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A Day Long RememberedA Day Long Remembered (PG)
11.033 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : red_rose_knight
Archived on: Monday, March 25, 2002
Last Updated : Monday, March 25, 2002

Summary: Darth Vader’s thoughts as he goes to confront Ben Kenobi on the Death Star.

Time Periods : e. Classic Trilogy
Genres : Drama
Primary Characters : Darth Vader; Obi-Wan Kenobi

[Comments - 25]
[Rating - 8.93; Total Ratings - 161]

For One so Small (G)
15.891 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : Ladybug
Archived on: Monday, August 20, 2001
Last Updated : Monday, September 10, 2001

Summary: How did Mara come to be in service of Palpatine? This short story offers one possible explanation.

Time Periods : d. Intertrilogy
Genres : Drama
Primary Characters : Mara Jade; Palpatine

[Comments - 35]
[Rating - 9.19; Total Ratings - 156]

For One so Small

Chandrila SurpriseChandrila Surprise (PG)
32.778 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : Darth_Lex
Archived on: Monday, February 16, 2004
Last Updated : Monday, February 16, 2004

Summary: Two years after the peace with the Yuuzhan Vong, the Solo twins arrive at Chandrila for a holiday family gathering. Each bears a secret – will they be revealed?

Time Periods : h. New Jedi Order Era
Genres : Humour; Romance
Primary Characters : Jacen Solo; Jagged Fel; Jaina Solo; Tahiri Veila
Secondary Characters : Han Solo; Leia Organa Solo; Luke Skywalker; Mara Jade; Soontir Fel; Syal Antilles

[Comments - 66]
[Rating - 9.55; Total Ratings - 193]

The Other Half, Part 3: When Morning Comes (PG-13)
143.919 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : DarthIshtar
Archived on: Monday, February 18, 2002
Last Updated : Monday, February 18, 2002

Summary: As the Galaxy prepares for the turning point of the war and a Jedi prepares to face her destiny, the forces of light and darkness come together to determine once and for all the balance of the Force.

Time Periods : e. Classic Trilogy; g. Post-RotJ
Genres : Adventure; Alternate Universe; Angst; Drama; Jedi Philosophy
Primary Characters : Anakin Skywalker; Darth Vader; Leia Organa Solo; Luke Skywalker
Secondary Characters : Han Solo; Mara Jade; Palpatine; Yoda

[Comments - 27]
[Rating - 9.02; Total Ratings - 59]

The Other Half, Part 3: When Morning Comes

Fallen AngelFallen Angel (PG)
11.071 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : AngelQueen
Archived on: Monday, May 28, 2001
Last Updated : Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Summary: After turning to the Dark Side, Anakin must say goodbye to a fallen angel.
  •  Luxury Violence by Amidala_Skywalker

Time Periods : c. Prequels
Genres : Angst; Drama; Romance
Primary Characters : Anakin Skywalker; Padmé Amidala
Secondary Characters : Darth Vader; Leia Organa Solo; Luke Skywalker; Qui-Gon Jinn

[Comments - 52]
[Rating - 9.31; Total Ratings - 166]

Campaign 20,000 (PG)
29.005 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : Jeff 42
Archived on: Saturday, April 28, 2001
Last Updated : Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Summary: Mon Mothma, Emperor Palpatine, and Nom Anor engage in a political debate to decide who will be elected ruler of the galaxy--with hilarious results.

Time Periods : h. New Jedi Order Era
Genres : Alternate Universe; Humour; Political Intrigue
Primary Characters : Mon Mothma; Nom Anor; Palpatine
Secondary Characters : Darth Maul; Luke Skywalker; Mara Jade; Wedge Antilles

[Comments - 74]
[Rating - 9.43; Total Ratings - 257]

Campaign 20,000

The End of Emperor PalpatineThe End of Emperor Palpatine (G)
7.863 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : Gabri_Jade
Archived on: Monday, December 20, 2004
Last Updated : Monday, December 20, 2004

Summary: Palpatine meets his end in a most unexpected way.

Time Periods : d. Intertrilogy
Genres : Alternate Universe; Humour; Vignette
Primary Characters : Darth Vader; Mara Jade; Palpatine

[Comments - 46]
[Rating - 8.8; Total Ratings - 183]

A Hope in Hell (PG-13)
178.255 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : Mina
Archived on: Monday, July 28, 2008
Last Updated : Monday, July 28, 2008

Summary: Thirteen years after her death, Vader finally locates his wife's grave in the rubble of a decimated Naboo. Doubting his master and doubting his own convictions, he travels to Naboo to discover the truth about her death. But he finds more at that grave than just memories. Waiting for him are the angry survivors of Theed's destruction... and the son he'd assumed dead.

Time Periods : d. Intertrilogy
Genres : Adventure; Alternate Universe; Angst
Primary Characters : Darth Vader; Luke Skywalker
Secondary Characters : _Original character(s)

[Comments - 16]
[Rating - 9.85; Total Ratings - 62]

A Hope in Hell

NamesakeNamesake (PG)
86.012 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : Mcily Nochi
Archived on: Monday, February 4, 2002
Last Updated : Monday, February 4, 2002

Summary: Luke Skywalker starts work on his holocron, only to discover that some of his memories are not his own.

Time Periods : j. Far (SW) Future
Genres : Adventure; Drama
Primary Characters : _Original character(s); Luke Skywalker; Mara Jade
Secondary Characters : Anakin Solo; other : Lowbacca

[Comments - 35]
[Rating - 9.65; Total Ratings - 105]

Cast My Soul to the Sea (PG-13)
40.442 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : Avalon
Archived on: Monday, June 18, 2001
Last Updated : Saturday, July 14, 2001

Summary: What if Qui-Gon had not accepted Obi-Wan as his Padawan, all those years ago? And what if things had gone horribly wrong because if it.
  •  Writer Explores Forgiveness in This Excellent Story by Valeda Kor

Time Periods : b. Pre-TPM
Genres : Alternate Universe; Angst
Primary Characters : Obi-Wan Kenobi; Qui-Gon Jinn

[Comments - 49]
[Rating - 9.58; Total Ratings - 173]

Cast My Soul to the Sea

Finding PeaceFinding Peace (PG)
9.145 K -- Printer-Friendly Version

By : obaona
Archived on: Monday, April 21, 2003
Last Updated : Monday, April 21, 2003

Summary: How did Anakin Skywalker come to be standing by Yoda and his old Master? Where did he go when he died? A missing scene for Return of the Jedi.

Time Periods : e. Classic Trilogy
Genres : Angst; Drama; Missing Scene; Vignette
Primary Characters : Anakin Skywalker; Obi-Wan Kenobi; Yoda
Secondary Characters : Luke Skywalker

[Comments - 38]
[Rating - 8.76; Total Ratings - 176]

Viewing Fan Fictions 51 to 60 of 462 Fan Fictions
<1>--<2>--<3>--<4>--<5>--<6>--<7>--<8>--<9>--<10>  »
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