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My best trait is that I know the difference between "your" and "you're."

Fan Fictions by thebleetingnichodemus :
Meditation Chamber (PG)
He’s been through the process hundreds of times, but each time it happens, the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, feels the hatred and fury of the first time he had to submit to such processes..
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Articles by thebleetingnichodemus :
thebleetingnichodemus has not written any articles at this time.
I am a Senior Project Manager for Transportation Design of a major international engineering firm. Two horses keep me traveling across the country to compete in A-rated Hunter/Jumper shows. Amidst all that I like to write and read Star Wars fan fiction.

Fan Fictions by TKeira_Lea :
Missing You (PG)
Several years after the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, a letter from Jag forces Jaina to choose a path.
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Rendezvous (PG-13)
Jaina comms Jag for a ride after fleeing Nickel One. A Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Invincible missing scene set between Chapters One and Two.
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Option Number Three (PG)
For their first anniversary, Jaina and Jag share a romantic getaway for the winter holidays. Part of the same AU storyline, this story takes place between 'The Courtship of Jagged Fel' and 'Chandrila Surprise'.
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Rewind (PG)
Missing scene from Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Inferno Mara's last words to Jaina hit home.
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Loose Wires (PG)
Three months prior to the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Kenobi and Skywalker embark on one of their most dangerous missions.
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Guardian in the Mountains: Unbroken Bonds (PG)
An old friend visits the Alderaan Palace. The unexpected visit becomes little Leia's first lesson in the arena of politics.
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Guardian in the Desert: Forged (PG)
Visions of Mustafar haunt Obi-Wan's dreams. This vignette follows the previous two archived vignettes in the "Guardian in the Desert" series.
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The Courtship of Jagged Fel (PG)
One year after the treaty with the Yuuzhan Vong, peace at last prevails in the galaxy. Yet simmering disputes threaten to explode into open conflict at the edge of the Unknown Regions – and in the great unresolved love of The New Jedi Order.
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Hidden Treasures (G)
When Obi-Wan Kenobi arrives bearing gifts on Luke's sixth life day, a confrontation between Owen and the Jedi ensues, and the boy's future is the point of contention.
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Keeper of the Siege: Inadvertent and Intentional (PG)
A vignette exploring Mara Jade's budding relationship with an unlikely friend, Darth Vader.
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Not Mine (G)
An old friend visits the Lars' Homestead, bearing news. The unexpected visit becomes little Luke Skywalker's first lesson in the Force.
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Wingman (PG)
An epilogue for Legacy of the Force: Invincible written with the J/J fans in mind.
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Articles by TKeira_Lea :
TKeira_Lea has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by Trevor47 :
Encounter At K'Tarsh (PG-13)
An assassin reconsiders her crusade to rid the galaxy of unscrupulous profiteers.
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Resurgence (PG-13)
Obi-Wan Kenobi accompanies Qui-Gon Jinn on a mission to investigate the latest activities of a warlord who appears to have taken interest in an ancient Jedi legend. They catch up to him at an obscure moon where they discover the headquarters of the Jedi Knights who rebelled against the Order ten thousand years earlier. From there, they uncover the warlord's plot to control an ancient evil.
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Bitter Retrieval (PG-13)
A Jedi Padawan finds himself alone as he flees an attack, and discovers the folly of disobeying his Master.
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A Matter of Territory (PG-13)
A pair of Imperials on an assignment that secludes them in a defunct Rebel base go about their mundane chores--with horrifying consequences.
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Articles by Trevor47 :
Trevor47 has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by Trickster_Jaina_Fel :
Selfish (G)
“Maybe,” she finally began, “the humour lies more in that the princess thought she might live a normal life.”
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Articles by Trickster_Jaina_Fel :
Trickster_Jaina_Fel has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by Tycalibur :
Hold Me (PG)
This story is a missing scene from ‘Return of the Jedi’. Luke has just told Leia the truth, and she has to come to terms with who she really is. The story begins in the Ewok village on the forest moon of Endor, after Leia simply says to Han, “Hold me.”
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The Moment of Balance (PG)
This story chronicles the internal thoughts, feelings and conflicts of Luke Skywalker, the Emperor and Darth Vader in the final moments of the well-known confrontation in the throne room of the Second Death Star. It mainly focuses on Vader, but offers an insight as to what was running through the minds of these three beings as these all-too-brief but powerful moments in the Original Trilogy came to pass. Its focus lies more on the internal fight than the physical fight.
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Right Under His Nose (PG)
This is a missing scene story that takes place during the years of a teenage Luke Skywalker on the Lars' farm. Luke runs into an old friend, and makes an amazing discovery that was always right in front of him. Author’s note: The story mainly takes place during the teenage years of Luke, but the beginning jumps backward in time, then forward to ANH, then back again few years.
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Articles by Tycalibur :
Tycalibur has not written any articles at this time.
A high school senior with a morbid fascination for the dark side, and a L/M author who has never read a Zahn book. ;) She'll probably get over her random obsessions someday, but until then you're stuck with her.

