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If you are looking for feedback on a story I have reviewed, while I don't promise that I'll be able to respond, I would prefer a PM on the boards over e-mail. Thank you! :o)

Fan Fictions by JadeSaber :
Confessions (PG)
A look at Padme's thoughts, just before she lays it all on the line and confesses her feelings to Anakin.
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Articles by JadeSaber :
JadeSaber has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by JadeSolo :
Do You Take This Woman... (PG-13)
Part II of the Proposal Anthology. The fanfic writers present their ideas on how Anakin and Padme became engaged.
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Articles by JadeSolo :
JadeSolo has not written any articles at this time.
Jaina Fel
Age: 14 Birthplace: Houston, Texas Sibs: 3 (arrrgh!) Fav activity: reading, esp. SW books & fanfics Fav book(s): NJO, Hand of Thrawn series, Heir series, X-Wing get the point Status: student obsessed with SW

Fan Fictions by Jaina Fel :
Degrees of Death (G)
In the aftermath of the Republicís fall and Anakinís turn to the Dark Side, Padmť flees to Alderaan with baby Leia. There, she contemplates her life, and comprehends that one does not necessarily have to stop breathing in order to die.
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Articles by Jaina Fel :
Jaina Fel has not written any articles at this time.
What can I say? Huge Star Wars fan, ever since seeing the very first one at the grand old age of five or six (don't quite remember that long ago :D ). Felt the need to write at least one Star Wars story of my own.

Fan Fictions by Jairen :
Echoes Of The Future (PG)
Jedi Master Kieran Dreen battles to save what he can of the Jedi as the purges begin. Split between his love of his family and his love of the Jedi, he must choose a path that may lead to the Dark Side.
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In Another's Eyes (PG)
Clarus and friends craft a new look at Return of the Jedi from Darth Vader's P.O.V. Ever wonder what is going on in the story when you don't see Vader on screen? Now you will know. You will never watch Return of the Jedi the same again.
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Articles by Jairen :
Jairen has not written any articles at this time.
Jane Jinn
I like to read a variety of stories, especially those featuring original characters. In real life, I'm the mother of two sons.

Fan Fictions by Jane Jinn :
We're Doomed (PG)
A lighthearted look at how Pash Cracken finds out what his squadron really thinks of him when a practical joke goes awry.
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Growing Things (G)
Qui-Gon stops to smell the roses, and thinks about growing things.
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Good Fertilizer (G)
What happens to those who are raised in the Jedi Temple, but aren't picked to become padawans?
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Friends Like These (PG-13)
What's worse, enemies--or friends like these?
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Jedi, Go Home (PG-13)
After losing his memory, Obi-Wan is not happy about being rescued by Qui-Gon.
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Walk Before You Run (G)
An initiate at the Jedi Temple hopes to be chosen by a master, but it seems as though he'll choose someone else.
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I Refuse (G)
Qui-Gon defies the Council
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Crushed (PG-13)
Obi-Wan develops feelings for a girl, but where will those feelings lead him?
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Trust in the Force (PG)
Why is the Force compelling Obi-Wan to help someone else, when Qui-Gon needs the assistance more?
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Articles by Jane Jinn :
Jane Jinn has not written any articles at this time.
Jarak Maldon

Fan Fictions by Jarak Maldon :
One Droid's Thoughts (PG)
The Trade Federation has invaded Naboo. Those responsible for keeping the planet in line are the garrison of Battle Droids employed by the Federation. One droid, OOM-2, wrestles with his own thoughts of morality against the all-powerful voice of the droid control computer. His story, however, comes to a tragic end.
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Articles by Jarak Maldon :
Jarak Maldon has not written any articles at this time.
Jaya Solo

Fan Fictions by Jaya Solo :
I Hove You (G)
A Jedi discovers her familyís past as she reads her grandmotherís diary. She reads of how her grandmother survived the Jedi Purges and made a life for herself.
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Articles by Jaya Solo :
Jaya Solo has not written any articles at this time.
Jedi Anakin Solo
Name's Kevin, my friends call me Kev. I enjoy reading/writing anything Star Wars, and my favorite non-SW books are LotR (Lord of the Rings) and The Pilgrim's Regress by C.S. Lewis.

Fan Fictions by Jedi Anakin Solo :
Dreams (PG-13)
Six long years after Anakin and Tahiri's first kiss, Anakin finally feels the time is right to take the biggest step of their relationship and ask for Tahiri's hand in marriage.
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Articles by Jedi Anakin Solo :
Jedi Anakin Solo has not written any articles at this time.
Jedi Catriona

Fan Fictions by Jedi Catriona :
Shared Losses (G)
The Rebellion's newest hero wrestles with the ghosts of his past and the uncertainty of the future.
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Articles by Jedi Catriona :
Jedi Catriona has not written any articles at this time.
Jedi Freac

Fan Fictions by Jedi Freac :
Crown (G)
In Walter John William's Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, Destiny's Way, Jacen Solo returns from the dead accompanied by fluffy Fosh Vergere. In the novel, he's greeted by a bunch of family members and friends but never by one of his oldest and closest friends. A few hours before the knighting ceremony, Jacen recieves a visitor. She's the ruler of a gazillion (63, to be exact) planets with red hair and a missing arm. And Jacen is completely different from the boy she used to know. Which sort of, uh, sucks.
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Articles by Jedi Freac :
Jedi Freac has not written any articles at this time.
Viewing Authors 71 to 80 of 201 Authors
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