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Well, hello there! I'm here when I am, which is not often enough. I'm a seventeen year old girl who happens to love Star Wars, is going to college in the fall, and that's really about it. Oh, and I work at Burger King. Go figure.

Fan Fictions by Blazer :
Pain Is For Fools (G)
Obi-Wan Kenobi's death has sent Vader into a tornado of emotions he does not want and cannot permit himself to feel.
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Flaming (G)
As Obi-Wan stands at his Master's funeral, he remembers all that has happened... and all that could have been.
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Long Way Down (G)
In the Jedi Purges, a young intiate remembers the fallen of before.
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Articles by Blazer :
Blazer has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by bobill :
Water's Rage (PG)
After Darth Vader tracks her down, Padme is forced to say her last words to him
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The Boy Herdsman (G)
When the Naberrie family decides to take a vacation, their driver gets lost on the way. To pass the time and placate the two cranky and impatient little girls, Padmé tells her two nieces a story. Later, while stretching their legs at a rest stop in Endo-Tasi, the two girls find a mysterious silver hair on the ground. This soon leads to a chain of mysterious events, played out strangely similar to the events mentioned in Auntie Padmé's story. Coincidence? Or is a story sometimes more than just fiction?
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Articles by bobill :
bobill has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by BoondockSaintM :
The Lurker in the Depths (PG)
Unsure of what to make of the Force, Grand Admiral Thrawn consults with a seer to learn more about the dark side.
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Articles by BoondockSaintM :
BoondockSaintM has not written any articles at this time.
Brendon Wahlberg

Fan Fictions by Brendon Wahlberg :
The Apprentice Sidious (PG)
This story details the hidden history of how Palpatine became a Sith Apprentice. It is a prelude to the six-part fan fiction series "Dark Emperor" by the same author. Journey from Naboo to Korriban and witness the apprenticeship that will doom a galaxy to the reign of the dark side.
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The Big Snub (PG)
When Jaxxon discovers his adventure with Han Solo has been left out of the "History of the Heroes of Yavin", he is furious. Setting out with Amaiza to demand recognition, he meets up with other snubbed oddballs. Can this motley crew foil the schemes of Jabba the Hut?
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The Princess of Ondos (PG-13)
This is a script sequel to George Lucas' second draft of the Original Star wars film, Adventures of the Starkiller. It is set in the alternate universe of Lucas' early drafts. Full background information concerning this universe is included, as is a link to the original script. It is a time of decision for the Galactic Civil War. The Starkiller, the aged leader of the Rebellion against the Empire, has rallied his forces with the Kiber Crystal, a talisman of the Force of Others. The Rebels have destroyed the Empire's dreaded Death Star, and this great victory has inspired a thousand new systems to join their cause. As the tide of battle turns, Emperor Cos Dashit trembles upon his throne in the Cloud City of Alderaan, capital of the Empire and stronghold of the evil Sith. Imperial spies report the gathering of a large fleet in Rebel Space, and warn of a bold Rebel strike at the heart of the Empire. Another vital confrontation is taking shape within the Force. Young Luke Starkiller must be trained by his father to face the dark Master of the Bogan, Espaa Valorum. The prophecy of the Son of the Suns may give rise to the galaxy's savior, or the malevolent Sith will have a final victory over their hated foes, the Jedi Bendu of Ashla...
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Dark Emperor (PG)
A six part story about Palpatine. It takes the Dark Empire comics series into account. The six parts are: Ebony and Jade; A New Enemy; The Hand of Fate; The Emperor Eclipsed; The Power of the Dark Side; Emperor's End. It has been edited to fit with Episode I.
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Journal of the Whills (PG)
This two-part story explores the history of the Whills, keepers of the history of the Star Wars universe. It focuses on original characters and a race of Whills invented by the author. Part 1: The Preservers Part 2: The Liberators For twenty four millennia, the Whills have recorded the story of the Jedi and the Republic...until the rise of the oppressive Empire brought an end to their mission. Now the emerging civil war has forced the Whills to side with the newborn Rebel Alliance. But the vengeful Emperor Palpatine, seeking to extinguish the light of truth, has turned his malevolent attention towards the Journal of the Whills...
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Tank Boma and the Rise of the New Sith (PG)
A three-part story (Shooting Stars, Rising Stars, The Sith System) that follows the adventures of two original characters whose lives are tangled up with the rise and fall of the Sith. Biggs Darklighter and the Tank Boma share Luke's destiny, their lives intertwined with his. The fates of all three have come together at the planet Yavin, for an encounter with the Empire's most fearsome weapon. NOTE: this story has been revised to fit with Episode I.
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Articles by Brendon Wahlberg :
Brendon Wahlberg has not written any articles at this time.
Brian Pacula

Fan Fictions by Brian Pacula :
The Phlutdroid (PG)
It's not easy making a living in this galaxy, but misanthropic assassin droid IG-72 does the best it can, collecting bounties along the Outer Rim. But when IG-72 finds itself on Tatooine as an unwitting pawn in a feud between gangster Hutts, it learns that sometimes co-operation is necessary for survival...
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Articles by Brian Pacula :
Brian Pacula has not written any articles at this time.
I'm a English major at a US university. Fanfic is definitely one of my favorite things to get away from some of the stuff I have to read for class! If you need to contact me for your story, the best way is probably through pm on the forum boards.

Fan Fictions by CarrKicksDoor :
Grasping At Dreams (PG)
Something is rotten in the Consortium of Hapes, and when Tenel Ka calls for aid, Jacen answers. Amid the capital intrigue of Hapes and the deceit of Ta’a Chume, they still manage to learn that it’s never too late to pick up where you left off.
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Articles by CarrKicksDoor :
CarrKicksDoor has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by cathypauline :
Seekers (PG-13)
Obi-Wan is taken hostage by Xanatos. Qui-Gon has to get him back... but first he has to find him. And in the meantime, Xanatos has plans for the young Jedi in his custody, and plans for the galaxy...
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Articles by cathypauline :
cathypauline has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by CeeWulf :
The Lost Patrol (PG-13)
A squad of Stormtroopers become enbroiled in a deadly battle with a tribe of Tusken Raiders, and one trooper discovers that there is more to life than the military.
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Articles by CeeWulf :
CeeWulf has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by cereth :
I Am Vader (PG)
Vader's thoughts as he ceases to be Anakin Skywalker and becomes Darth Vader.
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Articles by cereth :
cereth has not written any articles at this time.
Having fallen out of Star Wars and discovered Japanese anime, I have begun writing anime fanfcition. Slash anime fanfiction, to boot. For more, see my homepage.

Fan Fictions by Clarus :
In Another's Eyes (PG)
Clarus and friends craft a new look at Return of the Jedi from Darth Vader's P.O.V. Ever wonder what is going on in the story when you don't see Vader on screen? Now you will know. You will never watch Return of the Jedi the same again.
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Articles by Clarus :
Clarus has not written any articles at this time.
Viewing Authors 21 to 30 of 201 Authors
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