the general atmosphere, and the story writes itself.

One thing that bugs me in some fan fiction is when the fundamental personality characteristics of some characters get changed. In order to have a believable work, it's important to stay true to the person. I read a story that takes place during Episode III, and for the entire story, Padme was weepy and clingy, and every sentence was either bathed in tears or had an exclamation mark at the end. She was never like that in TPM or AotC - she's strong and brave, but not dramatic. It read like a reeeeally bad soap opera.

Happy writing!

Author: Calandra Arahas  (signed)
Posted: 9/6/2003 8:26:51 PM

Calandra Arahas's Writing Tip:

Keep a notebook and a pencil/pen by your bed. When you wake up in the morning, write down the first things you think about and any dreams you remember. Sometimes they can lead to a good plotline or can provide a new character or an unexplored mannerism of an old one.

Pick a random object and write down everything you can about it. It helps the clarity of your writing if you are used to noting the fine details. If you put too much detail in a story, you can always take it out later.

Enjoy writing. If it isn't fun for you to write, it isn't fun for others to read. :)

Calandra Arahas

Author: LianaMara  (signed)
Posted: 8/14/2003 7:03:03 PM

LianaMara's Writing Tip:

Write, rewrite, and rewrite again until your brain turns numb. Studies show that you're able to think much more creatively when you write your thoughts down on paper, so always scribble your first draft down in a notebook, or anything. Next, correct your draft, adding details or eliminating useless words, and then type it up. And after it's typed, continue revising until you feel confident that your work is the best you could make it. Believe me, this works.

It also helps to put a piece away for a few weeks, then pick it up later and reread it. You'll be amazed how many things you'll correct or change, just because you let a little time pass inbetween revisions

Author: Darth Sideice
Posted: 8/11/2003 8:36:10 PM

Darth Sideice's Writing Tip:

Prewritten your story on paper, then read it over a few times. Know your story by heart. Start typing and have a clue of what fits with the tile and general plot. Change and take things out put in ideas that you didn't have in the prewriting.
Read the final and add if you wish.
Your stories will come out better then before

Author: EmperorEdgardo
Posted: 7/16/2003 10:16:04 AM

EmperorEdgardo's Writing Tip:

The war agaisnt the Vong and the Sith continues.Their leader Lee's dark side continues to kill all the Jedi that pass throuh his path. Lee now is more desprete to kill his Dark Side.But the dreded Voynx have been remade to kill the Jedi and when Mace Windu,Plo Koon,Arca Jeth are killed the Jedi are more afraid than ever.Shimra the Supreme Overlord of the Vong confronts Yoda in an epic Duel of Fate's.Who will win?Anakin Skywalker figth's Exar Kun.Obi-Wan confronts the Emperor.Lee fight's Marka Ragnos,Darth Bane and Dooku.

Author: EmperorEdgardo
Posted: 7/2/2003 8:13:45 AM

EmperorEdgardo's Writing Tip:

Part 2 of the Lee saga: Lee has chosen to be Grand Master of the Universe,now the galaxy has a new threat somehow the YUHZAN VONG have revived along with all the SITH and DARK JEDI that have existed.Now with the help of the Vong the Sith are destroing anithing in their path.It's up to Lee and Jedi to stop the Sith and it's up to The Republic to stop the Vong,though a powerful enemy is helping the Vong wich look's a lot like Lee(he has to because it's Lee's dark side,wich he abanded when he became Grand Master,now his dark side is the Dark Master.

Author: EmperorEdgardo
Posted: 6/30/2003 1:26:57 PM

EmperorEdgardo's Writing Tip:

It is a trillion years after the war with the Vong Luke's decendent Lord Lee is now the most powerful Jedi the Jedi Order has known.He is the Supreme Master ofthe Jedi order but he has a decition to make be Supremme Master or the Grand Master of the Universe.AND if he chooses 2 he will have more power than all the jedi that ever existed united he will the most knolege wisdom and greatest fighting techniche ever used though leving his family and friends behind.This is part one of 12 of Lee the Lord of Light.

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