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Young Padawan learner, apprenticed to Mikitia Jinn. I have trouble controlling my anger. I am a Jedi who loves to read, write, fight with a lightsaber, and is also a great fan of Harry Potter.

Fan Fictions by Jira :
Uncontrollable Rage (G)
Anakin's thoughts after his mother dies.
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Failure (G)
Obi-Wan's silent contemplation over events of the past year.
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Articles by Jira :
Jira has not written any articles at this time.
I have been writing Star Wars for over ten years, focusing on original characters. I think the main characters have been done to death(what if?, etc.), but what a great universe to play in! I have been training martial arts as well for 15 years.

Fan Fictions by jmann06405 :
Shades of Grey (PG-13)
An Alliance turret gunner and an Imperial pilot are trapped on a drifting hulk after a battle.
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The One (PG-13)
The last moments of the only woman to wear Stormtrooper armor.
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The Final Flight of Green Squadron (PG)
While on an Alliance strike mission in the Outer Rim, A B-wing squadron strikes a very personal blow against an Imperial Star Destroyer Captain. Little does the Alliance know that the Captain already has the means to revenge his loss firmly in place...
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The Pen is Mightier Than the...Sith? (PG)
An data pusher at one of Coruscant's largest accountancy firms makes a discovery that draws the aspiring writer halfway across the galaxy. What he finds is not quite what he expected...and certainly more than he bargained for.
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What of Iskalon? (PG)
An Imperial sub-ocean commander, stranded by an Imperial mistake under the waves of Iskalon, fights against time and the elements to save what remains of his stranded crew. Above the waves, an Alliance contractor escorts a diplomat to the water world. The Alliance, desperately wanting to make amends with the natives for the ravaging of their planet, has no idea that the contractor has an agenda of her own. Under the dark water, the remnants of the Empire and the the fledgling New Republic will come face to face. But there is another enemy among them...
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Articles by jmann06405 :
jmann06405 has not written any articles at this time.
John Takis

Fan Fictions by John Takis :
Dark Memory (G)
At his son's request, Han Solo reluctantly recounts painful memories of his first and only face-to-face encounter with Darth Vader.
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An Emperor Alone (PG)
Emperor Palpatine: supreme ruler of the galaxy and unquestioned master of the Dark Side. But when the aging Sith tyrant is betrayed by hidden enemies and cut-off from the power of the Force, he must rely on one final defense: a brilliant and calculating mind.
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Do You Take This Woman... (PG-13)
Part II of the Proposal Anthology. The fanfic writers present their ideas on how Anakin and Padme became engaged.
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Articles by John Takis :
John Takis has not written any articles at this time.
Jon Cory
Star Wars fan, of course!

Fan Fictions by Jon Cory :
Origins of an Emperor (PG)
A young Naboo named Frank Palpatine meets a mysterious stranger, which begins his journey to become Emperor. Experience the Lighter Side of the Dark Side as the young man learns of the Sith and their unique powers of The Force.
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Articles by Jon Cory :
Jon Cory has not written any articles at this time.
Lifelong Star Wars fan! :) I began reading fanfic in 1994 and have been addicted ever since.

Fan Fictions by Julie :
I Won't Fail You (PG-13)
Sequel to "If I Don't Catch You" - Anakin's training with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan leads to new friendships -- and new threats.
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I'm Counting On You (PG-13)
At age fourteen, Anakin Skywalker has learned and suffered much during his first year as a Padawan. Now he must face a greater challenge - regaining Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan's trust. Sequel to "If I Don't Catch You" and "I Won't Fail You". You must read those stories to fully understand this one.
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If I Don't Catch You (PG)
When events at the end of The Phantom Menace change, Anakin, Qui-gon and Obi-wan find themselves on a different -- and dangerous -- path to destiny.
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Leia Organa, Jedi Knight (PG)
What would change and what would not change if Yoda trained Leia to be a Jedi?
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Articles by Julie :
This Ain't Earth : Why cussing and slang don't fit into the Galaxy Far, Far Away
How swearing works (and doesn't work) in the GFFA.
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Fan Fictions by Kara :
Interlude (G)
Sometimes he remembers... Ep. IV vignette.
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Articles by Kara :
Kara has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by Katharine :
Ouroboros (G)
What happens to a vessel of the Force, when the Force is imbalanced?
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Articles by Katharine :
Katharine has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by KBA :
Dark Side Rising (PG)
A Jedi Master searching to reclaim his past.
A Sith apprentice who cannot see a way forward.
A former Sith haunted by the power he once knew.
A Jedi Knight wrestling with the dark side's call.

All are drawn to the same backwater planet by the darkness hidden there. But as their destinies become more and more intertwined, are they growing closer to discovering the truth, or merely all pawns in some greater scheme?

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Articles by KBA :
KBA has not written any articles at this time.
Kenya Starflight
Insane Dark Lord of the Sith who's obsessed with alternate universe stories -- escaped from Imperial asylum and on a rampage -- disdain blasters, droids, and authority figures -- spend time writing twisted fan fiction

Fan Fictions by Kenya Starflight :
Father and Son (PG)
A mission launched by Vader to locate his wife goes awry as the Dark Lord ends up accidentially kidnapping his infant son.
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Articles by Kenya Starflight :
Kenya Starflight has not written any articles at this time.
Kev Drakis 23

Fan Fictions by Kev Drakis 23 :
A Force for Living (PG)
Courier-turned smuggler Kev Drakis recruits a mysterious human named Piala Bokur to help him on risky mission. Along the way, they discover just how much of an impact the Jedi had, and what the loss of their presence in the universe means.
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Articles by Kev Drakis 23 :
Kev Drakis 23 has not written any articles at this time.
Viewing Authors 91 to 100 of 201 Authors
«  <5>--<6>--<7>--<8>--<9>--<10>--<11>--<12>--<13>--<14>  »
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