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A long-time Star Wars fan and reader who enjoys Fan Fiction as a way to uncover the unexplained corners of the Galaxy Far, Far Away, to imagine "What if?" tales, and to inject a little humor into our shared universe.

Fan Fictions by Ki-Aaron-Mundi :
Dark Side Rising (PG)
A Jedi Master searching to reclaim his past.
A Sith apprentice who cannot see a way forward.
A former Sith haunted by the power he once knew.
A Jedi Knight wrestling with the dark side's call.

All are drawn to the same backwater planet by the darkness hidden there. But as their destinies become more and more intertwined, are they growing closer to discovering the truth, or merely all pawns in some greater scheme?

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Articles by Ki-Aaron-Mundi :
Ki-Aaron-Mundi has not written any articles at this time.
Just me...nothing special :D

Fan Fictions by Kit' :
The Downfall of Mari-Zu (G)
Mari-Zu is the most perfect Jedi in the Galaxy...or is she.
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Articles by Kit' :
Kit' has not written any articles at this time.
Lady Moonbeam

Fan Fictions by Lady Moonbeam :
The Quality of Mercy (PG)
After falls from darkness and light, Anakin needs mercy more than anything else. And Obi-Wan is the only one who can give it to him, but will Anakin be able to take it?
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Allowances (PG)
Even a Jedi's love for his apprentice can be restricted by the Council's rules and regulations. Qui-Gon reflects on what he has been given, and what he has refused.
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Articles by Lady Moonbeam :
Lady Moonbeam has not written any articles at this time.
Lady Padme
Long-time SW fan since age 12. I'm a nephrologist and have one son (he's only in pre-school, but already decided to name his teddy bear Chewbacca)

Fan Fictions by Lady Padme :
Death of a Mouse-Droid (PG)
A new droid brings utter chaos to the Solo household. Told from C-3PO's point of view.
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He Made My Bed (PG)
Two favorite couples of Star Wars: Luke/Mara and Han/Leia and a unique perspective on romance.
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Dissonant Echoes of a Fragmented Mind (PG)
Believing that he has lost Padme forever, Vader encounters a girl who looks exactly like his beloved wife, but whose mind betrays nothing. Is she his Padme, or is this a cruel trick of fate?
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Convalescence (PG-13)
While returning to Echo Base from a mission, Han and Leia encounter trouble and are forced to take the Millennium Falcon on an emergency landing. Stranded in close quarters with one another, Han and Leia are forced to confront their feelings for each other.
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Do You Take This Woman... (PG-13)
Part II of the Proposal Anthology. The fanfic writers present their ideas on how Anakin and Padme became engaged.
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Stars in the Night Sky (G)
The story of Shmi Skywalker
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Memories of Rain (PG-13)
During his years in exile on Tatooine, a loved one resurfaces and helps Obi-Wan learn acceptance.
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Dirty Socks (G)
Can a man who treats a simple request to pick up a pair of socks with such disregard really love you?
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Articles by Lady Padme :
Lady Padme has not written any articles at this time.
I'm a mom of three, and I sometimes write FanFic! (You might know me as Jedimama in the forums.) I hope you enjoy my stories - feedback is always welcome and appreciated! Thanks for reading!

Fan Fictions by Ladybug :
Shmi's Legacy (G)
Obi-Wan Kenobi receives a visit from Beru Lars.
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For One so Small (G)
How did Mara come to be in service of Palpatine? This short story offers one possible explanation.
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Articles by Ladybug :
Ladybug has not written any articles at this time.
I am a wife and mother of one daughter. I do dishes, noses, laundry, vacuuming, and milk mustaches. I also draw pretty pictures, contribute to classes at church, and delude myself into thinking I can write.

Fan Fictions by LadyElaine :
Don't Look Back (PG)
Jaina Solo visits the tree cave on Dagobah.
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The Haunting of Theed Palace (PG)
Something is haunting the halls of Theed Palace.
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A Wind From the West (PG-13)
After a devastating sandstorm, Shmi encounters a mysterious stranger.
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Size Matters Not (G)
Can Master Nejaa Halcyon help a young Obi-Wan and Aayla Secura with their little green problem?
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Jabba's Good Looks (PG)
Where did Han get all his scoundrelous qualities, anyway?
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Articles by LadyElaine :
LadyElaine has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by LadyFett :
A Single Night (G)
Shmi and Qui-Gon, over tea and conversation, discover warm feelings in the chill night air of Tatooine
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Articles by LadyFett :
LadyFett has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by laserwriter :
A Truth Beyond Words (G)
At the dawn of the First Galactic Republic a King and a Jedi Knight must each make a personal sacrifice.
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Articles by laserwriter :
laserwriter has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by leia__naberrie :
Children of Shmi (G)
It is the morning of Shmi Skywalker’s funeral and Beru Whitesun finds herself in the alarming position of comforting Anakin Skywalker.
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Complete (PG-13)
As she lives out the last days of her life in captivity, Shmi Skywalker reflects on her life and the jokes the gods have played on her. Sequel to 'Just Before Dawn' but it's not necessary to read the former to understand this.
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Counselling (G)
A.K.A. Marriage Counselling. The day before she makes the most important decision of her life, Padmé Amidala pays a visit to an old friend and mentor.
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Keep It (G)
The best choice is usually the most painful one. A few weeks after the Battle of Geonosis, back on the Lake Country villa of Naboo, Anakin and Padmé prepare to travel down another road.
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Morning at the Naberries (G)
A woman makes breakfast and frets over her younger sister's love life. Takes place during Attack of the Clones. A missing/alternative moment hybrid scene.
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Just Before Dawn (G)
A fateful morning on the moisture farmlands of Tatooine. A.K.A. 'The Danger of Picking Mushrooms'.
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In the Line of Duty (G)
a.k.a. ‘The Things I Do for You’… Probably an AotC missing moment. Definitely a small snap-shot that illustrated the devotion R2-D2 has for his first mistress.
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A Perfect Moment (G)
Picnic in the meadow. A senator's introspection.
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Not To Be Trusted (G)
Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi shares his opinion of a certain Naboo Senator with his Padawan.
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Articles by leia__naberrie :
leia__naberrie has not written any articles at this time.
I first saw Star Wars at the age of five, and spent countless years afterward attempting to reproduce Princess Leia's hair... But then I discovered the EU, and funneled that pent-up energy into fanfiction.

Fan Fictions by LianaMara :
Acquainted with the Night (PG)
Mara struggles with an event in her past.
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Remembrance Never Dies (G)
What happens after death to the non-Force sensitive? A ghost story.
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Simple Words (G)
Obi-Wan Kenobi must deal with a cheeky young padawan.
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And All I Loved, I Loved Alone (PG)
Callista encounters a specter from her past, and chooses to pass back into obscurity.
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A Dream Within a Dream (G)
During a chance encounter with her former lover, Callista reflects on the death of relationships and the purpose of life.
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The Things We Do For Love (PG)
How far is R2-D2 willing to go for love? A quirky mechanical romance.
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Within a Room Somewhere (PG)
Anakin rebuilds himself into a monster.
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Articles by LianaMara :
LianaMara has not written any articles at this time.
Viewing Authors 101 to 110 of 201 Authors
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