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Jedi Keladry

Fan Fictions by Jedi Keladry :
Transient Mentor (G)
Bail Organa introduces his daughter to an impromptu visitor, and the acquaintance has a lasting effect.
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Articles by Jedi Keladry :
Jedi Keladry has not written any articles at this time.
jedi of ennth

Fan Fictions by jedi of ennth :
The Breaking Point (G)
In the makeshift morgue aboard the Yuuzhan Vong frigate Trickster, Zekk and Jaina meet in what quickly becomes a confrontation that will decide their paths.
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Carry Us Home Again (G)
In the midst of the Killik crisis, Leia must come to terms with the changes taking place within her daughter.
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This Was Better (PG)
Home is where your nest is.
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Articles by jedi of ennth :
jedi of ennth has not written any articles at this time.
Jedi Rita

Fan Fictions by Jedi Rita :
Rest Thou Softly (PG)
Cin Drallig has been the saber master for the younglings for many years. Now he must face his former pupil when the Temple falls under attack.
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Rebel Apprentice (G)
Twelve-year-old Leia decides it's high time she start training to be an agent for the Rebel Alliance, but her father does not agree. When her father entertains a visiting Imperial family, Leia and her best friend Winter decide to do a little spying on their own.
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Articles by Jedi Rita :
Jedi Rita has not written any articles at this time.
Jedi Trace
My father took me to see "Star Wars" in 1977. Thirteen years later, I took a stuffed Ewok to college. Yeah, it's that bad. ;) When pretending to be an adult, I'm a critical care nurse, wife, and mom.

Fan Fictions by Jedi Trace :
The House of Bacaard (PG-13)
Mara Jade, Emperor’s Hand, goes on an undercover mission and makes an unexpected friend.
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Recovery (PG-13)
A MedStar trauma team takes part in events that changes the fate of the galaxy forever. (Contains speculation about events in Revenge of the Sith. No spoilers.)
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Ignite the Stars (PG)
An introspective piece interpreting the relationship between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in the Original Trilogy, in light of Revenge of the Sith.
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Articles by Jedi Trace :
Jedi Trace has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by Jedi-2B :
Lightsabers and Lullabies (PG)
Being a family is a hard enough challenge. Imagine how it is for two Jedi Masters separated from their only son.
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Articles by Jedi-2B :
Jedi-2B has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by JediSenoj451 :
Reconciliation (PG)
Having survived the PT and OT, Padmé and Anakin meet one last time to travel the difficult path to forgiveness.
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Articles by JediSenoj451 :
JediSenoj451 has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by JediShampoo :
Paper Trail (G)
This is a story seen entirely through galactic media and personal communiques. An infant on an outlying planet displays alleged use of the Force, but the Republic bureaucracy shuffles the matter away. This causes an uproar and backlash against the Republic government. The Jedi are finally called in to deal with the matter.
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We're All Light (G)
Obi-Wan and his eighteen-year-old apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, have a discussion about the nature of light, and what it can or cannot do.
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Articles by JediShampoo :
JediShampoo has not written any articles at this time.
I am a high school student from Brisbane, Australia who, only discovered Star Wars in 2001, and then discovered Fan Fiction soon after.

Fan Fictions by jedistar89 :
As The Lift Rose (G)
A glimpse in Anakin's thoughts in the lift up to Padme`'s suite.
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Articles by jedistar89 :
jedistar89 has not written any articles at this time.
Jeff 42

Fan Fictions by Jeff 42 :
The Dark Path (PG)
What if Vader didn't turn back to the light side at Endor?
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Campaign 20,000 (PG)
Mon Mothma, Emperor Palpatine, and Nom Anor engage in a political debate to decide who will be elected ruler of the galaxy--with hilarious results.
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The Sands of Time (PG)
Five hundred years after the Battle of Endor, Obi-Wan Kenobi is reincarnated by the Force to find a galaxy much different from the one he left, and a Jedi order much different from the one he remembers. Now he must take the lead as a new generation of Jedi, including a descendant of Luke Skywalker's, battles the resurgent Sith menace.
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First Catch (PG)
A young Jedi flees from bounty hunters several years after the fall of the Jedi Order.
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Articles by Jeff 42 :
Jeff 42 has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by Jenos :
My Work is Done (PG)
A Jedi Knight prepares to face Vader during the purges
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Articles by Jenos :
Jenos has not written any articles at this time.
Viewing Authors 81 to 90 of 201 Authors
«  <4>--<5>--<6>--<7>--<8>--<9>--<10>--<11>--<12>--<13>  »
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