Fan Fictions by vader-incarnate :
Reflection (PG)
A reflection on hatred: what does Lord Vader hate most in the galaxy?
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Happily Ever After (PG)
She has heard all the stories, and she believes in happily ever after -- until someone comes and changes her life forever.
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Comes the Night (PG)
When one of our favorite couples is separated by death, how far is he willing to go for vengeance? The Darkness beckons; will he answer its call?
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Articles by vader-incarnate :
vader-incarnate has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by VaderLVR64 :
From the Black Sands (PG)
Months after the events of RotS, Lord Vader begins to question the nature of mercy and freedom.
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Storyteller (PG)
An old man is much more than he seems.
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Like My Father Before Me (PG)
Like his father before him, Luke Skywalker faces death with his son at his side.
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Night Falls in Around Me (PG)
Anakin finds that keeping his secrets get more difficult. How honest can we be with those we love?
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Liar (G)
Darth Vader reflects on the decisions he has made as he prepares to deliver his son to the Emperor.
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Beloved Dead (PG)
When her granddaughter Padmé's body is brought home to Naboo, Ryoo Thule suspects a secret that she will guard with her life.
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Far From Home (PG-13)
The birth of a Jedi legend.
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Broken Bonds (PG)
True love is not always a guarantee of happiness.
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Rain (G)
During a storm, Anakin Skywalker must come to terms with the choices he has made.
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Leia's Father (G)
Bail Organa contemplates his daughter's legacy - and her future.
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Would You Die for Him? (G)
Obi-Wan must decide if he is willing to give up his life for those he loves.
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Nothing (G)
The events of Sacrifice leave Luke Skywalker reeling as he tries to accept the reality of Mara's death.
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Of Banthas and Little Boys (G)
Luke Skywalker is in trouble...again.
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My Face Toward Vengeance (PG)
When tragedy strikes the Skywalkers, the aftermath threatens to tear them apart.
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Only Natural (G)
Anakin confesses the events that occurred on Tatooine just after his mother's death. It seems only natural to trust his mentor, Chancellor Palpatine.
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An Island of Stone (G)
A simple task might be much more than it seems.
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Master (G)
In the aftermath of Qui-Gon's death, Obi-Wan must come to accept his new place in the Order, and his new role as Anakin Skywalker's Master.
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Old Joys (G)
Lord Vader rediscovers the simple joy of flying.
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I am the Darkness (PG)
Anakin must make a choice between the light and the dark.
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Here is Love (PG)
What might have happened if Mara had died after giving birth to Ben?
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Something Lost (G)
A TPM missing moment. Obi-Wan deals with the immediate aftermath of Qui-Gon's death.
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Since Forever (G)
There comes a time in every parent's life when they have to let go.
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Articles by VaderLVR64 :
VaderLVR64 has not written any articles at this time.

Fan Fictions by VadersMistress :
As the Sun Rises (G)
A Jedi faces his destiny during the Jedi Purges.
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Articles by VadersMistress :
VadersMistress has not written any articles at this time.
Valeda Kor
Historical Mystery reviewer and mystery convention meeting planner, whose current love is writing and reading Star Wars pre-EP1 fiction.

"Earn a character first if you can. And if you can't, assume one." Mark Twain.

Fan Fictions by Valeda Kor :
To Catch A Killer (PG-13)
Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi joins forces with a legal "executioner" to find a killer of young children.
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Qui-Gon Learns A Lesson (G)
Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn learns that even with people, you can't judge a book by its cover.
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The Last Hope (G)
A short, very short story of loss and sacrifice, told from Yoda's point of view. Set (presumably) at the end of EP III.
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My Shadow in the Sun (PG-13)
While on a diplomatic mission, Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn encounters a mysterious woman when she commandeers his ship for a trip to Garos IV.
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Articles by Valeda Kor :
Valeda Kor has not written any articles at this time.
I began writing Fanfiction a few years ago, but have only recently tried my hand at Star Wars. I currently work as a Kindergarten teacher and hope to publish a book of poetry.

Fan Fictions by Vanerina :
Family (PG)
All over the galaxy, people view the Jedi in different ways. But how do the Jedi view themselves?
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Articles by Vanerina :
Vanerina has not written any articles at this time.
Viewing Authors 181 to 190 of 201 Authors
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